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G&C open early for breakfast 4th Jan 2014

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SallyBear Sat 04-Jan-14 08:36:02

Morning all! HNY to you all.

I'm lying in bed wondering how long I can stay here before I have to get up...... wink

Not a lot to report other than DD had a raft of appointments at GOSH on Thursday. We are booking for bilateral ear reconstruction surgery in August/September. Approximately 7 hours for stage 1 of the repair. confused Her decision to do this. We then saw the SLT who have finally agreed that the palate lengthening surgeries haven't been a success as the palate doesn't move well and her sound production is unique to her as she hits the pharynx with the base of her tongue to make plosive sounds that are now glottal sounds. Very sad about that.

Anyway School next week. Hallelujah!!!

youarewinning Fri 10-Jan-14 18:28:59

Ellen grin

Moose - hope spots all disappear off soon.

Sally - hope you find a decent tutor.

Hazey wine

zzzz - we've all been there! Don't beat yourself up about it.

Also do bum wiping here. DS struggles to do it right. However when he leaks at school he does sort himself out. Its not the best job but is improvement!

For those who say their children get unexplained allergic reactions. I'm currently looking at some information - re sensory processing and retained primitive reflexes. Seems to link to DS and is very common in children with ASD. I got some info from the sensory OT at school and have looked into it further. DS has retained 2 reflexes and possibly another from what I've done with him at home. Sensory OT saw videos and agrees so I'm building a case to present pead in April. Think I've officially decided to become one of 'those' mums. wink

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