The nastiest/meanest/rudest celeb you've met/come across...

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dashboardconfessionals Thu 02-Oct-08 11:02:06

Message withdrawn

lizzieoak Tue 11-Oct-16 19:53:45

Met a few about 25 years or so ago.
Leo McKern, lovely, very quiet
John Thaw, pleasant, lovely smile
Andy Patridge from XTC, quiet, polite
Roland Alethobel (sp?), friendly & polite

Knew people who worked with David Tennant and they said he's really lovely. Friendly and pleasant and normal.

SuperFlyHigh Tue 11-Oct-16 16:23:27

i mean Twiggy never paid her.

friend has served Katie Price in gay pub on Brighton Rd - says she is very nice.

SuperFlyHigh Tue 11-Oct-16 16:22:53

Ktay - he was definitely in Dulwich!

I never normally see a sleb unless I bump into one..

oh another one years ago - parents went to play or comedy at some pub in Clapham - Lenny Henry was there at bar etc - very rude!

another one- bumped into Josie Lawrence outside Comedy Store - a few years back - we were in there for a show - she didn't seem to want to talk - a bit standoffish!

Game - Alan Davies I thought would be ok...

ooh another one - my mum used to be a fashion designer (very short lived) - she gave a smock to Twiggy never paid her - my normally charming mum referred to her as a bitch over that! grin

GameOldBirdz Tue 11-Oct-16 16:07:18

I accidentally pushed in front of Alan Davies in a pub once. I went to apologise and he launched into a sort of 'Don't you know who I am' rant and called me a 'slut'.

Then I read in the paper that he'd bitten a tramp or something. I wasn't surprised.


Ktay Tue 11-Oct-16 15:57:34

Phillip Glenister lives in Sheen I think? Unless he's moved to more hip SE London of course

SuperFlyHigh Tue 11-Oct-16 15:50:25

PS - brother has filmed various types but the Made in Chelsea and TOWIE crowd - had only nice words though!

SuperFlyHigh Tue 11-Oct-16 15:49:53

ifiwas have heard that about James Nesbitt - friend used to work as a teacher where his kids go to school - he's known for having affairs with the school mums and avoided like the plague by the female teachers!

never spoke to but have seen:-

Zoe Ball - years ago in Ken High Street

Lily Allen - marylebone High Street

Bjork (yes really!) wafting round a trendy Fitzrovia bar years ago in a wedding dress

One of the lads from the Lakes TV series out clubbing years ago - can't recall his name but lovely in a club in Brixton.

My mum has been chatted up by Roger Moore a long time ago and some other famous older actor (now dead).

Have seen Moss from IT Crowd where I live with his wife - utterly charming in a restaurant even though they were turned away as it was too full!

Phillip Glenister in a card shop off Lordship Lane - does he live there? seemed ok.

Have seen Noel Gallagher hiding years ago in a fish and chip shop desperately not wanting to be noticed... I really couldn't have given a shit!

an ex best mate went to school with and is best mates with Brand New Heavies, Jan Kincaid especially, they're all ok - a bit up themselves, very aloof. never met the female singers.

met Jay Kay through them - very nice actually.

ladyformation Mon 29-Aug-16 16:38:17

Photoshopping, rather than photocopying, obviously!

ladyformation Mon 29-Aug-16 16:36:38

Boris Johnson - very charming and affable, propositioned me in what was essentially a professional setting but remained affable when I'd turned him down. Apparently it takes 2 bottles of wine before he drops the idiot act and shows how clever he is.

Nigel Forage - an outlandish racist, not even shy about it when there are no cameras around.

Dylan Moran - lovely and utterly patient when I couldn't understand his accent.

Rory McGrath - grumpy and unhelpful.

Caitlin Moran - really lovely.

A friend of mine was an extra on Into the Woods and said that Chris Pine was gorgeous and actively engaged with everyone, but Emily Blunt kept herself completely to herself.

And another friend worked on David Beckham's campaign for Armani. She said he was amazing, professional and charming. Apparently her job was really easy too (she does photocopying) because he genuinely looks like that (no, erm, sock stuffing at all) except for having manky feet.

paap1975 Fri 26-Aug-16 14:50:01

Peter Mandelson. Spent a whole day organising an event (that he could bask in reflected glory from) and he just looked at me like I was something he had trodden in

Ifiwasabadger Fri 26-Aug-16 14:35:12

I know this thread is 8 years old, but it popped up in my active feed and i'm LOVING it!

some of mine in no particular order:

richard branson - hideous, pompous, surrounded by yes people. an open lech and has lots of flings with the hosties. they have a slush fund to pay them off. has an 'agreement; with his wife. friend of mine flew to necker island for a job interview and confirmed all of the above.

