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Piedro boots...Do they need breaking in??

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Hi, my 8 year old daughter has just got her first pair of Piedro boots. At first she said they were comfortable. She wore them all day with no problems. The next day, she said they were hurting at the back of the heel, where they go around the back of her ankle. I tucked her leggings into them, and this was better for her.
I couldn't see any marks or pinkness where they were rubbing at all, and I've felt them inside and can't work out where it could be. She is extremely sensitive to touch and has a very low pain threshold.
Has anyone else experienced this, and will it improve when we've broken them in?
Thanks. smile



ouryve Mon 15-Jul-13 12:17:51

They are very hard. We gave up on them because DS2 spends a lot of time on his knees, which was bending them and they were bruising his toes. They might offer support when walking, but they don't encourage good kneeling in an active child - the only way he could avoid bending the toes would have been W sitting, which is pretty bad for him.

Hmm, interesting. She tends to crawl around a bit too. I'll see how they go. I'm hoping they'll break in and be o.k. An extra layer of materiel at the back does help.

cocolepew Mon 15-Jul-13 12:33:06

We don't let the pupils wear new ones all day in my school. Usually break them in over the week smile.

Oh thank you. We'll do that. smile

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