Are you ever going to do anything about trolls?

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MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 00:46:14

Because it's really got fucking ridiculous.

You need to change your stance from "we have to prove it's trolling before we delete" to "we have to use common sense and realise this is ridiculous before we delete".

The site is becoming a parody of itself.

I'm getting to the stage that I no longer believe my own posts confused

elQuintoConyo Mon 21-Apr-14 00:49:29

^^ what she* said.

(Except the bit about not believing my own posts, that's just embarassing!)

* or he

Tonight there seem to be an especially persistent group of trolls galumphing around the boards. Maybe it is some sort of invasion from another board. It all feels much more like a nasty anti-MN campaign than the usual, lone oddball who posts crap.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 00:52:54


I'm a she (I think)

<considers looking inside underpants, but decides that might be weird>

<reconsiders, in the light of most recent threads, and redefines weird>

Yep, she grin

elQuintoConyo Mon 21-Apr-14 00:55:50


Another one's just started in Other Subjects, some crap about 'funny threads'. Yawn. My report button is wearing out.

RhondaJean Mon 21-Apr-14 01:03:09

It's just school holidays surely <tolerant>

The obvious trolls don't annoy as much as the ones who slip under most radars and say have people charging up motorways to save them.

chocolatesaltyballs Mon 21-Apr-14 01:03:43

Another one here who's fed up of bridge dwellers.

Tonight has been total madness. I have been called a troll. It's really scary out there.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:07:44

There's a few of them atm Rhonda.

It's pissing me off. There is one in particular that I am predicting the next move and telling mnhq what's going to happen next - and each time I am right so far.

It's very predictable bollocks [sigh]

They all seem very aware of what one another are posting too - quite the clique.
Or maybe a NCing troll.

It's a tag team of crapness MrsC

D0oinMeCleanin Mon 21-Apr-14 01:09:53

Maybe it's time to bring in a "cooling off period" between joining and being able to start your own thread? Even if it's just during school holidays.

Passing the turd on to the next man?

Exactly MrsC.

Maybe time to stop all the namechanging. Or do something about it anyway. 'I have namechanged for this' is getting tedious.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:12:53

That would be sensible, Dooin. But ...

Don't we have to think of the poor posters whose arms have fallen off so they can't call the police, and anyway their ex's are policemen who would stop any help and meanwhile a tornado had taken the roof of their house and all their belongings have been stolen (except their pc which is their access to paypal, of course) and their children are naked and starving?

I mean, those people need our help, donchano?

themockingjay Mon 21-Apr-14 01:13:07

I reported a troll thread a few weeks back that I knew for a fact was a troll thread and mumsnet emailed me to state they weren't deleting it as it had a high volume of posters on the thread.

I do wonder if they don't delete popular troll threads to boost their site visitors.

RhondaJean Mon 21-Apr-14 01:13:54

Maryz I have missed this thread as I have got tied up in feminist rumblings, pointers gratefully appreciated.

Coconutty Mon 21-Apr-14 01:14:50

I think it's too easy to NC, Maryz.

As soon as I read 'I've nced for this but I'm a regular so Pom bears and penis beaker ' I get twitchy.

I understand the need to nc for sensitive stuff but think that HQ should have to agree to a nc to try and cut down on the trolling

And maybe New posters have to reach say, 30 posts before they can start a thread.

It's ridiculous on here now.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:15:47

Most of the ones I was watching have gone now.

I can't link to the others, because that would be troll-hunting, which is obviously a terrible thing to do because of all these poor (namechanging) posters to whom terrible things are happening.

I will end up being followed around by haterz again [bitter]

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:16:52

themockingjay, how could you possible suggest such a thing shock. How cynical of you to think such a thing might happen shockshock


scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:17:53

Oh my quite the mistress of hyperbole are a parody of itself?oh have a fag

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:18:00

Trouble is, coconutty, that if you look at most of them now they aren't complete newbies.

They are using baby names to build up a posting history. And sometimes other boards angry

SheherazadeSchadenfreude Mon 21-Apr-14 01:18:36

Couldn't agree more. I've given up reporting as you just always get the same wet response. Even when you give factual information to back it up - eg "my entire family was killed in a car crash in New Zealand last week." Evidence on t'interweb says, no fatal car crashes in NZ that week. "Oh but we have no evidence that the poster isn't genuine." I've just given you the evidence that it's a lie you dozy cow.

slithytove Mon 21-Apr-14 01:19:42

Or they could add something like a little star in different colours next to our names depending on how many posts we have, which we keep even with a nc so you can tell it's not a new member. Lots of options.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:19:48

Oh, here we go.

