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Fri 22nd SW meet up... details

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signandsmile Wed 13-Feb-13 09:18:58

Ok, rooms booked.

So far I have the list below as coming. (but there is room for more grin)

Possibly redhappy

and me of course grin

Can I check who is bringing kids, also who wants lunch...

there are pre-school/infants level toys in the room, and lots of room for running around.

There is also a small seperate room if anyone needs 'chill out' space.

Please feel free to pm me if it is easier,

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 14-Feb-13 00:00:44

Just bumping as it seemed to go missing. X

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 14-Feb-13 00:02:07

Just me, boys at school. I'll have space in the car for any ferrying required. I'll need clear directions, I don't have satnav.

zzzzz Thu 14-Feb-13 08:56:54

Still planning but children have gone bananas so firefighting rather than trip planning for a bit. We will cater for ourselves, (ie bring packed lunches) though ds1 will probably raid your rice given half a chance.

Will pm

NoHaudinMaWheest Thu 14-Feb-13 10:39:57

Just me. Poltegoose kindly giving me a lift. Lunch sounds yummy.

JJWMummy Thu 14-Feb-13 11:56:03

Me and DD1 age 2. We'll bring packed lunches ta, easier that way as she is ridiculously fussy.

Have two seats spare in the car if lifts are needed, also have high back booser seat for one of those if needed.

Still trying to figure out if it is possible. Will bring sandwiches if we come but I Ds will never shut up about the chilli if he spots it.

inappropriatelyemployed Thu 14-Feb-13 14:44:59

Oh I am jealous now. Was dying to meet you all. Will be having a Legotastic day for DS's birthday instead

PolterGoose Thu 14-Feb-13 14:48:35

Me, no ds, with NoHaudin.

Weird allergies and fussiness means I shall bring a packed lunch.

starlight I think, for you, anything is possible grin

NoHaudinMaWheest Thu 14-Feb-13 14:51:43

Sign seems most people are doing packed lunches so I would be happy to do that too.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 14-Feb-13 15:45:21

Well I was promised chilli! angry

No problem bring a sandwich, of course. wink

signandsmile Thu 14-Feb-13 15:53:19

Nah, im happy to cook, (it literally is chuck it in the slow cooker blush) anything not eaten I will freeze for us later... so no waste.

will bring tea and coffee, if anyone wants to bring cake feel free... wink grin

I will check post code for those satnaving, and if anyone needs a lift feel free to pm the lift offerers above, (or me direct). I will go onto the church website for directions from the motorway, will post at weekend.

(t turns out I have got ds's annual review at 9am that morning (They changed the date on me angry) so I will be able to either celebrate or 'grump' in company, grin)

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 14-Feb-13 15:57:51

Sign, I'll be coming from Cheltenham, via Cirencester, not the motorway. I always seem to get lost in Swindon...

zzzzz Thu 14-Feb-13 16:24:56

Oh lord Signs Chilli sounds lovely, I didn't men to start a sandwich rebellion but 6 "maybes" is hell to cater for! I promise to focus at the weekend and sort myself out.

ellen if you get lost we will come and lead you (says the woman who gets lost with SATNAV) but just Swindon is a bugger

TaggieCampbellBlack Thu 14-Feb-13 16:33:18

Is the chilli meat or veggie?
I'll be on my own as the Ds wil be at school.

redhappy Thu 14-Feb-13 18:34:45

I'm still a maybe, wondering if anyone will be coming through my town by car, but don't want to out myself by saying where I live!

It's a small town, same county as Ellen

A lift from the train station would be brilliant if there are anyone has a spare seat?

redhappy Thu 14-Feb-13 18:38:06

Oh, and forgot to say, will be just me. Dcs on half term this week so they'll be back at school.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 15-Feb-13 12:07:16

Red, PMed you.

lougle Fri 15-Feb-13 12:50:48

Remind me where the meet up is? I think you're too far for me.

PolterGoose Fri 15-Feb-13 13:02:25


It is about 2 hours for me each way, but am sure it will be worth the journey.

lougle Fri 15-Feb-13 13:10:05

I might have to skip. DD1 won't enjoy 2 hours in the car one bit and it's half-term here.

signandsmile Fri 15-Feb-13 18:29:47

oo would have loved to meet the famous lougle! (sign realises she is sounding a bit 'sad' blush just experiencing a bit of hero worship)

veggie chilli, (in case of nonmeat eaters, or dietary rules) will get my finger out and sort directions from M4 and A419 (best road from Ciren) also postcode for you sat nav ers.

