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Expatmomma Thu 06-Mar-14 19:23:55

Was hoping to get some feel for the school (prior to first visit) from current parents.

Any thoughts / comments welcome.

Expatmomma Thu 03-Apr-14 06:04:56

Update: visited the school and was blown away with what they can offer my son. Returning for a taster after Easter and hoping he is offered a place.

Ninatam65 Thu 01-May-14 16:02:42

My son has been at More House since Year 5 (he's now in Year 10) and we have always happy with what they're doing for him. He was told in year 4 in a mainstream school that he would never get any exams but he's on course to take 7 GCSEs/BTECs. Can't recommend it more highly.

NCISaddict Thu 01-May-14 16:05:29

My DS will be leaving More House this year, he has been there since he was 11 (is nearly 18 now) and I can't recommend it enough. It has been brilliant for him and he has been very happy there. Am a tiny bit scared at the prospect of doing without their help and support.

Expatmomma Mon 19-May-14 03:41:33

Sorry only retuning here now. Thanks so much for the positive feedback.

DS competed his taster and We were offered a place and have very gladly accepted it!!

He will board from September and be in year 6 so a big change for us all but a positive one.

Knowing he is leaving his current school in a few weeks has already helped him and lifted his spirits.

Now just need to buy the uniform and begin sewing on countless name tags.

Can't wait to see the progress he will make there.

NCISaddict Mon 19-May-14 09:50:12

Fantastic news, I'm sure he will be very happy there. It is a wonderful place with a calming effect and any problems that happen, and they do, are sorted quickly.

Their sports day is one to attend, bbq and punch for the parents, a very civilised

Expatmomma Tue 20-May-14 05:45:43

So reassuring to hear such positive feedback from current parents.

I wish you son all the best for the next stage in his life

Who knows Nina our paths may cross later in the year.

Puffdragon123 Tue 10-Jan-17 23:12:02

How did your son settle at More House Expatmoma?

Njos Thu 19-Jan-17 11:59:12


How good is the provision for Dyspraxia and sensory processing needs any idea?


Duckanddrake Mon 23-Jan-17 08:53:09

Hope you don't mind me jumping in? I'd really like to know some inside info on this school - my DS is very profoundly dyslexic and has an EHCP. (He's y8) no independent reading/writing skills but cognitively able. Is it worth me viewing?

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