Here's the wonderness that is the scottish person.

Let's not bother about the content of the thread, let's just attack the op (while simultaneously pretending to have never seen her before).

themockingjay Mon 21-Apr-14 01:20:34

grin grin grin grin grin i am fairly new to mumsnet but Not a troll...

are they known for doing that? The funny thing is I didn't know what mumsnet was until soneone was showing off about the troll thread on Facebook I had a nosy... reported troll thread and then got bloody Addicted to the site... how rude!

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:21:47

slithy, that would seem like a good idea. But I've become very cynical recently - I suspect many of the trolls are actually long-term posters who just want a bit of extra attention.

Not to mention the ones (probably members of the fictional writers' group) who are long term trolls hmm They start slow, and ramp it up.

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 01:21:59

The trolls threads have been very irritating this evening.

They are so predictable.

And not even a little bit funny.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:22:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:22:58

Please tell me you didn't come via penisbeaker, mockingjay? You may have to go and scrub your keyboard with bleach, do the same to your eyeballs and start again.

RhondaJean Mon 21-Apr-14 01:23:19

I quite like the idea of the stars...

<coff> pm Mary <coff>

slithytove Mon 21-Apr-14 01:23:26

They aren't funny which is a shame. I appreciate an intelligent troll. Get good and sucked in for a few pages. grin Sadly they are a rare breed.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:23:29

[arf] at frothing.

sm, do you ever do anything but froth about people frothing?

I just don't know what to think any more. My radar seems to be permanently aglow.

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 01:23:55

Honestly, I think there should be a member since but next to your name. I get that people will complain about 'MN Royalty' but honestly, it's got to be better than this?

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:24:08

If mn causes you such angst, don't define the site,it'll carry on regardless

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 01:24:54

I said honestly a bit too much blush

YY sm you say that every time.

D0oinMeCleanin Mon 21-Apr-14 01:25:28

I'd actually never seen you before OP, nor did I recognise you, until my mouse did that wandering across the screen on it's own thingy I spotted the by-line under your name.

I am ashamed to admit that I did, originally, think you were a troll trying to prove a point <ahem>


I don't come on MN as much anymore, it seems to have had the humour sucked out of it lately, I've been hanging around the last few days to escape the crappiness of RL. Tonight has me considering whether to go back into hiding.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:26:02

pm'ed you Rhonda grin

RhondaJean Mon 21-Apr-14 01:27:04

Or maybe even a number of previous posts - obviously broad for anonymity - less than 100, 100-500, 500-1000...

That could be Embarassing mind you!

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:27:13

Don't do that D0in, I'm nice, honest I am (despite my weird Easter name).

It's a bit strange around here atm.

RhondaJean Mon 21-Apr-14 01:27:19


scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:28:13

I'll habitually say it.if you think mn gorn to dawgs/keech/not like ole days.leave

I don't think it has sm I just know that tonight it has been full of Trolls.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:29:46

If you don't like people complaining, you could <SIOB> leave.

And if you don't like me (which you have made very clear you don't), why on earth do you always post on my threads?

If I don't like people, I avoid them, which seems sensible to me.

WildThong Mon 21-Apr-14 01:32:43

SM I've not heard keech for years! One of my late dad's favourite adjectives, as in "a pile of" grin

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:33:07

Who are you addressing in your red mist?

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:34:27

You, sm.

If you don't like me, why do you always follow me around and try to talk to me? You obviously think I'm a pain in the arse, that's fine.

The feeling is mutual smile

OldLadyKnowsSomething Mon 21-Apr-14 01:34:43

I am (now) assuming that Op is usually Maryz, for whom I usually have huge respect.

And have been reading her posts this eevning, on different threads, as Maryz erection, rather than the "resurrection" (I now presume was) intended.

So that's been odd interesting.


scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:36:13

You're not're one of the Chunterring masses that mn gorn to dogs

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:38:10

Exactly sm, I am totally insignificant. So why do you attach so much importance to everything I say?

Sorry, OldLady grin. I will change back tomorrow.

Nobody on MN is significant sm. But we can moan about all the trolls if we want, on a thread in Site Stuff.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:41:20

I presume you're trying to initiate a conversation op,sorry but no idea who you are
You're simply one of the many who habitually complain mn gorn to dogs
Good luck with that

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 01:46:07

[arf] I'm not trying to initiate a conversation with you. I don't like banging my head against a brick wall, I have more interesting things to do.