Am now feeling grin grin at the thought of seeing you all.

lougle Fri 15-Feb-13 18:41:41

Haha! Nothing to worship here, I promise you!

lougle Fri 15-Feb-13 20:26:44

Well having spoken to DH, he and my parents have both urged me to come and meet you all grin so I may need those directions after all.

zzzzz Fri 15-Feb-13 23:46:16

Oh brilliant lougle, this is turning into a huge meet up! Well done sign for organising.

Anyone planning on going from Paddington?

coff33pot Sat 16-Feb-13 00:51:22

oooh I am so so envy

Have a great time all of you! grin

lougle Sat 16-Feb-13 06:23:56

I'm coming from Hampshire, will bring my 3 girls (I may look a little frazzled when I arrive), but have a 7 seater Galaxy, so could pick up 2 or 3 if anyone needs a lift in that direction.

lougle Sat 16-Feb-13 06:25:06

Oh and I might bring a back up for the girls, but I would love to try the chilli.

signandsmile Sat 16-Feb-13 08:54:25

fab! grin

lougle Sat 16-Feb-13 18:41:26

What sort of times are we aiming for?

signandsmile Sat 16-Feb-13 19:27:07

I will be there between 11 and 2, I think people will come and go as they please.

signandsmile Sat 16-Feb-13 19:38:45

Gateway Church postcode is SN5 7AR

The address above should give everyone a map from the motorway junction. ellen I will pm you directions from the A419.

anyone need anything else let me know... see you all Fri, grin

hazeyjane Thu 21-Feb-13 12:35:04

Oh Bollocks

Have managed to get dd1 an emergency dental appointment (up half the night with toothache), but unfortunately it is when the meet up is on.

I am going to have to miss it. I am gutted!

PolterGoose Thu 21-Feb-13 12:37:09

hazeyjane sad

Perhaps you could PM one of us MNSNSWers where you are so we can work out who is nearby to arrange a mini-meet up?

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 12:57:50

Doesn't seem too complicated for me. M4, off onto Great Western Way, straight over two roundabouts, then left after 2nd roundabout, right at third roundabout and 3rd right.

I'm awful with directions grin

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 12:58:10

Hazey, sorry that tooth stops play sad

Good grief, I'm going to have to leave at 7:45am.....

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 13:08:08

Wow, Star! If that map is correct, then I can leave at around 09.30
to get there for 11.00

I don't drive Lougle so it is train to central London, a bit of tubing it in rush hour with a buggy, then paddington to swindon!

That chilli better be good.......

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 13:19:17

How are you getting from the train station to the church, Star?

PolterGoose Thu 21-Feb-13 13:21:01

After a shit morning surrounded by every assessment and report ever done on ds I am going to make a squidgy chocolate cake for tomorrow grin

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 13:35:45

I've been doing laundry all morning in the hopes that we have enough lot he's to cover us by tomorrow blush

hazey sad

hazeyjane Thu 21-Feb-13 14:30:21

Aaagh, in a twist of cruelty, I have just had to get dd1 from school because she feels is so CRUEL!!!!

Oh, and I had a little basket of chocolatey caring carrots that i was going to bring, and now i am going to have to eat them all myself....WAIL!!!!!!

TaggieCampbellBlack Thu 21-Feb-13 14:34:36

I have just burnt my shortbread. Humph.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 21-Feb-13 15:42:00

Looking forward to it! grin

Sorry you'll miss it, hazey. sad Are you far from Cheltenham?

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 15:54:48

"Oh, and I had a little basket of chocolatey caring carrots that i was going to bring, and now i am going to have to eat them all myself." <----Now that sounds like a silver lining, right there.

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 15:58:37

Sounds like someone doesn't want to share to me grin

hazeyjane Thu 21-Feb-13 16:01:45

<whistles innocently>

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 16:07:28

Anyone else think those carrots are suddenly not sounding too caring? hmm


PolterGoose Thu 21-Feb-13 16:14:03


EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 21-Feb-13 16:24:46

What time will it start?

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 16:30:03

" signandsmile Sat 16-Feb-13 19:27:07

I will be there between 11 and 2, I think people will come and go as they please. "

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 21-Feb-13 17:43:03

Just wondered who would be there if I got there slightly early? I'm not sure how long it will take me to get there.

