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Set the ball rolling with a GP appointment - what to expect?

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Ds is 7.5 and has always been a bit of a handful; nursery were at the point of trying to get him a statement at one point as his behaviour was dreadful back then. There have been issues throughout school; refusal to join in certain activities, complete lack of concentration in class, reluctance to do any written work, knocking things over deliberately then not knowing why he has done it etc, but just lately (since starting year 3) it has got so much worse.

His teacher has expressed concerns and has suggested getting him assessed, as, like he says, if nothing is "wrong" with him, we need to work on him sorting his behaviour out, but if he gets a diagnosis, we need to learn how best to handle situations and manage him.

His behaviour at home is hit and miss. If it's just me and him, he's generally fine, but throw in anyone else and he just can't seem to handle it. He shows off to extremes, acts the clown, talks absolutely non-bloody-stop, pulls faces constantly, won't eat a meal without a fuss, completely ignores any pleas to calm down a bit etc. He flails his arms around A LOT and seems completely incapable of sitting or standing still for any length of time; queues are a nightmare as is walking round shops etc.

He has a certain number of foods he will eat, anything else takes bribery to try just one bite. He can take hours to eat a meal, cannot follow instructions to get dressed, clean teeth etc, which is causing problems at school as well. Today, I picked him up to be told that he had a complete tantrum at PE time as he couldn't find his pumps so they told him to take off his socks and do it barefoot. It took three staff members to calm him down and remove him from the classroom as he was screaming, kicking and sobbing sad

Don't really know why I'm writing all this here, just struggling to cope with it all I guess. We have a doctors appointment on Saturday morning to get the ball rolling but I just don't know what to expect or what timescales I'm looking at. Is there anything specific I need to tell them?

PolterGoose Tue 05-Nov-13 19:26:53

My advice is do some reading around the various neuro/developmental conditions (ASDs, ADHD, dyspraxia, sensory processing/integration for starters. And see what rings bells. Take notes as you go, you're not looking k see if he fits any diagnosis, it's just a way of ordering your thoughts and getting you to recognise behaviours if that makes sense. Keep a daily diary of what he does, how he behaves, responds etc. Make notes of his development and gather any information you've already got about what he's like at school. Organise this into a document you can give to the GP, it saves you having to remember everything and also starts getting you to look for patterns of behaviours. Be honest with the GP, focus on how his difficulties are impacting on his learning and development and that school have concerns too.

Our assessment process took at least 18 months, but in that time we saw OT and were able to start doing sensory and other practical interventions that really helped ds.

Thank you. I sat and wrote everything down the other day and it seems like such a long list sad There's other things like he can't tie shoe laces, can't ride a bike or scooter, can't shower himself/dry himself etc. His reaction to other people is hit and miss too; he either talks them to death or puts his hands over his ears and refuses to speak. But he's a lovely little boy most off the time, has been fab with me these last few weeks while my back's been bad; emptying the washer and bringing me drinks, and every time I've stood up, he's there with his little hand on my back, trying to help smile

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