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Open University - Understanding the Autism Spectrum

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I've just started this course and am really looking forward to getting a more solid knowledge of the subject - my DS has a diagnosis of AS and I have a lot of random knowledge from forums, books etc, hoping this will pull it all together for me.

Would be interested to hear from anyone else who has taken it or is doing it currently.

moldingsunbeams Mon 04-Nov-13 19:18:19

Oh I haven't seen this, would be interested, is the course expensive?

PolterGoose Mon 04-Nov-13 19:30:33

I've bought the course book, looks excellent. I'm already doing OU but might do this course one day...

I think it would be about £600 as a standalone (just checked the website but it's not enrolling for it at the moment). I'm already enrolled under the old fee structure for a degree, so doing it as part of that which is at a reduced rate. The fee structure is complicated WRT student loans etc.

I'm doing it as part of an Open degree Polter - I only enrolled in the first place to do one module last year but have got hooked. I will probably only do the first year though, I don't actually need a degree and it is a lot of work to complete the whole thing.

So far I'm enjoying finding out all the history of the research into autism, and where all the current knowledge has come from, my prior knowledge has all been very much rooted in the present day.

I'm doing it but totally forgot hmm.

But then again I've had no communication as to what I am supposed to be doing. In fact no communication at all confused

It's bloody expensive for what it is btw, and I suspect some ASD bandwagon-jumping reflected in the price.

But perhaps I'm not doing it after all since I have no information.....

Wasn't it supposed to have started on 2nd November?

PolterGoose Mon 04-Nov-13 22:30:53

Is it an online course Star? Just log in to your OU account/StudentHome and it will be there if you're registered.

Oh confused

No idea what my password is.

Need to get a bit more organised I suppose, but thank goodness for this thread or else it would not have even occurred to me that I was doing it hmm

Yes, it has just started, you do need to log on. You don't get any information other than the course book and DVD apart from via the website - have you received those materials? Maybe there is a password reset button somewhere.

I don't have any materials, no.

Actually I might.

I have some unopened post I'll check in the morning.

November is everyone's birthday month in this house so I have ignored parcels on the basis they're probably presents.

Will have a look tomorrow and let you know. It will be nice to have a course companion.

Have a vague feeling that the course will pee me off though. Not a good start eh?

In that case I think you need to ring them as soon as you can and find out what's happening. The course book is available as .pdf file on the website, but it is much easier (I find) to use the book. It takes a little while to get used to navigating the website as well. Hope you get it sorted.

x-posted - yes,the parcel does look suspiciously like an Amazon one when it comes.

Roooooumours Tue 05-Nov-13 07:55:52

I did this course last year, really enjoyed it and its useful to have the book to dip into as and when needed smile

Good to hear that Rooooumers. The module forum has only been open a couple of days but it is by far the busiest of any I have been on so far, I think there will be a lot of chat, it is obviously deeply personal to many of the participants.

Starlight - did you find it?

Yes, but I haven't opened it.

Need to find a bit of space on the table first grin

Writing the parental part of Ds' Annual Review and recovering from flu!

Am I mikes behind already?

PolterGoose Wed 06-Nov-13 07:54:17

Star I'm always weeks behind everyone else on all my modules, but that's the beauty of OU, you can take it at your own pace.

zzzzz Wed 06-Nov-13 11:07:41

I think in theory it sounds great but would drive me hopping mad, so probably not a good mix with the Iberia patience required for the rest of my life! grin

I'd be interested to see what you all think though.

zzzzz Wed 06-Nov-13 11:08:33

Uber not see that has already tipped me into mildly irritated.

Starlight - The only thing to watch out for on this one is the dates of the assessments, the first one needs to be submitted by 28th November. Some modules only need you to submit one assessment right at the end, but this has several at intervals throughout.

Right. Finally opened the box grin

Found the chat room (took a while). Read half a chapter. Investigated library. Flicked through test questions. Read intro from course advisors. Put deadlines in my diary.

Well done. The chat room has been very busy, I have struggled to follow it. The advisors are endlessly patient!

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