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Daphne keen

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Lcf123 Mon 07-Apr-14 09:59:12

Hi just wondering if anyone has had an appointment with DK recently? Just wondering how long it took to get an app and what fees were etc?
Nhs says not asd but I am unsure and fed up with feeling like we are going nowhere sad (Ds 3.3 and non verbal but does have good non verbal comm skills, no sensory or routine issues but social skills with peers lacking)
Thank you

blossbloss Mon 07-Apr-14 21:02:18

We took DS to see Daphne Keen recently. I think the cost was just short of £800 and there was only a few weeks wait for the appointment. The challenge was to get through to the secretary to arrange the appointment. That took a couple of weeks at least. I think she has a new secretary now though.

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