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Am strugerling with DS1

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StinkyElfCheese Thu 10-Apr-14 17:52:43

Hi all - just after some advice really

I am really finding it tough to cope with DTS1 at the moment - he is on the go from 6 am every single day and just dosnt stop.

he keeps raiding the cuboards in the kitchen which means dragging chairs accross or pulling out drawers to climb up. he is contantley got 'somthing' in his hands which he turns into weapons swinging things wildley( sword nunchucks ninja style) i tell him off - he dosnt care i send him to the naughty step keep putting him back there untill he eventally stays for his five minutes - talk to him about what he has been doing he will normally cry , say he is sorry .... then 2 minute later hes doing the same thing all over again, this can go on all day long

he has a sticker chart but isnt remotley bothered that his brothers is covered and he has 2 stickers.

I have an 8 yr old and his twin brother who can both manage to play quietly , entertain themselves for a bit but unless i have eyes on him all the time he could be doing anything ... he took the window key from my room upstairs to open the window downstairs to lean out to talk to a dog (live in a masonette)

He is having simmular issues at school academically he is very very bright but he wont sit still / join in / concentrate on anything , his teacher is fantastic and has come up with a lot of ideas to help him but nothing is really working.

- stopped typing for a bit as had to rescue the cat who he was walzing around the room with -

Its got to the point where i am leaving it far to long to go for a wee as i really have no idea what he could get up to in the 2 minutes that might take.

from about 5 ish i am counting down to bed time - just so i can relax.

DH works and is gone 7 - 7 mon-fri and we dont have anyone who would take him to give us a break MIL takes out DD and has in the past taken dt's but she finds DT1 too much of a handfull.

Does anyone have any suguestions to help me please?

PolterGoose Thu 10-Apr-14 21:09:39

Is he being assessed/have a diagnosis?

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