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Goose and Carrot, 15th Nov

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Galena Fri 15-Nov-13 18:18:28

I thought I'd open up tonight (although I've taken so long to write this message that someone else may already have opened up)... In desperate need of wine and cake I think.

DD has had her first week back since the op, mornings only. She seems to have coped well, although didn't stay this afternoon because she was tired. She's just doing some exercises with DH before bedtime, then we're getting a takeaway.

Thanks for starting ths week's thread, Galena.

Not a good week, here. My lovely friend of 18 years died ths week, while paragliding on holiday in Tenerife. She'd been a regular paraglider for over 20 years, but apparently had a heart attack while flying and crash landed. She was a truly lovely person, very alternative yet old fashioned. Into Tai Chi, gardening and cooking, cycling everywhere. She was an intensive care nurse and very fit and healthy. She married later in life and had no children, to her regret, but lived a very fulfilling life. I'm just so sad. sad

PolterGoose Fri 15-Nov-13 18:53:14

Ellen so so sorry sad flowers

ouryve Fri 15-Nov-13 19:04:09

Takeaway sounds like a good plan, Galena.

That's such sad news, EllenJane. So premature sad

Hazey, I know I've got here before you, but I just saw your good news in the old thread. Well done to your DS - and to you and his 1:1 for helping him to get there, of course!

I've had my day out at my not a job but I get paid for it. My phone buzzed a few times while I was in the meeting, so I checked as soon as I'd finished. It hadn't been such a good afternoon, here. DH got called into school to pick DS1 up an hour early, as a week of grumpiness had culminated in him being hysterical - he'd screamed for a solid hour and there was no sign of him calming down for golden time. DH took DS2, as well, to save having to drag DS1 back to collect him, and he was true to form and had to be carried to the car.

I quizzed him when i got home and he said he never want to go to that school ever again and he wants to go to a school with less than 100 pupils, but near to home. Ooooooookaaayyyyyyyy....hmm

Thank you. I suppose I should have posted in bereavement but I know people here. Sorry, I meant I first met her 18 years ago, she was in her early 50s.

I must go back and read last week's thread, ouryve. Sorry your day wasn't great.

Galena, better hurry up ordering that takeaway, there were races today...

Galena Fri 15-Nov-13 19:14:31

Ellen, I'm sorry to hear that - I read that story in the news and felt for her family and friends. I guess one thing to take comfort from is that she was doing something she loved.

Good point about the races... I shall order forthwith!

Handywoman Fri 15-Nov-13 19:19:20

Ooh hooray for Friday, I am absolutely shattered after a really intense week which started with dd2's assessment and dx then culminated with a horrendous day at work which brought me to the verge of tears (tiredness took me to the brink). dd2 had a better day at school today thank goodness. I have just sat down with one of these wine now so things now feeling easier!

Oh Ellen I read about the paragliding accident. I'm so sorry sad

Ouryve hope things are a little calmer in your house.

SallyBear Fri 15-Nov-13 19:22:07

She sounds like she lived life to the full and helped so many people along the way. A life to be proud of Ellen I think.

Had DS4s AR today, all went well though slightly odd having a meeting when the staff are dressed in animal onesies.....

I felt a bit cross today as there was a post on the FB Cleft group from a mum whose DD is 16mos and has had her palate repaired but has hearing issues. She didn't want grommets as its a surgery (fair enough) but didn't want hearing aids as her child is a girl and could get teased. WTF is wrong with people?!

Jacksterbear Fri 15-Nov-13 19:27:29

Hey everyone. Ellen I'm really sorry to hear that, how sad sad

Shitty week with school drop offs this week, although ds has for the most part been fine in school once there and calmed down, so it's the separation anxiety that's bad atm not anxiety about school generally, which I suppose is good. Have seen senco today to form a new plan for drop offs.

ouryve sorry you've had a crappy pm thanks

Firsttimer7259 Fri 15-Nov-13 19:46:03

Ellen - so sorry to hear your sad news. Your friend sounds like a wonderful woman.

Hazey - happy to hear mini h is managing better st nursery

Big squeeze to everyone with tough weeks behind them

Im resting a lot at the moment, getting over extreme sleep deprivation of the past month I think. In bed again at 7. Makes for a boring life but I'm less tearful than I was last week so it's just tiredness making me weepy which I suppose is a good thing.

We have childcare all day tomorrow taking dd out all day - I'm so looking forward to some time w h....and a rest!

childrendriveumad Fri 15-Nov-13 19:47:45

sorry to hear such sad news ellen hugs to those who feel like they need them.

Not toooooo bad a week here! Only had to have one meeting this week with ds's CT! However, need to speak to them again next week as his 'good' book isn't being filled in properly!

