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What can I do about the school?

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I'm starting to feel really down and out about it. Since handing in DS' dx they have appeared to take it on board. They still say they see nothing (i'm not bothered about that) and I've had some really off comments. His ct in particular of late. She has suggested it's a phase and he is lazy of late. I'm out of ideas. They have evidence of what's going on. They aren't taking it in. I'm losing the will to go on.

SallyBear Tue 18-Mar-14 09:27:34

I'm assuming that you're talking about ASD? If yes, then I'd suggest that you get the Autism teacher from SENDIS in to talk to the school staff as a training session. I'd also get the LA Educational Psychologist involved to. They can also spell it out for the school.

streakybacon Thu 20-Mar-14 08:21:11

Sometimes you can do all the right things, push for training, raise awareness, give tools and strategies and advice, but if they don't want to hear then nothing will help sad. I hope you can get them to listen and start supporting. It's grim when a child doesn't get the help they need in school.

Yes ASD, thanks for the replies. I'm going to suggest (push) for a training session for staff. They have other ASD children there but they play up so they just aren't getting it with my DC at all. It's very disheartening. I'll look into the sendis. I will keep going on and hope that at some point they actually decide to listen. It will possibly be because I am being such a pain in the arse for them!

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