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Can anyone help with DLA?

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Nacster Sun 03-Nov-13 18:36:08

DS1 has been getting it since the age of 4, he's 8 now.

It was due renewal this year. Sent the forms in in August. Have now lost the money as DLA say they have sent out letters to the GP 3 times, but the GP say none have arrived. They have allegedly sent the subsequent letters only when I have phoned. I've made sure they have the correct address, phone number and postcode.

I do believe the surgery when they say the letters haven't arrived. - we know the receptionist well.

What should my next step be? They are just fobbing me off I think. I just need to know.

Thanks for any advice!

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Sun 03-Nov-13 19:26:53

Could you ask the DWP to fax it instead? And if you ring them from the surgery then you could make sure it arrives?

Seems very wrong that DLA can be discontinued due to a communication problem.

bundaberg Fri 08-Nov-13 18:22:29

that sounds terrible! could you ask them to post them to you, so you can pass to the GP.
agree that faxing would work well too...

wetaugust Fri 08-Nov-13 20:30:08

DWP stopped DS's benefits because I had not responded to a letter they say they had sent me. So I asked them to send it again - nothing arrived. I asked a third time and they assured me the letter would be sent to me - nothing arrived.

I was so P**d off that I contacted my MP to complain. Benefits were magically restored and I finally received a letter. Candid lady within the DWP told me that there were frequenet computer problems that resulted in the DWP thinking letters had been sent out when they in fact had not been.

They are useless! < but the MP route works wonders>

Tracy1205 Thu 05-Dec-13 08:49:54

Hi,i am a worried single parent mother who has a 12 year old daughter Amber oxenham who has type 1 diabetes,she was diagnossed september 2012,when she got very sick and ended up in intensive care,luckily she got better but we had to learn very quickly about her care she will now need for the rest of her life as type 1 diabetes you have for life.she needs constant supervision by an adult which is me,she needs to test her blood sugar eight plus times a day,also inject insilin into herself four times and sometimes more than that a day,in which i need to supervise her doing and sometime intervine if she refuses or cant do it,i also need to work out how much insulin she will need in each injection depending on what her blood sugar is at that time and she at 12 cant be left by herself to do,also if not well we are up through the night testing and treating when too high or too low,if her blood sugar too high we have to give more insulin injection,or too low we have to treat with lucozade and biscuit,or put gel in mouth if she becomes unconscious and at the worst case scenorio i have an emergency injection to give her ,these low blood sugar episodes are called hypos,if not looked after properly with highs and lows,she could become blind,loose limbs,or could accually die,as this is a life threatening condition,i also needs to make sure she has her perscriptions all times and have her sharps box changed,aswell as that she has to do wee tests to check kytonnes,and a blood sample which follows hospital visit every two months,she does go to school but any problems i am contacted straight away sometime can give advise over phone or if really unwell im straight up there to pick her up and at times she doesnt even get to school because she feels too unwell to go,at the beginning of all this i had to give up my job to look after amber,and was told by ambers nurse and doctor that i can claim dla for amber,and carers allowance for me,which applied and got medium rate care component for a year right away,come september this year i was sent forms and letter telling me it was due to run out in december and i can reapply so i did straight away back in september,come the 21st of november i had not heard anything back from them so i phoned up to be told theres not much coming up on there system but it shows that i applied and a decision hasnt been made yet and he took my phone number saying someone will phone me,after not hearing anything i phoned again the 26th of november and was told a decisicion was made back in october and it was turned down in which contradicts the phone conversation i had on the 21st,in which i said to them,but he said point blank well we sent you a letter in october and to take it up with my post office,i am in the process of appealing against the decision,but it is going to take time in which i dont have given the fact i was not told sooner appeals take 11 weeks plus the time i need to get advice from citizens advice,ambers diabetes nurse and doctors,come the end of december i will have money stopped,amber does have a lot more needs than an average 12 year old there is no question,and do not know where to from here dla told me that she can basicaly look after herself and obviously who ever made the decision knows nothing about her condition,they are not listening to me

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