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awaiting aspergers? panel son struggling

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mimbles Fri 06-Sep-13 22:42:05

Ds referred to Camhs last year. Diagnosed dyslexic 4 years ago. Query if Aspergers, awaiting panel decision....been chasing help for over 18 months now. Speech & language report agreed social communication difficulties.
Am really strugging to cope. Youngest ds also dyslexic but none of anxiety/social/sleep issues of eldest. Consequently, eldest ds takes more of my attention and I know its affecting my youngest ds. Eldest distressed tonight, finally said a boy in his class had made a negative comment about his own painting and then later in day ds had repeated the comment-thinking it was ok because boy had already said it himself. It went down badly! Son said "how long will it be before I know how to say the right things in year 6? Its a continuing theme. He's often alone at playtimes and its breaking my heart. Ex-h doesn't see there's a problem. He's asking to see kids more, but eldest ds gets really stressed whilst with him. Thanks for listening...think I needed a vent!

popgoestheweezel Sat 07-Sep-13 07:29:34

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time. Does your ds get any support at school, does he have any social skills teaching?
Two books that might help are 'the unwritten rules of friendship' and ' the homunculi approach to social and emotional wellbeing'.

mimbles Sat 07-Sep-13 09:18:25

Thanks Popgoestheweezel! No, no support yet. Am planning to chase camhs on monday. Hard to know who to talk to at the school. I know they think he's coping fine. During summer hols he got to a really chilled out state, even sleeping better!!! Within 2 days ofstarting back he's anxious, teary and back to midnight sleeping. What I'd give to be able to talk to someone who has been in the same boat. Will check those books out-thats useful smile

Lollypoppop Sun 08-Sep-13 22:08:03

Very difficult to get school to see the issue when they present as ok I a class of 30. Have you had a word with class teacher first then maybe the senco?

mimbles Sun 08-Sep-13 23:23:28

Hi llpp
Please excuse me if I've abbreviated your nickname incorrectly! Relatively new at this.
He has had this teacher before and because she has a sister with dyslexia, she seemed sympathetic to him. But for some reason, I felt school felt I was a fussy parent even though I only went in when really necessary. Never seem to be able to explain myself very well.
New senco is really good, but I think school budget tight so limited resources but lots of children with needs.

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Mon 09-Sep-13 09:47:53

Mimbles - is he SA+? What interventions is he getting for his SpLD?

DS1 was not 'diagnosed' with dyslexia until we commissioned private EP report. I applied for a statement on the basis of measuring progress rate during a wave 3 intervention. On phone so can't link but read the Rose Report on dyslexia. Two refusals, SALT, OT and paed assessments he is now at Indi ss (ASD, APD, Add, SPD, anxiety etc).

Not to worry you further but transition to secondary can prove too much for anxious but internalising aspies. No statement means your selection rights are the same as everyone else. Ds1 was out of school for all but four weeks of year 7.
He should also qualify for extra help in SATs - reader/scribe and extra time. He will need the results of EP assessment to get extra time and the head will need to apply in good time.

mimbles Mon 09-Sep-13 19:05:58

He was SA+ but found out that there was no mention of that on his passport into year 6, so need to check with senco.IEP's seem to have dried up too. He gets no interventions for the spld.
Measuring progress rate? Wave 3 intervention? These are new terms to me..can you help me understand?
Spoke to camhs today. Panel meeting next monday 16th am. Have got appt at 3pm to discuss the decision. Just desperate to help him and dont know what to do. There seems to be so much terminology I dont understand!! Indi ss? Looks like your DS1 is in good hands with you fighting his corner! [Smile]

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Tue 10-Sep-13 11:18:44

Don't wait for camhs to give a diagnosis any time soon - some posters recount years of sessions whilst others have very good experiences. Apply for statutory assessment yourself now.

Explore the IPSEA site

You also need a copy of the SENCOP

You already have a diagnosis of dyslexia so DS should be getting some intervention. DS1 was not recognised as dyslexic until after I had applied for SA the first time and paid for a private EP report at the end of year 5. This was despite having been seen by 2 different LA EPs. The second one did not do the relevant assessments but assessed his self-esteem (which by this time had been damaged by non-recognition of his needs).

At first she knew nothing about dyslexic concerns. She said that even if DS1 were dyslexic, which he probably wasn't because he could read and write (high expectations indeed), his levels were too high - she sympathetically cocked her head to one side and showed me a print out of an LA's (unlawful) table showing how far behind the average a child 'had' to be (1b across the board in years 6-8) to 'qualify' for additional support. She said that his levels (3c across the board) were even too high for SA+ but that 'they were doing me a favour'. Bollocks. She also said that a statement would not entitle DS1 to any different support from that already got in m/s primary. Again, bollocks.

Google or contact your local parent partnership for your LAs SEN Policy. This will tell you the rate of progress the LA uses as a trigger indicating a need for assessment and what measures they use. Some LAs (like Essex) also have a specific dyslexia policy.

Read the Rose Review

Try and get your head around levels and expected rate of progress and how progress is measured. Try

To give you an idea, post application for SA etc, in year 6 DS1 had Wave 3 interventions (for dyslexia this is Accelerwrite/Acceleread or similar - again, Google), touch-typing lessons, a voice recorder in addition to increased 1:1). Another boy in his class with a statement and more severe dyslexia did not get these until DS1 on SA+ did.

You need to get onto the school to make sure they are up to date with IEPs as the LA will want to see them to be sure that the school have done all the intervention they can within the school SEN budget. Application alone (expect initial refusal) gets DS on the radar and put a rocket up their collective arses.

I managed to force the LA to assess by calculating progress rate using standardised reading and spelling tests. DS1's progress rate was 0.3 (3 months per academic year) but their own policy required assessment where the progress rate was less than 0.6 (6 months per academic year). It's all in the Rose Review.

DS1 is at an OCC indi specialist dyslexia school where around half the DC also have ASD. Despite the fact that we had 'nothing' at the end of year 5 (if we conveniently ignore the 5 years of failure that preceded it), by the time we got to tribunal the 'case' was overwhelming and the LA conceded.

Sorry it's so long smile

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Tue 10-Sep-13 11:22:18

OOC - out of county

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Tue 10-Sep-13 11:23:10

OOC - out of county

mimbles Tue 10-Sep-13 20:29:01

That is a lot to take on board from a standing start! Will start to work through it point by point. Thanks for taking the time to pass on the information.
Ds1 gets no intervention. Y2 he was allowed to use a voice recorder, but not since. He presents ok during day, falls apart at night.
Also battling on ds2 front too-also diagnosed severely dyslexic. Due to start 'Stars' programme soon. Phh. Still thats another story.
Anyhows, will get cracking on your recommended reads smile

mimbles Tue 10-Sep-13 20:34:39

Isnt it frustrating how 2D the education/charity sector are about dyslexia. Its not just about reading and can they ignore memory and processing difficulties, sequencing and ordering and Self Esteem!!!!
Am gonna write a book one day for all the stressed and weary parents who will follow in our shoes [sigh]...

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