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Mobilty links ?

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brodiemummyof5 Mon 04-Nov-13 18:33:41

Hi all, apologies in advance for being one of those annoyingly happy people whatever life may throw at me but having been reading other threads here on MN SN boards I'm hoping to get to know a few of you experienced and supportive people..........and it's because I've been reading other threads that I have become aware of a possible link between my ds2 (possible diagnosis) and his Hypermobility ?

Ds2 was diagnosed with mild Hypermobility around the age of 3yrs when we became concerned that he was what appeared to us clumsy and also he couldn't walk very far before he began to stumble and limp, he had always been, what we would describe as double jointed but later during his diagnosis were informed it was slightly different to being double jointed and that he should hopefully grow out of it and he currently has insoles fitted in his shoes to help him with walking any distance............

I hope I've done the correct thing in writing a new thread (bloody annoying newbies hey :/) but I would very much appreciate any advice from anyone with experience of this linked with my concerns on my other thread.......

PolterGoose Mon 04-Nov-13 19:10:58

Hi brodie I haven't seen your other thread. My ds is hypermobile in all joints except elbows. When he was diagnosed and the physio took a family history I realised that I am too and that this was the cause of my debilitating childhood pains and a range of other problems I've had and have!

Ds gets leg pain, his orthotic insoles help a lot as do walking boots, he's better on rough ground than smooth. If he's done a long walk I massage his legs and give Calpol at bedtime. His hands are very bendy but not painful.

I'm not sure about the growing out of it. Most people with hypermobility don't have pain so don't even see a doctor or whatever but it can be really bad, especially during growth spurts and puberty. Hypermobility can affect fine and gross motor skills and many people with it are quite clumsy. It can also make you scar more easily and have problems with anaesthetics not working well.

There's a Hypermobility Syndromes Association website with lots of information.

brodiemummyof5 Mon 04-Nov-13 19:49:46

Hi Poltergoose, I believe it was your response to another thread that raised the issue for me of a possible link with his Hypermobility and other concerns I have regarding ds2............

I would love to be able to put a direct link to my other thread here on the sn board but being the complete technophobe I am I can only tell you my previous post is relatively recent (about a week) Subject.....Where to go from here? .......
I would be interested to know your thoughts as to whether there may be a possible link. ?

PolterGoose Mon 04-Nov-13 20:24:46

This is a link to your other thread smile

This is a link to The Out of Sync Child

I think what you describe in your other post is a whole lot of sensory processing stuff, which can be a standalone thing but is common in kids with ASDs, ADHD, dyspraxia and so on. It is very common to have sensory problems with hypermobility.

I think you need to read a bit about those neuro-developmental conditions and make notes as you go. Also keep a diary of behaviours and anything interesting, typical or odd! This will help you gather information to show to any professionals you see and also help you see patterns in behaviours. It is much easier to manage behaviour when you can see it in context.

Go and see your GP and get referred to OT and a developmental paed. You can put together a profile type thing of your ds based on your notes and diary and give te GP a copy.

brodiemummyof5 Tue 05-Nov-13 13:52:24

Thankyou for the links Poltergoose :-)

Appointment with gp is made for the 19th (the earliest possible :/) but that gives me a couple of weeks to really read up on ds's "quirks" for want of a better word and to begin a chronological list of our concerns going back from around the age of three and an up-to-date diary of day to day things we have become more aware of over recent weeks.
Parent Teacher takes place at the end of this week also which is good timing however school doesn't seem to be too concerned as I mentioned in my other post but we will see.........

I tried to purchase "out of sync child" from our local book store today but it wasn't in stock so taking into account the amount of reading I am about to embark on dh has brought me a Kindle paperwhite so late night reading won't be a problem so any other recommendations would be gratefully received.........

Thankyou for taking time to read my other post and offering much appreciated words of advice

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