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Twoprincessesistwiceasnice Sun 02-Mar-14 16:07:16

I am after some advice for my friend. Her daughter has just turned 16 and I know that when your child turns 16 you are supposed to apply for PIP. However, PIP hasn't rolled out in our area yet but she would much rather apply for PIP then DLA as it meets her daughters needs much better then the DLA form. Anyway, after daughter turned 16 she rang PIP and asked for an application form which they sent out and also asked for some basic details over the phone. Nothing was said about her not being able to apply. Anyway, she has since filled the form out and returned it to PIP.
In the meantime a letter has come from DLA saying now that her daughter is 16 she needs to reapply for DLA. However, she is currently awaiting a decision from PIP. Do you think her PIP claim will succeed? or do u think she will be told because its not in our area she will have to apply for DLA instead? Obviously they have her address as they sent out the form and nothing was mentioned about her not being able to apply. She just is worrying as shes filled in 42 pages for PIP and doesn't want to have to fill out a whole new form for DLA, and if they say she cant apply for PIP, can she appeal it?
Thanks so much

NoHaudinMaWheest Mon 03-Mar-14 20:05:08

My understanding (from a letter that came from DWP this morning about ds's DLA) is that if you are over 16 and want to apply for or renew DLA you have to apply for PiP.
The variation in areas only applies to existing claimants who are not due for renewal and who will be moved on to PiP on a rolling programme.

oneearedrabbit Wed 05-Mar-14 19:47:07

I think it is very complicated.
My DD turns 16 next term. DLA award which she has had for ten years or more runs out the day before her 16th b day.
We were initially told (last autumn) she would then be a PIP candidate.
But since Christmas we have been contacted by the DWP and as PIP is not rolling out in our area her DLA award has been automatically extended by one year and in that year it is expected she will be asked to apply for PIP (NOte - always assuming it still exists ....)
I think there is going to be a real muddle depending on where you live/exact date you turn 16 etc but I would say to your friend, Twop, phone up, make sure her form is in their system, and then cross fingers!!

LeapingOverTheWall Wed 05-Mar-14 21:55:40

DD turns 16 next week, her initial DLA award runs out in May. But we got a letter last week renewing her current DLA for another year, so I'm assuming that the PIP rollout isn't going to plan wink. For DD I'm pleased as PIP doesn't seem to include conditions which are variable, or situations where the person needs supervision for "just in case" to keep them safe to complete the task, so at least we have another 12 months to see how it's working in practice, to work out how best to approach things.

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