Awww Mel C and Emma Bunton on Loose Women

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Thanks Alaro. smile and yes Zimbabwe if I had put it there I wouldn't have been a billy no mates. But I fear the Spice Girls would have received a bashing. sad

Bit of an experiment if I'm honest. I started a thread about Peaches Geldof yesterday in Chat and someone said it should be in Sleb Twaddle and not 'clogging up Chat'.

I think this proves otherwise.....

Alaro Tue 13-Nov-12 13:29:09

On the plus side Sparkling, you have made me laugh <although I am not sure that this was your original intention> grin

ZimbabweanGoat Tue 13-Nov-12 13:28:57

Should've posted in Aibu. grin

And this right here is why I put stuff in Chat. sad

You all missed it. Ta-ra.

'Wasn't it good. wasn't he fine' altogether now.....

Well I am enjoying it. sad

'Victoria would be rubbish'. <arf>

Note I have put this in Sleb Twaddle everyone. wink

The best of the Spice Girls IMO. grin

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