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ergo: how to use with 4 month old in between stage

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pootlebug Wed 25-Sep-13 11:43:32

Are you near a sling meet or library? (you can put your postcode in at to see)

Maybe someone there could help you fit your ergo to make sure it is comfortable and safe. 4 months is classic inbetween-insert-and-normal with the ergo - the biggest drawback to an otherwise great carrier I think.

You can use the cushion along, or a folded hand towel in the bottom of the carrier. The main thing to check is that she is big enough to be supported properly by the main body of the carrier without the bulking out of the insert in it. If she's chunky she should be fine, if she is skinny it may be trickier.

A sling library might be able to lend you some buckles that fit well for a 4 month old that you could use for your holiday too - something like the Beco Gemini or the Connecta or the Sleepy Nico.

mykingdomforasleep Sun 22-Sep-13 09:36:26

Hopeful bump

mykingdomforasleep Sat 21-Sep-13 16:28:56


We are flying long haul with my 4 month old DC2 and I am planning on mostly using my ergo for the journey and holiday.

This worked brilliantly for DC1who I used the ergi with from 10 months.

However, DC2 has not really liked the ergo so far and would rather I held her on my shoulder. ..

She is too big really for the infant insert but I'm nit overly confident about how comfy/well supported she is without it.

Has anyone used just the cushion from the insert in the ergo and if so how do you know all positioned correctly?

I also have a jersey wrap which she only tolerates if she falls asleep on my shoulder first then position her in it.

I really need her to be happy in the ergo awake but right now she either cries or bobs hopefully against my chest.

Advice most welcome please!

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