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High Needs Baby Support Group (thread V)

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A new thread for a new year! smile

The original thread was to support those of us with babies fitting the following criteria:

1. Feeds frequently daytime
2. Feeds frequently nighttime
3. Needs to be constantly held
4. Wont sleep alone
5. Hates the car seat/pram
6. Short naps

Some of our babies have grown out of some of those now, but we're still here to support each other through the sleepless nights and noisy car journeys and to offer hugs, chocolate and wine to anyone who's struggling.

So if that list sounds familiar then come and join us as we delight in our active, inquisitive, curious and restless babies or toddlers!

Littlepige Mon 03-Jun-13 18:27:58

arseface my first reaction to reading your post was: this woman is incredible, you have twins, one HN, and they are ebf on demand. I hope enough people are telling you what an amazing job you are doing! I hope it goes well with the GP
My DS is nearly six months and something seemed to click about a month ago- he seemed more relaxed and smiley. We can manage short journeys in the car which is such a relief. The change seemed to coincide with us moving to a much sunnier part of the world...
As we have moved I lost my network of babies groups and echoing what others have said here... It is so much easier! No other babies to compare to! No leaving groups early or not being able to sit down because of the screaming! It feels a lot easier to just do what we are doing without constantly feeling like I am doing something wrong as everyone else's babies are so chilled out. Now, if we can just work on the hourly night waking...

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