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 17:55:25

I'm aiming for the middle, but it's a bit like moving a circus so could be an hour either way confused.

I should fess up in advance that I am rubbish at names and the whole RLname v MNname thing is (ahem) impossible shamefully challenging.

signandsmile Thu 21-Feb-13 18:21:49

ellen I am at ds's annual review at 9am tomorrow, so if will be there before 11 if I can, If you get there before me the church secretary is called Anne, and is lovely... Say you are a friend of (my actual name; which was on my pm with directionsgrin) and she is likely to offer you a seat, and possibly a cuppa grin.

zzz I had considered doing some stickers so we could do 'MNname' alias 'RLname' but then worried it was a bit 'training-day-ish'... blush as I am similarly crap challenged with names

might see if I can find some...

ps have to confess I am quite embarassingly excited about tomorrow blush

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 18:28:30

Do you think hazey will spend the day sulking in her feather boa scoffing chocs?

sign I will screw it up even with a sticker. confused I also am going to have to watch 5 children whilst surrounded by food. Greed and over anxious parenting jostling for centre stage. Doomed doomed.

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 18:33:26

Do you think you'd all be offended if I called across the room ''? I'm terrible with names too grin

I remember the first time Justabout came to my house. We had an awkward exchange of 'Hi..I'm justabout...err....<real name>....Oh hi, I'm Lougle...I mean....<real name>'

It's so funny grin

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 18:34:19

sign...I might be early...could you PM me your real name? Otherwise I'll say 'Hi, I think your name must be Anne...I've been promised a seat+/-cuppa' wink

TaggieCampbellBlack Thu 21-Feb-13 18:36:31

I'm expecting a typed resume....

Taggie aka Realname

Mother to DD1 & DD2

DD2 has xxxx

Taggie/realname does xxxxxx

Favourite food - cheese

Drives a tank

Hobbies - eating and sleeping

And so on........

I correspond with a few MNers in real life, who I have met, and we seem to still prefer to use the MN names even in private email usually. or use a mix.

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 18:44:00

I think it's because to me, you're all real as you - I don't think of you as 'that woman with the talkhandle <dddd>'

I actually find it most offputting when regulars namechange. Stay still!

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 18:53:02

I've only met a few but, yes, in my mind you are your names on here or shorter versions of them. Though in my mind I am 5zeds, not a buzzzzzz sound.

I don't care what any of you call me.

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 18:54:57

Taggie that's just scarey.

signandsmile Thu 21-Feb-13 19:02:09

yeah, its funny even those of you (very few) whoes RL names I know I still refer to you by MN name if I am telling DH something you have posted. its odd isnt it... hmm

Oh tomorrow is looking a bit dodgy. It's freezing and the children have been unbelievebly badly behaved today. i don't think I could cope with crossing london with the two of them arguing the toss, winding each other up and dd fake crying nonstop.......[grrrrrr]

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 19:09:49

Oh Star! Don't say that! I must admit, I'm quivering at the thought of bringing mine on my own...I'm just hoping there's a car park.

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 19:21:51

Star Dare you to add haribo.

PolterGoose Thu 21-Feb-13 19:27:33

Star perhaps you could dress them in swimwear, the cold may put them in a cryogenic stupor for the journey wink AND... I have a novelty tape measure in my bag

I'm excited too, which is odd as I am thoroughly anti-social in RL. When I told ds that dp would be collecting him from school and I didn't know when I'd be home because I am meeting friends he commented 'But you don't have any friends' blush

I have made a very tall (over-estimated quantities) chocolate cake which I hope survives the journey in one piece. I'm driving with NoHaudin and should be there around 11, may be earlier depending on NoHaudin's reactions to my driving grin

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 19:29:25

I'm also a hermit not terribly sociable normally.

Star, please come - we'll all look stressed together when we arrive!

I'll try, but right now I am of the mind to beat them!!!!!

Haribo might work as they are so competative, I can promise the better behaved one a sweet every half hour.

And dd went in the mud, despite me telling her not to, and she fell over, and we only got back an hour ago and her coat is in the washing machine......

and ds is refusing to get in the bath.

And baby is refusing to let go of the boob!

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 19:34:28

Only star could make a packet of Haribo into an educational exercise, complete with measurable target and reward. grin.