I wouldn't mind a conversation with mnhq about this though. They know who I am.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 01:47:48

Indeed,so hit the wee red flag.tell them how it is
And no doubt you'll still be here in xmonths harrumphing mn gorn to dawgs

themockingjay Mon 21-Apr-14 01:54:56

slightly off subject.... ?penis beaker???

D0oinMeCleanin Mon 21-Apr-14 01:56:53

I wasn't here for penis beaker but caught it on Buzz Feed. It will be Google-able and is worth a read.

According to all the comments under Buzz Feed it brought a lot of trolls.

MillyMollyMully Mon 21-Apr-14 01:58:07

The Night Watch are working effectively though. They've only just been introduced - give them a chance?

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:00:06

Penis breaker,went viral.I often wonder if it caused op rl hassle
But yiu know what,one funny cringey post doesn't define mn,nor did that thread invite trolls
If one thinks mn Changed/gorn dawgs etc one can leave,trot off.cheerio

themockingjay Mon 21-Apr-14 02:02:55

I googled it how did I miss that it was in the news! poor op how embarrassing grin

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 02:05:38

sm, do you mind if I ask if you are a generic spam-bot? Because you seem to have a serious lack of vocabulary, and an inability to talk in sentences. It bothers me a lot, as does your apparent inability to read and understand what threads are about, because it's quite difficult to have a conversation with someone who has shown no understanding of any of the posts on this thread.

I don't recall mentioning anything about gorntodawgs, btw.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:09:49

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

slithytove Mon 21-Apr-14 02:10:44

I think we have got the message that if we think mn has gone to the dogs, we can leave. smile

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:11:48

And conversely the whiny ohhh it's sooo bad have expressed their nessage

It hasn't gone to the dogs, last night (as it's now 2am why are we up?) there were so many dodgy threads and trolls it was madness. That is what Maryz is getting at.

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 02:14:10

I'm certainly not expecting you to answer, you seem incapable of doing so.

I'm just wondering, since you obviously find me so irritating, why you always want to talk to me? It seems strange to me, particularly as the only thing you ever say is "gorntodawgs/froth/strange incomprehensible rant".

I live in hope that some day you will post on a thread with a positive suggestion, or comment, or even something nice, but I suspect that's never going to happen [sigh]

MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 02:14:58

yy Sparkling, it's way past my bedtime, night all smile

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:15:09

And?one person ire isn't necessarily shared or an omg moment
Just another mn gorn dawgs/not Like ole days..oi mnhq whine
So many to be fair

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:16:22

Op,you labour under belief that I know or care whom you are
Please Let me disavow you of that notion

slithytove Mon 21-Apr-14 02:17:03

I do think there were a ridiculous amount of troll threads last night.

Night watch seem to be working ok so far though.

I wonder if mnhq could implement something where if a thread received a certain amount of reports it would be automatically hidden until it could be checked out.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:17:43

Didn't notice.

Night sm. It's Maryz BTW wink

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:18:30


I think you were embroiled on the feminism thread sm, so you missed it all.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:19:47

Oh yada fuckin yada stop sweating the minutiae of who said what on mn


MaRyzerection Mon 21-Apr-14 02:22:00

No point in telling her sparklng, she doesn't know anyone. Though how she can know how many "gorndawgs" threads I start when she doesn't know me is baffling.

Hers posts are boringly repetitive, though. I think I will hide her, it will make these threads more readable.

slithy, nightwatch can manage immediate obvious trolls, it's harder for them to manage slow-burners. I think it needs a policy change for that.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:22:47

Nope,I'm no biting.go poke someone else

Telling who Maryz? grin

Night all. x

fidelineish Mon 21-Apr-14 02:27:10

Erection woman is Maryz <slaps forehead>

slithytove Mon 21-Apr-14 02:27:16

How do you hide individual posters?

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 02:28:07

I've missed all this tonight,could have done with the distraction.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 02:29:05

No idea,don't recall the names so no need hide
I'll hae argy bargy wi anyone,no need hide

MillyMollyMully Mon 21-Apr-14 02:30:13

It was only for a couple of hours in the early morning. Then the Night Watch got to it and zapped all the baddies.

fidelineish Mon 21-Apr-14 02:32:41

But it was so many threads in the space of ten minutes Milly

MillyMollyMully Mon 21-Apr-14 02:35:32

Yeah. I think if they get zapped quickish the whole enterprise will lose its attraction. Best not to engage with them though or they get their satisfaction.

fidelineish Mon 21-Apr-14 02:37:23

You are probably right.

Night watch did really well tonight, it has to be said.

