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Carers Allowance for pensioners

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2old2beamum Sat 05-Apr-14 15:46:11

Many of you may ?know me.
Briefly DH and I have 5 adopted DC's with SN we are old and do not receive any allowance for caring as we get state pension!
Having changed colostomy bag X3 and 2 shitty pads (every wheresad)
I suddenly thought we are saving this country £milllions.
Is there anyway we could start fighting too late for us but not for you young'uns
We could put our lovely DC's into residential care which would cost would be extortionate or pay us a measley £58 +-/week

PolterGoose Sat 05-Apr-14 17:27:34

That's just ridiculous that you don't get carers allowance as pensioners shock angry

I've no idea what can be done though.

jackiee Sat 05-Apr-14 19:20:06

I know someone who was a carer and recently started getting her pension and she said her carer allowance stopped. I think it really unfair the job does not stop when you get ur pension!
Ive just recently became a carer I know its only £58 but it does help and we are saving the government a fortune! !!

autumnsmum Sat 05-Apr-14 19:40:18

2old I recognise you and I think it's dreadful you don't qualify for carers allowance

bluebirdonmyshoulder Sat 05-Apr-14 19:44:31

Utterly utterly nonsensical and a slap in the face to you for all that you do.

I actually think you're pretty amazing 2old - although I have to say I don't like your name!! You're clearly NOT too old and you are very much a mum.

I also have no idea what can be done but will man the barricades if anyone else has a cunning plan.

magso Sat 05-Apr-14 22:49:42

I think the thinking - which is utterly archaic is that you cannot get more than 1 allowance and pension counts as the one. I wonder if the really iniquitous bit is counting pension payments as a benefit when pension is saved for and paid into. Would it be an idea to campaign to get state pension to be assessed as earned income rather than a benefit? It's also wrong that careers who have no income but are students cannot claim careers allowance too.

ohtowinthelottery Sun 06-Apr-14 12:02:00

The fact that you can't get Carers Allowance once you qualify for State Pension implies that CA is designed to replace your earning potential whilst you are still of working age - yeah right!!!!
There are so many things wrong with Carers Allowance it is hard to know where to start and whilst the Government half heartedly acknowledges the work done by unpaid carers, I can't see anything changing as it would be too expensive - unless we all downed tools en masse and handed our 'carees' over to the state to care for - which would cost them a whole lot more.

ohtowinthelottery Sun 06-Apr-14 12:03:41

The fact that you can only get one carers allowance no matter how many disabled people on DLA you care for is another anomaly.

2old2beamum Sun 06-Apr-14 15:39:13

Right you youngsters (you all are in my eyesgrin) what are we going to do about it?
It is too late for me and my cronies but not for you!

How do we raise our concerns. As ohtowinthelottery says do we down tools en masse.
Feel all governments have underestimated our contribution to society over many years.

Seriously considering sending IDS one day in our life...expect it would be shredded.
Need to find out how much our DC's would cost in care (DS 10 years ago was costing £5000/week).
Thanks "girls" for your replies

BTW if you are on Pension Credit you do get a carers premium about £20/week. WOW

ohtowinthelottery Sun 06-Apr-14 16:21:17

2old I have just 'acquired' the costings for DDs care package which is health funded. Her overnight respite comes in at £320 per night. shock
And to think I do it for £58 per week.

zebrafinch Sun 06-Apr-14 16:55:38

I would support this. Carers Allowance is in dire needed of an overhaul.

JsOtherHalf Sun 06-Apr-14 21:34:17

I know a full time residential care place locally -post 18 - is £1700 plus per week.
Respite, for children, with nurse on all shifts, is £320 per night.

simmerandstew Mon 07-Apr-14 11:30:24

You don't need to live with the person cared for to get CA, so if there are other relatives who help you care for all those dc then they could claim it even if you can't. My DSis helps with my dd sometimes and gets CA for her, I already get it for my ds so couldn't claim more than once so she may as well get the money.

magso Tue 08-Apr-14 11:23:13

So what can we do? Write to MP? It does need reforming. I don't claim it (I earn around the threshold) but will still be caring for ds when I retire no doubt. Many retired folk are carers, so I can see it would be potentially very expensive for the government. DLA is only first claimable to those below retirement age, so there are many disabled older people who do not get DLA at all.

zebrafinch Tue 08-Apr-14 14:00:38

Could we start by askng Mumsnet to get someone from Carers UK online here to explain to us why Carers organisations cannot achieve financial progress for Carers and give us the lowdown on the opposing argument.??

