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NEW Tinsley house support thread -part 2!!

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Badvoc Fri 21-Sep-12 20:05:07

Hello everyone!
Thought I should start a new thread as we were nearing 1000 posts! smile
Indigo is no longer posting as you all know, but I think it would be such a shame for the support thread to go too.
I know I find reading about all the ups and downs we all experience very helpful and it's so great to hear all the progress smile
We go back to TH next month and can't wait. So interested to see of the tracking programme has worked. I think ds1s reading speed has improved and he is now reading proper chapter books!
He continues to show less anxiety, OCD behaviour and stress.
He is eating better and is generally a much happier chap.
Looking forward to hearing from you all over the next few weeks/months...X

DaftMaul Fri 21-Sep-12 20:51:39

Hey, Badvoc,

Well done for startng this new thread.

We are continuing with the tracking programme, hemi stim and stair/teeth exercises. Ds' (10yrs) behaviour continues to be much calmer and he seems more mature.

Badvoc Fri 21-Sep-12 22:37:09

That's great news daft smile

Just checking in on the new thread

bochead Sat 22-Sep-12 13:57:15

Can we join in if we are trying similar techniques to TH , but not TH itself?

For me, TH was beyond my budget & DS had already had 4 years under a great clinical dietician. I'm currently following excercises set by our behavioral optremetrist and my own version of "The astronaut programme", at home. I'm also awaiting an application to the family fund for funding for the listening programme. It'll prob be 12 months before our exercises get to the point where DS is ready for the computerised visual tracking programme (same one TH uses as it happens).

I read the book, looked through all DS's reports, spoke to TH and others before choosing my alternative route. blush

Hi bochead, I see no reason why you shouldn't be welcome smile

DaftMaul Sat 22-Sep-12 19:39:13

Absolutely, the more the merrier, IMHO!

Badvoc Sat 22-Sep-12 19:59:04

You are more than welcome here.

mrsbaffled Sat 22-Sep-12 20:37:29

I am here too, watching with interest. DS is taking the TH supplements, and he did RRT as part of VT earlier in the year.

BeingFluffy Sun 23-Sep-12 10:05:56

Another TH client here. We are due to go back next week. DD is currently doing the eye tracking programme.

BeingFluffy Sun 23-Sep-12 10:11:34

Badvoc - just read on the old thread about Indigo. She has been an inspiration to me not to just accept DD is dyslexic, but to carry on trying to improve. I will pm you.

VinoEsmeralda Sun 23-Sep-12 22:08:38

Can I ask you what snacks you give your DC's? Made some sunflowerseed&raisin biscuits, flapjacks and lots of fruit ( she loves dried mango), fruitus bars, peanut butter sandwiches but like some more ideas please

DaftMaul Sun 23-Sep-12 22:49:03

We have cheese with or without biscuits, hummus and pitta/carrots, pitta with cheese/meat, sushi. Occasionally homemade cake. He has to be really desperate to have fruit!

I would love to give him nuts but he has a severe nut allergy, so they are off the menu.

My kids are very samey, happy with the same thing every day. So ds has oaty cookies (oats, whole meal flour not much sugar) or hummus and breadsticks. Sometimes I do a plate with bits of ham, cheese, salami etc

Badvoc Mon 24-Sep-12 07:49:10

Breadsticks, flapjacks, rice cakes.
Carrot batons, fruit.
Wheat crackers.
Erm, think that's about it.

Does anyone have appointments with Robin on Skype instead of in person? It is a 7 hour round trip for us and I'm happy to go in October but don't think it's feasible in dec and feb really. Am just worried we will make slower progress without face to face contact. What do you reckon?

DaftMaul Tue 25-Sep-12 19:51:24

We don't Skype - it is only 3-4hr round trip for us and we have family 10mins away, so much easier for us.

The only thing that Robin actually needed ds there for the last couple of times was to assess his tracking. Maybe phone Robin and discuss with him - I'd probably want to know what he would plan to do during the next couple of sessions and whether they could be done via Skype just as easily or not.

When we were there a couple of weeks ago, he was waiting for a Skype session with someone in South Africa!

Badvoc Tue 25-Sep-12 20:46:10

We have thought about it shopping as its a 7 hour round trip for us too sad
However, we may only have to go twice more and dh and ds1 are happy to go in their own and have a boys day together and I stay here with ds2.
It's too much for a 3 year old.
I meant 4 year old!
He is 4 today!

Badvoc Tue 25-Sep-12 20:47:16

We were supposed to be going on Sunday but dh is away in the states so its 21st oct for us now...
I think end dec/jan will be the next one...exactly a year after starting!!
(1st appt 28th dec last year)

Have decided to take both kids, stay in a travelogue and do peppa pig world the next day but 7 hours in the car is too much for ds really and I would struggle with the driving on my own in winter. Cost goes up massively if dh comes too as he is a contracter so on a daily rate. Will discuss with Robin when we go in October. I like seeing him and I think it is useful for him to see ds in the flesh but 7 hours on the motorway in December fills me with dread.

Hey Badvoc, we are there on the 22nd! A near miss, would have been nice to meet you and ds smile

Badvoc Tue 25-Sep-12 21:27:14

Oh what a shame! sad
Tip: try and get an early ish appt then you aren't ever driving in the dark.
Are you near the midlands too?

We are in Cambridgeshire Badvoc. Am really looking forward to next appointment to see if the vision therapy is working. He is trying so hard with it and getting through the starts really well.

dev9aug Wed 26-Sep-12 09:12:31

shopping if it helps your dh, you can see him on a Saturday as well.

Badvoc Wed 26-Sep-12 09:19:23

I love going to see robin...each time I come away convinced he is a genius!
I am in Leicestershire.

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 09:28:35

Happy birthday to your ds for yesterday!

I lurk a lot on this thread as although not doing TH its good to read how we'll your DCs are doing and I have picked up some good tips along the way I do use the supplements though. Glad there is a part 2 smile

Badvoc Wed 26-Sep-12 09:40:33

Hi coff!
So happy to hear from you.
You and your dd have been on my mind lots x
Everyone is welcome here, no exceptions smile
Wrt progress dh and I were talking about this last night...ds1 is like a different child, or more accurately a happier and more confident version of the old him!
Dh had to leave for a trip to the US this morning sad
Prior to TH it would be very distressing for all of us as he would get very upset, cry, beg dh not to go etc sad
This morning he hugged and kissed dh and waved him off!!
If you haven't read robins book "is that my child" I really recommend it! It's about £4 on amazon...can't give you my copy as its on my kindle sad
If anyone is interested and their dc can take tablets ds1 is on a different magnesium and zinc supplement now...cheaper than floradix liquids and easier to use as its 1 tablet per day.

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 11:40:20

Ds has no issue with tablets and swallows the eye q ones with no problem they are capsule form though so smooth going down, but I cannot find a zinc and mag tablet small enough all of them seem to be horse pill size!

He would rather swallow than chew anything.

For the moment I am forking out for the bath stuff.

Badvoc Wed 26-Sep-12 14:09:05

Yes the ones I have are a but big but ds1 manages.
They are called Biocare.
£8 for 30 tabs.
I was paying double that for the floradix.
I get them from amazon.
Bath stuff?
Ds1 has Sanex or lush bath bombs!! smile

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 14:28:48

Found some in holland and Barrett that are smaller than paracetamol size today. When I get home from dd appt I will tell you the name.

coff33pot Wed 26-Sep-12 16:48:08

Yep they are by holland and Barrett, gluten free no added sweetener or sugar or colouring. 2 tablets give 71% magnesium daily rec and 100% zinc daily rec.

They are whole lot smaller than osteocare and are currently half price at £3.22 for 100

Badvoc Wed 26-Sep-12 16:49:17

Oh fantastic thank you!
Will get some net time I am in town.
Hope your dd is doing better x

Badvoc Thu 27-Sep-12 12:59:49

Saw ds1 in the playground when I picked ds2 up from pre school.
He had a big gold sticker on his shirt.
I asked what it was for.
"Just some writing I did"
It's a head teacher award!
He is doing so well, not just academically, but socially, emotionally and mentally.
He is less anxious, sleeps better, eats better....the list is endless really.
All those years I thought he behaved hiw he sid and avoided things because "that's just the way he is"
It wasnt.
This is the real him.
He is finally emerging from his dyspraxic/dyslexic/asd/OCD prison.

DaftMaul Thu 27-Sep-12 13:36:28

That is so lovely Badvoc.

Shopping, it is great to hear that your ds is getting on well with the vt now. It is really tough to stick at it. Tell him well done from us all!

Mock 11+ next week. I'm petrified but ds currently nonchalant - hope it remains that way!

I have been reading up on Tinsley House and wish that we lived closer and also wish we could afford it sad My DS, aged 7, has quite severe "specific learning difficulties" a.k.a. dyslexia, as diagnosed by an education board EP. School are being great, he has an external specialist teacher in for 2 half hour sessions as week, and an internal SEN teacher give him 2 half hour sessions a week, plus some classroom assistant support. We have already been using EPA and I just started him on the zinc/magnesium etc. supplements. We avoid processed food anyhow and his diet is quite good (nutritionally speaking). I'm really interested in the exercises though and not sure how to access these - we're in Northern Ireland. I dug around on the internet and found some therapists that work on retained reflexes, and one that does the INPP stuff. Very expensive but wondering if this would be worth it. DS has been assessed by an optometrist - apparently good tracking/convergence. His problem seems mostly to do with working memory, which is very weak. He was born ten weeks premature and I think many of his issues may be related to this. Any ideas on how we can better support him? Sorry to "hijack" the thread!

Have you bought Robin's book? It details the first exercises and I found a significant difference in ds just from doing these. You start with stair walking - so he has to walk up 3 stairs with his eyes shut and hands by his sides and then back down again (backwards). They find it really hard at first and you may want to stay close for wobbles. Do it 3 times. When he gets better at it, do 5 repetitions etc. this simple exercise forces both halves of the cerebellum to work together.

Badvoc Thu 27-Sep-12 16:41:16

Hello jumping.
There is a tinsley house clinic in Dublin...check the website and click in the find an international clinic link.
You can get the diet, the first set if exercises and supplementation details from the book "the brain food plan" by robin pauc available on amazon for about £4.
If anything is unclear, please feel free to pm me.
I know what you mean about cost but We have spent (inc ait and rrt) about £3k. I would happily spend triple that tbh to get the results we have.
I really rate rrt (ESP inpp).
Re: his diet, you might be unpleasantly surprised there....some things that we think of as very healthy are in fact really bad for our kids.
Good luck

Badvoc Thu 27-Sep-12 22:39:42

Oh, and ds1s optometrist told me that his tracking was wasn't.
It was all over the shop.
He needs to be seen by a behavioural optometrist.

Badvoc Sat 29-Sep-12 08:02:45

Hi everyone
Me again, with more boasting smile
Dh away and ds2 is ill so I feel the need to share each bit of good news!
Ds1 came home from school with another certificate yesterday!'s was his "pen license" (?) it means he can use a pen now for his writing and not a pencil?
Whatever it means, it's good smile
He is only the 3rd child in the class to get one!
He is being very good wrt dh being away too.
Now, if only I could figure out what ds2s spots are.....

Amazing! Bravo ds1!

Badvoc Sat 29-Sep-12 08:31:35

......if you could have seen his writing a year ago!

Badvoc and shoppingbags thank you for the info - I have ordered Robin's book and I'm looking forward to reading it. I will no doubt be back with more questions! I think we'll probably see how things go with the extra school support and things we're doing at home (based on the external specialist's advice) for a couple of months, but from reading here it is well worth the money in seeking the additional therapies. DH was made redundant recently so very cash-strapped at the moment though. The optometrist we took DS to was a specialist one working at the uni where I work - they have a research division specifically looking at optometry in children with learning difficulties - and in fact they also picked up on the working memory issue before he was seen by the EP. However I am hoping to get him back to evaluate visual stress a bit further...
Once again thanks for your help.

Badvoc Sun 30-Sep-12 07:56:37

Good luck jumping.
Please do post if you have any questions.
It is expensive.
But I compared it to specialist dyslexia tuition which ds1 would have had to have 3 x per week for years and it suddenly looked pretty cheap! smile
Dh and I just reasoned that we wouldn't be going abroad on hols for a while. Luckily both boys like he seaside smile

Beautifulpossum Mon 01-Oct-12 13:14:38

We started at TH in July and had first follow up on saturday.

DS ( age 6 year 2) has dyslexia,dyspraxia and ADD. Has been doing stairs and teeth since July and just started VT. He retested well and Robin was happy. His vision tested better and he passed 2 of the 4 tests- failed all 4 last time. Continuing with stairs/teeth and VT.

DD (age 8 yr 4) has ADD has also made good progress and has been given Where's Wally in addition to stairs and teeth.

We are only 2 months in but already DS is making gains and is better able to cope. Can't wait to get to the exercises that will help school stuff as poor guy is so frustrated. Also really hope that Hemi Stim will help DD ADD as she is finding year 4 a big step up.

Seeing Robin was great. I really think he knows what he is doing and I have every confidence in him. This stuff is really powerful but such hard work. DH now agreed to do VT with DS first thing in the morning which will really help.
For the first time today he didn't bash the keyboard and steps but moving in the right direction.

Beautifulpossum Mon 01-Oct-12 13:18:43

Hi Badvoc, would love to have a chat with you on the phone at some point to talk some of this stuff through. You and Indigo are such an inspiration. If that's ok could you send me a contact number and suggest a good time?

Badvoc Mon 01-Oct-12 13:25:55

Will pm you x

Ds (a complete fruit and veg refusenik) has eaten and enjoyed broccoli at school today!! Another tiny piece of evidence that he is becoming more open minded and less aspie.

Badvoc Mon 01-Oct-12 18:40:14

Shopping...ds1 tried lasagne at my sisters today! smile
He also came home with another certificate!
This time his gold times tables award smile

I dream of mince based foods becoming acceptable. Would be amazing if my dcs would eat cottage pie, lasagne etc. baby steps though

Beautifulpossum Mon 01-Oct-12 21:55:53

DS coped really well at school today and was SMILING when I picked him up. Absolutely no meltdowns or controlling behaviour. Also went to bed without being scared and was singing away happily in bed.

DH did VT with him this morning with only a bit of mucking about. Previously he had been bashing the keyboard, crying and screaming. Feeling optimistic that we CAN get through the VT and his vision will be fixed....Know we have probably got another year to go but Robin seems to think that the VT is the toughest bit from a behaviour point of view.

Badvoc and Shopping- it sounds like your guys are really doing well.

Beautifulpossum Mon 01-Oct-12 21:55:58

DS coped really well at school today and was SMILING when I picked him up. Absolutely no meltdowns or controlling behaviour. Also went to bed without being scared and was singing away happily in bed.

DH did VT with him this morning with only a bit of mucking about. Previously he had been bashing the keyboard, crying and screaming. Feeling optimistic that we CAN get through the VT and his vision will be fixed....Know we have probably got another year to go but Robin seems to think that the VT is the toughest bit from a behaviour point of view.

Badvoc and Shopping- it sounds like your guys are really doing well.

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 07:04:35

BP...I think the vt is the hardest part's 23 mins to begin with and even my ds1 (who is older than yours) found it tiring at the beginning.
Ds1 has am open morning at high school today....eek!
He is a bit anxious but it's normal anxiety iyswim? Not crippling, unable to sleep anxiety like he had before?
Am so proud of ds1 smile

DaftMaul Tue 02-Oct-12 09:27:19

VT has definitely been the most challenging part of TH so far (to put it mildly!).

BP it sounds as though your ds is doing really well. Isn't it lovely when they come out of school smiling? I still hold my breath when ds comes out, hoping he is smiling and not scowling.

Mock 11+ for ds today and his birthday tomorrow - what a mixed week!

So nice to know that VT is the hardest bit. We are down to just 13 minutes now and finding it much more manageable in the mornings. Ds is just too tired after school to attempt it as he has 20 mins hwk every night too.
Hope ds gets on well with the mock 11+ Daftmaul and that your ds enjoys the high school visit Badvoc.
Beautiful possum, the changes in your ds so quickly are amazing. Robin was pretty impressed with the progress my ds had made in the first two months but you are seeing even bigger improvements. So pleased for you smile

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 13:16:26

Back from open morning.
Ds1 was smiling for most of the time which i think is a good sign smile
Daft - good luck to your ds today and happy b day for tomorrow x

puddleofpiddle Tue 02-Oct-12 14:31:19

Not sure if I posted on the first thread or not but we have been looking a TH for ds1 who has AS. I've been wondering about going to one of the other clinics as TH itself is a bit of a hike for us - has anyone any experience of Rosemary Kitchiner in Milton Kenyes?
My other question is: the stair exercise - does ds need to turn around to come back down or go down backwards? Probably obvious to everyone but me blush

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 14:47:25

No experience of rosemary, sorry.
Your ds needs to walk up the stairs backwards and then back down forwards.
No turning involved

DaftMaul Tue 02-Oct-12 16:51:01

When you start the stairs exercise, they should walk up 3 steps forwards and then come back down backwards. Walk slowly, with your hands at the side and eyes closed. Increase the number up to about 10.

Once they can do this and remain balanced, you change to starting going up backwards and coming down forwards.

Exams over. No idea how he did but glad it s all over and it wasn't too traumatic. Interesting how many (and which) other children had extra time too.

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 16:55:50

Oh yes, what daft said!
Backwards comes later!
Really need some sleep.......

DaftMaul Tue 02-Oct-12 16:59:01

Bad Badvoc! grin

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 17:00:34

I know...I my defence it was a long time ago for me! smile
<desperately tries to make self feel better>
Glad indigo didnt see that!

We are on backwards now. Is soooo difficult. But then so was forwards a few months ago.
Turns out broccoli is only nice at school sad

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 17:55:08

Ds1 has declared his love for brown rice
<badvoc faints>
Ds1 found both stair exercises really hard to begin fact so hard I did wonder if we would ever get there...but we did and in no time he was carrying a tray with drinks on!
Just takes time.

ellie4 Tue 02-Oct-12 19:37:48

I was coming on here to ask the same q re stairs as I couldn't work out either whether to come down backwards or turn around and come down forwards. I do have another q though: do they go up the stairs one stair at a time or do they put both feet on each step like a toddler does when they learn to go up steps? I'm clearly overthinking this grin

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 20:30:56

One step at a time as normal, not toddler steps smile
They all find it really tough at first...and it is! Try it yourself...
(But don't fall over like I did!)

