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ds 8 and migraines?

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saulaboutme Fri 06-Sep-13 21:24:22

Ds 8 has been suffering I think from migraines. All the symptoms and am taking him to the drs on Monday to see if it's definite.

I was wondering if there's anyone with a child who has been diagnosed and what was the treatment. I'm worried incase the only solution is medication, what if it's something with side affects.

Just worried.

ouryve Sat 07-Sep-13 16:23:01

It's suspected that DS1 has abdominal migraines - he's always vomited regularly, often after a period of bad sleep and there is no other apparent cause.

At the moment, we're following the consultant's suggestion of looking for triggers, as there are often triggers involved. The sleep one seems obvious, but we're currently excluding cheese, chocolate and citrus from his diet. So far, so good, he's been puke free since May, but we then have to re-introduce each one. If there's an easily avoidable trigger, then medication most likely wouldn't be necessary.

saulaboutme Sun 08-Sep-13 22:13:59

Thanks I was thinking about triggers. We are waiting for a diagnosis to see if he has dyspraxia and this is one if the symptoms, well headaches, stomach aches. He is also deficient in vitamin D so that might be a reason as well.
I hope we'll be able to help him.

curiositykilledthekat Tue 17-Sep-13 15:49:25

Sorry to hear your DS is suffering. Migraines are awful. I do not suffer myself but my DD was referred to the hospital age 7 after suffering with migraines. They would make her sick and she would go as white as a sheet and I would sometimes have to keep her off school. The specialist said that we would have to either learn to live with them and recognise the triggers that set them off, or put her on medication which she would have to take every day.

I did not want her taking medication. I tried a chiropractor which didn't really do anything, although they did take a thermal scan of her back and it was evident she had tension around her neck which they suspected was causing the migraines.

Anyway, to cut a long story short my sister recommended taking my DD to a cranial osteopath. She had 3 sessions, 1 a week for 3 weeks. Her cranial practitioner said to come back as and when we needed to. Well that was 3 months ago!!! She has not complained of any pain in her head whatsoever. My daughter is now 10.

So if you don't want to go down the medication route I would try cranial, my daughter is so much happier now.

imawigglyworm Tue 17-Sep-13 22:10:30

I have suffered from Migraines & sickness since a young age and my triggers vary from too many E numbers (blackcurrant, cherryaid, lots/strong food colouring) to lack of sleep, hunger/hunger and then eating or drinking one of my triggers.
I would also get hot & cold before the sickness would start.
I really hope you find the trigger and get your DC the best help as I hated them growing up and even now. I think my body is now immune to painkillers as ive taken so many over the years and all I can do is try to sleep it off.
My dr never really looked into it or helped me tbh. Ive heard about cranial before benefiting a lot of others problems too so sounds like a good idea. Good luck

Ilisten2theradio Thu 19-Sep-13 11:43:38

I used to have migraines from a child ( as an aside I haven't had one since DS). I used to get a really awful headache above one eyebrow that would not go away and need to vomit and sleep before it went away.
I didn't have any of the visual disturbances that some people get, but would need to lie down in the dark and the quiet.
DS sadly seems to have inherited this, and goes deathly white and very photo-senstitive and feels generally ill with it. Again it needs to be slept off.
We have not identified the triggers with him, although with me it was over tiredness mainly.
DH and all his family get them too, DMil has chocolate and red wine as her triggers. we have no idea about DH - think it is tiredness again. DSIL takes medication to prevent hers coming - DH tried several types but found they had no real effect and stopped the preventative stuff, but the doc found some medication that kills them really quickly for him - I don't know if it is suitable for children though.

I found nurofen better than paracetemol at dulling the pain. - Worth experimenting if the doc doesn't give you anything else

I hope you work it out soon, they are horrid.

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