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The grand opening of The Goose and Carrot

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PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 13:47:04

Instead of a Friday thread shall we enter the public bar of our new pub?

All the usual refreshments and bar snacks. All tastes catered for.

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 13:49:46

For anyone puzzled by honking here is the original goose quote

moosemama Fri 15-Mar-13 13:52:10

<pulls up a bar stool to reserve for later> <changes mind and flops onto a large sofa in the corner>

I shall actually be drinking real wine this evening in celebration of ds1's good news. grin

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 13:53:14

This thread, for anyone who missed this thread is a way to extend the Friday threads into an ongoing area for general chitchat and whatever anyone here wants to discuss over a pint or few.

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 13:54:45

I'll join you on the sofa moose I've done 2 real live social things this week (which only involved going for coffee) and I'm bloody knackered grin

signandsmile Fri 15-Mar-13 13:56:46

oo oo! sign surveys the decor, yep think I could be comfy here...

Can I make a confession... blush I am a bit of a techno dufuss, I was reading the whole chat thread bit and not really understanding what will be where... up to know I go straight to MNSN;children, will I need to go somewhere else as well? instead??

ps I have thorntons chocs to share....

moosemama Fri 15-Mar-13 13:58:05

<skooshes up for Polter>

I have been out 3 - count them - 3 whole times this week and not one of them was a medical or educational appointment! shock I've managed a meal in an actual restaurant (breakfast but a meal nontheless) and had three inches cut off my hair and finally got a fringe.

I am now officially knackered and will need the whole weekend to recover! blush

signandsmile Fri 15-Mar-13 13:58:28

ah cross post, thanks for the explanation polter.. I think I will join moose on the sofa,

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 15-Mar-13 13:58:54

ooooh hello brew for all, will get the gin out later!

moosemama Fri 15-Mar-13 13:59:46

Haven't a clue sign, I just found this under MNSN children. confused

I am in a chocolate free house today. That is soooo not on for a Friday. hmm

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 13:59:49

sign I suspect it may take time for any new boards to be created and we will make sure you don't get lost.

moosemama Fri 15-Mar-13 14:01:00

Gin you say? Now there's a thought. <strokes chin and weighs up nice bottle of red against the as yet unopened Junipero>

I will have a brew with you for now though.

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 14:01:35

This thread is just a normal thread in MNSN children, I just unilaterally decided to re-name the Friday thread blush

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 14:03:14

Well done on the outings moose breakfast out sounds divine

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 15-Mar-13 14:03:33

ds2 has a delightful ear infection meaning none of us are getting much sleep, I fully expect to be snoring on the sofa quite early tonight so may have to open the gin soon <tempts moose>

kinkyfuckery Fri 15-Mar-13 14:05:06

How has everyone's weeks been?

I had a phone call from DLA this week asking about DD's overnight care needs and if she gets any additional help at school and if I think it would benefit her.
I'm hoping it's to determine which level care we might get, and not if we will get it at all blush

moosemama Fri 15-Mar-13 14:06:30

grin I fear a gin now would mean three dcs stood in the rain at the school gates at 3.15 wondering where their mother is!

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 14:07:32

Hoping mini-Ninja gets well soon thanks

Good luck with the DLA kinky, I am still avoiding filling out ds's renewal form blush

moosemama Fri 15-Mar-13 14:07:37

Oops, sorry to hear about ds2's ear infection. Hope he's better soon.

Hi kinky, fingers crossed the phone call was for deciding a higher rate of DLA for you.

hazeyjane Fri 15-Mar-13 14:09:21


said in the style of Cheers bar, when Norm walks in.

Hello everyone, quick post here, getting house ready for dd1 and dd2 and 2 friends to come back for a little birthday tea for dd1 who is 7 today!!! I have made gluten free pizza and a gluten free chocolate cake, decorated with 'cloud bunnies'.

I am pouring strong coffee down my neck atm, after a 4 am start with ds, but will be on pink champagne later (traditional on dd1's birthday, gets rogressively cheaper with each child - dd2's birthday is cava or prosecco, ds is any available booze).

kinkyfuckery Fri 15-Mar-13 14:09:59

Ear infections are the work of the devil! We've not had one here in a long time, but I know I've just tempted fate by saying that!

Bluebirdonmyshoulder Fri 15-Mar-13 14:10:36

Bloody marvellous idea and love the name of our local!

<plonks self at the bar and orders a pint of cloudy cider and some pork scratchings>

I take it we have a real fire and a resident Labrador? Right, I feel very settled, I'm going to get royally drunk.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 15-Mar-13 14:10:37

ah, I don't have an afternoon school run currently grin he's his usual 3 year old self during the day, just unsettled at night <sigh>

PolterGoose Fri 15-Mar-13 14:11:26

Happy Birthday mini-hazey thanks

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 15-Mar-13 14:12:25

now I'm quite partial to a drop of cider too <torn>

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