We are toddler stepping at the moment for backwards. Is dangerous otherwise as he is very very unstable. Will do proper steps when he is more steady

Beautifulpossum Wed 03-Oct-12 11:00:33

Badvoc- so pleased little Badvoc got through the open morning so well.
Daft- glad that the 11+ is over with.

Robin told me to miss out backwards stair walking with DS as he is only 6 and go straight from 10 forwards to 3 forwards with tray. We have very mixed results. Last sunday DS decided to do 105 stair reps( no tray) they were pretty good-he thought it was hilarious. Really thought we had cracked it but since then has been back to whingeing and moaning.

He has coped less well the last couple of days and loads of trouble getting VT done today- however he got his first star for saccades. Now getting stars each time for Accomodation Rock. BI and BO still tricky.

Wondered how long it took your guys to get down to 7 minutes?...also wondered what the tracking programme is and when they do it?

I am really pleased with progress DS is making but up until March I wasn't aware that there was anything up with him at all. Had never had any SN's identified and had achieved full early years scores. He has no OCD and I don't think he is Aspie ( though does toe walk sometimes and does funny jump after every 3 steps. I used to think it was cute but now think it's probably significant!)

DS stressed out at school yesterday and had to go and get him after lunch- said he is different to all the other children and doesn't fit in- poor thing.

DD has now done 3 days of hemi stim and had major meltdown last night ( unusual for her) Has anyone else had these types of reactions when new exercises are introduced?

Just read this back and sounds whingy but will still post... the ups and downs of neurodevelopmental therapy hey!

Badvoc Wed 03-Oct-12 11:07:55

I know indigos daughter went from being always happy to being upset about her dyslexia for the first time after the vt started.
Indigo sees this as a positive thing and so do I.
Another part of their brain being re-wired smile
I think it took about 4 weeks to get down to 7 mins iirc.
The tracking programme is much much easier, and very simple and takes only about 1-2 mins to do.
Ds1 is in the highest level now -25- and usually gets full marks.
We go back to robin on 21st.

we've been doing the VT for two months and are still on 13 minutes a day. It depends how good they are at it tbh. Ds took ages to get stars for pursuits or saccadic. Base in , base out and accomodative rock seemed to come quite easily. We now have two stars left to get on saccadic and are doing a ten min thing (forgotten its name) which tests base in and out at the same time. No starts at all for that yet and we've been doing it for two weeks. I think once we finish those two programmes we move to the last thing Dump Junction which only takes 7 mins.

just remembered I wanted to ask Daftmaul and Badvoc (and anyone else further along the programme than me) did your dses have meltdowns before starting the treatment and when did these start to disappear? Ds has now managed 4 1/2 weeks at his new school without a single melt down (used to be at least 1 a day at the old school) but is still having pretty enormous unreasonable ones at home several times a week. Clearly the improvement at school is fabulous but I dream of melt downs becoming infrequent or disappearing altogether.
DD has never even had one in her life so I'm sure once we get rid of ds' autistic traits we can be melt down free.

Badvoc Wed 03-Oct-12 11:32:56

Can't really help as ds1 doesn't really have them.
I know indigos sin is doing really well now, no meltdowns at school and fewer at home.
I think it will take a while tbh...half way though the programme at least...

Beautifulpossum Wed 03-Oct-12 14:51:37

DS holds it together at school but has meltdowns at home but on the whole they are less frequent.

Thanks for feedback re VT. DS has no problems with pursuits and accomodation rock but hopeless at bi and bo. Suspect we have many more weeks to go.

DD will probably have to do VT after hemi stim as Robin thinks she may have some secondary dyslexia but suspect her problems will be easier to fix.

Sounds like you're getting there with the VT Shopping. Well done...does DS kick off?

he was hideous when we first started, banging the keyboard and yelling. When we were at your stage i did VT in two stages with long breaks in between. Then I discovered he could concentrate on VT and also listen so I read Harry Potter to him while he does it. We also bribe with chocolate buttons which I'm sure Robin wouldn't like, but sometimes needs must.

newbrunette Wed 03-Oct-12 22:32:23

Hi, just joining you on here after reading bits of the thread(s) over the last few weeks. I was just wondering if anyone has used one of the other Tinsley House clinics (there's a list of a few across the UK on the website)? Does anyone know whether the service/treatment there is as good as visiting Robin himself?

DaftMaul Wed 03-Oct-12 23:30:41

As far as I know, those of us who are 'on the programme' have all visited Robin. Interested to see that most of the other contacts are chiropractors too!

I would probably call Robin and discuss with him. Ask him if there is any benefit to seeing him as opposed to someone else on the list.

Wrt meltdowns, that was one of the reasons for seeking help for ds. He was 'fine' at school but having horrendous outbursts at home. In hindsight, this was because he was realising he was struggling at school (not picked up at school until last December) and was trying to deal with it. Epilepsy was diagnosed this march.

Outbursts have definitely reduced in frequency and severity but he has had lots of input to help this (including counselling). Vt caused lots of upset initially (he snapped both arms from his glasses!) but improved once the time reduced and he found it easier.

I'm still unsure how much improvement we will get because of ds' background of epilepsy but will continue and see how we go - what do we have to lose (apart from money confused!) compared t wht we have to gain!

Badvoc Thu 04-Oct-12 07:12:43

Hello new brunette and welcome.
I am not sure any of us have been to any of the other clinics...
As daft says, perhaps ring robin and discuss your concerns?
I know that oater the first couple of sessions with robin there is the option to Skype...would at be an option for you?

Beautifulpossum Thu 04-Oct-12 11:10:08

Daftmaul- I have been thinking about epilepsy. Do you think your son's epilepsy is linked to DDS? Does he have any other health problems? Also wondered how old your DS is?

I really feel that Robin is making a difference to both my children and whilst I understand that geograhically it is difficult for some to get to TH I think his expertise and practical supportive approach are worth the inconvenience. I think he is at the cutting edge of this type of neurodevelopment and personally would not want to go to anyone else unless I really had to.

However, having said that, do speak to Robin. Maybe you could start with him and then move to one of his other clinics as things progress. He mentions something like that in one of his books ( case study about a girl in France)

Badvoc Thu 04-Oct-12 12:12:01

It's a 7 hour round trip for us and some others to TH.
It's tiring but worth it.

Ds has eaten cauliflower today!!! This is a child who has totally refused to put veg in his mouth since he was 2. Tiny things can make you soooo happy smile

newbrunette Thu 04-Oct-12 21:02:14

Thanks for your replies. It sounds as though - if we're going to go for it - we might as well make the journey. I wouldn't like to invest and wonder if we were missing out.

Anyway... I was also going to ask if any of you see Robin/use the programme for ASD symptoms only? I know lots of people use it for dyslexia and wondered if most of your positive experiences have been in this area?

My concerns with ds are mainly related to social communication. Has anyone seen success on this front?

My ds has aspergers traits as his diagnosis. I think the biggest improvement in terms of social communication for us is he is more open minded. For example before TH he only played Lego. He only wanted to talk about Lego. He only wanted to use the Lego website. Now he plays playmobil, Lego, with his sister's toys, enjoys sylvanian families and other toys. He is interested in talking about a wider range of things. This has improved things with friendships no end and he and dd now play together much more than before.

Oh and he has completely stopped the characteristic autistic 'flapping'

Daftmaul, sorry didn't acknowledge your response to my question about melt downs. Thanks much appreciated.

Badvoc Fri 05-Oct-12 10:45:49

My son had dyslexia/asd/OCD
I have seen an improvement on every level.

newbrunette Sat 06-Oct-12 00:02:22

Thanks Badvoc and Shoppingbags. That's useful to know. I spoke to one of the Tinsley House 'associates' today. He sounded great and said he trained with Robin, and he's only 5 miles away. But... he said Robin has more assessment equipment (not sure what this would be) and more experience with kids, so it still sounds like it might be worth us making the trip. I'm going to find out if I could go to Robin for initial assessment, then maybe do follow-ups with the local clinic.

We've already started on the fish oil and ds does seem to be happier as a result. Could be anything of course but he seems calmer and more smiley.

Badvoc Sat 06-Oct-12 07:49:26

Robin has a visiograph which measures the movements the eye makes when reading.
He also uses computer programmes to measure convergence too.
He is very good with kids.
My ds1 thinks he is great.

Beautifulpossum Sat 06-Oct-12 22:39:55

Hi Brunette- a trip or 2 to Robin and then follow up's with his associate sounds like a good plan- though when you meet Robin you might feel differently. I know that a trip to Robin lifts my spirits and makes all this stuff easier to deal with.

We are gradually getting through the VT though DS absolutely hates it. Now getting stars for saccades as well as pirsuits and accomodation rock but still struggling with BI and BO. These results seem to be getting worse- has anyone else found his?

DS is much less controlling than he was and is better able to cope but still really worried about him. He cannot read and write and he is nearly 7.

Badvoc- how long did it take your DS to complete the VT?

Badvoc Sat 06-Oct-12 22:46:50

Hi Bp
Sorry, I was out yesterday afternoon unexpectedly (only an ikea
I think it took ds1 about 5 weeks.
He complained a bit at's 20 mins long initially.
He also said that his eyes were tired a few times afterwards...I took this as a good sign that his eye muscles were making new movements and moving unnaturally for him smile

Badvoc Sat 06-Oct-12 22:56:16

Sorry, didn't answer your question!
Yes, without a doubt ds1 found base in and base out very hard.
In the end I contacted robin as i was worried that he was getting the highest scores on everything else, but struggling on bo and bi...and we agreed that he would just do base in for 6 mins per day.
And it worked smile
22 months ago ds1 was really struggling with reading and nephew in year 1 was better than him sad
His writing was like vowels at all!
His NC scores at the end of year 3 were all 1s...
Fast forward to now and he is in the way to becoming an independent reader and got his pen license last week and has won star writer of week twice smile
I simply would not have believed it back then.
It seemed impossible sad
The first indication things were getting better was his willingness to read...he picked up books of his own accord!! The next thing was that he started spelling phonetically...ok, it still wasn't correct, but you could read it! smile
Just takes time....

Badvoc Mon 08-Oct-12 15:28:41

Hello everyone.
Well, it's the big 4-0 for me today smile
Had a surprise party yesterday which was lovely smile
Am a bit tired now though!
Sooo..dh has told me that he may have to go away with work AGAIN when we have made our appt at TH. arrgghhh...
So I contacted robin and we are having a Skype appt on thurs evening! So whoever asked about Skype appts...I will let you know how we got on after thurs...
Ds1 is not very well atm...just a cold but it's gone onto his chest and he had a really bad night so he is off school today and prob tomorrow...he has spent the whole day in the sofa under a snuggie and watching films and CBBC sad

DaftMaul Mon 08-Oct-12 19:23:50

Happy birthday Badvoc! How lovely to have a surprise party. Did you have any clue at all? Your poor ds1. Hope he s bette soon. The weather was so foul today that bein under a blanket and on the sofa sounds like the perfect place.

Mock 11+ results are in. Maths remains crap, English scraping by but NV reasoning has improved by 50% since the summer hols - he got 75%! I think the VT/tracking/HemiStim is kicking in <hopes>

Badvoc Mon 08-Oct-12 21:11:03

Hi daft.
Thank you smile I honestly didn't have a clue!!
Great news re mock 11+.
Well done your ds!

Beautifulpossum Wed 10-Oct-12 12:30:01

Badvoc- so pleased you had a lovely birthday.

Just wondered if anyone is adding anything else into the mix whilst doing TH? I have been looking at probiotics/gf/df /homeopathy but am really worried that I might overdo it and make things worse.

DS is now much happier going to school and actually completed his VT without major fuss this morning. We are 10 weeks in and I am not really worried about him coping now. He still can't hold a pen and writes without vowels and spaces but know that will come.... does anyone know what the pen holding/ handwriting stuff is and when it comes in?

Badvoc Wed 10-Oct-12 12:37:24

Thanks BP.
We did ait and rrt prior to TH and are doing GF lite...I.e. have really cut down carbs. GF pasta etc. also brown rice instead of white. Has def helped ds1 but he had pretty major bowel issues sad
Ds1 has probiotics if he has to take ABs but not daily. It is something I have considered but this bowels/gut are so much better I dont feel its needed ATM.
One thing you could try if your ds is amenable is the "write from the start" programme...
I got mine from amazon. It's 2 workbooks designed to help kids with their gross and fine motor skills. Ds1 did book 1 and started book 2 but made such progress I did not continue with book 2.
It's just copying patterns, making shapes and drawing but it's very clever how it teaches all the skills needed for handwriting!
There are also the stabile range of ergonomic grip pencils that ds1 had too. They are pretty good. I know tesco have them but got mine from amazon too.
<I get a lot of stuff from amazon!>

DaftMaul Wed 10-Oct-12 13:52:47

I have probably mentioned this before but Robin suggested calligraphy as a good way to work on writing skills - it uses a different part of the brain, or something (can't remember exactly but that was the gist). we haven't done anything about writing recently - just too much to do and touch typing has been the priority leading up to exams.

We are also looking into climbing as a way to strengthen upper limb and fingers. A local(ish) sports centre has a huge climbing wall and offers OT sessions with a GP referral - again haven't arranged it yet! Thought that climbing sounded more fun than paying for more OT sessions that are miles away to get to.

We are not doing anything else 'alternative' (other than TH), just school work, tracking and HemiStim programs and usual exercises.

Beautifulpossum Wed 10-Oct-12 22:21:57

Thanks Daft and Badvoc.

DS has had a slightly iffy tummy the last couple of days and I asked him if he was ok to go to school. He said he wanted to go in as he was decorating a pumpkin and would miss out on all the fun. This from a boy who was so stressed out about school in June and July I thought I would have to HE. He really seems to be coping. Also only slightly stressed about VT. Real progress for little possum. Even DH who is rather cynical about all this stuff admitted that TH is making a difference.

I'm having one of those " Robin is a genius" days!

Badvoc Thu 11-Oct-12 07:17:37

The snot fairy has been visiting my house recently and now the vomit fairy has arrived too sad

Badvoc Thu 11-Oct-12 19:30:37

Hi everyone...
Had our Skype appt with robin earlier...went well.
Ds1 coped very well considering we hadn't done it before...
We have the hemi p and hemi t to do each day and where's wally and word search.
Robin is as chuffed with ds1s progress as we are which is lovely smile
I think e Skype appts are fine but you need to see robin a couple of times first at the clinic IMHO.
Next appt in early December.

Thanks for that Badvoc. We are going in oct but I think I'll ask to do Skype in dec and maybe feb too depending on the weather. Does he do tests over the Skype thingie then?

Badvoc Thu 11-Oct-12 19:48:15

No, just talks about progress/any problems etc.
Diet, sleep, social issues...
He was going to give ds1 another exercise but decided not to in the end.
The downside is he hasn't had e visiography dine again, but we are just having major problems getting down there ATM due to dh's work trips...

DaftMaul Thu 11-Oct-12 19:53:56

Badvoc, what is the difference between hemi p and hemi t?

Badvoc Thu 11-Oct-12 19:59:22

Hemi t is more colourful and the opposite side of the screen iyswim?
Makes my eyes go funny smile

mulranno Sat 13-Oct-12 17:43:24

Have read the whole last thread and this one right through. If I get the book it will tell me all the supps, diet and some of the excercises stairs? chair? So I could avoid the initial consultation cost of TH for a few months at least? We live in a bungalow - any suggested alternatives for the stair exercise? Also when you go to see Robin does he review previous assessments or does he start from scratch with his own baseline measures. Where else can you you get the VT software from? Does it have to be prescribed or can you just buy it directly?

Badvoc Sat 13-Oct-12 17:59:52

Hi Mulranno and welcome.
The book details the whole plan, including diet, supplementation and exercises.
You don't ever have to go and see robin if you don't want to/can't.
We have just had a Skype appt for example, but IMHO I think they are best for after you have had a couple of initial consolations with robin.
There are TH clinics in other areas of the country (click on the find a clinic link on the website...that may be a better option option for you?)
Wrt to the you have a sturdy step ladder?
That could be used.
Ikea do some pretty sturdy ones that are inexpensive.
You only need 3 steps, not a whole set of stairs smile
Wet supplementation we give ds1 vegepa that robin rcommends but the zinc and mag in a different form from the one robin recommends - because ds1 hated it.
All the supplements robin recommends are available on amazon - and lots of people on this thread have got alternatives from boots and holland and Barrett..
At our first consultation with robin (ds1 loves him btw!) he did a physical examination and observations. He took a detailed history from me and I had previously e mailed him a large document detailing ds1s early years and problems as I saw them.
He is the only person in 9 years who has been able to help my son and tell my WHY he is like he is....or rather was smile

Badvoc Sat 13-Oct-12 18:03:50

Beautifulpossum Sun 14-Oct-12 20:25:28

A slight aside I know, but thought it was worth mentioning. When I read Robin's book and he talks about convergence I checked my own convergence and my eye flicked out. I then realised that I read with one eye and suddenly had an explanation for my slow reading speed ( DH always turning over the pages of newspaper when we are reading together and I am still on first paragraph) Anyway, I have done 2 weeks now of and OMG, my vision has changed dramatically. My left eye is now in play and I am wanting to read a book in bed and can drive better at night. I can now get through all 16 levels of the Base Out game although still have some slight double vision on te higher levels so will need to keep at it for a while. This programme will fix my eyes. I am 46 by the way....I was really doubtful that my eyes could be fixed but they can....and fast!

Beautifulpossum Sun 14-Oct-12 20:39:24

Mulranno- I think WWW. is really worth considering. It also seems to have been written for children as it is fun games. The 3d glasses you need are readily available from Amazon for £1 a pair. My DS hates the HTS programme and we have had major problems getting him to do it. I am now going to try him on visionexercises for 2 weeks and see f he gets on any better, and that is after paying upfront for HTS.

Beautifulpossum Sun 14-Oct-12 20:52:19

Sorry - I made a mistake. The visionexercises program is the 2nd program. The 1st program that helps with convergence is currently only available from TH.

MyCannyBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 19:52:19

Hi, My Dd ( 5 ) has been taking the 3 supplements, 2 floradix and vegepa for 3 weeks now and Wow what a difference. Not so much in behaviour as such, but in reading, cognition, conversation and ( lol ) cheekiness. No change in stimming or attention or tantrums but she just appears more ' intelligent '. I haven't changed her diet or done any exercises yet, but gosh it seems promising.

DaftMaul Tue 16-Oct-12 22:25:52

That is great Canny. Will you try the diet and exercises do you think?

Badvoc Wed 17-Oct-12 19:58:32

Ds1 came home from school today with the info for a 3 day residential trip in may next year (year 5)
I am freaking out because a) he actually wants to go!
B) it's over £200 and c) he wants to go!!
When he started at this school almost 2 years ago now he told me about the PGL trip in year 5 and said he wasn't going.
Except now he wants to!
He is really excited about it!
He has never been away from home before - unless you count pils - and I am oscillating between pride and terror!
Come and tell me I am being an idiot?
Oh! And it's non uniform day tomorrow apparently...and he wants to wear normal clothes! He has never ever in all his school career ever done non uniform really stressed him out sad
Well, not anymore!

Badvoc Wed 17-Oct-12 19:58:48

Canny, that's great news and welcome!

DaftMaul Thu 18-Oct-12 00:10:40

That sounds great Badvoc.

I think a mix of maturing and TH may be at play here. Ds also said in year 3 that he would never go away with school in year 6 but is now looking forward to going to Italy in the summer term.

Non uniform days always involved the same clothes. It is 'theme days' tha hold he most fear here!

Ds announced today that he is 'desperate to get his hair cut'. Last time it was cut, he cried for two hours because it was 'different'!

marymary1000 Thu 18-Oct-12 11:20:41

Hi there, does anyone have an alternative to floridax vitamins and saly?? Monies a bit tight and these may have to go. Many thanks

Badvoc Thu 18-Oct-12 11:28:11

ATM I use Biocare - got it from amazon.
If you check out holland and Barrett they apparently have a mag zinc formulation that is pretty inexpensive.

MyCannyBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 14:34:31

I'm going to give it a few weeks before I make any more changes, but so chuffed ! Thanks to this bit of mumsnet for the info on TH !

Hi everyone, I've been away for nearly a week leaving dh in charge. Was expecting ds not to cope with the change and was worried there would be an impact at school. He has been perfectly fine! Was awarded 'star of the week' at school on Friday, rode his two wheeler on the pavement on Saturday (was previously frightened to ride anywhere other than grass), and got 12/12 in his spelling test! The changes since September when he started his new school are amazing, really looking forward to telling Robin next week.
His handwriting is massively changed - is that likely to be to do with vision therapy? I know it is aimed at reading but I wondered if the improved vision would help with handwriting?

Beautifulpossum Thu 18-Oct-12 22:48:57

Badvoc- so pleased to hear even more good news about Little Badvoc!

Shopping- The school move and TH are doing wonders for your DS. You must be delighted. Wondered what exercises you are dong at the moment? I am sure that my DS pencil holding is more normal ( can almost get his wrist down now and not quite such a hook arm) and we are still on cerebellum exercises. I think handwriting is up in the front part of the brain ( but I may be wrong) Not sure if vT helps handwriting.

Anyway, exciting news from us this week is that DS asked to read in bed last night. Said it would help him get to sleep! He then proceeded to read me ( with loads of help) a chapter of a book. This from a boy who has been let off reading since June because it was too stressful.

DD ( with ADD) very stroppy about Where's Wally, but think it is a good thing. It is really drilling into her brain- poor thing!

After 11 weeks finding the plan more manageable now and DS is so so much better, but mornings always manic- trying to fit in cooked breakfast, stairs, teeth, hemi stim and vt before 7.30am.

We are just doing backwards stairs, toothbrush and the last VT exercise which is jump duction (first attempt today and lots of squawking from ds about how tricky it was). New school has been amazing but I have no doubt that without TH he would not have coped with the move.

Badvoc Fri 19-Oct-12 12:44:01

Ds1s class are having an end of term treat this afternoon for working is hard this term....a pj party and DVD...
He actually took pjs to wear!

Badvoc Fri 19-Oct-12 12:44:40

Btw, wrt where's wally books. The book people have a whole set of the books for £8!

Bloody jump duction is killing me! Ds has done so well with VT, we haven't had any strops for weeks and now we've started jump and we're back to screaming, crying and keyboard whacking. He hates it with a passion, says he can't see the squares and does his nut which then gets us off to a bad start in the mornings. Three days in and I'm considering saying we won't do it anymore. Words of wisdom would be much appreciated please...
Am seeing Robin this afternoon so will talk to him about it too.

Badvoc Mon 22-Oct-12 10:24:20

It is tough shopping sad
It's supposed to be.
Of course he finds it hard, his eyes are making movements they have never made before.
The way I explained it to ds1 was like a person who hadnt exercised for months or even years and then making their muscles work again.
Ds1 never really had tantrums per se but he is finding the word search and hemi t hard and complains quite a bit smile
Hope robin has some words of wisdom for you x

Thanks Badvoc. Great news- ds 'aced' the test at Robin's earlier today and so doesn't need to complete VT! He is delighted and soo proud. So tomorrow we start tracking smile
Robin says ds is significantly ahead of where he had expected him to be but warned us to keep up the hard work. Definitely will. So much improvement in just 4 months, can't wait to see what the next months will bring smile

DaftMaul Mon 22-Oct-12 16:04:30

Yay Shopping. Brilliant news. Tell ds well done from us! Tracking is so much easier to get them to do and it only takes a few minutes.

Badvoc Mon 22-Oct-12 16:26:39

Fantastic smile
Tracking is a lot easier!!

Beautifulpossum Mon 22-Oct-12 21:35:22

Shopping- that is amazing news. Well done to you and your DS.

We are having a terrible time with VT here. Stairs and teeth going so well but VT is a disaster. Hoping to get back on track with it over half term.


Badvoc Sun 28-Oct-12 16:42:51

Well half term is over for me! Hurrah! Been a bit rubbish as I have been ill, but hopefully in the mend now...
Ds1 has been invited to a Halloween party on weds...not sure if he will go..he is a bit meh about Halloween generally smile
It's parents evening on Tuesday!!
Will let you know how it goes...

MissBetseyTrotwood Tue 30-Oct-12 08:31:49

Dipping my toe in here.

DS2 has just started school. He's a July birthday, has no hearing in his left ear, no balance from his vestibular system and a severe language delay (mainly conceptual language, but some speech issues too.)

While he settled into school well, his behaviour at home has been increasingly tense, aggressive and, well, just miserable. I put it down to increasing tiredness at first but I am worried also that it's general frustration too. While I know there are other avenues to investigate I wondered if Tinsley House, and the diet in particular might be worth a try?

I'm quite low about him at the moment. He used to be such a happy child and I feel totally at sea about what to do next.

Badvoc Tue 30-Oct-12 11:13:50

Yes I think it could.
You could do several things..get robins book "is that my child?" It's a great read and will give you an idea of the TH programme (which is basically a high protein low sugar diet, supplements and neuro developmental exercises)
You could also check out the T H website and phone robin for a chat?
Good luck x

Badvoc Tue 30-Oct-12 17:20:49

So tonight was ds1s parents evening.
It was great smile
They are very happy with him.
He is - wait for it - not only now in the middle group for maths but at the top of that group!! smile
He is, in their words, "flying" smile is very common for sn/sen kids to cope very well at school and "lose it " at home.
I think it's because they feel safe and know you love them no matter what. That's when the difficult behaviour manifests.
Ds1s teachers just didn't believe me when I told them of our struggles with his obsessions, sleep etc...

MissBetseyTrotwood Tue 30-Oct-12 17:41:43

Hey, thanks Badvoc - and hurrah for your DS! You must be thrilled!

I know I shouldn't say this but when DS2 achieves I am waaaay more excited than when it's DS1 (who's NT.) Never would I let on though blush

I'm definitely going to investigate TH further. I feel as though I'm losing him at the moment; the transition to school was always hard for my eldest but with him it's been so much more anxiety inducing... there are so many more questions over him. The school's not the best or the worst but it's our local and it's where all his friends are. It's large but we've known it for so long it feels very nurturing and right for him.

Badvoc Tue 30-Oct-12 17:46:23

I know what you mean re the worry.
My ds2 is nt and he starts school next sept but its ds1 I am concerned about sad where we limp e it's a middle school system so he goes into year 6 in a new, much larger school.
I am so much more confident than I was though...2 years ago I was seriously considering home ed!
And ds1 is going in a 3/4 day residential trip in may!!
It's amazing smile

Badvoc Tue 30-Oct-12 17:48:46

Yes, I feel that way too wrt my dc.
Up to now ds2 has not struggled at all, met all his milestones etc.
It's a bit strange actually! smile
Ds2 was 4 last month and he already knows all his letter sounds, numbers up to 20 and can write some letter and numbers.
He is just so far ahead of what ds1 could do at that age, I have no idea what I am supposed to do with him! smile

Badvoc Tue 30-Oct-12 17:49:47

....oh and he can read some simple cvc words too.
That properly freaked me out! smile

neverenoughtimemum Tue 30-Oct-12 20:30:25

Wondered if this might be useful for Betsey and anyone else considering Tinsley House. Its a link to a free webinar being held on Monday 19th November betwen 12.00 and 1.30 p.m. Robin is speaking along with 2 others below. I was sent and email from Igenuss who are the Omega 3 supplements Robin recommends.

The potential role of fatty acids in neurodevelopmental disorders - Professor Basant K. Puri
Managing developmental disorders through nutrition - Dr Nina Bailey

Brilliant news about DS1 Badvoc, it's inspired me to keep going with the stairs exercise until we see Robin next month.

Beautifulpossum Tue 30-Oct-12 21:56:00

Betsey-My DS loved nursery and Reception but year 1 was a complete disaster. He was so anxious and stressed and saying he wanted to die, his brain was upside down....I was so so worried about him and like you felt Iwas losing him. He has dyspraxia, dyslexia and ADD and just couldn't cope. He started at TH at the very end of July and so we are now 13 weeks into the programme. The good news is that he is coping so much better in Year 2, in part due to a kind teacher but in the main due to TH. I thoroughly recommend Robin- he is great with children and covers everything so you won't need to take your DS to anyone else. We are making small gains on an almost daily basis and I am confident that within the next year my DS will be on track to achieving his full potential.

Badvoc Wed 31-Oct-12 07:22:12

This is something you will hear a lot.
It's not until year 1 - that is until the start of formal education- that a lot f our kids issues become more obvious/worse.
That's certainly the case for ds1 and also for 95% of the sen/sn kids I know.
Great idea re the webinar...will check that out myself! smile

MissBetseyTrotwood Wed 31-Oct-12 07:46:50

Thanks guys - the webinar sounds good. We have a big Devt. Paed appointment around then too so a few things might come into focus around then.

I never enjoy hearing the distress our children endure but there is comfort in knowing you're not alone. The EYFS is becoming increasingly like KS1 in our school - DS2 came home the other day and told me he was in 'circles' group. After I'd calmed down from being so happy he'd actually told me something about school that made sense, I realised that they're already putting them into ability groups for numeracy and literacy!!! My DS1 does the exact same thing and he's in Y1. DS2 is unaware of this of course but I was shock and sad .

Badvoc Wed 31-Oct-12 08:30:27

The worst thing betsey is when the kids come in and tell anyone who will listen..."oh my mummy says circles is the thick group"
Happened to my ds1.
Thankfully in year 5 my son isn't steamed for anything, the kids sit where they want and are just given ability appropriate work.
I am very proud of ds1 and his huge progress to the middle ability table, but I would never, ever discuss it with any other parent or child.
(Except you guys of course! )

willyoulistentome Wed 31-Oct-12 12:40:12

Hi folks - hi Badvoc- thanks for pointing me in this direction. I have almost finished the "Is this my child" book and I am pretty certain I am going to try to get DS onto the TH program. I have googled it as well as reading on MN, and found one journalist who was very sceptical - making out Robin Pauc was some sort of fraudster claiming to be a doctor when he is only qualified as a chiropractor. The rest seems pretty positive. TH looks fairly expensive, but if it helps DS (and the rest of us who are living through the issues with him) I think it is worth risking the money.

I was thinking about writing down all my thoughts, worries, observations about DS history and symptoms, and sending an email to TH to open the conversation. If I just chat to them, I know I will forget some things.

How did you all start the ball rolling?

Badvoc Wed 31-Oct-12 12:51:54

Ha! Yes. That's Ben goldacre. You will find he is not well thought of in the MNSN boards! smile
I read his book bad science and it absolutely infuriated me.
The whole issue he has with robin is something robin had no control over...a newspaper called him a medical dr without his consent. That's it.
I e mailed robin first as you suggest with details if ds1s development and problems and then phoned him.
He put my mind at rest straight away.
He is the only person in 8 years who was able to tell me why ds1 tip toe walked. Not what it was a symptom of, but why. He also thinks ds1s anxiety is due to a higher than usual level of cortisol in his brain.
Why does no one else know this? sad
I think another thing that really bugs me is at some people think that robins programme is soooo alternative.
But it really isn't.
Trials of omega oils have been going on for years. There have been countless studies where it has been shown to help kids with sen/sn. I saw an episode of "the food hospital" a few weeks ago and it was a boy with ADHD and - surprise surprise - they recommended omega 3 oils!
Made a real difference to him and his family.
They also advised cutting out sugar and junk food.
Which is what robin advises.
There are lots of computer programmes (mainly from the states) to help with convergence and tracking.
They are not new either.
I really don't think I am doing anything alternative wrt TH tbh.
It's just common sense for us smile

Badvoc Wed 31-Oct-12 12:52:37

I would recommend the brain food plan too willyou.
It's a really accessible read.

I've found the Food hospital really interesting too. The lad who had Tourettes a couple of weeks ago was significantly helped by increasing fatty acids and removing 'junk' from his diet. Makes sense that what you put in would affect the behaviour that comes out.
We've got ds' parents eve next Tuesday and for the first time I'm actually looking forward to it. I think we will hear what ds is good at rather than what he is refusing to do or struggling with. Tinsley house has literally changed his life (and mine too. When I think about my anxiety levels every day he was at school last year it makes me feel queasy)

willyoulistentome Wed 31-Oct-12 13:18:19

I read the chapter on food last night and got a bit 'E-number' blind. Fortunately DS1 is a fairly good eater. He will try/eat pretty much anything and I would say it will be pretty easy to keep meals on track. I think DS1 will be hapy to snack on fruit, cheese, humous etc It will be the snacks for DS2 that will be tricky especially on the day that my mother has them after school. I have asked her continually for YEARS not to give them sweets , but she gets all hurt and claims it's a Grannies job to give treats. She drives me mad. I will have to revisit the issue! Wish me luck!

Both boys seem to eat pretty much from the moment they come in from school till they go to bed. I'll give them a snack and a drink and then they will pester me for food all the while I am preparing supper. I practically have to fend them off the cupboards while I am stirring something. Half an hour after supper, I will get the 'What can I eat' questions starting and it will continue till bedtime. They are both as lean as whippets, so I just let them nibble.

As the bulk of their diet (main meals) is what I consider to be pretty healthy, I have not been too concerned that they do eat biscuits and crisps. To be honest , to eliminate this stuff from DS1's diet, I will have to stop buying it altogether, as DS1 will just help himself. Funnily enough, my food troubles are going to be with DS2, who is my 'easy' child, in most ways. He does like his biscuits and is not going to take kindly to humous or whatever.
I hope the book you recommend can give me some ideas that DS2 will eat.

It sounds like the whole family wil benefit from the diet anyway. I could do withlosing a stone or two

Badvoc Wed 31-Oct-12 13:45:51

Dh and I have both lost over a stone just by cutting down on carbs! smile
If you are really interested in diet then I would recommend escape the diet trap by dr John briffa. Shocking reading.
Shopping...let us know he you get on! It was so funny last nit at my sons parents evening...we all just sat around smiling and laughing. It was lovely.
Ds1 will have been at this school for 2 years next month.
And it will be a year in jan that we started TH.
Best thing we ever did smile
(Although I do rate ait and rrt too)

Badvoc Thu 01-Nov-12 09:39:25

Hi all.
Just to clarify my earlier posts re the computer software...
The tracking programme is available at:
The convergence programme is available at:

Badvoc Mon 05-Nov-12 14:11:42

Hi everyone.
Hope you are all ok and survived half term smile
Not much to report here which is how I like it!
Ds1s new half term project is about space and he wants to make a space rocket (weeps)
I have only just recovered from him making the Greek trireme! smile
Ds1 is currently doing hemi p and hemi t programme and doing ok.
We were at a bonfire party at mils in Saturday and he spent most of the time poking the fire with a big stick smile and wafting his sparkler about.
Ds2 loved it too once he had his noise cancelling headphones on! smile
Got our next (skype) appt with robin in 5th dec.
Am hoping to listen to the webinar on 19th nov too.

Hi Badvoc and everyone else. We are on week two of eye tracking and it's going well- far far less stressful than vision therapy. Ds' parents' evening tomorrow night and we are hoping to hear good things. Did I already boast that he got full marks on last week's spelling test? I had no idea if he could spell until September as he refused to write much at all. He spelled 'doubt' right first time last week!
Badvoc are you now working on the frontal bits of the brain? Will be interested to see if the exercises targetting the ASD bits of the brain are as effective as the others we've done so far. Ds' autistic traits are reducing just from working on the cerebellum so I imagine directing targetting the frontal bits will be amazing.

Badvoc Mon 05-Nov-12 14:39:11

I think it's more to do with making both sides of the brain work together?
Great news re tracking...told you it was easier! smile
Let us know how parents evening goes....

DaftMaul Mon 05-Nov-12 16:39:55

<shudders at the memory of ds' space project last year>

The Science Museum in London has an excellent space display if you are able to visit?

We are due to see Robin this Saturday. Ds seems to have become very good at finding all the items in Wally and enjoys whooping me! It's a bit tedious to do every evening along with tracking but we are sticking at it. Hoping we can drop tracking after his visit.

