Maths, English & Science Tuition in Harrow (SATs, GCSE, A-levels & Further Maths, 7+ 11+ & 13+, MAT and STEP, University)

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Hello mumsnet,

With 20 years experience of teaching and tutoring at different levels Platinum Tuition is the only tuition centre where your child can improve their levels/grades in Maths, English and Science at school, college or university. Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject of specialty and have strong teaching skills which make the tutoring sessions exciting and inspiring. We can guarantee a progress of at least 2 grades up in three months through our tutoring methods.

We provide both group tuition and one-to-one home or centre tuition.

Every child is unique with an individual set of gifts, abilities and talents derived from their kaleidoscopic selection of genes. We recognise that individuality and nurture the innate self-confidence which leads a child to learn successfully. We believe not in fitting the child into the conventional box of knowledge, but in adapting the quest to fit the child’s abilities and thus initiating unique ideas, abilities and attitudes.

Our mission at Platinum Tuition is to build the students’ confidence. When students truly understand the content of their subjects, confidence is built and students begin to enjoy learning and challenging themselves with novel applications of what they have learnt.

You can visit us at and fill out the contact form to send us your requests or you can contact us via email at or by telephone on 02030869939.

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