TGI Friday is all I can say!

wine o'clock x

hazeyjane Fri 15-Nov-13 20:22:26

Ellen, thanks, so sorry for the loss of your friend. There are no words.

Galena, glad dd is doing well back at school. I used to work at a pizza place in your town, race night was chaos - hope you got your takeaway!!

Ouryve, sorry ds1 is struggling, hope things have calmed down now.

Handywoman wine+wine for you!

Sallybear, haha to the animal onesies!

Jackster, if you come up with any ideas about drop offs, then let me know!

FirstTimer, so glad you have had some sleep, exhaustion does terrible things. Yay to a day with just you and dh tomorrow.

Childrendriveumad wine chin chin!

Well we have had a busy week,starting with dd2's dyslexia assessment, dd2 being off school ill, an open evening at ds's future school and ds's TAC meeting today. Oh and the momentous news that DS SPENT A WHOLE SESSION AT PRESCHOOL ON HIS OWN!!!!!!! I know I mentioned it on the other thread, but it is so good i had to say it twice!

youarewinning Fri 15-Nov-13 20:30:26

Ellen So sorry to hear the lady who had the accident was your friend. I lived in Tenerife for years and DS was born there. Some friends of mine told me about it. People on the Island have been very shocked by it. thanks

Hazey Wahoo minihazey. What a fab boy.

Galena bless DD, she's done really well.

Ouryve Oh dear. Hope Monday is better.

My DS has been at a collegues today as inset. He has made a new friend grin Her 3 year DS! He loves trains and cars so he's had a great day.

Galena Fri 15-Nov-13 20:48:01

Our chinese arrived on time and has been consumed. smile

You are all so kind. thanks

Hooray for Friday here, as well. Can't keep up with the thread, but..

A WHOLE SESSION!!! Hazey? grin

(((Hugs))) for you, Firsttimer and Handywoman.

SallyBear what a surreal meeting!

ouryve Fri 15-Nov-13 20:56:57

They're both in bed, now, Handywoman. Bliss!

And it's poor DH who had to take the brunt of it, this afternoon. He has a stiff mug of hot chocolate, now grin

hazeyjane Fri 15-Nov-13 21:08:26

I hope there is rum in that hot chocolate, ouryve.

I can't quite believe he did a whole session either, it felt very strange to be queuing up with all the other mums at the end gate.

I do think we should have a shared goose onesie, that gets passed around for meetings.

SallyBear Fri 15-Nov-13 21:15:47

Yes a goose would have fitted in nicely today as I shared my meeting table with a cow and a pig.... Surreal.

Old McDonald had a farm.....

With a HONK HONK here,
And a HONK HONK there...

marchduck Fri 15-Nov-13 22:00:38

Ellen sorry to hear about your friend.
I always mean to pop in here more often, good excuse to have a wee drink with you all. Have a good weekend everyone

SallyBear Fri 15-Nov-13 22:20:07

Haha Ellen! grin Very funny smile

ouryve Sat 16-Nov-13 13:47:06

DH is currently attacking the mac major with the Bissell carpet shampooer. It has a distinctive smell of granny's attic about it. Yuck!

I've told a friend who lives halfway up the hill that I expect a refreshments stand at his garden gate at school kicking out time!

No way was i expecting to have to go back to using it. aybe a pocket full of bonios would work better?

youarewinning Sat 16-Nov-13 15:03:21

Well it only took 2.5 hours for DS to back down this afternoon - things are improving grin

ouryve Sat 16-Nov-13 15:24:25

Tough afternoon, youare? brew

youarewinning Sat 16-Nov-13 16:40:18

Just the usual grin I think DS should eat lunch at lunchtime like most people (and various other 'normal' wink things). He however gets the idea into his head he doesn't want to do something - like eat lunch - but yet is "staaaaaarrrrrrrrrvvving" so wants a chocolate chip cake bar. I suggest tell him I'll make lunch then. No, he doesn't want lunch because he's not that hungry................................................... <thing is we would have this conversation every 10 minutes if I didn't insist on him eating a meal at mealtimes>

He had lunch at 3pm grin

Now he wants to know the truth about whether Santa is real. shock The conversation has been: me "do you think he's real" DS, "I just want to know the truth". Me: "well he fills your stocking every year so he must be real" DS " I just want to know the truth" me "you know he's real because he fills your stocking" DS "is he real, is that the truth" <losing ability to know what to say> me "who do you think fills your stocking?" DS "well that wasn't snow he left on the carpet last year it was talcum powder" <panicking slightly!> me " what makes you think that?" DS, "because I know the difference between talc and snow".

So I suggested Santa had had a shower before he left the North Pole wink DS is currently pondering this................. but yet in the same conversation asked if it's possible to text or email Santa his list as he hates writing. hmm

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