Dana Obleman and Sleep Sense - anyone heard of her?

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Mij Thu 12-Apr-07 20:37:38

When I was checking out old Dr Richard Ferber on google, to find out exactly what the revisions were in his latest edition (please please no discussions of CC here!) I found a link to a site that was offering 'free' advice on sleep, and selling itself as being 'not Ferber'. It all sounds highly suspect to me, so just wondered if anyone has come across her, and before I start requesting stuff I would be interested to know what her methods are. Anyone any ideas?

littlerach Thu 12-Apr-07 20:40:01

Goodness, yes, I was fooled inot tjis. In desparartion as dd2 was a terrible sleeper.
From what I remember, I was inundated with emails whaich were crappy, pretend personal ones. And ridiculuos offers for dvds and books. But no helpful advice - for me.

Mij Fri 13-Apr-07 21:23:20

Thanks littlerach, that's what I was afraid of. Being a natural cynic is helpful sometimes

pravin8 Sun 26-Aug-07 15:53:44

Hi, was wondering if anyone paid the $47 that dana obleman asks for in order to receive the answers and solutions to all our baby sleep problems and did they get anything? littlerach, did you make any payment? Thanks much..julia

Kikkertje Sun 26-Aug-07 16:05:59

Just caved in and bought her on-line book, which is very repetitive and is based on crying it out.

While I definitely don't think there is anything groundbreaking in her ideas, I am using them, as I can't do the boob-to-sleep anymore, with my little man waking up and screaming at my empty boobs only one hour after he's drained them!

Mother of 5-month old

cruisemum1 Mon 27-Aug-07 15:48:29

hi mij - yes. i got 'enrolled' onto her website nad still regularly receive emails asking me about ds's sleep. I have not succummbed to buying anything as ds's sleep issues are a thing of the past grin. I must admit I was sorely tempted at one point out of sheer desparationm, but figured that she was only gonna point me towards cc anyway as there are no miracle cures imho.
kikkertje - Good luck!

littlerach Mon 27-Aug-07 16:03:17

No, I didn't pay anything at all - thank God.

Cruse Wed 07-Jan-09 14:25:24

I can't sing Dana's praises enough. I have my life back, love and enjoy my daughter even more because we are both sleeping through the night - I'm so pleased I had the help to guide me. Sometimes all you need is a little confidence and some helpful advise - if you don't try you'll never know. It took approx 4 nights, we got rid of the dummy, and the two night feeds at the same time. My daughter is 8 months and because I'm still breastfeeding my husband had to do the 10 minute reassurance checks. I waited until she was having 3 solid meals a day before starting the sleep training. Hope this helps....... it's a bl@@dy miracle.

guiseppina Wed 11-Mar-09 10:15:39


just wanted to say that i bought the online book and it was worth every penny. Followed it pretty much to the word and it does definetly work. Its not just about controlled crying at all.
I watched my baby go to sleep which is beautiful and he falls asleep now in his room alone.
I am and he is so much happier now.
I cant say enough good things and about the emails i only got two. you are not bombared with them at all!

jurchik Sat 11-Apr-09 11:30:07

I used Dana's program with my 8 months old. It worked perfectly. I'm so glad I gave it a try as it worked in one week. Of course if other mums think it's not right to let the baby cry for 3 nights so they can have the long and happy sleep the next 4th and 5th etc night- that's fine. My opinion is that nothing comes without some effort and patience from both-babies and parents.
I'm so much happier as I have 11 hours of uniterrupted sleep every night. that means I can be better mum.

Normoo Sat 11-Apr-09 11:55:06


I've also been getting her emails, which I don't mind but was wondering for those you've used her system, does she cover much on daytime naps?

My little boy (five months) sleeps ok at night but its his daytime battles that are the problem and won't sleep past forty mins, though these days he hardly goes past half an hour.

Of the six different books I've bought so far, that all pretty much concentrate on night time sleeping problems. Is this the same, could it help with day time naps?