Badvoc Mon 05-Nov-12 17:50:22

Oh, I am dreading it daft sad
Ds1 is also pretty good at wheres wally...unlike me. I could sit there for a week and not find the little twerp! smile

DaftMaul Mon 05-Nov-12 19:08:01

It's the bones we can never find! The older books are definitely easier than the newer ones

So ds' teacher is 'delighted' with him. The old school put in his reference that he was tantrumming 2 or 3 times a day and refusing to do lots of aspects of the curriculum. (All true but wasn't very helpful of them to put that as we could have lost his place at new school). Anyway he hasn't had a single incident of difficult behaviour the entire term! His handwriting has improved immeasurably, he is ahead of his chronological age in reading and while his concentration in maths isn't quite as good he is holding his own with the rest of the class. He has friends, is considered part of the group by his peers and is always cheerful.
To say I am delighted is an under statement smile

DaftMaul Tue 06-Nov-12 20:46:15

Brilliant Shopping.

Beautifulpossum Wed 07-Nov-12 00:03:08

Shopping- such fab news about your DS.

DD has been doing Where's Wally for 2 months now and sure DS will get it at some point too so we are in for a double dose here! argh! It's Wizard Whitebeard who gets me....!

First day back at school and absolutely no fuss from DS. Came out tonight SMILING and said he had a GOOD DAY. He enjoyed doing newswriting and read a story to himself during silent reading and was able to tell me what had happened! He is breaking out of his dyslexic/dyspraxic prison. VT is the only real bug-bear now - but still it won't be forever.

I now really believe that my DS will achieve his full potential and am not really worried about him anymore. Can't belive that 4 months ago I thought he would never go to school again and I would have to home educate.

Beautifulpossum Wed 07-Nov-12 00:08:39

Shopping- I meant to ask if DS is still doing stairs and teeth?

Badvoc Wed 07-Nov-12 07:47:14

Oh how wonderful!
<wipes speck of dust from eye>

DaftMaul Wed 07-Nov-12 08:19:09

BP that is fantastic!

Lovely news beautiful possum. Yes backwards stairs, teeth (not done as often as we should as he is crap at it and will only agree to cleaning them twice a day so won't let me reclean and that makes me paranoid about tooth decay). I must admit I've been a bit lax on the sugar front lately though. Am still doing high protein, no additives etc but we have had homemade cakes and biscuits more often than we should.

willyoulistentome Wed 07-Nov-12 12:34:05

Guys, I had DS assessed by a local tutor who somebody recommended to me and she came up with all the same things I have been thinking myself. I asked her if she had heard of TH. She hadn't but mentioned something called DDAT which seemed to have really helped a previous pupl of hers with similar issues to my DS. I googled it and it looks to have similar principals to TH. Has anyone heard of it and got any opinions or experience? DH is sceptical about TH because I 'found it on the internet'. He thinks anything you hear of on the internet is a scam by definition, and that if TH worked it would be done on the NHS.

I would do the exercises, diet and supplement for six weeks. By then you will know if it's going to have an effect on your son which will provide dh with the evidence he needs to take it further. If it doesn't work you've only lost the cost of the omega 3 and the higher protein diet.

Badvoc Wed 07-Nov-12 12:54:01 10 years or so I think TH will be mainstream ,and not just on the NHS, but in schools too.
But that is in the future.
I haven't heard of DDAT, sorry.
As shopping said, follow the TH programme In the book for 6-8 weeks and see if it helps.

willyoulistentome Wed 07-Nov-12 13:01:48

I am doing a sort of version of the diet, while we use the crap up. I intend to go full steam ahead, once all the cupboards are bare of things like sugary cereals. DS does seem calmer. I am seeing the teacher after school today to tallk about my worries, and I am going to get an appt with the GP to get eyes and ears tested. It will be me paying for TH anyway, not DH, so he has nothing to lose.

Ruggles Wed 07-Nov-12 13:17:03

Hello Ladies
I've been lurking for ages and thought I would jump in and say hello. You ladies have really bolstered me up and inspired me. Please say a hello to IndigoBlue too - one of her posts was my jumping off point on where to start getting help - I'm very grateful.

My DS1 is 4 and having real problems at nursery with concentration, focus, following instructions, group activities and some social stuff (eye contact when it suits him, not very good at spatial awareness and respecting people's bubbles) Its weird, its not all the time and some days are much better than others. We're off to see Hemispheres but after reading all your stories, I'm wondering if we should be going to TH instead! Any thoughts ladies...? Shoppingbagsundereyes - I was so pleased to read your post this morning - it was just what I needed to read and I can only imagine how proud you must be feeling.

I had an awful day yesterday culminating in me telling DS to 'get the f* into the car' at the nursery car park and then tears again in our local shop when he wouldn't get in the car (not sure why I let him out...) I hate myself for shouting and swearing at him, its not like me and I know it doesn't help. DH was cheesed off too. sad and I felt that once I had started crying, that I just couldn't seem to stop - I was at it on and off all evening. I don't know how difficult DS challenges are compared to other people's, but for me it feels huge and so frightening.

DS starts in Reception at a new school next September and like you, I've been beginning to wonder if we'll get there. Most of the time I feel as if we have a window of time to make positive progress, but at other times I just feel overwhelmed.

I've ordered the book and am going to start with the diet and supplements. DS1 is allergic to eggs and nuts, so his diet is mainly home-made-from-scratch already. I'm going to ditch the carbs and while it may be a bit of a challenge to sort out a menu, but if I can get a week's worth together, I can keep repeating it.

Sorry for such a long post. Apart from saying hello, I'd really appreciate any thoughts on whether we should stick with Hemispheres or think about TH or consult both and see what we think? Also, anything else we should be doing?

Thank you thanks

All my 'evidence' is anecdotal and that's the trouble with a regime like Tinsely House- people think because there is no 'proof'' it must be garbage. All I can do is tell the story of my ds who at 3/4 was the same as your ds and by 5 was ripping up school books, jumping on furniture, writing on furniture (but refusing to write in lessons) etc etc.
we started Tinsley house in June officially but started the diet etc six weeks before. He is a changed child. He is no longer on the SEN register. I don't think he has SEN anymore, at least not in school terms. He still has meltdowns like the one you describe at home but they are much less frequent. Often recently I have held my breath expecting a meltdown and been full of joy when ds has just accepted the circumstance in the way an NT child like my dd would.
When I think of my anxiety levels just six months ago I wonder how I coped. I felt sick constantly when ds was at school and often laid awake at night fearing for his future. I feel so much calmer and more positive now. As Badvoc often says he is the same ds but is now almost free of the ASD nightmare

Ruggles, do the stairs exercise straight away, start this afternoon. You can see their brains working, it's fascinating. Stand close though as he might be wobbly when you begin it.

Beautifulpossum Wed 07-Nov-12 14:10:48

Welcome Willyou and Ruggles. Great to have you on the thread.

Willyou- My DH and FIL were so so cynical about TH and neurodevelopmenta work. FIL kept talking about hard science and quackery and in total denial that anything was wrong with DS. I had to trick my DH into taking us to Robin but he is now totally on board as he can see the difference the TH proramme is making to him. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Robin and TH.

Ruggles- My journey with DS started in March this year, after a great nursery and reception which he thoroughly enjoyed he started not wanting to go to school and in March his teacher took me to one side and said that he was having trouble copying from the board and I should get his eyes tested. I took him to a BO who diagnosed some neurological eye problems. I then spoke to an Ed, Psych who suggested I take him to a good OT and I found Hemispheres on the internet. We went to Hemispheres in June ( by which point my DS was a total mess and saying he wanted to die/ couldn't cope/ had silly brain/ was stupid) It was tryuly terrible. Hemispheres identified that he had retained 14 primitive reflexes and sent me away with an exercise programme. I really didn't understand what it all meant and spent the next 5 weeks panicing and finding out all I could. I then discovered various mumsnet threads and found loads of people who had done REtained Reflexes with either INPP, SLC or Hemispheres but had also done TH. There is more than one way to skin a cat but after speaking to Robin ( who was the first person who was able to reassure me that my child didn't have a brain tumour despite having a retained babinski reflex) and reading Becaroo, Indigo, Blueshark, Badvoc and other posts I decided to switch to TH. I don't know how things would have progressed with Hemispheres nut I haven't regretted my decision. Robin is at the end of the phone and has reassured me during some really dark moments. I am absolutely convinced that he understands the brain. He also sorts the eyes out- Hemispheres do not and refer to BO. If you want to go through any of this I would be more than happy for you to give me a call though Badvoc, Shopping, Daft and Indigo all know more than me.

Badvoc Wed 07-Nov-12 14:12:35

Firstly, welcome.
Secondly, we have all been there.
I am not proud to say I have called my son lazy to his face because I just couldn't understand how such a clever child could not do simple tasks sad
I think sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to realise you need to seek help.
I know I did sad
I will indeed pass on your hello to indigo smile
I can't comment on hemispheres as I haven't used their service but I have used TH and recommend it unreservedly.
There is a webinar on nov 19th which I would recommend you try and watch.
And remember...your journey starts today. These are your first steps smile

Ruggles Wed 07-Nov-12 14:46:52

Wow - thank you for all that support! smile smile smile
Shoppingbagundereyes - that's so interesting about your DS. Its heartening to hear your story and it really fills me up with hope. Also about your own anxiety levels and how much they've improved. I think I'm about ready to blow a gasket!
Beautifulpossum - very interesting to read of your experiences with Hemispheres, thank you so much for sharing them. I've been worried that I'll waste time with them or overload DS.
Thanks Badvoc for your kind words. Its so motivating and supportive to know you are all out there.
I have bitten the bullet and just come off the phone to Robin. I wasn't expecting to get him on the call and I am so impressed with how he handled my call and worries. He thinks it sounds like the right-hand-side of brain issue. He was totally reassuring about the prospects for DS1 and we are going to see him next week! He suggested a consultation to find out exactly what is going on with DS1 and then an action plan based on that rather than treating reflexes which are probably a symptom of the issue IFYSWIM?! I will tell DH about the new plan this evening, but after last night, I think he will be very happy... As you say Badvoc, first steps... xx smile

Badvoc Wed 07-Nov-12 16:42:32

Well done you!
It took me 6 weeks to pick up the courage to phone robin! smile
Do let us know how you get on..this is a support thread and that means we get to moan and be upset as well as all the great stuff! smile

Brilliant news Ruggles. It feels great just to be doing something doesn't it? What I found so discouraging with ds' aspergers diagnosis was having to accept that this was just the way my son was going to be and we would all just have to learn ways of coping. I reject that now. Ds does not have to be miserable, shouting and crying about the slightest thing and generally making things difficult for everyone. We are changing the way his brain works for the better on a daily basis with every exercise we do.

Beautifulpossum Thu 08-Nov-12 11:27:13

Ruggles- I am delighted for you, DH and DS...

By the way my DS thought the consultation was fun... Robin is fabulous with kids and the clinic is so child friendly with climbing frame outside..etc.etc.

As Badvoc said- this is a support thread. We are here for you everyday, through thick and thin. My DS was so upset about school in June he was physically being sick- today he wnet in laughing with his little mate. We have all made great progress and you will too.

In June I was so worried about DS that I wasn't sleeping, totally stressed out etc but by mid September he was coping so much better that my stress levels had dropped so much. Hang in there!

Badvoc Thu 08-Nov-12 12:16:08

We have all been there BP...I home schooled my son for most of 2010.
There comes a point when you simply don't know what else to do but you know you have to do something.
And as awful as some of the past few years habe been for me - if ds2 has the same or similar issues to ds1 then I at least I know what to do!

Beautifulpossum Thu 08-Nov-12 21:51:33

Thanks lovely Badvoc.

Good news from us today is that DS has got all his stars for Accomodation Rock! just 3 more to go for both saccades and pursuits. Still nothing for BI and BO but hoping when we are down to 14 minutes DS will knuckle down to it. The VT has been so so hard for us but am determined to get on top of it before we go back to see Robin on 8th December. Any tips gratefully received.

Badvoc Fri 09-Nov-12 07:38:43


Badvoc Fri 09-Nov-12 12:35:07

Ds1 came home very proud again yesterday....
He got a head teacher award for some phonics work he did smile
Have been very very bad this week...what with dh being away and parties etc he hasn't done hemi p or hemi t since Monday! <bad mother>
Really must get back on track next week!
Have to start his space project this week <weeps>

Beautifulpossum Fri 09-Nov-12 21:00:06

Neuro work and Space project- poor Badvoc!

DS came home today with "Star of the week" for using speech marks and comma's. Also managed to do all the VT tonight without too much squawking. Won't be long now until pursuits is a thing of the past. I won't be sad to say goodbye to that whizzing E!

DD also seems less "zoned out"- definately think Where's Wally is helping her attention.

Bought a 2013 calender today and thinking this will all be over by this time next year and my kids will be free to fulfil their true potential!

Badvoc Fri 09-Nov-12 21:35:32


DaftMaul Sun 11-Nov-12 16:06:14

We saw Robin yesterday. I stupidly let ds have a fanta on the way in the car - he was sooo hyper - oops!

Ds has to continue with the original HemiStim and now adds in the second one. He is also starting the tracking programme with words but hopefully, that won't be for long.

Robin thinks we have about 4 more sessions to go and it sounds as though we wil be getting onto the stuff that he really needs soon!

Sounds like good progress smile
How lovely to hear 4 sessions left. The end is in sight smile

Beautifulpossum Sun 11-Nov-12 21:50:03

Daft- That's great news. Hopefully you will be through by the summer holidays. Do you still do stairs and teeth?

Badvoc Mon 12-Nov-12 09:46:02

Good news daft.
Am hoping we will be done by spring/ Easter.
Very exciting!
Dc off school today...yet another virus! Viral load seems bad this winter sad on the plus side they are will enough to squabble so should be back tomorrow! smile
Ds1 has just finished book a of apples and pears (a spelling and punctuation workbook for dyslexic kids) and I am so happy smile he is making such good progress...only 3 more books to go! :$

Ruggles Mon 12-Nov-12 12:01:43

Such brilliant news Daft and you too Badvoc - it must be wonderful and liberating and very exciting to know that the end is in I love reading about your progress.

We're off for our first appointment on Thursday and I'm feeling very excited and anxious all at once! I've read both of his books and am amazed at the stories and case studies that he talks about - can it really be as magical as he says? I really hope that it works for our ds - in fact I have my fingers and toes crossed that we're not the exception. Reading the book made me feel quite sad - so much of what he talks about was my childhood - dyslexic, disorganised, totally hyper active and always in trouble at school. My dh can't believe this when I tell him as he thinks I'm a very calm person hmm hmm

I've got tons of questions about the programme! Have started ds on his supplements which he has taken to like a duck to water. I'm interested to hear how you get on with the discipline of doing the same exercises again and again. My ds is just and 4 - he's very suspicious of new things, then loves them and then equally quickly becomes bored and wants to move on. How do you all manage it?

Also, what should we expect at our consultation - does Robin ask lots about their behaviour / challenges now or when they were little. Is it ok to talk openly in front of ds? Anything we should ask? It sounds awful, but I'm not very good at remembering at what age he crawled or whether he rolled first..

We started on the diet plan over the weekend and so far its been fine. I make everything from scratch already as ds is allergic to eggs, nuts and sesame. The biggest change for us is dropping Weetabix / toast (cue lots of gnashing and grumbles this morning) and introducing much more fish and variety. What does everyone do for breakfast? Most of the ideas involve eggs. So far we've done beans on a slice of toast and porridge with fruit - but is that enough protein?

Sorry for such a long post - I feel as if I've stumbled across something and a group of people who can make the most enormous difference to us, which is incredible. thanks

Ruggles Mon 12-Nov-12 12:03:04

PS - poor you with the bugs. We seem to rock from one virus to another and heard at nursery today that the winter vomiting bug has arrived early...

Badvoc Mon 12-Nov-12 12:52:48

Hi ruggles.
Ugh. My two had a sickness bug 3 weeks ago. Hoping that's it til after Xmas....
Wrt to the appt, I had already e mailed robin a pretty long document detailing ds1s issues and health history from birth.
He then asked us questions re: pg, birth, diet, illnesses, vaccines etc.
What we felt his main problems were and how it affects him.
He also asked about school and I took some of his work with me to show him.
We have always been very open with our ds wrt his problems and why we are seeking help but he is older than your ds and can therefore understand most of what we say and why we are doing what we are doing iyswim?
I am always at pains to make ds1 understand he isn't the only one, lots of people have these problems but sadly lots of them don't get help.
It also helps that 2 of his friends from school are also dyslexic and go to the same phonics and handwriting groups etc.
Great that he is taking he supplements already and you are starting to alter his diet.
Ds1 had a pretty healthy diet - or so we thought! - but we have reduced carbs a lot and make him have veg with his dinner now.
Wrt breakfast...ds1 either has an omelette, beans on toast or what we call "posh" cheese on English muffin lightly toasted, then spread with tomato topping/passata/pizza topping and mozerella cheese and baked in the oven for 10 mins. He loves them! For a treat I sometimes do pancakes. He doesn't eat porridge anymore sad
He takes a wholemeal sandwich with butter on (!) to school, with a fruit purée desert (only way he will eat fruit) and flapjacks/rice cakes usually.
He only drinks water.
Try and write down as much as you can prior to the appt....if you are anything like me I tend to forget everything the minute I sit down for a consultation!
Make bullet points if it helps...
When did you first become worried about your ds?
What triggered the concern?
Has it got worse?
Has anything helped? (In our case ait and rrt)
How do his problems affect him and his do they affect you as a family?
School reports are good, as are samples of work if you have any?
What do you hope to gain by going to TH?
What are you worried about (if anything?)
Good luck x

Badvoc Mon 12-Nov-12 12:57:06

Tbh wrt what to expect I would say that, going by the experiences in this thread, you will be told to continue the supplementation and diet.
You will probably also be given the stair exercise and tooth brushing exercise to do.
Dint panic if your ds really struggles with it at first...ds was terrible! I really dint think he would get there BUT within 3 months was going. And down stairs with his eyes closed carrying a tray of water filled cups!! smile
Just takes time....and your ds is only 4. I wish I had done this when my ds was 4 sad

Badvoc has said it all really. Robin is great with children and will make your ds feel at ease. Ds sat and looked at Robin's where's wally books while I talked at our first appointment. I've never really worried about talking in front of him as he switches off when he concentrates on something else.
Breakfast we do fish fingers (waitrose do nice quality jumbo ones with lots of fish), cheese on wholemeal toast, scrambled egg or just bread and butter and ham, cheese or salami. I still let ds have Rice Krispies once in a while as long as he has eaten his protein breakfast first.
Exercises just become part of your morning routine and the dcs no longer notice them ime. We started stairs with me sitting in stair 4 with my eyes shut waiting for a 'surprise' kiss. Made ds laugh. VT is tough but achievable. We now do eye tracking which ds enjoys. I think he will like where's wally when we get there.
So pleased for you that you are beginning this process. Really hope (and believe) you'll see some great changes.

