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EHCP for 16 year old?

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joycei Wed 19-Mar-14 09:16:43

Have been helping a parent get a statement for her son. Took 20 mths and 6 weeks into statement school permanently excluded him!!

LA are saying (nothing in writing) that they will transfer this to a EHCP but nothing's happening. Young person wants to go to FE College but what kind of level of support can I expect. Statement says he will be taught in small group 1-5 and needs teachers who understand and have experience in ADHD/ASD.

Are LA's expected to top up funding so FE College can provide? Anyone else got a EHCP for 16 year old?

Nennypops Wed 19-Mar-14 21:49:13

The LA must sort out education for son immediately, and they must issue an amended statement naming whatever the alternative provision is. In fact, if he's been excluded he should have been in full time education from the 6th day after the exclusion. Is all that happening?

You can't have an EHCP naming an FE college till September - though I suppose it's just possible that if you're in a pathfinder authority they have set up some sort of arrangement with colleges so that they will recognise them. However, in any event an EHCP won't have any legal force before September.

So far as I know EHCPs for FE colleges will work in roughly the same way that statements do now. I don't know about funding - probably best to ask the LA.

joycei Thu 20-Mar-14 16:45:51

Thanks very much for your reply.

He has been placed in a PRU but we have not agreed to this - apart from 2 hours/day, they offered nothing else, so it was taken as an interim measure until the LA could sort something out.

They've rejected (verbally) our request for an independent school with a 6th form. To complicate matters, the young person is adamant he won't go to a sixth form, even though we did take him to see the school and he liked it initially.

The LA is not a pathfinder and I'm fairly certain they won't have been working on transferring 16 year olds to EHCP.

Think (know) we're being screwed here!

Nennypops Fri 21-Mar-14 20:55:31

He's entitled to full time education, so the LA had better not let that interim arrangement carry on much longer.

joycei Tue 25-Mar-14 20:45:26

Thanks nennypops.

He's getting full time education now - they've parked him in the PRU!! We don't agree with this placement but have accepted it as an interim, as nothing else on offer.

Three months on the LA still have not amendeded his statement (emergency AR 2nd Dec) Now issued them with 5 days to send amended statement. At least that gives us the right to appeal. However, all very late in the day - he's 16 now and no plans for Sept - absolute disgrace!!

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