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goose and carrot...pull up a chair and have one on me...(28 Mar)

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signandsingcarols Fri 28-Mar-14 17:44:09

Cos it's my birthday tomorrow and I am working sad I have had a foul headache most of the day so will not be partaking myself.. sad but when the week quietens after the review on Tues the end of the birthday week should be more 'snazzy'

This has been such a full week writing the AR parental feedback 5 page report... to try and ensure ds keeps at least some of the hours and the statement is maintained.

I think I have judged the balance of 'reasonable lets work in partnership', with 'if you fail ds I will be your worst nightmare!!! and I will not stop!' grin

how has the week been..

MariaNearlyEaster Fri 04-Apr-14 17:16:18

Greetings and happy holidays to all the geese and goslings grin

Thank you all so much for worrying about me posting in the silly hours last week. I went back to lurking after that, but you did help thanks. Fed up being uber-wary of LA, so will now reveal some details <dramatic flourish>

We're back to tribunal, against ds's NIL, LA and school have history of shameless 'inconsistencies' but would run rings round LGO so no point challenging. Indie reports are old, repeating them too expensive, no £ for rep either. And there's a case directions thingy, has anyone done one? Any useful tips? I'd love to ask for the judge to do Judge Judy like tell them to stop mucking about and file some proper documents (if they behave as before, he might even bar some of the witnesses)

I don't know what strikeout is (saw in one of Towie's threads) but I like it grin

ouryve Fri 04-Apr-14 17:16:49

DS1 actually got dressed to go with DH to collect DS2 - all because he'd heard that the lollipop lady had found a penny and he'd missed out on it grin

My mum phoned, this morning. Her surgical proceducre didn't work and she's in a worse state than ever (AF) so she's got to go in for a different one, next week.

I've yet to break the news to anyone that we'll not be going down there for Easter. (It's too far for a day trip, now the boys are older and don't sleep for the journey)

autumnsmum Fri 04-Apr-14 17:19:04

Ouryve I'm truly sorry to hear that about your mum

ouryve Fri 04-Apr-14 17:21:59

Nice name change, Maria grin Glad to see you haven't completely gone down the plughole.

And bloody frustrated for you. Case directions thingies don't ring a bell, I'm afraid.

I need to go feed these boys, as they're circling and sucking their cheeks in. Is someone going to open up for the next week, while I'm busy? I'll do it after dinner, if not.

MariaNearlyEaster Fri 04-Apr-14 17:23:15

Ouryve, that's sad

<aargh> for breaking news of plans changing.
Could you do one night in a premier inn?

PolterGoose Fri 04-Apr-14 17:30:56

Go for it ouryve wine sorry about your mum, hope next procedure more successful flowers

Maria no idea, I have some criminal law knowledge but SEN and civil stuff is beyond me, good luck flowers

I was just prepping dinner and it flashed into my head how lucky ds is to have a couple of really good friends, and then had a sad moment that this should be considered lucky.

ouryve Fri 04-Apr-14 18:30:32

They're way out on the coast, Maria, far from civilisation! There's a nice B&B down the road, with a family suite, where we stayed in February half term, but I don't think mum will be up to having loud, bouncing boys around even for a couple of hours, and she'll feel obliged to make things and clean stuff. DS2's birthday is a month from today, so we might book a stay at the B&B for then, depending on how her recovery goes.

I'll take some of our own towels next time, mind, because the B&B's were rather musty!

youarewinning Fri 04-Apr-14 19:01:29

Maria - sorry to hear appeal is so shit.

Ouryre - sorry to hear your mums OP didn't work thanks

I am knackered. But DS and I have broken up for Easter. Hopefully that means a calmer few weeks.

moosemama Fri 04-Apr-14 19:03:20

Maria, no useful advice I'm afraid but flowers and wine that's sounds really stressful.

ouryve, sorry your mum's op didn't go as planned. Will keep everything crossed the next one is successful. flowers

Dh has just called in a panic to tell me he left his backpack, complete with company laptop on the blooming train! I have just spent half an hour on hold with the train company while they tried to chase the train along the stations to try and catch the conductor and get him to look for it. They've just called me back to say they managed to get hold of him and tell him to look for it, but he hasn't called back to say whether or not he found it and the train will now have departed back in the other direction. Customer services closes at 7.00, so all we can do now is wait and call again at 8.00 am tomorrow to see if the conductor found it and handed it in to the station lost property office.

Dh's phone has also died, so I can't contact him to let him know. He called me with his last couple of minutes of battery life and is hanging around our local station office while they try calling the final station themselves to see if they can find out what's happened.

Thing is, it has a v expensive macbook in it, so highly tempting for someone to nick.

He is going to be in the foulest mood when he does get in and I haven't cooked the dinner, because I am knackered after a very busy, stressful week. Great way to start the weekend. hmm

PolterGoose Fri 04-Apr-14 19:06:54

Oh no moose bugger.


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