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triad of impairments - imagination - new info

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ArthurPewty Mon 22-Oct-12 13:33:55

At the Women and Girls NAS conference i was at last week, Judith Gould and the other fabby ladies present clarified a big point.

They said they made a mistake / they werent clear enough in their original publications on the issue of the Triad of Impairments in ASD.

They didnt and never have meant "does this child have imagination". That is not the issue, whether or not a child has an imagination / can play with toys imaginatively/ symbolically.

The issue is social imagination.

Which is to say, can the child predict the outcome of a social interaction? Can the child understand and predict the ramifications of what they say and do? Can the child think through the consequences of their actions?

Just thought i'd share that.

Handywoman Tue 06-Nov-12 09:57:26

My DD2 (8 in March) had a mahoosive meltdown after spilling paint on her night dress on Fri (as described in the latest Friday night thread!). This happened while her friend was over for a play date. DD2 was screaming in her room and would not come down to say goodbye. Moments later, her friend had gone home (at the planned time) and DD2 tucked into her dinner like literally nothing happened. About an hour or two later I asked her gently and openly: "how do you think your friend felt when you were upstairs screaming and would not come down and say goodbye?". Her answer was a very innocent and genuine, "I don't know". She literally had no idea. Is this lack of social imagination? Lack of empathy? I have trouble figuring out the difference.

Either way I reckon this is not to be expected for a child of her age? Both the lack of awareness of the effect on people around... or the inability to even recognize how your friend might feel?

HW x

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