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 19:35:45

I displayed fantastic parenting skills tonight when I announced that any one of them who was not dressed for bed would not be joining me in Swindon tomorrow and would stay with Daddy blush

PolterGoose Thu 21-Feb-13 19:37:51

So what did they choose lougle?

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 19:40:09


DD1 was saying 'Sindol, Sindon....what we do there, toys and childrens?'
DD2 was saying 'are we meeting the people from my old school then? confused
and DD3 was her usual self, saying 'oooh Swinnndon that sounds nicee!'

They did eventually get into bed.

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 19:40:28

Dh is late. We spent the entire afternoon creating a cake for him. I have no other food in the house and was expecting to go to the shops hike they scoffed cake at 4.30......he says he'll be here with food in ten minutes.

I'm sure we shall be just charming in the morning.

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 19:41:47

Hike = while

Yay. I've found a route that avoids London. That's a start then, though the connection times aren't as long as I would like with two uncooperative children and a buggy.....

Still the worst that can happen is I leave on on a platform..........

Not the baby though. He's very cute, even if he is attacking the keyboard as I write.

PolterGoose Thu 21-Feb-13 19:49:41

Star that's good news, hoping the journey isn't too eventful.

zzzzz I quite like your typos grin

Tell me I don't have to pluck my eyebrows right!?

coz that will probably send me over the edge

<or I could do it on the train with baby on knee>

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 21-Feb-13 20:09:38

My monobrow hasn't been plucked for at least 25 years! I'd better brush up my signing, what's the sign for twunty bollocks again?

TaggieCampbellBlack Thu 21-Feb-13 20:11:20

Eyebrows? shock nobody told me I needed to pluck my eyebrows! Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 20:30:24

No.....eyebrows must stay as they are, or I can't come. I have not got time to pluck and preen.

inappropriatelyemployed Thu 21-Feb-13 20:32:01

Have a good time all. If it wasn't DS's bday, I'd be joining you as you are literally an hour away!

zzzzz Thu 21-Feb-13 20:42:42

<whispers I have never plucked my eyebrows>.

You're getting me in jeans. I don't wear make-up and have managed to d something nasty to my feet, so I waddle.


NoHaudinMaWheest Thu 21-Feb-13 20:43:51

Looking forward to it all - including Polter's driving. Sorry I won't being meeting Hazey and co.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Thu 21-Feb-13 21:13:32

Dress code, jeans then? Mine are Primarni. <shows off>

lougle Thu 21-Feb-13 21:16:06

Jeans are all I do. I may wear a clean t-shirt wink

I'm sorry that hazy and inappropriately are tied up - I would have loved to meet you both!

Dev9aug Thu 21-Feb-13 22:27:17

star ds2 has an appointment in Reading tomorrow so let me know if you get stuck, I could give you a lift upto Reading. Have emailed you.

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 07:13:11

Wishing everyone a safe journey smile

signandsmile Fri 22-Feb-13 07:21:46

Jeans and I-went-swimming-yesterday-and-don't-have-time-to-faff-about-with-it hair,

chilli all packed, (am now stressing about is there enough food... but this is just my usual anxiety, sign; 'never knowingly undercatered' grin

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 08:17:45

Just have to call in 'sick' blush

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 08:20:00

Still in chaos here

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 08:55:51

shock Ellen!!!


Girls eating breakfast. Printing directions as back up.

I overheard this morning, 'let's make real fire; let's get warm' - Ran down stairs to see that they had managed to reach a box of matches that DH had left on the kitchen windowsill!!

Fortunately, between DD1's dodgy fine motor skills and DD3's being 3 years old...they failed.

On train after interesting conversation with ticket lady about pricethat seemed to change every time she checked it.

Sorry to Dev for missing the very kind offer.

TaggieCampbellBlack Fri 22-Feb-13 15:36:20

Thanks for organising Sign. Lovely to meet everyone.

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 15:45:32

Back safe and sound. Lovely to meet you all!

Did anyone see a pair of black gloves? I've had tears from DD3 because she left them behind.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 16:07:42

Lovely to put faces to names, even if I can't remember half of the real names! And what beautiful children we all seem to have. smile

Yummy chilli and great to meet all.

Just left Ascot.........

