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HFA at secondary and SALT - what intervention does your child get?

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Swanhildapirouetting Fri 21-Mar-14 09:23:21

I've just seen another thread on SALT, and the provision in secondary.

SALT hasn't really crossed my radar for ds2 at all. At primary the SENCO never mentioned it (although he did a social skills group for two terms, and a nurture group). At secondary no-one has mentioned it. Ds2 has problems with all the humanities (although he enjoys them, and enjoys contributing in class) when it comes to written work, expressing himself etc. He has problems with social communication, obviously.But he is happy and absorbed at school so far.

Ds2 is on SAplus and receiving lots of intervention at school in terms of social skills and literacy (I mean nuts and bolts stuff - he is 3b level and has spld) He does something called Springboard.

But what would be a specific SALT intervention? Are there any books I should read? Should he have something specific on his IEP. I think I assumed, wrongly for many years that SALT was something to do with not being able to speak fluently. And he is very fluent, and in the 55 percentile (average) for expressive language, but 22nd for processing speed.

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 21-Mar-14 09:50:32

no, I'm wrong he's on the 9th percentile for processing speed, and 22nd for verbal comprehension. Just looked at the EP report. So his expressive language is not that good either when problem solving.

joencaitlinsmum Fri 21-Mar-14 15:01:58

My son has HFA and like you I thought SALT was for speech problems (he had SALT at a early age for a stammer), however after a assessment last year he was dx with a processing problem amongst other things that were effecting his learning and progress.

Fast forward to it being recommended he have a specific SALT programme in school and the specialist to visit DS in school until the school being told that they have to provide SALT internally to all secondary pupils as there is no outside provision??? Apparently its a voluntary course teachers and TA's can opt to go on run in school, however if the those that teach your child don't opt to complete the course then your child doesn't get the help & support??

I was told that this is across the country but I haven't been able to obtain evidence to support this either way! Would be interested to see if other parents have been told the same, anyway we have just employed a private SALT for a hour a week to support DS.

Swanhildapirouetting Fri 21-Mar-14 17:09:46

I may go down that route. Tbh I don't know they could fit any more interventions in the school day sad He's already upset he's missing Art to do extra literacy..
I've contacted a SALT.

What does your SALT work on with ds specifically to do with processing? I just wondered what form help would take.

joencaitlinsmum Mon 24-Mar-14 14:13:54

Swan, the original recommendation was a v expensive software programme no idea what it was meant to do to be honest!

DS is hyperlexic and can read well but doesn't always process and understand what is being asked of him in written work, he has a great long term memory so can recall what he has learnt but has difficulty in getting it down on paper.

We asked him what he wanted out of his extra support rather than bombard him with extra work (he is yr 9 so starts GCSE's in Sept) so he decided he wanted to work on some areas of English (he is so black and white everything is why do I need to do that!) and also with homework, he needs someone to explain simplistically how much output is expected to gain marks etc not just out down one word answers so it doesn't look like he cant be bothered lol. He has only had one session which went well but if extra strategies need to be put in place they will follow on iykwim?

DS used to have what they called literacy plus for years 7 & 8 but they managed to work around him missing RE however if it had been PE he had to miss all hell would have broken loose!

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 24-Apr-14 10:43:50

I'm just reviving this thread, in case there is any more feedback.

On Tuesday I asked a Private SALT to come and assess ds2. He is still having dreadful problems expressing himself on paper. I'm afraid to say by that point I'd forgotten just what I wanted her to help with, except vague ideas about helping him with inference. She is an NHS SALT who is in private practice twice a week and goes into schools too.

Can anyone whose HFA child in secondary receives SALT remind me what sort of stuff happens - nuts and bolts stuff I mean? She said his language was good and even sophisticated, and his understanding of instructions was good too, but sometimes his responses were "unexpected" - like when she asked what would happen if someone fell off a swing and he went into a James Bond like adventure story with the ground opening up and a jet pack propelling boy through a ravine, rather than a realistic account of falling off a swing.

Swanhildapirouetting Thu 24-Apr-14 10:49:43

Of course, she will send me a report, and I'm sure make recommendations but I just wondered what other people's experiences are.

She already said something about structured time in the playground communicating with other children, rather than just nurture groups or special interest groups. She said getting a child to function in a normal playground situation with adult led activities going on was very beneficial for communication, rather than child avoiding playground or falling foul of the politics. Don't know how that actually translates in reality hmm

PolterGoose Thu 24-Apr-14 11:57:01

I'll be interested to hear how you get on, I requested a new SALT assessment for my ds as he's never had a decent SALT assessment and I think it would be beneficial for him starting secondary this year.

Personally, I'm quite happy for my ds to completely avoid playground situations, I'd rather he developed communication skills that will be of more use to him in the future.

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