Ruggles Mon 12-Nov-12 16:54:07

Thanks for the replies and advice, I've started writing it all down with bullet points as yes, I always seem to forget things until I"m in the car on the way home!! Your list is a really good starting point ;) Posh Cheese on toast sounds delicious and fish fingers too - the boys love them. I may try and cook everything the night before and just re-heat it in the morning until I get a bit more with it!
I love the idea of the 'surprise' kiss too!
I've been reading back over old threads and see that a lot of you have done AIT as well. Would you recommend this too? Does Robin talk to you about what (if anything) else one should do?
It is so comforting to 'be in action'. DS came home today saying that no one wanted to play with him today as he had hit them all. A week ago that would have had me in tears, but I felt much more able to just give him a cuddle and look forward to our appointment.

Badvoc Mon 12-Nov-12 20:37:49

It's a tough one.
I rate ait and rrt but robin would say that after TH they won't be necessary...ds did them before TH so I will never know! smile
My ds was - and always had been - hyper sensitive to noise. Badly so.
The ait cured him.
He had lots of retained reflexes.
The rrt cured them.
The TH neuro exercises are similar to rrt in that they stimulate the brain to work in different ways and get rid of troublesome symptoms like dyspraxia.
I also think that ds was so used to doing 4-5 mins of exercises every day that the TH ones weren't really so different.
I thoroughly recommend inpp in Chester. There is an online questionnaire you can fill in to see if they think they can help. MIght be worth filling in?
I am not sure I would recommend ait unless your ds had long standing and on going hyper sensitivity to noise.

Beautifulpossum Mon 12-Nov-12 21:47:13

Ruggles-don't worry that you don't remember when/if DS rolled etc. I didn't either. DS had been such a terrible baby and I had horrendous PND because he didn't sleep for more than 20 minutes for the first 16 months that everything was a blur. He was also a FTT baby dropping from 91st percentile weight to 2nd.

My DS had been through a dyslexia test, neuro assessment by Hemispheres and BO before seeing Robin and I was really worried about putting him through any more. Like many other kids on this thread he is a very clever/ sensitive little boy and was in overload. Robin was really great. He doesn't mention dyslexia etc but shows the children a brain - he jokes with them but also explains very carefully what is up but in a very matter of fact way. My DS was absolutely fine and you and DS will be too.

It is a lot to take in. Robin will be fine if you need to call him to clarify anything or recap over anything you have missed. He recognises that some of us have DDS too! Please don't feel intimidated by him. He is a genius- it's true but he is also a father of 4 and a kind man. He wants to help you and your DS.

My DD has a combination of Fish fingers, baked beans, bacon, egg and 97% meat sausages for breakfast. DS has sausages and omelete and sometimes some porridge if he has eaten his protein.

The exercises can be tough- especially for the first few weeks. They have to be tough to work as well as they do. You have to expect some emotional reactions but remember they all do it, it is normal...

DS has now only got one more star to go for pursuits and 2 more for saccades and getting close to getting a star for BO. VT has been very tricky for us but at last we are making some progress.

Can someone tell me haow to use the Smileys. My posts are so dull sad

Badvoc Tue 13-Nov-12 07:48:43

BP...your first few months with your ds sound like. Mine sad
But we are still here and our kids are amazing smile
(For a smiley face do a colon and a right hand bracket!)

Beautifulpossum Tue 13-Nov-12 13:26:23

smile Thanks. blush

Beautifulpossum Tue 13-Nov-12 13:29:22

DS announced that his brain was feeling different and weird today. He was full of beans so take it as a good thing grin

Also got his final star for pursuits.

Ruggles Tue 13-Nov-12 14:32:52

Well done on all those starts! grin Beautifulpossum - that's interesting about your ds - good that he's full of beans too! Maybe he's having an endorphine rush. Thanks ladies for all the fab advice - it's really good to know what to expect and to feel confident about it all. smile I'm going to look into INPP and AIT too, but don't think I will do anything until after Thursday. Your first few months after c/b sound like right blur sad sad.

DaftMaul Tue 13-Nov-12 14:44:53

I would be wary at overloading him with doing more than one approach at a time.

Badvocsanta Tue 13-Nov-12 15:51:30

Trying out my new Xmas nickname smile

DaftMaul Tue 13-Nov-12 19:47:19

:-) Badvocsanta

Do you have a particular music you use BV for Hemi T? Just about to look for something suitable on iTunes - cant think of anything instrumental, it may have to be classical.

Just heard from Indigo. Sounds as though her dcs are still doing really well which is great news.

Ruggles Tue 13-Nov-12 20:02:10

Think you may be right DaftMaul - have been mulling / reading this afternoon and there is so much out there, I suppose its easy to get a bit carried away and grab at anything that sounds as if it may help ds. grin What kind of music do you need to find? Not sure what BV or Hemi T is but do quite like classical music, if I can help. So pleased to hear that all going well with Indigo and dcs!

DaftMaul Tue 13-Nov-12 21:20:25

Sorry, BV = Badvoc smile

I need to find some instrumental music for ds to listen to whilst doing his new HemiStim. I have searched on YouTube and found some stuff that will last long enough for what we need. Thankyou though Ruggles.

I know what you mean about wanting to do everything to get results. Before starting TH, I had an appointment booked a INPP. After asking for recommendations on here, I felt TH was the way to go. I'm not sure we (or ds) could have coped with keeping on top of too many more things to do. I would also worry about one approach impeding another - although have absolutely no idea I that woud happen. Not to mention the cost! grin

Daftmaul, I may be a bit late, sounds like you've found some music but the sound track to Star Wars has some really beautiful pieces of instrumental music. We got it quite cheaply on amazon and ds loves it.

Badvocsanta Wed 14-Nov-12 06:43:04

I use a classical album.
I think it's called classical chill out?
It's classical music used in movies the piano and jean de floret.
Yy to str wars! smile
Ds1s middle name is Luke (after you know who!)
Daft has a very valid point...I did ait and rrt before TH. I would not have done both together tbh.

Ruggles Wed 14-Nov-12 07:01:18

Star Wars sounds great! Thanks for the advice - going to stop reading other stuff and focus on TH.

DaftMaul Wed 14-Nov-12 08:55:12

I thought about star wars but worried that it might be too distracting with the need to 'sing along' wink

I am setting it all up today so will report back how we get on with it all!

Badvocsanta Wed 14-Nov-12 09:14:01

Have checked and ds1 is currently listening to adagio for strings by barber.

willyoulistentome Wed 14-Nov-12 09:43:36

Hi ladies. I spoke to DS1's teacher for over an hour last week. She really is lovely, and has put some things in place in school, not sure if they are going to help, but I do know that so far, she is following through on her promises. I am seeing the GP on Friday. I have written down all the things that worry me so I don't forget to mention something. The HT at school is also the SENCo and she has suggested I get an DS1 referred to an OT. I don;t think she would have done so unless I had gone to her though The thing is they have no issues with him at school. He is on the 'middle table' for literacy, but surely this has no actual meaning - it just reflects the childs ability within the range of the whole class. If they were all G&T he would be on the 'bottom' table and if they were ALL SEN he would be higher. ..and there are some real problems in his year group.

The issue I am facing right now with DS1 is that at age 9, he is cottoning on to the fact that i have been speaking to his teacher a lot recently. He is very alert to the fact that there may be something 'wrong', and is asking lots of questions. I know some of your kids are younger, so may not be quite so alert to your anxieties.

I don't know what to say to him about my worries.. Do I come clean and tell him I am worried about him?? or do I gloss over it and pretend to him that everything is OK?

Badvocsanta Wed 14-Nov-12 09:52:28

Tricky one.
My son is also 9.
We have always been very open with him about his problems. He knows that he is dyslexic (btw there is a great website...if you google famous dyslexics- that cheered him up no end!) and he says its not fair sad and we agree. But we also make it clear that we are helping him and that he is making amazing progress.
Kids have pretty accurate bullshit-o-meters ime smile and I am sure your son is e same.
Just be honest.
Perhaps it may lead to a frank discussion and him telling you how he feels and what he feels he struggles with?

DaftMaul Wed 14-Nov-12 10:00:45

Willyou, my ds is 11yrs and is also VERY aware of things going on - it is a sign that they are bright, IMHO grin

I would probably explain it in terms of you know he is very clever and want to find ways to help his brain work even better than it does at the moment.

I'm not sure that my ds' issues would have been picked up if he had been in mainstream. He is in a selective school, so we know how he was doing when he started and it became clear nearly a year ago that he was not fulfilling his expected potential, iykwim. We had been asking questions of school before this because of behaviour issues starting at home.

What concerns do you have?

Beautifulpossum Wed 14-Nov-12 23:42:08

Really interested to hear that there is a music element to one of the Hemi Stim's. I have wondered what Robin does on that front as many other practioners use the Listening Programme or similar.

My son is nearly 7 yrs and doesn't know he has dyspraxia and dyslexia. I hope he never will wink He is making such gains and I hope he will catch up with the NT children in year 3.

DS has now finished Accomodation Rock, Pursuits and Saccades so we are down to 14 minutes VT....much better though still a tricky part of our day!

Ruggles- there are so many things out there and I too would warn tagainst overdoing it. I looked at many other neuro systems, INPP, Handle, Fountain House, Hemispheres, SLC and investigated Cranial- Sacral, homeopathy and more ..Robin too warned against doing too much. My advice is to pick a system ( my first recommendation would of course be TH) and go with it. If you are not happy at the end ( but I think you will be ) then look for something else.

I know I spent hours and hours getting my head around all this stuff. You are on the right path Ruggles, I am sure of that. I know it's hard but in 2 or 3 months your DS will be so much calmer and you will feel better.

Badvocsanta Thu 15-Nov-12 07:53:18

Ds has gone up another reading level which means the next time he gets 100% in a test he will become an "independent reader" smile
This time 2 years ago he was struggling with some cvc words!

willyoulistentome Fri 16-Nov-12 11:12:46

Daftmaul. Emotional outbursts, little or no empathy, difficulties with social interaction, controlling behaviour with family, obsessions/crippling perfectionism, very short attention span, Makes sudden loud noises, inability to focus on a task, has big problems understanding the meaning in text, although he can read the words, monotone or 'silly voice' reading out loud no self esteem, no self confidence, agression.

I detailed it all in writing, with examples, and took it with me when I saw the GP about my son today, because I knew I was probably going to be tearful and didn't want anything to be forgotten. She agrees he needs help and is going to research the best place to refer us to for an initlal assesment. I was going to mention TH, but think I will wait until we see whoever does the assessment. She had 'heard of' vision therapy, but as a GP her job is basically triage for things like this, I guess.

I think it is likely we will see a child psycologist. How on earth am I going to explain this visit to him in terms that won't further dent his self esteem?

My ds is younger so it's easier and he hasn't noticed he is any different to his peers (actually there is hardly any difference anyway now we've been doing TH) but we explained the visits to TH as ' our right and left sides of our brain need to work together. Your left side is amazing and that's why you are so good at XYZ. Your right side needs extra help and that's why you get angry, frustrated etc. the exercises will help to get your right side stronger'. He was happy with that although when furious about having to do VT he would often have a moan about his right brain.

willyoulistentome Fri 16-Nov-12 12:52:16

shoping Out of interest, what are the things that your DS is amazing at? My DS has huge musical talent, great at sports, great, infact AMAZING at mental arithmetic.

Ds is amazing at reading (he is 3 yrs ahead of his actual age despite having convergence and eye tracking problems- Robin was astounded he could read as well as he does with the problems he had), he has a fabulous imagination and freaky musical skill ( you name a tv show or film and he can hum the soundtrack instantly and can 'name that tune in one'!). I think as his concentration continues to improve we can look at him learning an instrument. He is also rather lovely smile
Our big problems were concentration, control and non compliance. Concentration is now at normal levels for his age I think, he is compliant at school now (and better at home) and is slightly less controlling. We still have quite a way to go on control though I think.

Btw your list of your ds' difficulties are a classic example of the kind of children Robin has helped. Ds had an aspergers diagnosis but when I read Robin's book I realised he also had problems associated with dyspraxia and ADD with the control part of OCD thrown in for good measure, as does your ds by the looks of it. On reading Robin's book it made perfect sense to me that ds was misdiagnosed as aspergers and actually had Development Delay.

willyoulistentome Fri 16-Nov-12 14:29:33

I read the book, on Badvoc's recommendation, and I was stunned by how much of it applied to DS. I don't THINK he has any dyspraxic issues, in fact his hand/eye co-ordination is very good, he is great at sports, doesn;t appear clumsy or drop stuff.

Were any of you guys referred to TH by another health professional ? DH is very sceptical, just saying that most of these symptoms can be applied to most school age kids and he thinks whoever comes to them they are not going to turn away your money, which is why I have not gone direct to Robin, but to my GP first.

willyoulistentome Fri 16-Nov-12 14:33:25

btw, My DS sounds like yours in that he can sing ANY song or theme tune you care to name beautifully, and while listening to music will hum along , but in a harmony he has made up, or will hum along to the -say - cellos only in an orchestral piece. He is learning the piano and is getting on quite well. (When I can get him to sit and practice)

Badvocsanta Fri 16-Nov-12 14:59:39

I went the NHS route first.
It led to an appt with the most disinterested, useless paediatrician I have ever - or hope to ever - come across.
"Yes your ds does have asd traits but a dx won't do him any good"
In a way it was good.
It made me realise that I needed a specialist to help my son, not someone whose only concern is meeting targets and budgetary constraints.
I find your Dhs comments very odd and I can assure most kids do not have these symptoms.
How many school age children does your dh know?

Badvocsanta Fri 16-Nov-12 15:00:22

.... that being said, most men do seem to have a hard time accepting their child is not "normal", mine included.

Badvocsanta Fri 16-Nov-12 15:01:21

My son has am amazing memory for historical facts and is fantastic at mental arithmetic too smile

Hello all TH-ers, just wanted to add our latest. DS, 3.8 (hfa, dyspraxia) has been seeing Robin since spring this year and has been doing great. His expressive language is now age appropriate, he's so much more sociable with us and other adults, has a real sense of humour suddenly, and he's improving physically too (learned to scoot, walking much less stumbly etc). He's still very delayed when it comes to interacting with other kids but six months ago he wasn't fussed about playing with anyone.

We've seen so many positive changes in a very short space of time, and it all started when we began TH. Ds is very young so we do stairs, spinning, megastim and right hemi t (I think!) plus diet.

At the minute ds still has lots of obvious asd traits but TH has given us so much hope for the future.

Random recent example of progress - last year ds screamed his head off when we tried to coax him into a Halloween costume for his nursery party and utterly ignored all my efforts to interest him in pumpkins etc.

This year, he ASKED to wear a costume, happily had his whole face painted AND even went trick or treating!! smile

Oh and Will, my dh was sceptical about TH (hates "quackery" of any kind) but was very quickly convinced it really works. He is now very good at supervising "stair game" and "robin's game" (the computer stuff) grin

Will you, this is why on this thread we tend to all suggest people just try the exercises that are free for six weeks or so. We saw a clear improvement just from this and that felt like enough evidence for us to 'risk' our money on TH. The NHS line on autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADD, Tourette's etc is always that these are incurable syndromes that can be managed or coped with. I found this so depressing and was consumed with anxiety about ds' future. Indigobell got in trouble talking about 'curing' her dd's dyslexia on here but I will hand on heart say we are 'curing' ds' symptoms.

Badvocsanta Sat 17-Nov-12 09:07:32

Worrier...fantastic. So pleased of you and ds smile
Willyou...what shopping said. Getting the book and starting the programme will cost you abut £15 and some time.
It's what most of us did prior to seeing robin.

Ruggles Sat 17-Nov-12 22:11:03

Evening smile

Worrier - I am so pleased for you, the progress you are making with DS sounds incredible and so exciting. Fancy dress, face painting and t&t!!! The challenges sound familiar and you must be glowing with hope and pride.

Will - my husband was a bit sarcastic about my 'latest research' - I am one of life's research junkies grin grin grin . I very gently pointed out that I did the family care and that if he wanted to research, evaluate and organise something to help our ds, I was more than happy for him to take charge of it, but that if its down to me, this is what we're doing... I haven't heard a squeak since and he's now very positive and supportive about it all.

We went to see Robin on Thursday for our assessment. We were so impressed and all really enjoyed our day. I know you all told me, but I was pleasantly surprised with Robin - he was really good with ds - engaging, positive, matter-of-fact and knowledgeable all at once. DS1 has dd but I feel really upbeat about it all now. We know what's up and I feel that the programme will make a huge difference to us. Wednesday was I think, officially, my worst day as lots of stressie stuff happened at home and then nursery asked me in for another chat (our second in 3 weeks). When we got home the greedy dog ate dcs tea and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown!

Fast forward to tonight and the whole family are on fish oils, doing the exercises together and following the diet. We're feeling hopeful about the future. This afternoon I saw a family in town on their way back from school - this is where ds is due to start next September and for the first time in ages I felt as it might happen and all be ok. Fingers crossed. I am seeing nursery on Mon and feel quite confident about what I am going to say, that we're being proactive etc.

Some diet questions - are any baked beans better than others? We normally have Heinz low salt and sugar ones, but is there a better brand? How much do you avoid the Enumbers? Ketchup? Mustard? Do you make your own or use sparingly?

Thanks for encouraging us to go and see TH, I am so pleased we did. thanks

Badvocsanta Sun 18-Nov-12 08:40:29

Great news ruggles.
Onward and upward! smile
Re beans I use Heinz low salt and sugar too.
I use whatever brand op ATM.
I use Heinz cream of tomato soup.
I don't worry too much re ketchup's more the E numbers in fizzy drinks, squashes, sweets etc that are really damaging.

