Where next with extreme inhibition/shyness in DD 10

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Corialanusburt Thu 22-Sep-16 23:40:20

Both school and I have decided it's time that we get some help to support DD with her social interaction. She never initiates conversation with other children and stands alone at playtime if her friend isn't there. She has one friend in school and 2 out of school. she isn't unhappy apart from a general residual feeling that she'd like to have friends. Her academic work isn't suffering. She puts her hand up in class but she doesn't really interact with e other children. This I think is due to extreme inhibition and anxiety about whether she'll be rejected.
The local speech and language therapy service have told me that they wouldn't be able to provide DD with support as their social interaction support would be for children on the autistic spectrum e.g. To help them understand nuances in conversation etc.
I plan to ask GP for a referral, but to where and with a view to what? Do we want CAMHS, a paediatric specialist, a clinical psychologist, an ed. psych? Should we be seeking an assessment, and if so what could be the diagnosis. She doesn't fit ASD description apart from the social interaction. She doesn't quite fit selective mutism as she will put up her hand and speak in front of class. She's not depressed or at risk.
I just want her to learn to learn to interact. She does this fine at home by the way but shuts down immediately in most other situations.
Any suggestions. I'd be grateful for advice. Thanks

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