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 16:13:54

Over halfway then, Star? Hope you get home without any meltdowns. Your DC were so well behaved! I would happily steal your DS2. X

I think the environment and timing helped enormously with the behaviour. They'll be alright going home because I have a pocket full of minstrels.

I think the environment and timing helped enormously with the behaviour. They'll be alright going home because I have a pocket full of minstrels.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 16:23:29

It was a perfect location, wasn't it? Looking forward to Sign organising another one. wink

And a newly acquired tape measure of course!!!

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 16:49:53

The location was perfect. Please thank Anne for her kindness and warm welcome.

I should have had minstrels in the car. DD1 and DD2 were appallingly behaved!

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 16:50:09

Home safe here too.

Was welcomed by ds leaving whatever he was playing to say 'hi' and and an unprompted 'I love you' which was rather fab grin

Lovely to meet everyone, the children were both beautiful and so well behaved.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 17:12:18

Lougle, at least they saved it for you and were lovely for us!

Poltergoose, how lovely. I'm still waiting for the day DS2 says he loves me, rather than just my hair. smile

Too many lovelies in that post...

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 17:18:24

Yes, EllenJane - that's the only saving grace grin

If anyone did come across the gloves, I'd really appreciate it if they could be posted. DD3 is rather attached to them!

Ah, that's lovely Poltergoose.

Dcs were very NOT behaved after a few minsrels. We're nearly home but I have ds' new tape measure in my pocket and if he even speaks it's going on a high shelf when we get in, though tbh dd has been the worse.

Although she just said 'I really like your kind friends and my new friends'

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 17:41:41

Ahh what a poppet.

My girls were talking about their new friends on the way home, also.

signandsmile Fri 22-Feb-13 17:55:08

had a lovely time myself too, loved feeding everyone. Lougle I will check for gloves on Sunday, if you PM me with address I will post them to you.

so fab to see everyone, got a cuddle with star's ds2 (soooooo cute!) everyone's dc's were utterly fab, (very impressed!)

think I expected star to be at least 6 foot tall... hmm kinda like the Zena of SEN grin grin.

thank you everyone for trooping to Swindon, will def organise this again before too long... maybe a Summer Hols meet up?

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 17:58:42

Well done sign great venue, lovely food, great hosting from you and the lovely Anne thanks

Well we'll definately go camping that way at least once over the summer, so feel free to join us either for an overnight or just to pop down for a drink and a toasted marshmallow.

I LOVED meeting the kids. They are all such a credit to those that brought them.

We're home, baby ds zonked. Other two whingy, but they weren't too bad, for them, at the church which is the main thing.

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 18:04:55

Star they were better that not too bad, all the children did brilliantly, new place, new people, they really could not have done any better.

signandsmile Fri 22-Feb-13 18:20:11

ooo star might be tempted to camp a night...

Poltergoose your cake was amazing! thanks

hazeyjane Fri 22-Feb-13 19:00:15

I am so glad you all had a lovely day. Obviously me and my feather boa had a delightful time at the dentists, and weren't jealous at all.

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 19:35:53

But did you eat the caring carrots? wink

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 19:37:17

hazey grin

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 19:38:51

lougle I don't think I actually spoke to you at all, the time went so quickly, and I wanted to thank you for unintentionally spurring me into action thanks

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 19:41:52

Polter....I kept trying to make my way to you, but you were always deep in conversation when I had a lull! Either that, or one of my children needed my intervention in a political skirmish.

Make sure we chat at the next one grin

<We must have a next one...I'm so glad I came, and I want to meet hazey and inappropriately>

hazeyjane Fri 22-Feb-13 19:42:13

The basket of carrots is being recommissioned as the Easter Bunnies big surprise at the end of the early morning easter egg hunt in the garden.

<ok it might be a slightly smaller basket than the one I had yesterday - burp>

I'm really glad I came too. Such a bunch of lovely people. Really lovely and as dd said 'kind'. grin

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 20:06:45

Do you know what was the most lovely part for me? Seeing that you were all just normal people trying your best for your children, just like me. No airs and graces, no snobbery, no competitive parenting, just 'real' people.

It was so funny though, after so many years posting on this board you get an 'image' of different posters and a 'voice' for them. I found that people who I imagined to be very meek and mild were actually bubbly and confident and others who I imagined to be very bold and loud were gentle and unassuming.

