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Therapeutic Listening - new here and bit worried

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whenskiesareblue Sun 08-Sep-13 15:00:49

My DS (4 next month) has sensory processing difficulties. At present he has no other diagnosis - his paediatrician has ruled out autism though he has some traits in common.

He is a very happy, gentle boy and doing really well at preschool - making good progress from a difficult start.

He's been offered therapeutic listening on the NHS to help address the sensory problems, but I'm very uncertain about it. The possible side effects worry me (disturbed sleep, mood upsets, toilet accidents), especially at a time when he's doing so well without this intervention. And when he's so excited about a new term. And it seems the therapy doesn't work for every child, and even when it does, the effects are not long-lasting necessarily??

So basically I wondered if anyone can share their experience of the therapy? Just really confused at the moment.
Thanks v much

kyz1981 Tue 10-Sep-13 16:26:46

My son has ASD and most of his behaviorist issues are with sensory issues.
He was doing the therapeutic listening program from the age of 15 months, then when he was 2 we used the headphones( When he will tolerate them)

I have never heard of any of the side effects, but like most solutions for sensory processing the long term effect can be as long as a few hrs or a short as 15 minutes, without these various sensory integration activity's my son would not be able to sit and focus on any task for longer than 2 minutes.

For us the benefits out-weigh any negatives, However I can't say it was down all to the listening program but more of a whole sensory diet so duvet rolls, brushing, deep pressure, jumping, swinging, spinning. I will say my ds sensory issues have changed for the better and some for the worse and my OT has said its just a case of managing it and teaching to self-regulate as he gets older.

Not sure if that is any help-

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