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Register your telephone number for the chance to win FREE cash prizes every single day.
Use the code MUMSNET50 to start your account with 50 points!

Lucky Phone is a fun daily competition that's been running every day since January 2015. We give away a guaranteed £30 every single day with the possibility of winning up to £1000!

How does it work?

Simply register your telephone number(s) at Lucky Phone to be entered into various games on the website.
All you have to do is remember to check the website before new games start to claim any prizes. You don't have to enter any numbers to join in, if you prefer to play just the £10 lucky dip draw we only need your email address.

There are 3 draws that are run at midnight every day and we have recently added bingo games which are played at regular intervals daily. All games are based around the telephone numbers entered, your telephone is your ticket to every game.

You can also collect and redeem points. As with most draws and lotteries, not everyone can be a winner unfortunately. With this in mind we have added a system that allows you to collect points for all manner of different objectives which can be redeemed for cash when you reach the required thresholds without having to be a lucky winner of any of the draws. You can collect points by:
- Matching numbers to the winners numbers on the Lucky Dip and Main Draws
- Matching numbers on the Mega Draw
- Winning any Bingo game
- Referring new players to the site and claiming points if a referral even wins
- Leaving a review about us
- Simply joining the site using our special promo code MUMSNET50

What are the draws?
Lucky Dip Draw - every player has a set of randomly generated numbers when they join and this draw chooses one of those entries to win £10. This game is designed for people to test the games and see if they like them so the can then add telephone numbers should they wish to join in all the games.

Once telephone numbers are added to an account a further 2 draws open up that are entered every day:

Main Draw - the prize is currently £20 and rolls over by £20 each day it's unclaimed. The biggest rollover win on the site so far has been £100.

Mega Draw - added this year this draw is more like a proper lottery unlike the other 2 draws which draw an entry at random and have guaranteed winners.
The Mega Draw selects random digits that match visitors telephone numbers where digits must be the in the same position in each set of numbers.
This draw has much higher odds of winning which is why the prizes range from £10 to £1000!

What is Bingo?
Recently added to award even more points to players bingo games are run where numbers are called and you cross them off your telephone entries just as you would in a normal game of bingo.

What do Lucky Phone players say:

Lucky Phone ask all their players to leave a review should they choose to do so. As of writing we are very proud to have 96% of players rating us either 4 or 5 stars out of 5!
You can read all our reviews at

Will I get spammed?

You automatically get opted in to receive a daily reminder, but you can unsubscribe from this at any time (click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email).
You can leave the site at any time by simply contacting us to remove you from all future games.
Your personal details such as email address and telephone numbers will NEVER be passed on to any third parties and you will never be required to enter any payment details. We go to great lengths to ask for the least amount of information possible to play the games and the security of personal information is very important to us.

How do you give money away for free?

Lucky Phone is funded by ads which appear on the site. You don't have to click them, they make it money just by being there.

How do I join?

Simply visit the Lucky Phone website to read more about us or got straight to the registration page. You can use the code MUMSNET50 to get a head start on your points. If you use this promo code when signing up you will get 50 points in your account before you've done anything!

Good luck to all who join smile
Craig & Scott from Lucky Phone

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