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Not sure about my son's new LSA

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sebmagickittens Sat 07-Sep-13 14:54:05

Hi, new on here so apologies if this has been discussed before.

My son is 10 and has fragile x syndrome. He's been in mainstream school for 3 years with full time 1:1. He had the same LSA for the 3 years who knew him really well, but she has now left and he has a new, male LSA who I don't feel particularly confident in (not in any dodgy way, just don't feel that he is in tune with my son's needs). I also don't feel like his new class teacher has much idea or interest in his needs, although is happy enough for him to be in the class.

Has anyone had experience of disagreeing with a school's choice of 1:1 support? How much influence does a parent have on this, as obviously if I ask for someone else this chap will lose his job. I feel like I might be over reacting but I just feel instinctively that my son is not with people who understand him and his anxiety levels can get so high that things can get out of control quite quickly (vomiting, incontinence and general upset-ness).

Also, does anyone home-school their child, full or part-time? I was considering this as an option.

Thanks so much.

mimbles Sat 07-Sep-13 20:31:18

Sometimes schools can 'swap' 1:1 staff around if there are issues, easier if start of new year. Wont necessarily mean he will lose his job. Can take time for 1:1's to build up relationship with the child they are supporting.Is there any particular incident/comment etc thats been made to make you lose confidence in him or is it more of a mum's gut feeling? Could you ask to meet with the 1:1 formally to discuss your son's needs and give him a chance to reassure you (or otherwise)? Is the school senco approachable?

sebmagickittens Sun 08-Sep-13 18:26:18

Thanks for that mimbles, I did ask for a 'swap' at the end of last term as I wasn't sure but the school said no one was available without causing disruption to other kids, which is fair enough.

I appreciate it's early and it does take time for a LSA to know a child but this LSA has known my son for about two or three years within the school. The senco is approachable but woolly and clueless, the head is also very accommodating but although they're good at listening and reassuring I don't feel they really DO much. I am actually a school governor which you'd think would make me feel able to sort this but, as you say, this is a mum's gut feeling which is hard to justify. How can I ask for them to change their attitudes?! The LSA doesn't smile, doesn't talk to the children particularly nicely and I've never been able to squeeze an intelligent conversation out of him. If he were my son's rugby coach, I'd be satisfied but everyday, for emotional and academic support..? Everyone tells me he's a gentle giant and great, but I am just not convinced.

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