Many thanks

Hillybills Fri 29-Jan-10 00:26:50

Has anyone used Dana's program with younger babies. My DS is 9 weeks old & still sleeping in our bedroom. Does the program require them to be in there own room and is it as strict a schedule as Gina Fords Contented little baby book? I'm not quite ready to put him in his own room and I know at his age it's normal to get up once or twice in the night. My real concern is that he's not getting enough sleep. The longest stint he sleeps for is 4-5 hours max, and over a 24 hour period he probably only averages about 10 to 12 hours of sleep and that's on a good day. I've read he should be getting at least 16 hours. I'd be greatful for any advise or wisdom. Thanks

theansweris42 Fri 29-Jan-10 22:09:36

I also gave a lot of thought to sleep and was struggling. Paid about 15 pounds for Dana Obleman's pdf file e-book which said lots of things I already knew but it helped me be organised and take action. We were in a feed-to-sleep cycle of sometimes every 60 minutes and I was desperate. It isn't groundbreaking stuff but it helped me. DS now sleeps 7-7 and takes naps. I also only got a few emails. She has a video library of advice on her website which has some OK bits as well. It does involve some crying but not just crying it out and she describes a method of staying with baby even though crying.

theansweris42 Fri 29-Jan-10 22:12:33

yes she does cover naps
and yes she covers young babies although
my DS is 8 months and I only bought the book and took action when he was about 6.5 months.

theansweris42 Fri 29-Jan-10 22:25:42

ha! just noticed only the young babies question was recent!
well her book does cover them, yes smile

rlynny Sun 07-Mar-10 06:21:52

So interested to see this discussion. I've been looking at it for my 11 month old who goes to sleep and then sleeps without waking until about 5 and then that's it. I'm wrecked! Can anyone comment on whether it covers older babies and early waking?

GLRe Fri 21-May-10 15:04:28

I purchased the book and am SO GLAD I DID!!!! Yes, it does cover older babies and early waking. My baby girl is 8 months old and has decided to wake up at 5 a.m., and by following the steps in the book (which btw are NOT rigid, cruel, etc) she will go back to sleep and will easily sleep till 8 a.m. We have a life again!!

Some have said it's another version of the 'cry it out' method, i did not find that to be the case at all.

The instructions she gives make a lot of sense, somethings we already knew but weren't too sure how to properly implement them.

Since she gave us our life back i figured i'd give her food sense program a try too.

snugglejunkie Fri 21-May-10 15:30:21

The faux emails made me boak. In fact something about the whole site made me a bit hmm

I'm not remotely convinced it'll be any use or tell me anything I haven't already read from a million other diff sources.

Are all you people above who've had 'amazing' and almost immediate success really real?

<<has her megahmm-head on today>>

karann Wed 26-May-10 13:37:28

Hi there,

GLRe, my 7.5 month old son sleeps pretty well days and nights, but he's got this bad abit of waking up at 5 or 530am as well!

Part of me wonders if he's truly hungry, because he's not eating his solids-solidly - I should say...Kinda fussy and recently just wants to do finger foods (though he doesn't eat that much in my opinion).

I'm otherwise exclusively breastfeeding...and he has a last feed at 620pm or so, before he sleeps at 630pm. He sleeps till 5ish am, when I feed him (he doesn't always fall asleep at the breast, yet what's good is that he goes straight back to his cot and sleeps till past 7am when I go get him.)

My concern is whether there's ANY POSSIBILITY I can get him to sleep from 630pm to 630am at least? I mean, it's great that he lasts between 10 and 11hours at night, but I do wish he would just wake up and feed at 630am or 7am, lol! Cos other issues arise from the 5am feeds - I'm suspecting his poor solids intake as got something to do with that 5am feed, which throws off his appetite for breakfast...and the rest follows.

Also, his naps are 930 - 1115am, and 2pm to 330pm at the very most (but usually only till 245pm) and he seems to want an early bedtime of 630pm. (I'm constantly pushing for 7 or 730pm, so at least I could try to see if he'd wake closer to 7am, you know what I mean?)

If you read this post, please please share your insights and advice about what I could do!



A lot of experty types think that trying to sleep train babies under six months is a bit of a waste of time, although I'm sure there are people on here who would disagree and say they got results when they tried it.

Naps likewise are tricky to increase whatever you try until babies are a little older. And some babies never get the recommended sleep amount - each child is different and they all do things at different rates. Some learn how to sleep easily and lengthily at a young age, some take longer and some A LOT longer.

