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Video fluoroscopy

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ArchiesMummy1110 Thu 05-Sep-13 15:59:10

My 2 year old son is going in for a video fluoroscopy next week.. Can anyone give me some info on what to expect. Will he be put to sleep? He has Hemiplegia and is epileptic, the procedure is to check his swollow as he struggles to swollow solids and dribbles alot!
Thanks in advance

SallyBear Thu 05-Sep-13 16:21:40

No he has to be awake. They will give him barium mixed into yogurt, a drink, spread onto a biscuit basically anything that he will take orally. They will then X-ray video him swallowing. I suspect they will also make him drink quickly to see if the epiglottis flaps over the trachea preventing him from aspirating liquid into his lungs. Does he get a lot of chest infections? They can be caused by aspirating whilst eating/drinking or refluxing at anytime during the day. My DD had bad reflux and then we thought she had outgrown it, but she got a lot of chest infections and a SALT put it together and discovered that she suffered from night time reflux. She is on GERD meds for life plus prophylactic antibiotics.

ArchiesMummy1110 Thu 05-Sep-13 16:34:25

Thank you, i am feeling rather anxious as everytime he has had a procedure we have got bad news. Yes he does get a lot of chest infections, infact everytime he gets a cold he has a bad chest, doctors put that down to asthma. More then likely something to do with his swollow then. He is 2 next month as cant swollow anything lumpy

SallyBear Thu 05-Sep-13 17:56:14

I think your doctors are very likely to be wrong about the asthma, as drooling and pooling saliva is very often associated with aspirating. Hence the chest infections. Sorry to disagree, but I've been dealing with these issues for nearly 14 years!!!

Are you under a respiratory consultant? I would try and get one so that they can help you with chest management. Also it might be helpful to ask about a 24 hour ph probe to test acid levels in the stomach/oesophagus. This is also a good indicator of silent reflux.
Have you tried Hyocine patches for the drooling? They are very effective.

ArchiesMummy1110 Thu 05-Sep-13 19:27:31

Oh no i disagree too, i dont have much faith in the NHS since they are the ones who starved my son of oxygen during labour. No i am not under a respiratory consultant as of yet. I will mention it at our next meeting with his pead.
Where do i get these patches? I will try anything as it is constant. Our consultants and OTs are awfully slow when it comes down to his care i have complained many of times because i dont feel hes getting the care and support he needs.

SallyBear Thu 05-Sep-13 19:41:21

Your paed should be able to prescribe them. He's not allergic to plasters is he? They're like plasters and are placed behind the ear. I've seen lots of kids wear them at my DS's special school.

Is your local hospital quite small?
Just wondering if you can ask to be referred to a larger children's hospital.

Ultimately, we as parents have to drive care. You start off knowing next to nothing and then very quickly educate yourself using online forums and through experiences.

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