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dp grr

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alita7 Sat 05-Apr-14 21:28:12

so dsd has asd and although dp is not diagnosed were pretty sure he's on the spectrum somewhere.

We have a sort of joint parenting style, basically it's best for both of us and for dsd if we act equally in terms of parenting her as she lives with us full time and with her various ld needs consistency and stability.

anyway dsd has a tendancy to be ridiculously pedantic and she is always told not to be and the it is explained to her why that is rude and unnecessary. For example if I tell her to put on her shoes when I'm pointing to her trainers she will say nooo theyre my trainers not shoes !!

so this happened today and when she does this to dp he gets very annoyed and tells her of. when she does it to me he laughs. today I told her off for this again and he totally undermined me by saying well its funny you getting mad at her cos you do it all the time.
What he doesn't get (probably due to the asd) is that I only do it when I don't actually understand what he means - so he may ask me about something (not realising I don't know what he means as he knows) and I might say 'do you mean x?' and he will get annoyed...

so basically I'm pissed off!

PolterGoose Sun 06-Apr-14 08:06:37

Totally understand you getting pissed off with him being an ars,e but, here we enjoy the pedantry and literal thinking and approach it with humour.

alita7 Sun 06-Apr-14 10:32:34

I wish we could but unless she is told off dsd would argue for hours about it regardless of what you say.

If you say yes I meant trainers she will say but you said shoes... I meant your trainers.... why did you say shoes then? because shoes means anything on your feet... but you should have said trainers... and she will go on and on.

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