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G&C open early for breakfast 4th Jan 2014

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SallyBear Sat 04-Jan-14 08:36:02

Morning all! HNY to you all.

I'm lying in bed wondering how long I can stay here before I have to get up...... wink

Not a lot to report other than DD had a raft of appointments at GOSH on Thursday. We are booking for bilateral ear reconstruction surgery in August/September. Approximately 7 hours for stage 1 of the repair. confused Her decision to do this. We then saw the SLT who have finally agreed that the palate lengthening surgeries haven't been a success as the palate doesn't move well and her sound production is unique to her as she hits the pharynx with the base of her tongue to make plosive sounds that are now glottal sounds. Very sad about that.

Anyway School next week. Hallelujah!!!

I haven't been in bed for hours, not because the kids are up but because if I had to listen to snoring for another minute I would not be held responsible for my actions <sigh> however on the up side I got 2 hot cups of tea before they all got up, just notsodh still in bed snoring . . .

sorry to hear the salt outcome, that's rubbish. A massive decision for her to make for the reconstruction, she's a bit of a star your dd smile

SallyBear Sat 04-Jan-14 08:49:54

I had a huge row with the cleft surgeon about it all last year. He was adamant that it was a success! How can it be if her speech is worse than it was before?! Wish we'd left well alone tbh. Lesson learned.

Anyway yes DD is a star. After all that horrid jaw surgery she's willing for more rib to be harvested to construct ears, and then skin graft to be taken and used for the second stage. I doubt that I'd be so measured about it all.

Bloody DH is snoring too. I think the lure of the teapot is too much to ignore. smile

hazeyjane Sat 04-Jan-14 08:57:18

Good Morning!
A lie in of sorts here, with ds sleeping until 6! Dh just making me coffee before taking dd1 to The Range.
We have tickets booked for skating at Lacock abbey later, and am panicking a bit, after ds's reaction to the cold the other day. Hopefully there will be an indoor bit with warmth and hot chocolate.
Sorry to hear about SALT and dd, sallybear, it must be very hard to undergo something so major and not see results.

it's one of those things, you don't know until you try sally brew shame the surgeon couldn't admit it though, what is it with some consultants hmm

SallyBear Sat 04-Jan-14 09:03:31

In his defence he didn't perform the op. His predecessor did. He kept saying that it had been a success because it looked good. I had to push for follow up investigations. confused

Hope that DS is ok today Hazey. Lots of layers to help keep him snuggle and then help to strip him off when he gets too hot.

hope skating is fun hazey, what about handwarmers would they help? I've seen them quite cheap recently.

PolterTurkey Sat 04-Jan-14 09:18:11

Such a shame Sally that the results aren't what you and she hoped for, but worth trying, she's an amazing girl.

hazey glad you've had some sleep, hope you all have fun skating and ds stays warm and toasty.

autumnsmum Sat 04-Jan-14 09:53:35

Sally and dd well done Hazey hope the skating goes well .not great here as I have posted elsewhere dd2 has tonsillitis yet again and is being impossible about her antibiotics .no sleep last night

youarewinning Sat 04-Jan-14 10:00:43

sally your Dd really is a star and one very determined young lady - you must be so proud.

Yay to hazeyboy lay in. Hope he managed the cold today. Does he go really mottled in it? DS looks like a honeycomb when he gets cold! Would your DS wear tights or leggings under his clothes? Sheepskin cover on the buggy is a great way to keep them warm - so I'm told! I've seen children use it for comfort and to prevent sores.

Well DS has not improved his mood overnight. Grrrrrrr! So first thing wants to play skalextric again. I do say let me have a coffee (and open my eyes) first. Then I start playing - and he starts the same behaviours again. He does this a lot - always watching for a reaction and I wonder if it's because he knows the reaction so its almost a control/ comfort thing? Now I just need a way to try and break the habit.

youarewinning Sat 04-Jan-14 10:01:32

Oh autumn so sorry to hear that. Hope DD2 is better soon.

zzzzz Sat 04-Jan-14 12:30:55
Thepoodoctor Sat 04-Jan-14 13:24:10

Sally sorry to hear about the disappointing result for DD. what a brave girl to opt for more surgery though.

Hazey hope DS is okay and the GP appt is useful. Would it be like the opposite of a febrile convulsion - ie the system crashing due to getting too cold not too hot? I have no idea if that's possible?

Autumn I hope you manage to get some ABs into Dd and she feels better soon.

I have had awful night so still at breakfast and strong brew stage. DS woke at 1am with wet pyjama trousers. So far so simple, but then went into meltdown because none of the other pyjama trousers could possibly be contemplated. Worst bit was when I went Ross Greene on him and he realised I was looking to him to help with a solution. The look of panic on his face translating as 'I don't really want to be in this situation, I can't solve it by shouting and screaming, and I don't know how else to get out of it' hmm We eventually did and got him back to bed. Only for DD who is poorly to wake at 4am and not go back to sleep until gone 6.