Speaking as a mum of a 17 week-old who often wakes up every 1-2 hours overnight, it comes from the heart! A bit depressing, I know - especially if you're in the middle of the fog of sleep deprivation, put it will pass in time and they will settle down (I'm telling myself this!)

I think there are definitely things parents can do to help the baby learn sleeping and napping tricks, but how quickly the baby actually gets it is down to the individual infant IMO.

FWIW my sister did CC with all four of her babies (and she is a very attached-type parent) but not until they were around 15-16 months in age and could understand that she would return and reassure them after a little time had passed. With 3 out of 4 of the children, it worked within three days and they never had to be left longer than 10 mins. Her DS was the tricky one, however and didn't really start to sleep through until he was four.

Personally, I still don't sleep through the night and I'm almost 40 (!)

Good luck!

AngelDog Wed 26-May-10 20:24:44

Kaz, half the people on the sleep boards would chew their arm off to have a baby who slept as well as yours. grin But I know from bitter experience how horrible 5am can be.

As IC says, some babies just don't need to sleep for 12 hours at a stretch.

I wouldn't worry about him just wanting finger food - have a look at the weaning board and posts about BLW (baby led weaning) which is all about finger food for more information.

The saying is 'food's for fun until they're one' - it is totally normal for a 7.5 month old not to be eating very much in the way of solids. At that age, most of their nutrition should be coming from the milk feeds; they are just getting the hang of solids.

wrensmum Thu 27-May-10 08:42:34

anyone followed her book for a 10 mnth old?

Foogirl Wed 30-Jun-10 23:32:32

I've used it (and yes I'm real)

I can't recommend it highly enough. Our daughter sleeps well at night, naps well in the day and has done since about 5 months old - (She's just over one year now)

Almost immediately we noticed a change in her, she is a happier and much more settled baby, because she is getting enough sleep. As a result we are happier and more settled parents!

The website isn't brilliant, and isn't user friendly but the video blogs where she answers questions are very useful.

She does have a facebook page for anyone who is interested.

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=653109778&v=wall&story_fbid=405467924778#!/pag es/Dana-Obleman/183706597004?ref=ts

Butterpie Wed 30-Jun-10 23:43:11

There seems to be an awful lot of first posts in this thread... hmm

helenwombat Thu 01-Jul-10 02:15:00

My friend paid to download the book & emailed a copy to me (prob illegal, I know).
I found it told me all the things I've read a million times in all the other sleep solution books. Indeed, reading a couple of threads on mumsnet was more helpful.
One thing it does say (that others don't) is 'remove all sleep props', e.g. dummies but advocates the use of comfort blankets. It is a bit like GF in that it tells you to make a plan & stick to it, although unlike GF, you have to make the plan yourself (there are no times/guidelines)!
The book claims to work for v young babies but I think mine (almost 3 mo) is too young. Comfort blankets mean nothing to him. Her method is just a version of cc, imho - she says, for younger babies, to sit by their bed & reassure them that you are there. This doesn't work with my baby - he couldn't care less & cries whether or not I am there!
The rest of it is case studies of children on whom it has worked, which just annoyed me because it hasn't worked for us.
Lucky all those for whom it worked, but I suspect as Inmaculada says, those babies were ready for/responded well to routines. Gina Ford or another 'guru''s method would've probably worked too.

bippyhippy Thu 01-Jul-10 12:06:33

Butterpie, how do you know if it's a first post? Sorry, just being nosey/curious.

I did download this book a long time ago in deperation but I never read it coz I was too tired! lol!

snugglejunkie Thu 01-Jul-10 13:36:51

I wondered that - how do you know if it's a first post, or a namechange come to that.

Still reckon half the 'amazing results' posts on this thread are pretty fishy grin

Butterpie Thu 01-Jul-10 17:10:17

Do an advanced search on the name

bippyhippy Fri 02-Jul-10 19:31:23

ah. clever. You could get a job with MI5 Butterpie!

Foogirl Tue 27-Jul-10 21:10:17

Not that it should matter, but I happened to be doing a google search looking for the proper web address and this thread popped up so I chose to respond.

