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DS (11), dyspraxia and hypermobility. Keeps falling over.

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deepbreath Wed 06-Nov-13 12:43:04

I am worried about 11 y.o. ds. He started secondary school in September and we've had lots of problems with bullying, forgetting things, ds losing things (including him getting lost on his way home 2 weeks into the term!) On the whole, it is not going well.

His head of year at school just rang to say he has had a bad fall on some stairs. He has hit his head hard on a step, badly bumped his shin - first aider told me he has a big bruise already, and no doubt has bashed other parts of himself too. They seem very keen to keep him in school, rather than send him home. I do wonder if this latest fall was really that someone pushed him on the stairs - he was pushed over by another boy on Monday just off the school grounds.

Thing is, ds has fallen over repeatedly this week, the falls are getting worse and I'm now worried that something is going on. He is growing well, but has reasonable muscle tone so these falls are a new thing for him. He was discharged by his paediatrician, OT and physio shortly after diagnosis. I met with the SENCO just before half term, ds has only been back there 3 days since then. I don't know what to do, should I take ds to the GP? Or does anyone have any other ideas please?

ouryve Wed 06-Nov-13 13:45:37

If he is growing a lot, lately, this can really badly affect his coordination, as his senses catch up with where in space all the newly bigger parts of his body are and his muscles adjust to control his joints.

I'm wondering if walking in the big crowds you generally get moving around secondary school is disorientating for him.

PolterGoose Wed 06-Nov-13 13:58:58

Was going to say what ouryve said. Can you ask school if he can leave lessons 5 minutes early so he can get to the next one while the corridors are empty? (it's one of the things I'm expecting to be agreed for when my ds starts secondary next year)

deepbreath Wed 06-Nov-13 14:48:44

Thank you smile

I completely forgot about the poor proprioception stuff. I do think that ds is physically struggling at school for the reasons that you've suggested.

We have a thing in place for dd (10) to go in and out of her class when it's quieter at primary school so she doesn't get jostled about. This was only sorted after she was bumped into, causing her shoulder to dislocate right in front of the head and deputy head though! I will have to see if they can do something similar for ds, at least for the time being.

greeneyes1978 Fri 08-Nov-13 23:54:59

Might be worth asking your son if he feels like he is 'zoning out' before falling... You need to be sure it's not something physical like epilepsy. I'm sure it probably isn't but it's worth checking. My DS1 had DCD and it gets worse when he's tired or in new places so it may just be that. Have you asked the school what they are doing re the bullying? If he is worried and perhaps looking round to check who's about, he is more likely to fall.

Hope things settle down soon.

Rockinhippy Sat 09-Nov-13 00:04:40

Also is there any chance his falling might be POTS related ??

As this too is a symptom & I see a lot of mums on a JHMS board with their young teens - preteens having more problems with this aspect & falls are common as a result

homework Sat 09-Nov-13 00:11:30

Sometimes as he's hitting puberty there co ordination becomes that bit worse again , although do keep checking that he's not being push and shoved around by the other kids also . It could just be an age thing for next couple of years . Sorry may not be what your hoping to hear .
My son went though this for about eighteen months when he was twelve or so , he also had kids pushing him around making it worse , they noticed that he seemed to fall easy , so would help him on his way as such .
So keep checking with your child to make sure it's not targeted bullying . As you already mentioned that he's on a few kids radar.

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