It just shows the written word doesn't convey personality grin

CuppaTandCake Fri 22-Feb-13 20:22:32

Thanks Sign for today, good to put some names to faces, though as you will notice mine has changed! The name obviously!!!

Polter, the cake was Jahmazing grin

All the kids were fantastic, really couldn't have asked for more.

Sorry I had to bolt early, had to get DS2 from school, and DD1 still needs the afternoon nap.

Looking forward to the next onesmile

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 20:42:20

I know exactly what you mean lougle

I can only speak for myself, and I mean this in the nicest way, but I find that in most social settings I am the 'odd one' but with all you I just don't feel that, it all feels very comfortable, even though most of us had never met confused

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 20:49:32

That's cos we are all odd! grin And who wasn't as mild as you expected, then lougle? Hmmm?

Probably best not to ask that ellen? grin

I am exhausted though. It was FREEZING in the platforms and the waiting rooms were overcrowded which did not bring out the best in either ds or dd. My parenting went downhill rapidly until I was threatening them every 10 seconds or so because they were disturbing other people.

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 21:32:26

If you had a 10 second break between threats, you were doing ok, Star.

Welll.....Ellen, you are much less reserved in RL than online <ducks>

I must admit, I felt a moment of trepidation when I walked in - none of you matched my mental images and I suddenly thought 'I don't know these people'

...Then you opened your mouths and I realised that I did wink

'...Then you opened your mouths and I realised that I did '

rofl. Yes, actually after a short time, it all made sense all of a sudden.....

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 21:35:16

Oh, and I was more than a little embarrassed at the end when DD1 and DD3 were running rings around me. I should have had something to lure them with.

On the way home I got to the point where I was saying 'DD1, you want me to have a crash???' DD1, oblivious to my stress replied 'Yea, DD3, let's you be deaded first, then I be deaded, then DD2 be deaded...we can take it in turns' <sob>

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 21:39:38

Home at last, and I can see shamefully late to say thanks to sign. You are wonderful to have organised so brilliantly.

I love how easily all our children got on. Not exactly WWIII eh?

NoHaudinMaWheest Fri 22-Feb-13 21:42:44

Thanks Sign for organizing it all and for the yummy chilli.
Polter thanks for the lift and the equally yummy cake.
Thanks to everyone for coming especially those who brought multiple children - very brave. And whatever it was like when they got home they were all beautifully behaved (and beautiful) there.
Definitely need to do another one.

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 21:43:10

zzzzz you'd think there would have been at least threat of war...but no grin

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 21:53:21

I thought ellen was exactly as I imagined her, I wish I'd had more time to chat with her though. In fact I feel strangely like I didn't chat with anyone, which is crazy because I was talking almost non stop.

I often imagine star as either a floaty hippy or be-turbaned Sunday best negro spiritual choir lady. Those of you who weren't there will have to turn up next time to learn the true picture.

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 22:01:30

lougle. Yes, the size of the room helped as did the peaceful acceptance of all the adults, but they did themselves proud.

Dd1 reports that she heard man interesting tape measure facts and was disciplined for breaking her finger. grin

Dd3 said she loved it, and can we go again.

sign I turned round on your friend because dd3 was talking the other side of the room, which is quite rare in public. Would you explain, because by the time I managed to rethink, he was leaving. blush sad

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 22:02:38

MANY interesting tape measure facts

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 22:05:48

I think my DD1 may have been concerned about the finger blush - She came to me and said 'that girl, yeah, that one, that girl, she BROKE HER FINGER.

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 22:08:54

grin. Dd1 loved it lougle, she though it was really sweet."she was so serious and so disappointed in me Mum"

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 22:16:21

Oh she takes it all very seriously.

Injury is my one bargaining chip with her. She hates needles and tubes, since having periorbital cellulitis last year, needing IV antibiotics. Now, if I'm desperate (as in, you're about to kill yourself, not 'that's mildly annoying') I say 'DD1, you'll need needles and tubes if you do that!' blush Somehow, 'DD1 you could die' doesn't have anyway near the same effect.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 22:40:43

I think I chatted to everyone except you, zzzzz! Except to say how beautiful your DC were. <gushes> Your DS did a fine job of opening the door for me and didn't seem to mind being called 'young man!' grin

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Fri 22-Feb-13 22:43:29

And I loved all the food. Why is it that someone else's cooking is always better than your own? or maybe I'm just not a very good cook?

lougle Fri 22-Feb-13 22:45:08

That chilli was lovely, especially with the yoghurt.

