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homework Wed 28-Aug-13 15:29:35

Started a thread before asking for some reassurance , now need help , got in touch with lea about transfer to new school , with inclusion team . Both women are off on holiday but person I spoke to was annoyed that I hadn't gone though correct protocol .
Sorry but I didn't know there was a protocol , the new school just said that we fill in these forms and its taken from there. Spoke with person from parent partnership , she said to start him in new school and just take it from there. I did know that it would take them some time to transfer his statement across but didn't realise you had a procedure to follow.
God this is all a big mess , hope senco from new school , is able to deal with all this . My son ??? Suppose to be starting on Wednesday.
Please help me don't know what I should be doing now , but as nobodies around till next week even more difficult.

sophj100 Wed 28-Aug-13 16:56:12

Not much help but most of the staff should be in a day earlier than the term start date - inset day etc., and you should probably email him/her and see if you can go and talk to them about your concerns. They probably have a direct-line to the right person to sort this.

My 4 year old starts school next Wednesday and his statement is still in the system, as it were but I am going in the day before to check they are prepared for him and that his needs will be met.

Good luck x

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