james nesbitt - massive cheating lech. i worked and lived in manchester in the cold feet heydey when they were filming there and always out. he bedded a colleague of mine - whilst married. you knew to stay far far away from him as he was just vile.

footballers - old school - van nistelroy - lovely, so kind to special needs kids at an event. likewise solskaer. roy keane - at utter twat - no surprise there really.

richard and judy - divine! met them when with my two year old - they posed for photos with me (i'm a huge huge fan!) and chatted to us for ages, coo'd over the baby, genuinely wonderful kind people.

andy murray - lovely and kind and so patient with some special needs kids.

roger federer - a god. polite, professional, every bit the millennial man you would imagine.

kate adie - can be very very rude.

jeffrey archer - was warned about him prior to working with him - actually an absolute sweetheart.

kevin spacey and orlando bloom - very obviously a couple one night out in london.

j-lo- lovely and has a vey tiny bottom!

gary barlow - lovely.

i'm sure i have loads more, will think on.

coldcanary Fri 26-Aug-16 11:27:21

Someone mention Simon Danczuk? He's my MP and I've met him a few times. Wet, limp handshake - I swear I could have squashed his hand in mine and I've got tiny hands! Totally uninterested in you unless you're a labour voter, have some power or you're a good looking woman. Can't hide his boredom if he's somewhere he doesn't want to be.
On the other hand Karen Danczuk is really nice and a good laugh.

user1469376681 Thu 25-Aug-16 02:39:36

Nice Celebs
Gazza adorable he told me I've got beautiful eyes
Lee Ryan said the same and let me take another photo even tho he knew I just wanted another hug which he happy obliged
Marti Pellow told me off for waiting so long to go and see The Wets and also commented on how blue my eyes are abd is just so nice (he's best to meet at his solo stuff cos he never stays after wets stuff so the other guys get the attention)
Tommy Cunnigham from the wets mentioned my eyes too (it's s common theme lol) and gave me a massive bear hug and is just generally a lovely lovely man
Clarky from the wets like Tommy he's just a lovely man
Jason Donovan very gracious but somewhat shy and a stickler for manners! If you don't say excuse me, please, thank you etc you will get his rude side and he will ignore you (me and some friends met him before a matinee show and he was so sweet and thanked us for coming and was embarrassed in a nice way that we had seen him in his previous musical and even tho beforehand it wasn't to our taste he converted us, another friend tried to meet him that night and he told them to back off and leave him alone after she shoved a cd cover in his face and shouted sign that but then couldn't understand why he spoke to the next people who by coincidence I knew and they told me about the rude people)
911 met them so many times they take the mick out of me cos their sound guy keeps chatting me up (even tho 'hubby' exists) and have often called me the Geordie Barbie
Dec Donnely lovely guy and complimented me on my chocolate cake it was better than his mams apparently lol
Sean Maguire ever so charming and ss beautiful in real life as tv
Olly Murs perfect gentleman and commented on my eyes being so blue
Daniel Amalm who was in 90s home and away had a good laugh cos he could t understand my accent when spelling my name to him but total sweetie
Daniel Taylor (big name in musical theatre) overwhelmed that people know who he is and gracious for it
Richard Grieve (Sam in neighbs Lochey in b&q paul in emmerdale) thought it was sweet that I still watch neighbours now and more than happy for a photo opp
James from Geordie shore shops in the place I used to work and I didn't know who he was cos I don't watch and we saw him out picking his girlfriend up from a night out and my friend sat in his car and he got chatting to me saying what a douche nozzle he thought my ex boss was (he was correct) because of the preferential treatment he gave him over other customers so if they see him in they don't do a full shop and they liked coming to my till cos they knew I didn't know who he was so didn't fuss over him cos in his words he's not famous or a celeb he just happens to be on telly

Crappy celebs

Boy George ego driven rude and stuck up
Duncan James just rude
Jack Ginger Judas Colback made a snarky comment at me after he walked into me but it didn't register who he was til he'd gone in the shop I came out of so I couldn't get a comment in back
Jimmy Saville just creepy and didn't like that my dad waited with me for a photo but being 7 my dad wasn't going to leave me with anyone that day that wasn't Jason Donovan 😂😂😂