If you all choose to think I'm a fake or a phoney, that's up to you - your loss.

All this reminds me why I tend to avoid parenting websites. I'll certainly not be posting anywhere else here.

gulay Mon 27-Sep-10 15:36:49

Hi ladies,

Can anyone help?

I have a 15 months old baby, we did not have much sleeping problem since she was born (I do not normally take her in my bed, only sometimes for daytime naps and thats all.) For night sleep I always put her in her cot.
Yes she used to wake up about 2 times a night but that was not a problem for me as she wanted her bottle and goes to sleep easily after she's finish her milk.Now is worse than that,she wakes up almost every 2 hours,sometimes even often and she points my bed or she points the door.I was searching online for help and found out about Dana Obleman, do you think I should pay 47 dollars and get her Sleeping Sense Program?

Note: My daugter started walking on her own and suddenly after that she started to wake up crying every 2 hours or every hour.
What do you think the problem is?

Thank you all

manniesmum Fri 30-Sep-11 03:17:26

Hi, i bought Danas sleep sense program last year. At 6 mths we were unable to get him to sleep on his own. This program is money well spent. It changed our lives. Now our 2 year old tells us he wants to go to bed. It only took 3 days to have him sleeping 10 hours instead of 2 hours! She is an angel. The food one is good too.

PieMistress Fri 30-Sep-11 13:17:01

It worked for us. I agree the website does look dodgy but I was desperate and willing to try anything. Best £25 i've every spent IMHO. What she says isn't new or groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination but what it did do for us was detail what to do in a step by step guide.

Naps were our biggest issue and within 2 weeks our 4 months old was taking 2 x 2hr naps (in his cot!) and a catnap (from previously having 3 x 30 mins naps in the car or pram only). Once we had naps sussed we waited a few months to get him sleeping through the night as I was still happy with night feeds until 8 months when I realised he didn't need them anymore.

I don't get that much junk email from her though?

However, the best website for sleep advice is this one. They have a good facebook page too where you can go into the 'discussions' tab and get good answers to your questions.


The Millpond Sleep Clinic book is also good (I borrowed it from our library).

I truly believe that the steps we took in getting DS to nap and sleep through the night have paid dividends. We really haven't looked back since.

PS - I am not a new poster, just don't ever really look at the Sleep threads!

Zayasmom Wed 12-Oct-11 20:31:44

Hi all,

I AM a new poster and it seems to me that this thread is kinda dead...am PRAYING someone will get back to me....

My son is almost 6 months old. He is always happy and such a delight...but he does not sleep....EVER!

When he was born he slept through the night the first few nights in the hospital. Then we brought him home and he was a good sleeper for about a month. He was also a good napper. After that it started to go downhill slowly. By 3 months, he was waking up SEVERAL times a night and his naps were shorter and shorter. Now at 5.5 months, he wakes every single hour during the night and he naps for about 20-30 mins two or three times a day. He is also a very light sleeper....everything wakes him! And to make things worse, lately he always wants to be in my arms. He is so attached to me! My husband is a wonderful father/partner but we have a crazy busy schedule (4 other kids; 2 who live with us and 2 who live with their mom) and he is already doing EVERYTHING and working every day too...so because I have a year off on maternity leave (Canada), I am the one who gets up at night with the baby...especially since I am exclusively breast-feeding too. It might help to mention that the baby sleeps in our bed with us...a big mistake we made right from the start. I have been trying to get him to sleep in his bed and he will fall asleep there but he still wakes every hour....sometimes every half an hour...

I know this message is all over the place...but I am so sleep deprived and frazzled! I am not so worried for the time being since I can sleep in a bit in the morning....but once I go back to work, I am so worried about how I will handle all this (I teach 5 classes of high school kids!).


Thank you so much for reading this.

Zayasmom smile

Cunningcam Thu 27-Oct-11 21:21:14

Hi Zayasmom,

You sound like me. Our problems with our son started at around 5 months and still continue at 11 months. Previously he would sleep for 6hr stretches at night - one time he even went for 8 hours and I was giddy with excitement... then it all went downhill.

