8 month old crawls round cot moaning!

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babyrose Tue 01-Feb-11 17:49:22

the title says it all really! he wakes up ever few hrs jve been just moaning! and i feed to sleep i dont know why he does this. anyone got ideas?

Iggly Wed 02-Feb-11 12:57:44

Is this a new thing? Has he just started crawling? TBH sounds like a developmental leap where his brain is learning something new and he can't switch off properly. My DS had something similar at around 7/8 months - he'd wake up and start waving (he'd just learnt how to do it). Funny now but not at the time. I just fed or rocked back to sleep, sometimes letting him sleep on me which kept him relaxed. It did pass after a couple of weeks.

babyrose Wed 02-Feb-11 13:37:16

its been going on for a good few wks

babyrose Wed 02-Feb-11 13:47:37

he started crawling about a wk ago but he started moving round his cot about a month b4 that.

Iggly Wed 02-Feb-11 17:40:16

Does he seem in pain or half awake? What happens if you wait a few mins before going in?

babyrose Wed 02-Feb-11 18:38:10

very much awake. if i wait he just keeps moaning and starts crying. he has slept through the night when we started sleep training and we didnt feed him.

Iggly Wed 02-Feb-11 19:29:20

Could it be teeth? DS seems to teeth for ages.

Could you sleep train again?

babyrose Wed 02-Feb-11 19:33:24

it could be, i usually give calpol or nurofen b4 bed. iam planning on training again this w/end. i know he doenst need fed he eats lots during the day.

Iggly Wed 02-Feb-11 20:11:30

might be worth giving some when he wakes - it wears off after a few hours? we have to do that if it;s bad

babyrose Wed 02-Feb-11 21:39:23

i will try it, i jusrt dont know what else it could be.

pinata Wed 02-Feb-11 22:39:47

We have had a similar thing with DS and it turned out to be because he wants to roll about but his cot is too small. I now take him out, lie him on our bed, where he rolls all over the place, then finds a position that suits him to go to sleep in and then I put him back in his cot in that position

Could be worth a try?

AngelDog Wed 02-Feb-11 23:29:52

Sounds like the 8/9 month sleep regression.

There is a great book explaining it called The Wonder Weeks by two scientists who researched all the developmental spurts up to around 18 months.

They say:

"Your baby may start sleeping less well. Most babies do. She may refuse to go to bed, fall asleep less easily, and wake up sooner. Some are especially hard to get to sleep during the day. Others at night. And some stay up longer both during the day and at night."

The developmental spurt causing this happens at about 37 weeks, and there’s another one at around 46 weeks.

There’s more info here, here and here.

It's the worst time to try sleep training - for minimal distress for everyone (and most likelihood of success), wait till the developmental spurt is over.

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