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Goose and Carrot - 22nd November

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Good morning all.

It's ds' 7th birthday today. He has been packed off to school with a Minecraft Manual and a badge with 7 on it. He is especially please he is now an odd number hmm

GP this morning referred baby Starlight to a Paediatrician which is a relief and allows me to not worry that something is being missed and safely assume there are probably no issues.

I'm writing a Parent Governor statement which is coming together well. It's an interesting exercise for someone with a child who has been failed by the education system and has a history of bad relations with educational professionals. I've really had to turn some of my thinking around. Whether I get the role or not I think it is worthwhile and would recommend everyone has a go at writing their own statement.

PolterWho Fri 22-Nov-13 11:40:41

Happy birthday mini-Star cake and good luck with baby-Star and your governor statement.

I've just made and photocopied a load of monitoring sheets for school to do with ds as well as some activities from the Asperger Children's Toolkit. As he has 15h 1-1 and she doesn't seem to be doing anything pro-active I thought I'd provide some materials wink

Ah yeah. There's all this hooha about children being taught by unqualified teachers ATM. Where was this outrage when it only applied to children with SEN?

And now there's the stupid study being reported as claiming that parental involvement in interventions makes no difference. Presumably playing up the importance of teachers....

SallyBear Fri 22-Nov-13 11:52:30

I did some out of the box thinking with DS4's PECS. He wasn't really requesting using symbols for snack and they were a bit stumped so I went out and bought one of those duplo kits with a book that tells you how to make a six piece airplane etc. I asked them to make up pecs cards with the pieces needed to build the plane. He's doing so well with it now that they've upped the anti and are using it combination with number and colour recognition.

PolterWho Fri 22-Nov-13 12:11:41

What's the study Star?

Well done Sally smile

Here. Nothing wrong with the study IMO, just the conclusions people seem to be drawing from it in other social media.

Sounds great Sally.

SummerRain Fri 22-Nov-13 12:18:41

Happy Friday everyone.... who's got the rum?

It's very much been on of those weeks. dd has been home sick since wed which means I'm trying to work for the second week running with the tv blaring in the background and constant demands for stuff. At least she doesn't bounce off the furniture so it's a slight improvement on ds1 being home last week wink

More drama at the school resulting in the parent reps (equivalent to governors I think?) both resigning. Myself and the chairperson are going to step back from our roles too as it's just getting too much. I'm sick of the drama and always being the messenger in the firing line sad With work, OU and two SN kids I just do not have the time or energy for this shite as well.

I'm in Kildare for training on Monday... I'll have to be up before 4am so there goes my Sunday evening too. Be good to have the extra cash that comes with the role though

ouryve Fri 22-Nov-13 12:19:05

Happy birthday big starlet! And great news about baby starlet's referral.

Sally - DS2 got started with PECS by requesting jigsaw pieces. Then bread sticks! Then the iPad!! The real breakthrough was when he realised he could give the symbols to other children and they found it easy to understand what he was wanting.

Well, I think my black cloud might finally have lifted, in part due to the case of wine that's just been delivered. Cheers wine (though, given that it's lunchtime, that should probably be [soup])

ouryve Fri 22-Nov-13 12:22:10

Starlight - one of the comments I made about one of the research proposals we've been looking at in our RDS PPI meetings was that I could just imagine the Daily Mail headlines about the possible outcome of the research and that they would be quite counter-productive.

Galena Fri 22-Nov-13 12:23:18

Just place marking... Manic day already (local geese, DD on front page of paper today again smile ) and not getting less manic. Back in a while.

SummerRain Fri 22-Nov-13 12:32:55

Forgot to say

Happy Birthday Starboy cake grin

Aw thanks.

Looking forward to family birthday tea later when gets the rest of his quite frankly strange presents for a 7yr old boy (book on developing foetuses and childbirth being one of them).

We're having bloody expensive duck pancakes too, and olives. Crisps and nutella sandwiches don't seem to cut it.

Sunday night we're going to the Royal Albert Hall (just me and ds as couldn't afford more tickets, and certainly couldn't afford the childcare on top). They end with the 1812 full with cannons and guns. Well gotta try it haven't you............?

ouryve Oooh, I love research. One day........

autumnsmum Fri 22-Nov-13 12:55:56

Happy birthday mini star and well done for referral


Summerrain What OU course are you doing?

SummerRain Fri 22-Nov-13 13:14:16

I'm doing a BSc Environmental Science. Waiting on Evolution and Oceanography results atm and will be starting my project and practical modules in January, they're my last ones, this time next year I'll be done.

Oooh, good luck.

I did an OU degree and now I'm doing the Understanding Autism course which is okay. Kind of interesting and annoying at the same time.

hazeyjane Fri 22-Nov-13 13:19:46

Happy Birthday Starlet (that doesn't sound quite right?)

A day of more frustration with ds's statement - the area inclusion officer was supposed to come in to preschool this morning to observe ds, and sign some forms, but didn't turn up - with no phone call or anything. Honestly i am sick and tired of how crap it has all been.

Ds's SALT has said we need a meeting with an aac specialist and a teacher of the deaf to discuss the way forward with ds and signing, as she thinks that BSL is not the way to go. In her words, ds is 'oddly complex' ( aren't they all?!)

ouryve Fri 22-Nov-13 13:34:08

Duck pancakes go down well in our house, too. Might do that for DS1's birthday, actually. He wants to go to Beamish, on the day. He's heard rumours that there be old coins, there!

We don't get to do the research, Starlight - just read the proposals and give the researchers our lay perspective. Some of us more lay than others. It keeps the old brain cells working.

Hazey - could you imagine the stink if you didn't turn up to something, with no explanation? What a bloody waste of time sad

moosemama Fri 22-Nov-13 13:57:16

Happy Birthday Mini-Star! grin

I'm not even going to get into most of my week as it has been pants from start to finish. Think I'll just stick with today.

This morning, before the school run, my puppy injured his foot whilst leaping around the garden like a demented kangaroo. Every time he put his foot down blood fountained everywhere and I was on my own with two dcs, dh is in London and there was no-one else to give me a lift to the vet - great start to the day on top of a 5.00 am wake up.

Vet gave him antibiotics and we have to watch how the wound responds and take him straight back if there's swelling or severe pain, as it's a puncture wound and she couldn't tell if there was a foreign body in there.

He didn't seem to notice when he'd first done it, but now screams horribly every time he moves and can't put his foot to the floor. He's generally a wuss over the slightest discomfort, so I haven't a clue whether or not I need to take him back.

I have scoured the garden and can't for the life of me find anything that might have caused the injury. It's a deep puncture on the top of his foot just about his toes. confused

To add to the general mood of the day, dh just called to say the train after his this morning hit someone on the tracks, so they've closed the line and he doesn't know when he'll be able to get home. He was supposed to be picking up ds2 from his bf's house after tea and now I'm going have to leave poorly pup and walk ds1 and dd to fetch him instead - if I don't have to rush him back to the vets before then.

It's not Friday the 13th is it?

SummerRain Fri 22-Nov-13 14:14:32

nope that's next month... we were setting a date for the PA AGM with the priest last night and the chairperson was glancing at the calendar said 'What about the 13th?' ... myself and the priest simultaneously shrieked 'NOT friday the 13th! We've had enough bad luck!' blush

PolterWho Fri 22-Nov-13 14:22:08

Poor puppy, hope he gets well soon flowers

SallyBear Fri 22-Nov-13 14:24:03

Moose!! Poor Pip! Ouch. hmm

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