Bless DH for then taking a shift and sending me back to bed, but brewbrewbrewbrewbrew!

zzzzz Sat 04-Jan-14 16:01:36

Hi all,

sally I'm sorry it didn't help. How annoying that they can't be logical about the "success". It just makes the whole thing harder to think about when people do stuff like that. angry

I have started photographing dd's back with a ruler on as judging if its grown or not is hard and I don't want to draw on her in case it discolours. I am very worried. sad

Skating sounds fun hazey I wish I was coming!

I still have a hideous cold and dd is up every night so I am getting that spaced out feeling.

PolterGoose Sat 04-Jan-14 16:14:07

It just never ends for you zzzzz HONKs for dd and you flowers brew cake

ouryve Sat 04-Jan-14 16:42:00

Sorry to hear that, Sally sad

Was woken up by a DS1 meltdown, this morning. He eventually calmed himself by systematically piling up everything he could get his hands on, in the middle of the floor, and ripping up paper for extra satisfaction. He's complaining he's tired, this afternoon not surprised) and is being generally annoying, leaning on people, sitting on people, bounce, bounce, bounce....

Off to hide in the kitchen and make tea. Slowly.

SallyBear Sat 04-Jan-14 16:53:42

Thanks everyone. It's just sadly a thing about surgical interventions. That not every surgery is going to achieve everything that they/you hope for. Anyway onwards and upwards.

zzzzz the lump is it hot or just regular temperature? Are they expediting a referral for a biopsy/scan? You are wise to keep a visual record.

DS4 went to the cinema with his carer this afternoon and saw Frozen. He enjoyed it a lot. He was also very drawn to the Lego Movie trailer.......confused It will be on his list of movies to see.

youarewinning Sat 04-Jan-14 17:20:22

Lol sally we saw frozen and the legs movie caught DS eyes whilst there! He is on a promise to go next weekend - earning it by following his visuals in the morning and being ready. This will be one of those rewards that is heavily prompted after 2 weeks off wink

SummerRain Sat 04-Jan-14 18:53:16

Just popping my head in the door to save this thread... My phone is banjaxed and won't hold a WiFi signal so I can't post much these days... Roll on payday so I can replace it, it keeps turning itself off and the cover won't stay on so it's a justifiable expense wink

Not much to report here, I'm barely seeing the kids the last few days so I couldn't tell you what the mood has been like here, dp hasn't run out the door screaming when I come hone yet though so I'm assuming the ds' have been reasonable grin

autumnsmum Sat 04-Jan-14 18:55:54

Sally my ds is already excited about that film it comes out a couple of weeks after his birthday .last year I had the joy of planes

hazeyjane Sat 04-Jan-14 19:06:03

The Lego movie looks AWESOME (channeling my inner 10 year there), I can't wait to see it!

zzzzz, fingers crossed with the lump, thinking of you.

Skating was surprisingly good! I am the worst skater in the world, so basically just there to be mocked and laughed at. Dd1 was really good, dd2 was gutted that she was not an instant ice queen and ds.....well he was a real surprise. We fully togged him up in layers, with ski trousers on top, hat, fleece, thick gloves, and fleecy liners in his wellies - one of the members of staff took him on the ice in his sn buggy, which he loved, then I sat behind him on an ice banana (don't ask), which got a lot of smiles - and then, amazingly, he stood on some special skates on the ice, and between dh and a friend he was wooshed around the rink and he loved it!

Hot chocolate and flapjacks and giddy children afterwards - a good daysmile

signandsingcarols Sat 04-Jan-14 19:28:05

HI all, sorry to hear surgery counter productive sally, and things still difficult zzz, you are really going through it sad

we have been at nannys in london for a few days and dh and ds have been exlporing l;ondonon the train, well actually just exploring the train hmm as they don't go anywhere, just travel around getting on and off trains, have been to paddington and waterloo and went on the iunderground while watching the dr yeti episode ( based on the undergrounD) on the ipad. grin dh has been amazing, bless him, (we had one of 'those' conversations between christmas and new year you know the ones where you are finally actually honest about how things are going and how you feel, ) really useful for both of us to talk about how we felt aboiut his disability and our responses to it.

ds is going to the pantomime tomorrow, dgrandma has booked a box for me her ds my dsis, so ds can diddle about, bounce flap or huddle under coats, (dont know how he will be) hoping he manages... (eek!)

signandsingcarols Sat 04-Jan-14 19:29:59

lots of typos, sorry! exploring london BY train, and watching the dr WHO yeti episodes, blush

zzzzz Sat 04-Jan-14 19:56:57

sign ! Lovely to see you here. Glad difficult things have been voiced and trains have been ridden, sign pampered by anyone?

hazey skated!!!! Holy Moly! (Go on tell us about Ze banana)

sally not hot, not "attached" and not red (though a little bruised/blue I think though Dr couldn't see it) I'm going to take her back on Monday, because she isn't sleeping. Feels weird photographing but I think sensible.
We have been referred for urgent ultrasound (which means within two weeks), but may stamp our feet soon.

Flu is receding slowly. I am less revolting than I was. grin

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