As did some super-fast people such as sparkling who were flagging them up.

MillyMollyMully Mon 21-Apr-14 02:39:19

thanks Night Watch.

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 02:55:55

Blimey, just read the thread where sparkling got accused of being hairy handed. What a car crash! Off to look for something more soothing smile

ZingHasAHotCrossBunInTheOven Mon 21-Apr-14 05:26:54

<waves banner in support of MaryZ with questionable underpants' contents and trolling Sparkling>

weird is the new black

I always miss the trolls

OhChristHasRisenFENTON Mon 21-Apr-14 08:25:34

MaryZ who?

and who the fuck is scottishmummy ?

Jeez, so many names I don't recognise.


The trolls were not funny last night.
I think that until this heartbleed pub"I city dies down we need someone on duty from mnhq overnight. It does seem madness to leave the safety of the site to a group of very lovely volunteers when things are so challenging.

I also think that reporting to Nightwatch should not be a thread IYKWIM. Feel like the school snitch.

AuntieStella Mon 21-Apr-14 08:40:30

'The site is becoming a parody of itself.'

Yes, it's been distinctly 'off' in the last few days. And everything is in AIBU. Lots of uber-aggressive posters. Not pleasant at all.

But the site never really settled back post-PB, so this may be it.

My sole suggestions (trying to be helpful) is for people to post the threads/posts they want to see, and to use the topics more and AIBU less. I think the solution is at our fingertips.

Oody Mon 21-Apr-14 09:05:31

Yes what Sparkling said

I'm not usually here at night so I hadn't noticed that's how to report.

Agree sparkling and its an indication to the trolls that they are being successful in getting attention.

Yesterday's mn was a bit of a horror show all round. Not sure why it went quite so grim (not enough chocolate?)

DrankSangriaInThePark Mon 21-Apr-14 09:08:27

At any given time I would bet my last £5 that half of the OPs are creative writers.

While it's just "hilarious" talk about penises and naked people in the street and dildos and other such puerile 14 yr old boy stuff, it's easy enough to ignore and rise above.

The fact that HQ nowadays seem to think that a) long standing MNers are not capable ipso facto of being trolls/fakes b) neither are new posters - rather puts the whole site in a difficult position.

MN is broken. And not in a technical way. And unless HQ start doing something about it, it's going to stay broken. It has become an absolute bloody car crash. It would be laughable if it weren't such a shame.

I think we can safely bet though that the likes of leading political parties and other hard hitters on the public stage are soon going to be giving it a very wide berth, probably while doing that twiddley finger thing at their temples.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 09:28:59

I've noticed the Baby Names thing too.
Almost every Really Obvious Troll I've AS'd recently has a massive posting history but almost exclusively in Baby Names. I thought my trolldar was malfunctioning but it seems they're just putting a bit more effort in. Building up a posting history but still flying under the radar so to speak.

I agree that it's probably the Heartbleed publicity.

Pagwatch Mon 21-Apr-14 09:48:43

Who are all of you? Seriously, I recognise no one here and yet you are all annoying. Stop that. Or go away so new people I don't recognise can annoy me.
Come on. That's reasonable.

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 09:54:49

Baby names and camping seem popular. I think they are quite lazy and are scrolling alphabetically.

Camping? confused I have Camping and Baby Names hidden. grin

Pagwatch are you new? Don't think I have seen you before. Welcome to Mumsnet. smile

gamerchick Mon 21-Apr-14 10:00:51

I was reading murmurings on P&B about a fresh wave of troll attacks but I think they've been well warned and the thread came to nothing.

Yesterday was weird...roll on school and things getting back to normal.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 10:01:32

It's bloody annoying is what it is.

All you people I have never seen before in my life. Here you are, yet again, saying the same old thing I've never seen you say before.

You're so bloody predictable. You bunch of complete strangers.

Pagwatch Mon 21-Apr-14 10:04:02

You always say that, all the time.
Whoever you are, you person beneath my notice that I have never seen before.

CarolineKnappShappey Mon 21-Apr-14 10:05:15

Bit of a daft question, but why can't we mention the troll threads by name. I know troll bunting is banned, but why, if trolls are so bad?

I'm rubbish at spotting the threads anyway.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 10:10:09

Arf @ troll bunting grin

roundtable Mon 21-Apr-14 10:11:29

I've just come into the thread to add nothing of value but to tell the op and everyone else that I don't know you, and that I'm going to follow you around telling you this from now on...even though I don't know you. confused

In all seriousness, mn does seem to go through funny spells and this seems to be one. I can tell by my posting, I don't post that much anyway but when it goes a bit funny I just can't be bothered to post anything most of the time as who knows if the thread will be deleted.

