The nastiest/meanest/rud est celeb you've met/come across...

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dashboardconfessionals Thu 02-Oct-08 11:02:06

Message withdrawn

Sherlockholmes221b Mon 29-Sep-14 17:33:50

Chatted to Lynda Bellingham in the queue for the loo at a Piper Heidsieck sponsored movie event many years ago and she was lovely, funny and warm. Very sad to hear the recent news of her terminal cancer.
DH caught a long haul flight with the Kaiser Chiefs a couple of years ago, he was sat next to the drummer. He said they were all very pleasant, but particular kudos to Ricky Wilson who put up with the American or Canadian guy next to him giving him the third degree about where they'd played, what kind of band they were, what singles they'd had out and would he have heard of them, and would his daughter have heard of them etc etc. DP also had the seat next to Sienna Miller on a long haul overnight flight (now a running joke that DP has 'slept' with SM!) and reported that she was very attractive and showed no diva-ish tendencies on board!

OnlyLovers Mon 29-Sep-14 08:17:33

Tell us a non-mainstream DJ story then! grin

MissRatty Sun 28-Sep-14 22:56:32

Oooh. Lemme see what I can contribute. This thread is fab!

Jim Davidson - pissed up, obnoxious twat with octopus hands. Leered at 14 year old girl and knew she was 14.

Mika Hakkinen - lovely, bought me flowers and offered dinner many moons ago (I had no idea who he was).

Graham Norton - spent a night at a party with him. He's exactly as he was on TV and was a really nice guy.

Jay Kay - thoroughly bloody nice bloke, and Denise Van Outen too (met them as a couple years ago quite a bit as they lived near us).

Charlotte Church - complete arse. Used to see her out all the time and she was either drunk/high and a complete bitch. One if her lovely friends glassed a friend of mine too. This was when she was about 16.

Met quite a few comedians in my time. Genuinely suprised at how many of them used coke before performances.

Craig Bellamy - bellend.

The guys from Blue - very nice chaps indeed.

Tim Westwood - bit arrogant, but not as bad as I thought...quite a posh accent. Assorted other DJs who aren't terribly mainstream I could tell a few tales on!

Jake The Snake (!) ashamed to say I got in a fight with him after he was very rude to my staff.

Harry Enfield - nice bloke.

Delia Smith - slightly potty but nice lady.

John Peel - jolly nice chap.

OnlyLovers Tue 16-Sep-14 14:22:47

Is the Cilla programme good? I've recorded it and then wondered why –I can't stand her based purely on MN and other online gossip grin

I've heard many times that Gary L isn't nice. Someone on here had a lovely Mo Mowlam story too.

Vintagejazz Tue 16-Sep-14 11:01:28

I've heard, through someone who works in television that Gary Lineker is an unpleasant piece of work.
The same person told me that Mo Mowlan was one of the nicest people you could meet.

I was watching that drama about Cilla Black last night. It's a shame to think that she became such an arrogant and dislikeable person. Fame obviously went totally to her head.

OnlyLovers Mon 15-Sep-14 09:56:28

I've always slightly suspected that Firth might not be very nice, actually.

A researcher friend of mine worked with Colin Firth, who apparently ignored her the whole time and actually carried on a conversation over her head. Rather Mr Darcy-like it seems.

OnlyLovers Thu 04-Sep-14 10:08:39

'Angela Rippon bloody rude!'

I'm GUTTED. sad

Iloveonionchutney Fri 29-Aug-14 15:52:48

Charlotte Church is a piece of work (she doesn't like me either after I told her off when she was pissed) and Gavin Henson is a completely arrogant twat but that's probably no surprise to anyone!
Beverly Knight is lovely, really sweet and chatty.

BitOutOfPractice Sat 16-Aug-14 06:12:06

Perhaps the person who met the king of Morocco should've had a word with him about the monarchy's role in that country's very dodgy human rights record. It's not good at all.

Stupidhead Sat 16-Aug-14 04:33:30

Don Warrington! The posh black guy from Rising Damp and possibly Eastenders (?? Don't watch it!). He's lovely! He was in front of us in the queue for the mens changing room in Fenwicks, bf was being his usual ADHD self and moaning then threatening to try the jeans on in the middle of the shop - he would have as well, and this guy kept smiling and laughing. He then offered bf to go first, which he didn't take up. Only realised it was him when we left.

And if anyone has seen Ross Noble and thought he was a twat then it might have been my bf. He keeps getting mistaken for him. He's not a twat (my bf) but he can act a bit 'odd', in a good way. Honest!

Unlabelled Thu 14-Aug-14 14:04:53

Lionel Ritchie very lovely
Paul McCartney nice enough
Craig David totally up his own arse
Dire Mariah hilariously precious
Andrea Bocelli wonderful man with a gorgeous voice
Angela Rippon bloody rude!

MorphineDreams Sun 03-Aug-14 02:45:27

Dean Gaffney.