I also enjoyed the tape-measure experiments. I think the novelty of having a conversation that actually progresses!

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 22:45:33

lougle and zzzzz you have made me laugh grin

zzzzz what I found absolutely fascinating was the contrast between your dd3's ability to convey her needs in quite an assertive yet completely silent manner compared to my ds who does not stop talking but is not able to convey his own needs at all. It showed in a very explicit way how important both awareness of one's own needs and non-verbal communication really are.

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 22:52:05

Ellen. We will talk next time. Perfectly happy to receive complements on the beauty of my offspring. grin. Your boys were not bad either. I was hideously distracted halfway through pondering if they were all more attractive than average (shameless I know!) as a survival mechanism. I mean how else would they survive in less enlightened times?

lougle I often threaten to eat my children, at least the hospital threat is even slightly plausible. confused

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 23:00:47

grin polt "an assertive yet completely silent manner". Yes she is the bossiest little person I have ever met! It's funny I barely notice she isn't talking sometimes. Strangely ds1 is very good at non verbal communication too. How does that work??? confused

PolterGoose Fri 22-Feb-13 23:02:14

zzzzz to add to my previous post in case it came across as insensitive, I mean how important all the parts of communication are, verbal and non-verbal. And how when some or all of one are lacking it makes life really bloody hard.

zzzzz Fri 22-Feb-13 23:05:44

polt I knew exactly what you meant.

inappropriatelyemployed Fri 22-Feb-13 23:31:52

Glad you guys had such a good time! So jealous not to have met you all. Maybe next time.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Sat 23-Feb-13 00:03:07

Definitely next time, IE. Hope you had a lovely day for DS's birthday.

coff33pot Sat 23-Feb-13 00:48:34

oh this was a good read! sounds like a great day was had by all including the DCs smile great stuff!

Floaty hippy definitely not, though I think i'd like to be - then perhaps I'd have a chance at baking cakes as amazing as Polters ( though not suggesting she's a floaty hippy, though she may well have put something in the cake as I haven't had breakfast yet and the cake is all I can think of. I flatly refused to gave a taste to any of my kiddies.

lougle Sat 23-Feb-13 08:30:35

Did you take cake home? shock I was eying up the cake also, but never got around to tasting....a wasted opportunity.

Poltergoose, my address is.....grin

PolterGoose Sat 23-Feb-13 08:45:47

lougle yes, remains of cake came home. Will attempt another for next time but they tend to be a bit unpredictable, yesterday we were lucky grin

star I have done the floaty hippy thing but it wasn't really me confused I think you could be quite good at it though grin

Sounds like you all had a great time, shame there's none up north. I almost wish I had of been there just to show Lougles point that what you assume here isn't always true of RL. However you all would of put me to shame as you all cope so well. Food sounds good too, was there doggy bags?

PolterGoose Sat 23-Feb-13 09:08:53

devient there must be MNSNers up north, we can't all be concentrated down here in the west (and west London!)

lougle Sat 23-Feb-13 09:11:45

There wasn't enough for doggy bags - we hoovered it up smile

I'm sure there are SNMNers up North.

there is a handful, just the last few years when a few of us have tried to get together a meet up it always falls through. Mind knowing DS won't leave the car, I'd be happy with any car park grin

PolterGoose Sat 23-Feb-13 09:23:04

devient this might sound a bit ridiculous but could you arrange a summer meet up somewhere you can park and have a picnic by the cars? I've done this at the very top of the parking field at Stonehenge, where we parked our cars in a way to give us a sort of enclosed space to have a family picnic, I had a tent shelter, stove, chairs and everything! all out of sight of the parking wardens! Then your ds can stay in the car next to you but you get to be social?

That sounds fab polter.

Just seen this after I have started a thread wink

zzzzz Sat 23-Feb-13 09:28:32

Oh so some of the cake made it back to our part of the west eh? I never got a taste being in, dazed travelling zzzzz mode. It looked superb.

I promised ds1 swimming if he was good yesterday......bugger now I have to reveal myself to the masses in my swimming suit.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Sat 23-Feb-13 11:00:03

I can vouch for the deliciousness of Polter's cake! In fact, I think I ate a bit of everything. blush

I'm taking my lot swimming today, in fact better get a move on...

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