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Makaton signs for Good Morning and Good Afternoon please?? Also after Happy Easter?

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moondog Wed 18-Apr-07 22:44:48

Thank you.I always forget the first two (just do a general hello sign but people I work with want to know)

tobysmumkent Wed 18-Apr-07 22:55:21

Message withdrawn

theheadgirl Wed 18-Apr-07 22:57:56

Yes, I think the same for Good Morning, I was taught its like opening a curtain across your body.
Have never been taught good afternoon though.

Dingle Wed 18-Apr-07 23:02:04

The Signalong for Easter is drawing a cross on the back of your supporting hand with index finger of working hand.

cat64 Wed 18-Apr-07 23:04:16

Message withdrawn

Dingle Wed 18-Apr-07 23:04:58

Sorry "Happy" is working cupped hand strikes twice across supporting palm...

don't know afternoon though.

moondog Wed 18-Apr-07 23:28:44

Thank you.
Good ole MN.

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