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Are we really ASD heavy?

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zzzzz Tue 31-Dec-13 19:02:39

People keep saying that the boards are too full of children with ASD they feel uncomfortable posting. Is this true?

Can we take a sort of role call? If it feels a bit too outing you could name change. If your child has yet to get a dx but you are in the process please put NOdx and the expected dx in brackets.

So for us

NO dx (severe language disorder and ASD)


Severe Epilepsy (selective mute/anxiety disorder)

I also need have experience of, or need advice on, Irlens syndrome, dyslexia, OCD, tic disorder, colour blindness.

sneezecakesmum Tue 31-Dec-13 19:14:08

DGS has cerebral palsy on the high side of moderate. I post mostly on the CP thread and on the gastrostomy thread smile

If there is more ASD i think its probably because there are more children affected? Or not? I don't have any figures but would like to know.

dietstartstmoz Tue 31-Dec-13 19:21:19

Yes from me-DS2 has a dx of high functioning autism.

ItsAWonderfulCervix Tue 31-Dec-13 19:22:36


DD2. Aspergers.

ItsAWonderfulCervix Tue 31-Dec-13 19:24:00

And DD1 - dyslexia.

coppertop Tue 31-Dec-13 19:29:17

I have two with a dx of ASD.

I think it's probably a case of the SN board being one of the first things that comes up when you google signs of ASD. There's so much good advice that you end up staying around and posting more of your own advice and experiences. Then other people are drawn in by that and on it goes.

It's how I found the SN board all those years ago.

Jacksterbear Tue 31-Dec-13 19:35:22

DS (nearly 7), dxes: SPD, anxiety, and (v. recently) ASD with a PDA profile.

DD (3), no dx, showing signs of sensory issues and extreme anxiety also.

My impression is that, yes, the SN boards are full of those with experience of ASD; otoh that could be because those are the issues I'm searching for / interested in!

chocnomore Tue 31-Dec-13 20:10:56

I do think a lot of us here have a DC with Asd.

Dd had autism and a severe speech& language delay/disorder.

DS has AS.

lougle Tue 31-Dec-13 20:25:59

DD1 - no meaningful diagnosis - Cortical dysplasia on MRI

DD2 - No Dx (ASD or dyspraxia, +/- anxiety)

I do think the board is ASD heavy. It used to bother me hugely. now it doesn't. I think my perception is that there used to be a LOT of threads which were titled 'ASD -does your child...' or 'calling parents of ASD children...' which felt very exclusive. Whether it was true or that it was simply that as a parent of a child with no Dx who didn't fit in the NT world, to feel that you don't fit in the SN one either is too much to deal with...who knows?

It feels strange to be back in that 'no Dx'stage with DD2. I met a friend yesterday, who had never met DD2. She wasn't doing too well. She said 'it's not in your head, you know.' I said 'that's quite encouraging.they don't see it really...' and she said 'well you only have to open your eyes' then blush


ouryve Tue 31-Dec-13 20:31:29

ASD is said to affect 1 in 100, so it is relatively common.

I have two with ASD, one with ADHD as well, plus assorted other co morbid conditions between them.

zzzzz Tue 31-Dec-13 20:50:33

Gosh there are far more with ASD than I realised. I also realise I don't know what proportion of children have the different disabilities! Does anyone have any stats?

autumnsmum Tue 31-Dec-13 21:00:29

I have ds with high functioning autism and dd2 has autism .dd1 is nt .i sometimes feel a bit different to the other asd posters as I have no intrest in Aba .to be honest I am very interested in all disabilities and sometimes dd2 seems more Gdd than asd

I like a few stats smile my son has Down's Syndrome and I know there's quite a few of us.

lougle Tue 31-Dec-13 21:06:46
Lesley25 Tue 31-Dec-13 21:10:57

DS has dx of asd

lougle, thanks they do look interesting but I think our personal stats here would be even more interesting...I'm the curious sort!

lougle Tue 31-Dec-13 21:16:16

Can't link to table data on phone, but overall, 1 5 statements are for ASD, but ASD represents 8% of SEN by primary need. there is also a speech, language and communication category, so that would mop up undx ASD.

HECTheHeraldAngelsSing Tue 31-Dec-13 21:17:03

Eldest autism and erbs palsy (nerve damage resulting in partial paralysis of the arm)

Youngest autism and adhd, plus anaemia and asthma

I do see much more about asd but I am surprised to hear that there are those who feel uncomfortable

why would that be? Is that coming from other posters or themselves?

JustPondering Tue 31-Dec-13 21:17:35

DS1 diagnosis of sensory integration dysfunction but is probably aspergers.

DS2 diagnosis of asd and language disorder, possible ehlers danlos.

DS3 awaiting diagnosis of asd, has diagnosis of hypermobility and language delay.

lougle Tue 31-Dec-13 21:18:36

sorry, perspective, I thought zzzzz was asking for prevalence stats, to compare this section with the population. I don't think anyone would have stats on prevalence on this board to hand.

kinkyfuckery Tue 31-Dec-13 21:21:06

DD1 (8): dx combined ADHD (currently medicated with Medikinet XL and subsequently Melatonin) and ASD.

DD2 (5): Nodx, displaying similar symptoms of DD1 at that age, just about to start referral to school and family support service to investigate. DD1's MHW agrees from my description there could be reason for concern.

Me (30): Nodx, likely HFA/Aspergers, OCD, anxiety.

lougle Tue 31-Dec-13 21:22:07

There was a time when an ASD section was suggested because some parents felt that they only needed advice from people with 'relevant experience', which upset some of the general riffraff posters who had SN experience but no ASD dx children.

TheLeastAccomplishedBennetGirl Tue 31-Dec-13 21:22:23

DD (6yrs) dx ASD, ? SPD but also unidentified allergies

DS2 (adult) under assessment for AS/ADHD

AnAdventureInCakeAndWine Tue 31-Dec-13 21:23:19

DD2 is NT but deaf/hard of hearing with significant language delay (although projected to catch up eventually). I'm never sure whether I ought to be on this board, and it does seem quite ASD-heavy, but I've learned a lot from reading it and the statementing stuff in particular has been terrifying very useful.

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