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ipanemagirl Thu 05-Mar-09 23:57:03

dh says she has NOT had any plastic surgery but has only had her teeth done, he looked it up he said....

I'm sorry but this woman was born in 1947?
I think she's had a leeetle work done don't you?

Tinker Fri 06-Mar-09 00:02:16

She does look great. She does have great bone structure. I so don't want her to have had any. I think that's a pretty airbrushed photo though.

ipanemagirl Fri 06-Mar-09 10:47:13

Yeah but 60 years old? 60? She looks 40! Great bone structure though, I'll give you that...

Bucharest Fri 06-Mar-09 10:49:05

It's airbrushed, she's got 4 ft of foundation on, the photo has also had that whiteout effect (remember Sarah Ferguson in Vanity Fair when she looked about 15?) She's had her eyes done though.

Nancy66 Fri 06-Mar-09 15:58:04

the photo will have been massively retouched as it's a professional picture - a pap photo would be more telling.

tiggerlovestobounce Fri 06-Mar-09 16:03:54

I've seen more candid photos of her where she does look older, though even then she doesnt have as many wrinkles round her eyes as you would expect.

MadameCastafiore Fri 06-Mar-09 16:05:04

I think it is obvious that she has had a nose job and it looks like and eye lid lift as well.

Tinker Fri 06-Mar-09 17:59:50

Not sure she's even had a nose job early photo here Will look for better later

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