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Dd discharged from SALT

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Sheneverdid Thu 10-Apr-14 11:03:33

My Dd has just been discharged from SALT which she has been under since she was 3 (now 5). She was referred to them after her 3 year development check by the health visitor.

Just as we were leaving her appointment the SALT made a comment that Dd has done very well and she won't need to see her again but the door is still open...does this mean I can self refer in the future if I feel the need?? I should of asked really but we were in a rush. Places to go, people to see grin

Yes, if you have any concerns in the future you can ring and ask for an assessment. (mum of one discharged from, and one still in SALT!)

zzzzz Sun 20-Apr-14 18:01:51

Ds has been discharged 3 or 4 times. Baffling as language is his primary difficulty. They don't know he to help though, so better than wasting our time.

DS was discharged from SALT on the basis of no further need. One tribunal later he attends a SALT school who praised me for getting him there early enough for them to make a difference to his very significant need confused!

Bilberry Wed 23-Apr-14 10:45:37

I wonder if I would notice much difference in service if my ds was discharged hmm. Spent the last week trying to get through to head SALT to see what plans they might have, if any, to see ds again this side of his 18th birthday (he is 4 btw).

It's a while ago now, but I rewrote the SLA of the SALT department in my LA (uninvited). I was able to show that if they spent half their time planning/meeting etc. plus a further quarter of their time travelling, plus a further 8th of their time in overhead type stuff like renewing buildings insurance, then the hourly contact time with my ds would STILL be 10 times more than they were claiming they were giving him.

BackforGood Wed 23-Apr-14 11:54:51

I think it must depend on the arrangements where you live.
Some children in our authority can do this (well, their parents, but YKWIM) but most can't - once discharged, they are discharged.

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