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My DD dried her hands off a dryer in a public toilet! :)

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1leggedwobbler Thu 31-Oct-13 23:38:17

Most people couldnt care less. My DD, AS, dried her hands under the blower today without running away to hide, screaming at the top of her voice or any other unusual reaction you could think of. It was a noisy Dyson one as well!

Everyone else thought we were nuts but me & my mum were in tears.... such a huge step forward... I thought people here would understand smile smile smile

happy2help Fri 01-Nov-13 00:32:28

That's a big achievement!
I'm filling up and I wasn't even there and I don't know you either!
Hugs, pats on backs and warm words of congratulations!

Strongecoffeeismydrug Fri 01-Nov-13 07:23:38

smilesmilesmile I defiantly understand its a huge step.
Ds used to be frightened of public toilets due to the hand dryers and it really limited our outings.
Now he can't get enough of them and says he needs the toilet just so he can wash and dry his handswink

PolterGoose Fri 01-Nov-13 08:11:30

Well done mini-wobbler grin

LilTreacle Fri 01-Nov-13 09:01:30

Brillaint! Totally understand how this is a great achievement.
DS hopefully will get there one day...right now he tries, and if the acoustics are too echoey he just gets wet ears!!

Well done mini wobbler

Jacksterbear Fri 01-Nov-13 10:15:33

That's great smile. Was it as a result of any particular coaching / therapy you've been doing with her? I would love ds to be able to be in a public loo without fear of a panic attack if the hand dryer goes off.

1leggedwobbler Fri 01-Nov-13 17:38:06

Thanks for your kind replies. I have to be honest & say I've done nothing special. Obviously we can't avoid toilets for ever (although I have not so fond memories of taking her behind a hedge at a motorway service station!). She is now 7.5 and she just walked up to the dryer & did her hands. My mum & I nearly fell over in shock.

moldingsunbeams Fri 01-Nov-13 18:05:28

Well done to her! My ten year old will only use certain ones so I get you completely.

Handywoman Fri 01-Nov-13 19:55:49

How absolutely marvellous smile well done to your dd!!!!

1leggedwobbler Fri 01-Nov-13 20:13:17

It is so lovely to be able to post here & people understand. MN gets a lot of stick sometimes... I wonder if the people slating it have ever been to the SN boards. For me it is wonderful. I told DSis but she just didnt get it, you lot do. Thank you again.

ShadeofViolet Fri 01-Nov-13 21:05:40

That is so fantastic. What an achievement smile

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 01-Nov-13 21:15:27

Yes that's really great.
I get it and hand driers aren't actually something that Ds had a problem with. But it is those sort of achievements that really matter.

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