I have a lot of time for Carers UK they have a very good helpline and they do a lot of campaigning for Carers but I am bitterly disappointed that we seem to get the rights to assessments etc but are still screwed financially (£2 increase in the earnings limit!!!)

The situation with Carers Allowance and Pensions is another kick in the teeth. The government have legislated for automatic enrolment into employers pension schemes because the State pension will not be sufficient. What automatic enrolment can Carers do? Carers will after a lifetime of Caring, many of whom had to give up good jobs with pensions, then have to exist on the state pension, sometimes with a pittance of an occupational pension gained before their child was born, they cannot take a part time job like other pensioners because of caring responsibilities
Worn out
Poor health
Still Caring
... And still having to be grateful ????

2old2beamum Wed 09-Apr-14 13:06:54

Sorry for not replying. Bloody computer
Yes I agree someone else could get CA for your relative but it is the principle that narks me.

Gave up a good job too old to get a full state pension. But I think it is too late for us old fogeys but we must change things for the future. Most of you!

zebrafinch that is a good idea to ask Mumsnet for some help. Haven't a clue though how to do it 2old!

Have thought about writing a letter to I Duncan Smith but I don't feel he cares a toss. It does need a mass ?petition.

Re only 1 CA per person however is also scandalous, again how much would it cost if the state if it had to care for the 2nd+ disabled person in a family!

zebrafinch Wed 09-Apr-14 18:11:45

Or could a delegation of mumsnetters go to Carers Uk office and meet with their campaign team and get some idea of the constraints they operating under, the facts which underpin the arguments on reforming Carers Allowance and maybe look at the possibility for a joint campaign with Age Uk, Contact a Family too???

2old2beamum Wed 09-Apr-14 21:12:05

I would be up for anything to improve the situation.

LO's in respite Friday so may have a bit of time to do some research (but am hoping to do some decorating). All help gratefully received if any one has any ideas

zebrafinch Thu 10-Apr-14 14:31:18

2old Previous e petitions have dropped like a lead balloon!

If you google petition and Carers allowance you will be depressed at just how few people have signed up to them. I guess we are all too busy caring! Or they represent lone people who have started petitions without access to social media or Carers databases. The previous petitions do give more views on why Caers Allowance needs reforming.

zebrafinch Thu 10-Apr-14 14:32:18

Carers not Caers I should proof read

zebrafinch Fri 11-Apr-14 16:12:02

I have got another idea.
I agree with 2old that a letter to IDS may get nowhere.
Each of is could at least start by writing to our all MPs, and see whether they personally are in favour of a Carers Allowance reform, whether they agree pensioners should get CA, whether they think it is fair as a group that Carers of disabled children not only give up their jobs but are discriminated against because they cannot enrol in a workplace pension . The also cannot supplement their pension by working in addition to collecting the state pension because they still have caring responsibilities??

zebrafinch Fri 11-Apr-14 16:35:39

Actually I will stop now in my amateur attempts. There must be a mumsnetter out there who knows how to get a change in policy, someone who has seen it from the inside, even perhaps someone who had to leave their job in this field to care for a disabled child or care for their partner or parents.

zebrafinch Fri 11-Apr-14 16:40:58

Apologies for the typos in previous posts

simmerandstew Fri 11-Apr-14 16:42:58

State pension isn't the only benefit which comes under the 'overlapping benefits' rules. The others are:
contribution-based Jobseeker's Allowance
Incapacity Benefit
Employment and Support Allowance
Maternity Allowance
Widow's or Bereavement Pension
Widowed Mother's or Widowed Parent's Allowance

I think that if we are campaigning for CA reform, and saying that it's unfair that pensioners can't get CA, then we should also be saying that all of these should be considered to be unfair too. You also can't supplement your income if you're on some of these benefits. And with Income Support and income-related JSA, you do get CA, but it's deducted fully from the amount of IS/JSA you get, so you only get the carer premium which is only £30 more. A lot of families with disabled children are on IS, because one of the conditions of getting IS is being a carer.

zebrafinch Sat 12-Apr-14 09:14:59

I think a complete overhaul of Carers allowance may go some way to alleviate the pressure on the NHS.

If caring for someone became an economically viable choice (even if a temporary one ) instead of a slide into poverty and debt then more people would take on this role. Hopefully, this would result in faster discharges from hospital, short hospital stays, fewer admissions and less pressure also on social services. Surely it's a WIN WIN situation????

The issue of automatic enrolment into workplace pensions has highlighted the discrimination that Carers who have given their working lives to Caring are further shafted when they reach state pension age. Help for this group whether they were on Carers Allowance previously or a Carers premium previously should address this discrimination.

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