Heinz low sugar ketchup has no artificial sweeteners etc and is considerably lower in sugar. Ds didn't notice any difference when we swapped.

Beautifulpossum Sun 18-Nov-12 21:38:37

Ruggles- So pleased you are feeling better after seeing Robin. You have 10 months until your DS starts school. He will be so different by then. You are on top of all of this really early and should be really proud of yourself. smile Your DS will be fine as he has you as his mother.wink

Shopping- We are a month or so behing you ( started TH in August) but I too, believe my son's Developmental Delay is going and will go completely in 2013.

I too had horrendous anxiety when my DS fell apart in year 1 when the pressure of formal learning began. I now feel remarkably relaxed- just have to deliver Robin's plan every day and wait. DS now only has Base In and Base Out on his daily VT program. He has got 2 stars for Base Out - just need the breakthrough in Base In now.

Beautifulpossum Sun 18-Nov-12 21:46:02

PS- Ruggles. Your DH sounds like mine. Interestingly, my DH has gone from being totally cynical to saying that " this all makes perfect sense" Knowing him he will rewrite history in due course and say it was his idea to go to TH.
Many men don't get this to start with and it does make it hard. Luckily, we are right and they get there eventually! wink

Badvocsanta Mon 19-Nov-12 09:52:36

Ds is being assessed again soon at school (well, all the children are!) so I will let you know how he does when I find out.
Dh has jetted off again today for work..only for 3 days this time so not so bad.
But just found out that there is - another! - sick bug going around pre school sad
So just a matter of time I guess .sad it's only just over a month since the last one!

I was very brave today and risked being thought an alternative therapy wacko and discussed TH with a friend whose son has ASD. He is suffering terribly with similar problems to your ds Badvoc - high anxiety, some OCD type symptoms and awful bowel problems. I have wanted to tell her all about it for ages but she isn't a close friend and I was nervous about appearing nuts.
Anyway have had a long conversation this morning. She cried when I told her about your ds' progress Badvoc and I've sent her details of Robin's book and TH. I so so hope she gives it a go as her family's life is pretty much dictated by ASD like ours used to be. I think he is definitely someone Robin could really help.

Badvocsanta Mon 19-Nov-12 16:29:45

Shopping...poor woman sad that was me last year sad
Please tell her that if she checks out the TH website under feedback that my son is "Tom" and she can read about his issues and progress in there smile
I really hope she gives it a go.

Me too. I'll tell her what you said, thanks so much. They literally can't leave the house some days as the poor boy goes from hideous constipation to diahorrea (sp?) with little warning.

IndigoBelle Mon 19-Nov-12 22:57:37

Hi Guys - I'm back!

I have too much good news to share to stay away. smile

My 3 DCs are all doing brilliantly. We saw Robin on Sun and DS1 and DD have finally been given a game to help their memory and processing speed.

DS1 has settled into secondary school brilliantly. He has joined rugby and debating and is in the school play and is a school councillor..... I'm so proud of him.

DD is really coming right now. Her brain just works. She shows this in hundreds of ways - but it is most evident when she talks to DS2 who is 13 months younger than her. They were never really equal before, but now they are. In fact lots of times now I've caught DD teaching DS2 stuff - which is absolutely unheard of.

Anyway, my really good news is how well the school intervention is going. Last term 10 Y5 boys did the stairs exercise 3 times a day. This term those kids (who are now Y6) are continuing the stairs exercise and have started Engaging Eyes. After 6 weeks of Engaging Eyes 9 of them have improved their reading (speed or accuracy)!!!!!

The school is now expanding the intervention and doing the stairs exercise with 30 more kids.

Starting another trial of this intervention at 2 more schools next week. I'm so excited.............

Djwkin Mon 19-Nov-12 23:09:33

Welcome back Indigo! Great news about your ds 1 and dd! How is dd's reading and writing? Is she flying now basic decoding/encoding has been established?

IndigoBelle Mon 19-Nov-12 23:22:25

Her reading and writing are now flying. Her teacher commented just today about how much faster she is. smile

English is of course a very complicated language, so it will take her a bit of time to catch up to Y5 level - but her mistakes with reading and spelling are now typical of a child who is learning to read, rather than typical of a child with dyslexia.

She mostly spells phonetically, and is starting to spell some words correctly, whereas only a few months ago she wasn't spelling even phonetically and her work couldn't really be read.

She can now remember spellings if I teach her!

Her reading is almost fine, but there are so many long hard words in English that it takes all kids a while to fully learn to read. She is reading age appropriate chapter books, and only needs help on a few words per page.

And her reading speed has improved dramatically.

Djwkin Mon 19-Nov-12 23:31:33

That's fabulous news. And it is fantastic that your kids are happy and successful at school, and that the junior school is trceptive to your methods. It sounds like a very good school, which after the horrors of your first school must be quite a relief. Well done to you and your dd. it is great to hear a success story.

Djwkin Tue 20-Nov-12 00:02:24

I've followed your story, and I would say that given your dd's accelerated progress (free writing was still really at p levels in year 3, though was probably 1b with support) you should be very proud. Even if she is only on 3c/3b at end of year 5, that rate of progress should make you confident that she is ontrack (even though temporarily slightly behind) to do brilliantly overall.

Badvocsanta Tue 20-Nov-12 07:50:00

Welcome back indigo.
You have been missed x

Welcome back indigo! It was reading your story that inspired us to take ds to TH - just having an alternative ending to the story of "your child has HFA, now go suck it up" was so heartening.

Fantastic to hear other kids are benefiting from such an easy (and free) intervention too.

Ruggles Tue 20-Nov-12 12:59:33

Welcome back Indigo - soooo pleased to see you on here again and to hear all of your good news too. I just love good news and it cheers me up no end. As Worrier says, your attitude and take on all this is so inspiring and led us to TH too. Your dc are very lucky to have you at the helm.

Ruggles Tue 20-Nov-12 13:04:38

Shoppingbags, well done for being so brave. I'm sure she will really appreciate your advice and the shared experience.

Badvocsanta - good luck with your school assessment. We were going to see our ds teacher yesterday but she is off with the dreaded wvb, so we'll probably see her next week...

So lovely to see you back Indigobell smile

Beautifulpossum Tue 20-Nov-12 21:05:01

Indigo- so glad you are back and wonderful to hear the progress your DC are making. So exciting to hear that stairs and Engaging Eyes are making such a big difference to so many children.

My DC are now 16 weeks into the TH programme. So much progress but still a long way for DS to go. DD is doing so well, at school assembly today she was able to deliver her lines with only a small inattention delay and was only slightly delayed in doing the actions in a song.( before TH she would either not do them or be doing something completely different to everyone else) Her ADD is definately improving and other children have stopped being mean to her so she is feeling happier and more confident.

On a less upbeat note had a very unhelpful conversation with school today who basically said that unless |I go down the ED. Psych route with recommendations for school I can't expect any help for DS. Hoping that by the time DS has finished with Robin he won't need any help so won't have to have the battle. School think I am a wacko crackpot sad

Badvocsanta Tue 20-Nov-12 21:10:48

Yeah, my school do too, BP.
However, I am now in the B of Gov so I am aiming to conquer! smile
Good news about your dd smile

IndigoBelle Tue 20-Nov-12 21:20:17

Possum - take the EP assessment / report if you can get one! They're like gold dust except not nearly as valuable

I know you're worried about how many assessments your DS has, but because this one will be done in school it's likely to be a lot less stressful / noticeable than the other ones he's had.

And no point in getting school cross with you, when they're actually acknowledging your DS has problems.

Who knows, there's even a tiny chance that the report could be helpful. smile

And yes, very good news about your DD - she's hardly been doing TH for any length of time at all.

The most help we ever got from an EP was a meeting between her, me and ds' pre school teacher. It went a little like this:
Me: have you seen ds?
EP: no I may not have time to see him
Me: how can you advise us on how to help ds when you haven't seen him?
EP: these children tend to present in the same way
Me: bugger off EP ( I was slightly more polite)
So I would say grab the offer of a proper assessment.

And ds' old school thought I was a whiny old bag, not sure if that's better or worse than wacko crackpot?

Ruggles Wed 21-Nov-12 19:25:47

I think my school think I am all of the above... grin grin..

Do you mind if I ask some more questions? We have a month off nursery coming up and I've been planning lots of things to do at home - I love doing all sorts with my dss but do very little formal stuff - i.e. lots of reading books, but no work on numbers or letters etc. He is in pre-school and I'm seeing them next, but know they are going to say that he is struggling with both of these. Can you recommend any system or programme which we could do at home over the holidays?

Ruggles Wed 21-Nov-12 19:27:32

Shoppingbags - that is awful about your EP! No wonder you told her to bugger off.

Beautifulpossum Wed 21-Nov-12 21:40:32

Senco has summoned me in for a meeting on Monday. Despite me telling Head about Hemispheres and Class teacher about Robin and lending her his book I am apparently " secretive". Wish me luck guys!sad

Good news today was that DS came home from school after day with fab supply teacher saying that things were much easier. Asked if he could start having homework ( has been let off ) and wanted to do spellings. I can literally see him slowly breaking out of this dyslexic/dyspraxic prison. Also asked to do teeth exercise tonight and stayed on left leg ( albeit wobbling around ) for 5 minutes! grin

Off to see Robin on 8th. Hoped to have VT sorted by then but think it is impossible now as still only got 2 stars for base out and nothing for base in yet.

Badvocsanta Wed 21-Nov-12 21:47:01

You we, this is the sort of thing that brings on"the rage" in me angry
Where do teachers get off treating parents like this?
Parent who are helping our kids because THEY CAN'T!!

Beautiful possum, have you discussed the base in difficulty with Robin? It may that your ds just can't focus for the full 7 mins yet but is scoring well for the first 5 or so iyswim. We had this with autoside vergence and Robin reduced the time expected. Ds then started getting stars.
I am considering asking ds' school if he can come off the SEN register. He really is operating at the same level as most of the other boys now and doesn't seem to need any different or extra support. Maybe I should wait awhile?
Our other big news is that we've been able to reintroduce computer games. We hid our wii last feb as he had become obsessed with playing Lego games, talked about nothing else and howled for hours after he had his 30 min turn at the weekends (he's never been allowed to play on week days). Anyway two weeks ago we decided to try again. What a difference! He enjoys 30 mins, comes away nicely without even moaning and hardly mentions it again until the following Saturday!

IndigoBelle Thu 22-Nov-12 16:21:45

Shopping - ask if he can come off the SEN register.

They'll probably say no, but then when you ask again in 6 months there's more chance they'll say yes.....

Actually, they'll probably say "I'll get back to you" and then never do smile

And when he does come off the register - you'll have done it. He'll have done it. TH will have done it.

Your child will no longer have special educational needs. smile

I love the thought that it could become something of the past. We've moved 'the Out of Sync Child' and Tony Attwood's aspergers book off our bookcase this week too. Tbh he may never have been put on the new sxhool's register but given the grim report the old school sent I would be surprised if he hadn't been out on the register. Will discuss it with his teacher

Ruggles Thu 22-Nov-12 19:41:14

Shoppingbags - that is such good news. Its brilliant for you to have seen such a change with the computer games and to hear that you are clearing out your bookcase too smile smile Fingers crossed with his teacher - you never know, but you may be pleasantly surprised! Well done wine

Beautifulpossum - good luck for Monday!

Ds got the silver cup today! His teacher said it was because in yr 1 he came to school with a sad face every day, didn't like maths and his teachers were worried about him. Now he is a boy who always has a smile on his face, tries hard with maths and is doing wonderfully well smile
Good job it's not an assembly parents are invited to. I would have sobbed. Ds, of course, is entirely blasé about it all.

Badvocsanta Fri 23-Nov-12 19:05:01

Wonderful smile

Shoppingbags, I loved your post about taking those books off your shelf. I'm dreaming of having a bonfire of all the gloomy NAS brochures. We saw our 1st potential school this week (ds should have a statement soon so we can at least choose where he goes). The Senco was v nice but said "children with ASD make good progress but their social problems don't ever go away." And I thought "but my son's WILL. You don't know the progress he's made already." You just have to believe it can happen, right?

Absolutely. They will. Ds is a different child. It has taken just 6 months for such massive changes. We will follow the programme to the end - imagine how great he will be in 12 months time! I used to read those books obsessively, they felt like the only way I could help him. I deliberately left the chapter in Tony Attwood's book on teenagers as I couldn't bear the thought of the social difficulties he was likely to have. I now feel he will be a completely 'normal' teenager ( with the associated problems that will bring too!)
It should be even better for your ds, worrier princess as you've started earlier smile

Badvocsanta Fri 23-Nov-12 21:24:35

Ds1 has changed so much since we started TH.
He is 9 now and will be 10 next June.
Along with all the great stuff (increased confidence, less anxiety, OCD, asd traits, literacy, numeracy.....I could go on) is the not so great stuff (a new found attitude, answering back and getting upset and angry)
Teenage angst is the next thing for us I guess! smile have started so have so much time. It's all good smile

DaftMaul Fri 23-Nov-12 21:45:23

Welcome back Indigo, glad you couldn't keep away!

It is lovely to hear about how well everyone's dcs are doing and how positive you all are.

We have a had a mega blip this last week. Ds has been having numerous seizures since Wednesday - after being very stable and only having episodes when asleep (and not noticeable to us). We have had to call an ambulance twice since Sunday and I now realise that a and e doctors don't have a clue about epilepsy! it's all a bit depressing, he has only managed about four hours at school all week and was so exhausted his morning that he had to go down he stairs on his bottom.

So, all exercises and computer programmes on hold. Robin advised stopping the second HemiStim and holding off on the other one for a week - although, I don't think they have caused an of this.

He was doing so well too!

Badvocsanta Fri 23-Nov-12 21:47:31

Oh daft I am so sorry to hear that! sad
But a week off won't hurt.
Hope he feels better soon
It's a dark and scary day as a parent when you realise that the NHS doesn't have all the answers.

DaftMaul Fri 23-Nov-12 21:55:19

Thanks Badvoc. I suspect we will end up with more than a week off but will see.

To be fair to the NHS (after all I used to be an employee!), ds' neurology consultant and allergy consultant are both fab - it's just a shame they don't work in a and e at midnight grin

IndigoBelle Sat 24-Nov-12 07:27:04

Daft - really sorry to hear about your DSs epilepsy problems.

Sounds incredibly scary and worrying. Hope things get better soon.

I'm cross with school again. DDs meant to get half an hour a week 1:1 with the SENCO. And for the last 3 (or 4?) weeks it hasn't happened.

It makes me so cross / upset / stressed. Time is ticking away.

She is improving all the time. Now 1:1 would be really effective.

On the plus side I'm starting 2 school trials of the TH intervention on Mon, which I'm really excited about. And I have another school intrested in trialling it.

So in a few weeks I should have 4 school trials running. And if they're successful, in a few months..... in a few months this could be a recognised intervention that lots of schools do.

Wish me heaps and heaps and heaps of luck. If I get this right thousands of kids could benefit like ours have.

PS if anybody can help me with how to measure improvements please PM me this weekend.

Ruggles Sun 25-Nov-12 21:21:21

Hello Daft, I'm so sorry to read about the problems you've had this week - it must be incredibly worrying and draining for you all. Is DS feeling better? Does he often have fits? I've only seen a child fit once and I found it very difficult as you feel so helpless. As you say he's been doing so well and I'm sure he'll carry on doing well when he's feeling stronger / ready again. Big hugs.

coff33pot Sun 25-Nov-12 23:22:22

Nice to see you bank Indigo smile

Good luck regarding the school trials! x

Beautifulpossum Mon 26-Nov-12 00:13:54

Daft- So sorry to hear that your DS epilepsy has been so bad. sad Really hope this week is easier for you guys.

Beautifulpossum Mon 26-Nov-12 13:37:00

Well- i survived my meeting with the SENCO. Infact she was very understanding and is going to buy Robin's book. DS is " accessing the curriculum" so not going to do an IEP but will give him some extra support. THink that is a good outcome. Have agreed to consider further assessment next term. I don't want to put DS through any more stuff now. I really believe that Robin will have fixed DS brain by the time he starts juniors ( next september)

VT is getting better. Still no stars for BI but getting nearer. Now got 3 stars for BO but gone onto small target which DS is finding harder. Still, managed to get it done this morning without any bribes. DS continues to be calm and not complaining about going to school. smile

Beautifulpossum Mon 26-Nov-12 21:15:26

Spoke too soon. Very distressed at pick up from school tonight and major meltdown. sad

Ruggles Tue 27-Nov-12 06:40:26

Beautifulpossum - so sorry to hear about ds being distressed and having a meltdown sad sad I hope you didn't have too bad a night. Good news about the SENCO meeting. As I am beginning to realise with all this, there are so many ups and downs.

DS had an awful day at nursery on Friday and hit lots of children - it seems as if he has hitting days where he just can't stop / help himself. He was then very non compliant at home, upset at bedtime and had a couple of accidents in bed - I went to check on him and found him sitting up in bed, crying silently. The poor thing. This night time stuff is very new and sad, it reminds you just how vulnerable they are. I find it difficult to manage the bad behaviour while not stressing him / worry about his self esteem. confused

Ruggles, how are nursery managing things? When ds hit children (a lot) at your ds' age the pre school teacher did work with all the kids using a puppet about giving people space. Ds hits when his space is crowded and this made a big difference to him. They also put stuff I place like letting him have his peg on the end of a row, always being at the end of a line etc so that there were fewer opportunities for other children to get in his way.
Beautiful possum, sorry to hear your ds had a bad day. Hope today is a brighter one for him.

Badvocsanta Tue 27-Nov-12 07:23:45

Sorry to hear about the blips...thinking of your boy sitting up in bed crying makes me very sad so I can imagine how it makes you feel! sad
There are lots of ups and downs...we are re wiring our kids to be blips and bus along the way.
Have a good day everyone x

Beautifulpossum Tue 27-Nov-12 13:27:41

Ruggles, Shopping and Badvoc- thanks for your support.

