Sandra Bullock's husband cheated on her?

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dunbreedin Thu 18-Mar-10 14:43:54

I just saw this on a couple of sites - will link to the most obvious.. -McGee

This happens so often I'm never really affected by it, but this one seems to be particularly sad because of the child involved. If the natural mother doesn't have custody, and as it seems SB has taken on a huge role in parenting, what happens to the child now? What kind of an idiot must this man be to be willing to jeopardise his child's happiness and well-being for such a pathetic reason; "I think he was lonely", "we had more in common" - God, how did he think this was going to end?

Am unexpectedly gutted by this. Sandra Bullock seems like one of the good ones - she doesn't deserve this. I do hope the DM have it wrong.

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