I've also said hello to several north east footballers thinking they were customers from when I was in retail and then been to embarrassed to go back and speak

user1469376681 Thu 25-Aug-16 01:45:15

Amy Winehouse!!
She was absolutely vile to a little girl who had just been and bought her cd and asked amy to sign it as she really liked her and thought her performance in our local shopping centre was brilliant.
She turned to the little girl with a look of disgust and said 'who do you think you are talking to me, I will not sign your cd I have better things to do!'
The mother promptly walked back into the shop with the manager (who was there as they promoted the performance) and returned the CDs

biscuitkumquat Wed 10-Aug-16 17:56:35

Lorraine Kelly - absolutely lovely, always stops for a chat.
Andy Murray - very, very funny
Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue lead singer) - very kind & polite
Lorraine Chase - lovely, happy to sign autographs & pose for pics
Roger Black (ex 400m runner) - took a ribbing from our drunken hen night very well
Corey Taylor (lead singer of Slipknot & Stone Sour) - very, very handsome & a bit of an intellectual (also has the most infectious laugh)

AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 08-Aug-16 10:51:14

Roy keane.

AvonCallingBarksdale Mon 08-Aug-16 10:50:55

Dawn French.

mrsmadiba Mon 08-Aug-16 10:48:08

Met Boris Johnson a few times and he was lovely. Not a fan of his, but it does say something about a person when they remember the names of waiters and are nice to them.

Lembit Opik, was introduced to him socially a couple of years ago. He was friendly to me but he had this young girl in tow who couldn't have been more than 18 and was dressed up to the nines, he was apparently going to be her 'manager' and he was showing her off to all the other middle-aged men in the pub like she was a piece of meat, getting them to comment on her 'look' and potential. Thought at the time that they were both on something as well.

Met Simon Danczuk on a night out in Canal Street last year, he was lording it around the club, with other old geezers in suits, buying drinks for young ladies and looking very pleased with himself. He said he would buy me a drink at the bar in a very 'fait accompli' sort of way. I asked for his name and he just smirked at me.

sapengro Tue 26-Jul-16 10:47:37

I'm a middle-aged guy, I've met many slebs most of them, well, are just human.

Jim Davidson - he's getting a bit of stick on here for being an arse, I met him once and he was very pleasant.

Paul Gascoinge - absolutely lovely, friendly and chatty - but came across as extremely vunerable.

Calum Best - wanted to dislike him, totally genuinely great guy.

Charlie Dimmock - bit prickly and distant.

Shane Warne - one of the thickest people I have ever met. If he can tie his own shoelaces I'd be surprised.

Mark Owen - very quiet, friendly and amiable.

Chris Packham - always a bit strange, but recently revealed he has Asperger's which could obviously be a factor.

Craig Charles - such a nice guy, a bit shy.

Alan Cumming - he was OK but I had the impression that he could go off on one if he didn't like something.

Busybuzzybumblebee Wed 13-Jul-16 22:18:36

Chris tarant and his, I think now, ex wife were the most unpleasant paid of arseholes ever

BusyLizzie12 Sat 11-Jun-16 22:37:05

I know this is an incredibly old thread and it's meant to be about nasty/rude celebs, but I just feel compelled to talk about the time I met Lena Zavaroni. She battled with Anorexia for many years, and I was blessed enough to meet her a few months before she died. She was collecting money for an Anorexia Nervosa charity in Birmingham City Centre. Lena was possibly the sweetist, most gentle person I think I have ever met in my life. I talked to her for about ten minutes about her terrible illness and was both amazed and humbled at how she opened up to me. I shall never forget this lovely lady,

MrsMarigold Mon 16-May-16 13:47:34

Gaby Logan is one of the most ghastly women I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Eamonn Holmes also quite a pain but had the loveliest PA.

Andrew Neill - lovely one of the nicest people ever.

Longstocking2 Wed 20-Apr-16 13:08:22

I heard a story once that Jim Davidson was so rude about a woman pilot announcing take off, something like "I don't want to go on a plane with a girl driving!"
and I think he either got off or was asked to leave. Sounds so true.

Boy George lovely lovely lovely lovely

Susan Sarandon lovely lovely lovely

Debbie Harry adorable lovely adorable lovely

dh says Walliams is lots of things I won't write here.
Dh says Christopher Ecclestone was the arseist man he's ever met in his life.
Dh said Helen Mirren was a goddess
I saw Nigella Lawson with her late husband on a plane and they were so loving with each other, very sweet. She was reading an Italian newspaper (brainy woman)

Dollymixtureyumyum Wed 13-Apr-16 22:35:20

Second Richard Blackwood.

Lenazabaglione Mon 11-Apr-16 20:43:19

Chris Packham - just vile. Incredibly rude, bossy and full of himself.

He was staying at the same hotel as us and demanded to be served before anyone else, etc.

Also knocked my small son over and didn't apologise, which I am still raging about (two years later!)

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