Ruggles- sorry your DS had a bad day at nursery. It is so very hard when they are upset. sad

Good news from us this morning is that DS did VT with no fuss this morning. Got his first star for BO with small target and only 1 point away from a star for BI. He even said he " sort of likes it"

IndigoBelle Tue 27-Nov-12 19:23:22

Back now from the school. Am absolutely shattered.

All of the kids we tested need stairs and EngagingEyes.

I'm feeling really sad and really excited. Sad that all of those kids have problems but excited that we're going to help them.

This is just the beginning.... If this trial is as successful as my school....

It is so exciting.

thanks to everyone who has supported me so far.

Badvocsanta Tue 27-Nov-12 19:44:42

Great news!

Badvocsanta Wed 28-Nov-12 13:23:18

Hi everyone.
Daft...I hope your ds is improving?
Very exciting news from indigo isn't it? smile
Not much to report here..poor ds2 has a really nasty chesty viral ilness which means he will be in steroids for
On a brighter note, ds1 came home from shcool yesterday and showed me his new reading book (he was most disgusted that he "only" got 09% on the quiz!) and he had already read 39 pages of it at school.

Badvocsanta Wed 28-Nov-12 13:24:10

Argh! That should have read 90% on the quiz!
In my defence I am in my 3rd nit of no sleep due to ds2 so am allowed to post silly mistakes, ok?

Badvocsanta Wed 28-Nov-12 13:24:35

Argh...3rd night!
Right, that's it, am off to bed!

Hope everyone's dcs are feeling better. A quick question for indigo but someone else may be able to answer too.
My ds is boring. I know that sounds awful but he has the typical aspergers thing of monologuing incessantly. Generally it's about Lego. At the moment I think it doesn't make things too difficult socially since 6 year old boys tend to go on about stuff anyway but I worry about his teenage and adult years. So the question is: is it likely that Tinsley House will get rid of this ASD trait too or should I start looking for ways to limit the monologuing now?

IndigoBelle Fri 30-Nov-12 09:31:45


TH will get rid of this trait. This is all stuff in the pre-frontal cortex and TH works on that.

We're just doing pre-frontal cortex stuff now, and we've been going for a year.

And DS has finally stopped going on about politics the whole time. smile

Brilliant! I sometimes wonder if I've made it worse by showing interest but there needs to be someone who wants to listen to him, so it tends to be me. Is amazing to think he will be able to chat like other people do. At the moment he answers questions then quickly steers the conversation back to what he wants to talk about.

Beautifulpossum Sat 01-Dec-12 20:59:26

Shopping- Yes your DS's Aspie trait's will go. You only have a few more months of the Lego thing to endure and he will mix properly with the other children at school long before they notice anything is odd.

My DS doing really well this week. Got stars for both BI and BO today ( first time!) But the really exciting thing for me was the conversation we had which went something like this:

DS. Mummy, I am much happier, my brain has started to work.

Me. That's great.

DS. Yes, it is only half upside down now.( had been much talk and despair about upside down brain in June/July which resulted in us going to TH)

Me. Wow....and why do you think that is?

DS. ( slight gap to think) I'd say it is partly because I am growing up and partly because of Robin. grin

Beautifulpossum Sat 01-Dec-12 21:11:36

Shopping- My DB is Aspie but has never been diagnosed and doesn't know. He has talked about cars constantly for all my life. Over the years I have indulged him, acted indifferently and told him to stop. Nothing has made any difference. Your DS is so young and it will stop as Robin will get rid of it. Will be spending time with my DB over Christmas. Just sorry that my DB has not had this wonderful intervention.

Thanks Beautiful possum, so encouraging.
Eye tracking is going really well. We're on the harder word level and he is whizzing through. Skype appointment with Robin on 17th Dec. really looking forward to getting something new to do.

Ruggles Sun 02-Dec-12 15:09:04

Hello everyone had a busy week!

Daft – you’ve been on my mind lots this week, how have you been getting on?

Worrierprincess – I hate hearing about school people being so negative and just accepting it all – in fact, the attitude is thoroughly depressing. I am in a very similar place to you and seem to swing between really upbeat and then my worries tumble out and over. We just need to keep doing our bit, each day. I love the idea of you planning a bonfire - maybe we should all do the same and dance around the flames…

Badvocsanta – how is your ds feeling? 90% that is AMAZING! smile

Beautifulpossum – what a brilliant conversation with your ds. It really is so encouraging to read all your progress and good news.

Thanks for all your lovely comments about DS. It’s strange how quickly things come on / change. He always used to sleep so well and over the last 3 weeks he’s started to wake up crying – not every night but 2 out of 3.

We have a really lovely teacher at nursery who we get on well with, but she doesn’t like too much chat about specifics… I don’t want to make her feel defensive and we’ve had a couple of mis-communications. I try and tell her what we’re doing and how proactive we are being and she responds with what they are doing and is quite defensive – we just seem to miss the connection in the middle. confused I really liked your ideas and may suggest them next week. I had our parents session chat last week and she said that DS is behind with numbers / letters / pencil work / concentration and that it why he doesn’t enjoy nursery.. I know it’s not a surprise but I do feel that it’s all so negative from them. I feel it at pickup and find it depressing / distressing and worry that he has a drip feed of this all day. hmm

A friend said something really lovely about my DS last week and it made me realize that is was the first time in ages that anyone had said anything nice about him.

Had some good news this week - our DD 2.6 spoke her first few words. Her speech has been delayed and hearing her first words has been just overwhelming grin grin

IndigoBelle Sun 02-Dec-12 16:13:27

Ruggles - pleased to hear your DD spoke her first words - but sad to hear her speech is delayed.

Not good that his teacher is so negative about him. But remember in a few months he'll have caught up. By reception he'll be fine. And that's the important thing.

My DD (Y5) still looks back on nursery as her best year of school. Ie every other year has been blighted by her dyslexia. sad

Sure she's pretty much fine now. Very, very close to being totally fine. But she's lost the last 5 years to dyslexia.

Anyway, my news is that my 2 have started the exercises for the pre-frontal cortex and yet again I'm amazed by the changes in them.

They have both become very cuddly! DS is 12 and for the first time ever is wanting to snuggle up to me or DH!

DDs reading and writing has improved tremendously. For example she wrote fantastik and reads all the signs we pass.

DS is just becoming more reasonable and easy to talk to. Stopped going on and on about how evil capitalism is.....

IndigoBelle Sun 02-Dec-12 16:16:26

Oh and DSs eye contact is now fantastic! grin

I can't believe how much of a difference it makes.

Beautifulpossum Sun 02-Dec-12 21:01:26

Lovely to hear such great progress reports, especially from the older children who have had to cope with their DDS for far longer than my DS.

Ruggles- I know it is hard and you must feel frustrated but your DS will be fixed before he goes to school and he won't remember any of this! In that respect he is better off than all the rest of our children.

We go back to see Robin on 8th. Really excited...

Ruggles Mon 03-Dec-12 12:31:09

Thanks Indigo and Beautifulpossum - your positive experiences are so good to hear and as ever, reassure me! I really enjoy reading about all of your progress. I think I just need to pack up the worries and get on with it all and focus on having a good time over Christmas and then into next year. I'm also going to limit my time on here grin grin

Beautifulpossum - was it your ds who has a babinksi sign present? My ds does and I'm not sure what it means.

Badvocsanta Mon 03-Dec-12 15:14:22

Well by reception your ds will be just fine ruggles so dont take what nursery say too much to heart (easy for me to say I know)
Ds2 is still poorly sadly and I seem to have caught some sort of plague too and dh is away this week....weeps sad
Feeling very fed up ATM.
Ds1 is a star at school - he really is smile he got a scientific achievement award on Friday - he and his friend have designed a website about Space travel! :0
Ds1s speech was delayed too and he - literally - never shuts up now and his vocab is amazing smile
Tomorrow he is singing in the choir at the church hall smile
It's just lovely smile

urbanmisy30 Mon 03-Dec-12 21:51:57

Hi Everyone,
I desperately need advice on TH clinc. Do they treat adults?I am 26 years and I have recently been diagnosed with Auditory processing disorder similar to dyslexia.I have suffered from learning difficulties from a young age.The disability affects my ability to process what people are telling me, to retain information, to follow instructions or conversations.
I also suffer from a expressive and receptive language disorder which affects speaking fluently (often experience a speech block "getting words out"),I often experience a word finding difficulty.
I also suffer from poor coordination (accident prone),poor short term memory,low energy and poor self esteem.

In the past I have tried TLP and AIT sound therapy but it did not work.
I know the thread is strictly for parents but I just wanted to find out if any one has been treated at TH clinc as an adult/heard of any personal experiences
Sorry for the long message,just desperate for advice.I hope to hear from you soon

Beautifulpossum Mon 03-Dec-12 22:49:28

Ruggles- Yes, DS has ( or had) a retained babinski reflex. This can be checked by running a sharp object longways along the side of the foot. The normal reflex is for the toes to curl down but a retained babinski results in toes separating and big toe lifting up. This was identified by Hemispheres the OT's I went to before Robin. It is an early reflex and should go within the first few months of birth. You don't need to worry about it- all TH kids will have retained prmitive reflexes- they indicate immaturity in the CNS. Robin explained to me that after completing the TH programme our kids primitive reflexes will be gone and the adult reflexes will emarge and mature- their brains will work normally. I had a massive panic as I went to Hemispheres at the point that my DS had a complete meltdown and was behaving really really strangely. I stupidly read some stuff about babinski which scared the life out of me , but Robin was able to reassure me at our first appointment.

Had coffee with someone I met at postnatal group and her DS1 has Aspie diagnosis and she is also concerned about her DS2 who was very speech delayed. Good news is she is going to take them both to Robin, smile

Beautifulpossum Mon 03-Dec-12 22:53:01

Hi Urban - welcome to the thread. All welcome here.

Robin has written a book " Could it be you?" which is about adults with DD. Maybe get it and see what he says?

coff33pot Tue 04-Dec-12 01:04:33

evening or good morning! I was looking at a site regarding making craft soaps and I came across this add for Epsom salts in larger quantities so thought I would put it here as it could be cheaper than where some people may be buying it x

sorry its rather random but it may save someone money smile

IndigoBelle Tue 04-Dec-12 05:58:24

Urban - I'm fairly sure Robin does treat adults. Ring him or email him.

neurodevelopment exercises work at any age, because the brain is always capable of changing.

Ruggles Tue 04-Dec-12 06:51:03

Badvocsanta - it sounds like you have your hands full at the mo. It's horrid when our dc are ill and dh aren't here to share the load or cheer us up. Hope he's on the mend. Well done DS1! I hope you keep all this stuff in a big scarp book. smile Really enjoy his singing today, he sounds totally lovely smile

Welcome Urban - sorry to read about the troubles you have been having. sad Robin's book is probably a good place to start. Do phone him for a chat - he is very approachable and easy to talk to. This is a very friendly place with lots of helpful folk.

Indigo - any more news about your school trial?

Coff - thanks for the link. I love Epsom Salt baths, but had never thought of giving the dc one. I always have an incredible sleep after one - as if I've been drugged!

Hello Daft / Worrier - how are you both?

Badvocsanta Tue 04-Dec-12 06:58:33

Thanks for that coff x
Welcome urban. Do phone robin and have a chat to him. I am sure he could help you. The most recent research has shown that we are capable of making completely new nural pathways in our brains - more so than was ever thought. Lots if the research concentrates in stroke victims and is fascinating.
Ruggles...yes, it's been a tough few weeks. Ds2 went full time (5 mornings) at pre school in sept and has been pretty much constantly ill since sad
I am very busy too with church/school activities in the run up to Xmas...

Ruggles Tue 04-Dec-12 06:59:13

Beautifulpossum - thanks thanks for the info on the reflexes. I can totally understand your panic as I had done some googling too and was beginning to have (yet another) panic blush blush blush. It's interesting how many little signs there are that the CNS is immature. I'm going to ask Robin about the link with allergies and asthma. I had both of these as a child and grew out of them. DS has severe allergies plus some asthma and I wonder if there is a link with the immune system?

That's great about your friend. We're doing the diet, chair and supplements with our dd and I'm sure it's helping with her speech. She really enjoys it and wants to join in. She tries with the stair too, which is very comical as she can't quite bring herself to shut her eyes, so screws her face up instead. smile

Badvocsanta Tue 04-Dec-12 07:16:36

Do not read paleo diet book.
It will freak you out!
Milk is now banned in my house!

IndigoBelle Tue 04-Dec-12 07:49:07

Ruggles - absolutely do Epsom salt baths with your kids - Epsom salts are pure magnesium which is what we're trying to get into our kids.

And yes, these development problems are all related to an autoimmune problem. As far as I can tell what's happening is our kids can't break down food properly because of an enzyme problem. This leads to food getting into the blood steam. Which leads to development problems.

I'm just starting my kids on a digestive enzyme, will let you all know how it goes.

I found all this out by a DNA test on DD. she's missing something needed to break down enzymes. So I presume her brothers (and me) also are.

Missing these enzyme thing can cause Asthma and cancer. Well I've had both of those.

IndigoBelle Tue 04-Dec-12 07:50:14

I'm not expecting any news about the school trial for 3 months.

The enzyme I've been recommended to try is Simalise.

Badvocsanta Tue 04-Dec-12 07:56:40

Have had ds1s NC scores from his teacher...he is working at level 3s in all subjects, including reading and writing.
This time 2 years ago he was working at level 1s in everything.
Very proud.

IndigoBelle Tue 04-Dec-12 08:24:25

Badvoc - well done your DS. That means he's totally caught up and is working where he should be. You should be proud smile

DaftMaul Tue 04-Dec-12 08:39:21

Morning All!

Thanks for the thoughts Ruggles and welcome to new faces. We have had about 3 weeks off the ball whilst trying to stabilise ds' seizures and all suffering some Norovirus-type illness.

Thankfully, the seizures seem to have reduced, ds is now on a higher dose medication and has gone into school this morning - only his second full day in about 3 weeks! Ds started back doing the word tracking two nights ago and we will tackle HemiStim tonight too.

Dh and I are still feeling the after affects of the bug and I can only eat toast still but I'm hardly going to waste away!

It's full steam ahead to Christmas now - less than two weeks until the dcs break up! Dds Christmas concert today. Bless her, so much focus has been on ds recently, she has been so good. She got (accidentally) kicked in the face yesterday at school and has a red swollen cheek! Ds is singing at a local hospital with his year.

It is great to continue to hear all your stories of how you are getting on smile

Badvocsanta Tue 04-Dec-12 11:16:44

Good to hear from you daft...hope you are all in the mend soon x

Ruggles Tue 04-Dec-12 13:57:38

Badvoc - fantastic news, you must be bursting with pride grin grin. Such a brilliant achievement for anyone, but all the sweeter for your DS.

Daft - what a couple of weeks you've had. Really hope that school goes well today, and as you say its only two more weeks. Ouch to the red cheek. I hope you can re-energise before Christmas smile

Badvoc - interesting as my Mum is reading the Paleo diet book at the mo and keeps mumbling about how much milk I give my dcs. What do you give them instead at bedtime, in porridge, coffee bars blush etc?

Indigo - am going to give them a salt bath tonight! Do I use the same dose as for adults? My dcs are 2 and 4. How often should I give them one? Also, thanks for the info on automimmue stuff - I think this is fascinating. Autoimmune issues have been a problem for me and I used to take Simalise - I can't remember why I stopped but think we'll all start on some. Do you mind if I ask where you have the DNA testing done? I was thinking of doing this with Here DS isn't dyslexic but I've consulted this nutritionalist before.

IndigoBelle Tue 04-Dec-12 14:26:44

I got the DNA testing at Sincere Health

It was very expensive, but worth it to me because I got a lot of answers.

I don't have any autoimmune problems but my Mum does and when the Dr was examining DD he said 'well it must have skipped a generation' - ie he believes all of our kids have autoimmune problems.

Not really sure how much salt to use - maybe half a cup every second night?

Re the Paleo diet, all 3 of mine have improved heaps since going dairy free / gluten free (on sincere health's recommendation), and I really would recommend it to all of you. I don't think it's necessary - but I think it will help get them 'there' quicker.

Badvocsanta Tue 04-Dec-12 15:41:27

We are the only animal that drinks another animals milk.
Which is basically filtered blood.
I know my ds1 has been so much better since we stopped giving it to him...he used to have warm milk am and pm.
Ds2 has never had cows milk and has none of the problems ds1 has/had.
We have also really cut down in his carb intake. We can't go wheat free with him....too hard but we have seen improvements just by cutting down.
And dh and I have both lost over a stone in weight by cutting down on carbs and milk!

Ruggles Tue 04-Dec-12 19:19:27

Thanks Indigo, it looks really interesting and I'm going to talk to DH about it. While we are doing a major diet overhaul it makes sense to make sure that we're doing the right thing for DS. We had the salt bath and they didn't notice until DS tried to drink it! smile

Badvoc - I'm going to think about going dairy and gluten free. We already have to avoid eggs, nuts and sesame and I find it difficult to be too limited, but the thought of losing a stone is obviously very motivating!! Well done you - that is amazing. A good excuse to buy some new clothes in the sales. How did you replace the evening milk? Did you substitute it with something? It is my dc favourite drink of the day and we have lots of rituals / traditions assoc with it. Is goats milk / cheese ok? I think I need to read the book grin grin

IndigoBelle Tue 04-Dec-12 21:19:45

We replaced milk with chocolate coconut milk, which my kids love now.

But generally I try not to feed them straight before bed (they used to have cereal then) as I think that was feeding candida.

Badvocsanta Tue 04-Dec-12 21:28:47

I didn't substitute it with anything...luckily for me ds1 seemed to just stop asking at night. Dh still gave him some in the mornings until asked him not to...ds1 wasn't asking for it so IMo didn't really want it.
It does mean he only drinks water now, but he seems fine with that.
Ds2 only drinks water and diluted apple juice.
I am sure I have a dairy intolerance. If I have full cream milk I throw up. And ds2 is the same.
I am also very sensitive to wheat.
Ds1 still has bread for his school,pack up and he likes flapjacks which have oats in. He has rice maybe once a week and GF pasta once a week, but other than that has potatoes and meat/fish/poultry and veg for dinner.
He has either: omelette, beans in toast or cheese on toast for breakfast. I sometimes make him pancakes as a treat.
His bowels are so much better smile

urbanmisy30 Tue 04-Dec-12 22:50:03

Thank you for your quick responses. I contacted Robin via email and he replied with the message below-

The objective of the initial consultation is to establish a developmental history and to discover the underlying cause of the condition.

