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He has no additional needs & is just a lively boy

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headsspinningforachange Tue 17-Sep-13 23:40:22

Ds 4.9 has suspected As/Add/ocd .
I applied for Dla in June on the advise of people on here & I was turned down so asked for a review which was also not accepted as they put in the letter 'he has no aditional needs & is just a lively boy'

Wtaf lively is not him throwing everything he can get his hands on at me while I cower behind the couch !
Anyway im useless with forms etc & have no outside help .
He has just started school thank god & the mh paediatrician is waiting until January to get a report from his teacher to see how his behaviour is at school .
The thing is the school he has started at is the same one he has already been attending for a year , same teacher , pretty much same time table & same friends & they have already sent one report in regards to him to the hospital so im not sure what difference they expect to see hmm

He is fine at school 95% of the time although very quiet & will go & hide in a corner if somebody he doesn't know interacts with him or if he gets told off , he reverts back to his usual self as soon as school finishes by hitting me & swearing at me in the playground etc its as though he has bn holding it in all day .
At home its all I can do to control him , I have to stick to his routine no matter what it takes as if I change his routine he gets scared/angry/confused all at once .
No sense of fear at all , every door in my home has a bolt on so he can't destroy everything & im often covered in bruises from trying to control him .

I'm fed up of my family saying he is spoilt & that's why he is like he is but that's just not it .

Anyway sorry for rambling , how can I make DLA see this , I haven't a clue where to start or what will help get the additional support for us , the money alone would be an enormous help as I could get the lights etc that calm him down & one of those weighted blankets .
He has only started sleeping these past two months as he is on melatonin which is a god send after 4& a half years of no sleep

Please help im so lost sad

headsspinningforachange Wed 18-Sep-13 08:20:32

Anybody at all blush

FanjoForTheMammaries Wed 18-Sep-13 08:24:56

The Cerebra guide to DLA is great. Maybe keep a diary first of all the extra you do that you wouldn't with a typically developing child. Then list list list that on DLA form over and over

Don't get upset by relatives. .my DD has severe non verbal autism at nearly 7 and FIL still says she is just naughty and needs discipline

FanjoForTheMammaries Wed 18-Sep-13 08:26:00

Also get.someone to.assist a new claim..CAB worker or carer centre worker or someone like that

headsspinningforachange Wed 18-Sep-13 08:35:03

Thanks Fanjo

What's Cerebra

FanjoForTheMammaries Wed 18-Sep-13 08:40:11

Its a brain injury/disability charity (

Also get school to write a supporting statement. Take video evidence to GP

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