Lally112 Sun 03-Aug-14 02:33:51

Tiger Woods

SinisterBuggyMonth Sun 03-Aug-14 01:46:52

Friend of a friend is v high up in music industry, has met all the Spice Girls and apparently the most charming and down to earth was Posh! Baby and Sporty were okayish. Scary is scary. Geri is nuts.

GatoradeMeBitch Fri 11-Jul-14 14:11:18

I met Liam Gallagher a few weeks ago. I think he was with his new girlfriend, a dark haired lady. I was actually avoiding being near him in the shop because I thought he was a knobhead, but I ended up walking to the door a couple of seconds before them, so I held it for them and he said 'Nice one' and smiled, and held the second door open for me and made sure I was all the way through before he let it go (I had a lot of bags), so now I feel bad for assuming he would be a knobhead.

OnlyLovers Mon 30-Jun-14 09:47:32

Annie, I ADORE the Jones after seeing her play at Lovebox. I'm really chuffed to hear that about her.

ArcheryAnnie Sun 29-Jun-14 23:55:27

Grace Jones! She was brilliant, physically smaller than I expected but her personality about ten times larger than you can possibly imagine. She talked to everyone the same way. I loved her for it.

tina9mellow12 Sat 28-Jun-14 23:27:21

imsureineverdo Sat 28-Jun-14 17:36:43

Carol Vordman threw her hotel key at one of my colleagues! shock

Should have shoved it somewhere.

imsureineverdo Sat 28-Jun-14 17:36:43

Carol Vordman threw her hotel key at one of my colleagues! shock

hoobypickypicky Sat 28-Jun-14 17:19:08

Jamie Oliver - surprisingly charming.
Paul Weller - rude and arrogant
Joanna Lumley - gracious, elegant and delightful
Frank Lampard - lovely, always has a smile and time for fans, beautifully well mannered
Jools Holland - funny and friendly
Jonathan Ross - very polite and hospitable
Rio Ferdinand - arrogant, rude and arsey
Dennis Wise - a sweetheart, generous with his time and funny too
Bill Oddie - genuinely passionate about his environmental issues, very funny, very down to earth, very giving of his time
Tony Robinson - very good fun, very cheery and chatty and much adored by the Hooby Family
Vinnie Jones - doesn't need to act any of the aggressive wanker roles he plays!!! grin

OnlyLovers Sat 28-Jun-14 16:54:01

That's a very good haul for now, tina!

tina9mellow12 Fri 27-Jun-14 22:17:57

I used to work in a few high end restaurants and hotels over quite a few years in America and UK and have come across numerous celebs while
working asd a waitress then in management. These are the ones that spring to mind off the bat:

Jude Law - arrogant idiot who thinks he's gods gift to women and expects you to roll out the red carpet for him

Christino Ronaldo - total arrogant c**t makes Jude Law seem nice in comparison

Pierce Brosnan - polite and nice

Jennifer Lopez - I cannot stand this woman with a passion and thats no exageration she walks around thinking she is
the queen and princess of the universe or something she will not even look at you and if she does
its with a stuck up 'I'm better than you' look

Dwayne Johnson AKA: The Rock - very friendly and chatty you feel like you've known him for years and seems bigger in person

David Schwimmer - arrogant and concieted dick (which seems to be common knowledge)

Ewan McGregor - very nice and hotter in person too

Vinnie Jones - rude and aggressive he's just basically a thug that got famous

Goldie Hawn - sweet and down to earth

Catherine Zeta Jones - more or less another arrogant Jennifer Lopez clone only slightly more bearable but still a b**ch

my friend met Leslie Nielson about 10 years back in LA and said he was probably the funniest person she ever came across

British Celebs I met while working in London:

Craig Charles (from Red Dwarf fame) - sexist demanding and rude and makes me think the rape allegations against him back in the 90's
were probably true

Robbie Coltrane - moody and demanding and kind of creepy he kept staring at the 16 year old waitress we had working there at the time

Rik Mayall - very friendly and talky a genuine nice man R.I.P sad

Jade Goody - generally very nice sad she died so young

Robbie Williams - concieted moron

Knew a person who worked as a cameraman on a few TV sets with Cilla black and always said she was vile to work for and that no one in the backstage crew could stand her.

This is all I can remember right now there is others though maybe I will add them another time.

dollyholly123 Thu 26-Jun-14 09:57:37

Todd Carty-nicest celeb ever! He was opening our local Kwik Save some years back!!! He spoke to me for a good ten minutes or so, and was so sweet and kind, and he was the same with everyone.

Julian Barrett of Mighty Boosh fame-So sweet and down to earth,very unassuming, was happy to pose for photos with my kids, and had a lovely little chat with them too, an absolute sweetheart!

Noel Fielding-lovely bloke, happily posed for photos with us, and let my daughter touch his hair!!

Mani, bassist with the Stone Roses and Primal Scream- met him at our local swimming baths, was a lovely bloke, very amusing and incredibly down to earth.

Sixties icon Donovan-really grumpy and refused to shake my mums hand after a gig, she was heartbroken!

PS - apparently he was very nice too smile

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