"In some ways it is easier to treat adults as they want to be helped and therefore tend to be more compliant in terms of following the treatment regime. On the other hand it can be more difficult as the brain is complete in it's development and therefore harder to change and of course it depends on the underlying problems. I treat the learning and behavioural disorders only."

I'm just not sure if I can be helped because my brain at my age has formed coping strategies to compensate for my learning difficulties.
Should I just buy the book and follow the treatment plan before going for an initial assessment?
Or would you suggest an initial assessment as it gives you a better overview of how your child can be helped or not?
Does he provide a hearing test?Does the hearing test assess if your child is processing information?
I'm so confused.Would appreciate any input.x

DaftMaul Tue 04-Dec-12 22:58:34

Hi Urban,

I would start with the supplements, diet changes and simple exercises that we have all started on with our dcs whether we have seen Robin or not.

That way, you can see if there are any improvements/changes which might make it easier to decide whether to make an appointment with him or not.

We all saw definite changes in the first few weeks so, I think buying the book and starting off yourself is the way to go.

Good luck. Let us know what you decide and how you get on.

Ps. If you look back to the original thread, we had lots of talk about what supplements we were using - a wide range of different ones! I'm sure the book would point you in the correct direction regarding dosages. I bought my book second hand on Amazon!

urbanmisy30 Wed 05-Dec-12 07:35:45

Thank you for your reply.Should i buy -

Is That My Child?: The Brain Food Plan or Could It Be You?: Overcoming dyslexia, dyspraxia?
Do they both follow the same regime and exercises?

Badvocsanta Wed 05-Dec-12 07:41:40

If it is an option for you I would always suggest going to see robin.
And it's never too late to address these issues urban.
Good luck x

DaftMaul Wed 05-Dec-12 11:16:50

There you go Urban, two opposing opinions, lol!

I would by the book aimed at adults 'Could it be you?'

IndigoBelle Wed 05-Dec-12 11:30:14

urban - If you can afford it and the distance isn't crazy for you I think you should visit him.

If the logistics or money are hard I guess start with the stairs exercise and teeth brushing first.

They're on p35 of 'the brain food plan'

Advice please everyone. Ds is GRIM at the moment. Basically he holds his behaviour together all day at school. The school day is chaotic due to Xmas stuff and that makes it even harder for him to avoid melt downs (and amazingly he is avoiding them at school). But he is horrendous from the minute I pick him up until dinner time. Dinner or the routine of it seems to calm him down and we're ok til the next day after school. Tonight he screamed (proper screaming like 2 yr ols do) for ten mins because I wouldn't go back to get his water bottle ( I had driven 15 mins before he realised he had forgotten it so wasn't going to turn round), kicked my car seat, sobbed etc. Is currently 'helping' dd have her turn on the computer which basically means trying to control everything she does and yelling when she won't do what he wants. Am avoiding removing him from the room as it will cause another melt down but that's unfair on very patient dd tbh.
So is there anything i can do to help? We reduced the omega 3 to 2 capsules - do you reckon upping it again will help? Will extra repetitions of stairs help? Or do I just have to endure and look forward to next Christmas when we will be further along the programme?

Badvocsanta Wed 05-Dec-12 16:29:36

Ok, this isn't going to help you at all, but I was just going to post that this time of year is so hard for our is disrupted, plays, church services, singing, lessons missed etc.
It's no wonder they don't cope well.
It's wonderful he is holding it together at school smile and of course he lets it out at home.
You love him and he knows that, no matter how bad his behaviour is.
Told you it wouldn't help, didn't I?
Hang in there x

IndigoBelle Wed 05-Dec-12 16:43:23

I don't think extra reps of the stairs will help.

Omega might help, why not try it.

But basically I think it's just the end of term and he's tired and you just need to hang in till the Christmas holidays.

Would a snack in the car on the way home help?

Low sugar oat cookie scoffed as soon as he gets in the car. Would be much worse without that. I think some days are worse than others if he hasn't eaten much lunch. Is compulsory school dinners though so I have no control over that. If it's roast or fish he eats loads but he struggles on days when it's stuff in sauce.
I suspected hang on in there might be the only option. I may swap his and dd's seats over so he can't kick my chair while I'm trying to drive. Frightens me and then I end up yelling which of course makes everything worse. He finally shut up when I said I would pull over on the hard shoulder and make him get out! Poor parenting. Good job he didn't call my bluff on that one.

Badvocsanta Wed 05-Dec-12 19:04:59

I think so shopping.
It's tough, but ride it out.
This too shall pass. smile


DaftMaul Wed 05-Dec-12 20:49:18

Shopping, it must be really tough at this time of year for our dcs who prefer routine. Luckily my ds is ok about school changes generally and I think has got better at doing things at short notice at home. I do still give him lots of warning about things if i can e.g. For a recent dentist appointment, dd was told about 15 minutes before we had to leave. Ds was told the week before, 4 days before, two days before, etc!

Could you bring dinner forward a little too shopping? It might cut down on the time he has being upset.

Ruggles Wed 05-Dec-12 22:04:24

Shopping - big hugs for you. So difficult when we feel as if things are going backwards. We still have more days like that than not, so have no great advice but on thinking about it anything to do with blood sugar levels sounds like a good idea. Picnic in the car? Substantial snack on reaching home? Some protein? I've just bought some fab car shaped snack boxes which are proving popular. How old is your ds? We have a couple of Ros Bayley CDS which are great action raps and very good for burning off steam / frustration etc. Big glass of wine for you? wine Do remember, not long to go until the holidays wink

Beautifulpossum Wed 05-Dec-12 22:05:10

Ruggles- Thank you for the lovely flowers! All allergy stuff eczema, asthma etc is covered by Robin. Once your DS is fixed that will all go. These are all symptoms of underfunction.

I never cross pattern crawled and didnt speak til I was nearly three. Despite this I have a ist class maths degree from a top Uni but I recognise that I have huge ADD and probably some dyspraxia and dyslexia. When I have sorted my kids I intend to fix myself. I think this will help in the fight against dementia which my mother , grandmother etc etc suffered from. I had eczema until I was 32 and then suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. What we are doing for our kids will free them from all this type of stuff.

Had a lovely ( but strange ) evening tonight. Last year my DS sang solo in the Infant school play and was brilliant, happy. funny and I remember feeling very smug about it all. He was the perfect child. But March he was unhappy and by June was toe walking, flapping, screaming at loud noises and would only sleep with a weighteed blanket in my bed. I really thought he had some sort of degenerative brain problem. He was saying he wanted to die and hated school, life,everything, My world collapsed.... Fast forward to today and thanks to Robin ( and Indigo,Badvoc, Daft, Shopping et al) he performed in the Christmas play again. Much smaller role ( school very wary of him) but was happy and sang his head off.....

Really excited about seeing Robin on saturday smile

Beautifulpossum Wed 05-Dec-12 22:18:12

Shopping- Your DS is doing so well but so much of the ASD stuff is in the pre- frontal cortex and you are still on the cerebellum exercises. All this Christmas stuff is so hard.... I have added in an extra vegepa in the evenings - so my kids are now having 3 in an attempt to counteract! I agree with Indigo that more stairs and teeth probably won't help and may make him stressed.

I do extra vitamins, particulartly B6 and B12 which I think make a huge difference. They do straight to the CNS and help settle everything.

How about DS sitting in the front of the car next to you. This certainly works for us when DS being a PIA.

Ruggles Thu 06-Dec-12 07:22:36

Spine tingles at the school concert story Beautifulpossum. What a full on year you have had. Its interesting that your ds became unhappy, I wonder if there was an autoimmune trigger (or something like that, I'm not very good on the technical stuff...). So good to read about all of your experiences too - I am super impressed with your degree, which is an incredible achievement for anyone but especially if you think you have some ADD too. I have some things which I'm going to sort out too.

Urban - I would go and see Robin if you can. He is an incredible man and these things are all so unique and personal. His books are great too but I think you would like to know if he can help you with your situation, to have that reassurance.

Can I ask how many vegepa's everyone is on? DS is 4 and takes 3-4 which I think is too much - he loves them and thinks they are sweeties which makes it quite difficult... I'm going to look into B6 and B12 too, thank you.

Am going to see GP next week to ask for a Coelic test for DS. Nursery say that he is so tired that he is struggling to make it through the day, he also has dark circles under his eyes, a huge tummy (which hes always had), tummy ache and very loose bowels (which may be too much vegepa..). We're going to go GF but I think we should have this tested first.

Ruggles Thu 06-Dec-12 07:24:33

Sorry, should have said that DS bowels have never been great, but worse now we are on the food plan. grin He also sleeps for 12-13 hours at night and sometimes has a daytime nap too, so its not lack of sleep which makes him so tired.

Badvocsanta Thu 06-Dec-12 07:27:31

BP...what a lovely story smile
Ds1 has been singing in the community this church, at the nursing home etc.
2 years ago this would behave made him very anxious and unhappy.
Fast forward to today and he really enjoys singing smile

Badvocsanta Thu 06-Dec-12 07:28:48

Ruggles...def try cutting out wheat and dairy.
You can do that for 6 weeks before seeing a doc and it will tell you a lot.
I am def dairy and wheat sensitive and much mum is coeliac.

IndigoBelle Thu 06-Dec-12 08:24:31

Ruggles - there are 2 types of vegepa. You need twice as many of the chewable ones as the other ones. And in the first 3 months you need twice as much to build up your levels.

I think getting him tested for coeliac and the cutting out gluten sounds like a plan. But cut out gluten as soon as you've had the test, whatever the results say.

I think by and large our kids can't digest gluten - but don't actually have coeliac.

Can you cut out dairy straight away? See if it helps or not.

Remember it takes at least 6 weeks for dairy to leave the body - and 6 months for gluten.

When DD cut out dairy we certainly felt she got better and better over the next 6 weeks.

And I guess it makes sense to try DF separately to trying GF.

Ruggles Thu 06-Dec-12 10:55:11

Badvocasta - love hearing about all this singing!

Thanks for all the diet advice. I think I am going to have to take a deep breath and get on with it. We have so many allergies - ds can't have nuts, eggs or sesame and I can't have fish or quinoa. DH hates carbs and DD is useless with veggies unless they are hidden. confused I am going to sit down with my week plan and try to figure it out. Have been looking at cook books / sites this morning. I think my main problem will be dairy as cutting out gluten is more straight forward for us as we don't have too much anyway.

As ever, I have some questions... Please bear with me and all my questions wink wink

- Do any of you use dairy replacers? Alpro milk and yoghurts? Redwoods dairy free cheese? Have you cooked with any of these?
- This may sound really silly, but are goats products ok? I know they are dairy, but I suppose its wishful thinking....
- Gluten free oats / bread / lasagne sheets / Doves flour?

Most of our snacks / puddings are cheese or dairy based and lots of the menu plans I've looked at online feature eggs and nut butters / drinks etc quite heavily. Do you think we'll miss out on calcium without the dairy?

Deep down I know all of this is doable and desirable, but it seems a bit overwhelming atm.

Thanks in advance for all the help. smile smile smile

Badvocsanta Thu 06-Dec-12 10:56:03

Check out paleo recipes ruggles x

IndigoBelle Thu 06-Dec-12 11:17:18

We use Almond Milk (which I think is nicer and healthier than soy milk) and Coconut milk.

I didn't know you could get dairy free cheese - I will look out for it.

We get soya custard which the kids love smile

We use gluten free flour and stuff.

But - if it's easier to start off cutting out gluten, then start there. You can always cut out dairy in a few months when you've got into the habit of being gluten free.

Take it step by step. A few months is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

For snacks the kids have fruit, rice cakes, popcorn (home made so it's hot) gluten free dairy free bars (like 9 bars - you can get from Tescos and Holland & Barrett). gluten free biscuits, crisps

Re vegepa- ds took 4 chewables per day for the first three months. We then reduced it to 2. We've since upped it to 3 a day because they come in rows of 3 and ds didn't get his OCD traits from nowhere smile

DaftMaul Thu 06-Dec-12 12:08:38

Gluten and dairy free is just a step too far for me!

Like you Ruggles, we have allergies to contend with. Ds actually doesn't have a huge amount of dairy but many of his snacks would include gluten - he doesn't like rice cakes (can't blame him!), popcorn (unless cinema type and covered in sugar!) and couldn't eat many of the snack bars available because of the nuts.

He has had so many years of avoiding certain foods that I think he would hate yet more restrictions.

I'll just keep pushing the protein and hope that Christmas doesn't bring too much sugar (feint hope!)

IndigoBelle Thu 06-Dec-12 13:13:19

Daft - you absolutely don't have to be gluten free / dairy free.

Robin doesn't recommend it basically because it is a step too far for most people.

Robin absolutely believes that my kids won't need to be GF / DF after they've finished his program. (Which is the other reason Robin doesn't say you need to go GF.)

And I truly hope he's right. But in the mean time it has helped all 3 of mine a lot, so I'm pleased I've tried it.

Badvocsanta Thu 06-Dec-12 16:41:37

Should point out we are not GF and cf but we have cut down a lot.
I am not sure I could do it full time anyway but the thing is even if you only do it for 60% of the time it will have a beneficial effect on your health...
Ds1 has only ever taken 2 vegepa chewables per day.
One thing I have done is use GF pasta for example. Doves farm is the best...tastes just like normal pasta.
Also using GF flour and oats but tbh it's very expensive and I have gone back to regular.
Another thing I have done is use things like rice cakes/popcorn for snacks.
Ds1 wont touch fruit so fruit purée is the way I have to go sad
He does eat peas and sweet corn (under sufferance) and baked beans.
All in all his diet is pretty good, albeit still too carb heavy. Nut I will work in that!
His appetite is greater than it has ever been...partially his age I think - coming up to puberty? - and also longer days at school.
He came home today very proud smile he has moved up another reading level smile
Got our Skype appt with robin in an hour...will let you know what he says...

Ruggles Thu 06-Dec-12 22:13:45

This diet thing does seem like another big leap of faith, but I wouldn't be considering it if DS's digestion wasn't struggling.. Daft, I know exactly how you feel - this allergy thing is a slog. Maybe I just need to change my mindset about it all. Do you think its ok if I take our own food when we're asked out for tea?

Goats milk isn't casein free, which is the offending protein. A shame as I was really hoping that no one would notice the switch!

Badvocasta - interesting that you haven't gone totally g/f but cut down. Thanks for the paleo diet tip - I've found some incredible sites, including one which is about to publish an ebook on doing paleo with no eggs and nuts. I hope you had a good call with Robin.

Indigobelle - I am going to look into the bars, although lots of these things have nuts in. I suppose I can also make Robin's recipie's up with g/f oats. Does anyone make these? We can't get enough of the seed one...

smile grin Shoppingbags - I am very similar. I don't like my conditioner to run out before my shampoo, and if it does I have to donate it to the dcs and buy new ones... grin

Beautifulpossum Fri 07-Dec-12 00:27:24

My DS is underweight and not really growing. He has always had gut issues and gagging issues, very pale, low energy and dark rings under his eyes. I have intolerance to gluten and dairy, Ulcerative colitis and MIL is celiac. I know we should all be GF/DF but just cant face it.

What I have done is make both DC gluten and dairy light. Use gf bread for toast and lactose free milk. I also in troduced a dysbiosis protocol designed to repair leaky gut a month ago ( which I am sure we all have chez possum) In the last 2 weeks my DS is no longer pale, NO TUMMY ACHES, eating way more and coping really well with the protein breakfast. If anyone is interested I can give details of the 3 probiotic products. |Hoping this will be enough to get us through the programme asap.

Daft- So glad you are back posting. Do hope DS seizures stay away.

grin grin Loving all our DD confessions. Robin does say in his book that 70% of his patients have parents with DD wink

Badvocsanta Fri 07-Dec-12 06:59:02

BP...well in our case my dh is erm....well. Yes. You get the drift smile
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as we say in these parts! smile
Ruggles...I am going paleo. It makes me feel so much better and I know that it wil have a great impact on my long term health (which has been rubbish for a long time...)
I think I have been so focused on ds1 for so long...I have sort of just peddled along not really looking after myself but I can't do that anymore.
Appt with robin went well.
He is thrilled with ds1s progress.
Oh, I can't be bothered with all this ds1 stuff anymore! son is called Tom. You all know so much about him, it seems silly not to tell you his name smile
Tom was given hemi opk which is only 1 minute per day - much to toms relief smile
He does find it tricky though which proves he needs it I guess.
The next phase is brain games and then....I think we will be done.
What a great but terrifying thought! smile
Robin asked me last night if I had anymore worries wrt Tom and I could truthfully answer "no"
A year ago - almost exactly actually - we first went to see robin. we were so worried and stressed about him.
And here we are a year later and things are so much better,
I know all of you are at very different stages of the Th regime, and that our kids issues are all very different,but trust that you are doing the best thing for your dc. I know it's hard at times. And scary. And upsetting.
But you will get there.
I sound Like Del Boy from only fools and horses but....."this time next year..." Instead of being millionaires your kids will no longer be held back and imprisoned by their asd/OCD/dyspraxia/dyslexia.... smile

IndigoBelle Fri 07-Dec-12 08:05:02

BadVoc - great news. So pleased for you and Tom.

I too can't believe where we are compared to where we were when we started TH.

DS Alex agreed to see Robin in Oct (I think) last year - because he beat up a girl at school and felt so terrible about it. Ie he knew he needed help.

He has now been at secondary school for almost a term - and he has had no transition problems at all. This is truly amazing.

I haven't spoken to the SENCO at all. School hasn't contacted me at all. There have been no incidents. He has no IEP.

He's joined the school council and rugby and debating and school play. And got top marks in all his end of term tests.

Totally different to 12 months ago.

Fabulous news Badvoc and Tom and great to hear Alex's progess too. It was the nativity dress rehearsal at school yesterday and ds' teacher came up to me at home time to tell me how kind he had been to a reception child who had stage fright. He held her hand, gently coaxed her up on stage and held her hand throughout their scene. This is a boy who other children were frightened of just a year ago. Made me well up a bit.