He had been on a dummy since he a month old and at 5 months he would wake every hour and I would have to put it back in his mouth. If that didn't work I would breastfeed him back to sleep. Eventually I was too sleep deprived so I put him in the bed with us. FINALLY started to get some sleep but he still fed 2 or 3 times in the night. Again this was short lived... and eventually he started getting more demanding and wanting to feed constantly.... my boobs became his dummy. So I forced him to go cold turkey on his dummies which wasn't as bad I thought it would be. Would highly recommend doing this if you haven't yet. I also did all the other wrong things to get him to sleep which I stopped doing - rocking him to sleep, letting him sleep on the boob.

Then tried controlled crying which after a week got him to sleep from 8pm to 4.30/5am. And now... back to square ONE!!! So frustrated that he just seems to be slipping right back into his old habits of waking up throughout the night and screaming. Boob is the only solution to calm him down otherwise he will quite happily (or rather unhappily) scream for an hour. As my H has a pretty intense job he needs to have proper sleep so this isn't an option.

So Zayasmom, sorry if this doesn't help you but if it's any consolation it seems that moms throughout the world have found themselves in this same situation throughout time. Let's join hands and collectively scream AAAARG!!!

Going back to the topic of this original thread - can anyone share Dana's theory on crying. Does she say you have to stay in the room and what are you supposed to say or not say and do when you're in there?

Sheahnee Wed 18-Jul-12 09:09:20

Hi Mums,

I kinda think its unfair that some of you have lambasted Dana's methods without having first tried them. Sure the website could be better but i went for it and dont regret it one bit. And no, im not phoney! I live in Malaysia and work in the media... I have absolutely no reason to be marketing for her except to say that if you're commited to the plan and stick to it, it works. My son is 3 mths old and after 9 days he is now sleeping happily in his crib for his second nap of the day, went down without a whimper and even smiled at me just before closing his eyes. I tried GF with my first daughter and it was just too rigid for us. What eventually worked was a combination of several methods, which it turns out, was almost exactly like what Dana has recommended. Good luck to you all.

mjasonandcindy Tue 27-May-14 16:53:48

HELP!!! My 11 month old is still not sleeping through the night! Im exhausted and so is the rest of the family. Recently we let him sleep in our bed and we (hubby n I) fell asleep watching a movie downstairs. We woke up at 8 am and to our amazement he was still sleeping. So we did this for 3 nights and same result. So on the fourth night we put him in his room, but this time not in his crib, on the guest queen bed. We thought it might be his crib mattress. Well he woke up at 2:30 am. ok so we tried another time and same result sometime between 2:30 and 3. So I slept in the queen bed in his room with him to see if it was a noise and I did not hear anything and he still woke up at 2:30??? So we decided to try him sleeping in his crib mattress on the floor next to our bed in our room and voila baby sleeping through the night. Soooo it's not sleeping with us because he slept through the night on our bed alone and his crib mattress alone as long as its in our room. Any ideas on how to get him to sleep in his room??? Or why he wouldn't be able to sleep in his room?

mummyluvsthem Sun 06-Jul-14 17:20:07

Yes, we used the Sleep Sense when dd was up 4-5 times a night. We started and within a week she was sleeping through the entire night (12hrs). She slept 9hrs on night 3, 10 on night 4 and through the entire night after that. It's the best money ever spent. You can get promo here www.sleepsense.net/share.html?p=sleepbabysleep&w=buynow

McBear Sun 06-Jul-14 17:37:53

I get ten emails from her every fucking day, that bitch.

Read the first one and never bothered again. Must. Unsubscribe. Now.

It could be really good but I get pissed off being inundated.

Skeen Mon 04-Aug-14 20:55:09

I came across this article and thought I'd share www.naturalchild.org/guest/pinky_mckay.html I don't believe in any form of sleep training especially ones involving leaving a baby to cry! Babies are not psychologically equipped to self soothe. This is a behaviour which comes with age. They need closeness, touch, cuddles etc to know they are safe and loved. My little one is 7 months old and still wakes 2-3 times a night for a cuddle, feed or reassuring pat on the back. I happily wake up and tend to his need of affection as I know he will only be a baby for such a short period.��

mummyluvsthem Mon 11-Aug-14 19:01:47


mummyluvsthem Mon 11-Aug-14 19:01:47


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