It must be difficult to get the balance right though at hq.

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Apr-14 10:11:49

Morning all,

We did have a bit of an invasion of the school holiday variety late last night.

Nightwatch did clear it up and we are looking into it now.

Apologies that there was so much weirdness but the school holidays does tend bring them out.

moldingsunbeams Mon 21-Apr-14 10:14:45

I dont get the I have name changed but regular , penis beaker , pom bears comments.

Penis beakers were very widely published and it doesnt take two minutes to look in classics so its a pointless comment really surely?

Morning Rebecca.
I think that because of heartbleed, things feel less secure than they did. The really annoying troll last night mentioned 'anonymous' - which any troll can throw in as 'frightener' but is there any evidence that the targeting is more malicious than usual?

YY OYBBK and said they would come back as 'one of us' next time.

which is a little more threatening than the average troll, even if its an empty threat.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 10:24:10

Wasn't he going to 'mess us up' or 'fuck with our shit' or some such guff?

something like that randall. It was very late. Then there was an awful lot of cake.

I do think 'Namechanged for this' needs looking into. I sort of see why they say it in that everyone will cry 'interesting first post', BUT lately 'N/C for this' precedes a WTF style thread where everyone is hmm anyway.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 10:34:09

I fell asleep tbh, it was past my bedtime!

Anyway, I only came on this thread to tell someone I've never seen before that I find all her repetitive whining (which as mentioned, I have never seen before) annoys me every time I see it.

So what I'm going to do is just say that over and over again.

LeftyLoony Mon 21-Apr-14 10:35:12

My concern was site security, Rebecca. Hence why I emailed direct rather than click report. When one individual then said they were reading these report emails I got even more concerned.

I genuinely believe they had access to somewhere they shouldn't last night. Can you tell me if that was the case? Did mn get hacked? Are our accounts secure?

Keep changing your passwords.

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 10:39:47

I have another name that I post really personal stuff under as I like this name to be used as my escape from the crap that I live with daily...but, I never have to announce the nc as if you always use it then people can see you have 'history' and not just some random comments in any thread that starts with an a, b or c. Maybe people should just have a 'personal' and a 'usual (not the usual grin ) nn? There must be an answer to this surely? Limited names might stop the sock wearing activity too?

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 10:41:04

None of the above made sense, I am in pain, I agolopise blush

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 10:41:36


BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 10:42:12

<goes off to post in the aardvark thread>

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 10:44:00

I think MNHQ need to seriously look at the NChanging on here.

It needs to be made harder to NC.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 10:44:13

I've got to be honest. I didn't take a single word of that thread seriously.
I certainly don't believe for a second that it actually was 'anonymous'.

Once a site's been hacked then the challenge is over. Where's the fun and the achievement in doing it again? That's what hacking's all about isn't it, the kudos of finding a way in.

Admittedly it's not my area of expertise but I'm pretty sure the actual hackers will have moved on to their next 'project'.

I know what you meant Buzzard.. I think it is the announcement that sets my radar aglow rightly or wrongly.

And it's because more often than not the subject matter that follows is often bonkers.

Plus IIRC the trolls from last night have cottoned on to it haven't they?

LeftyLoony Mon 21-Apr-14 10:47:27

Well the individual last night - genuine or not - was saying the site still isn't secure.

Which is a worry.

Yes Lefty, and it is unnerving.

Ifpigscouldfly Mon 21-Apr-14 10:48:13

I posted on that thread. I "know" someone who is a member of anonymous ( fairly distant associate of mine) and that troll as I said is embarrassing to be even be considered a member.

Ifpigscouldfly Mon 21-Apr-14 10:50:13

And before anyone asks no I don't have any "proof" of my friend being a member but I do believe that they are. It's not secret for nothing.

It's secret and yet they have FB and Twitter. grin

Ifpigscouldfly Mon 21-Apr-14 10:53:19

Well yes. But they don't advertise individual members.

Ifpigscouldfly Mon 21-Apr-14 10:54:46

Like here we are but we won't say who we are.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 10:55:00

I know what he was saying. I just didn't believe him.
And also, after the Heartbleed hoopla I've changed all my other passwords so it wouldn't particularly worry me if some knobhead had nothing better to do on a Sunday night other than pretend to be me on Mumsnet.

The Internet isn't and never will be 'secure', it's just the risk you have to take if you want to use it. All we can do as individuals is mitigate that risk as much as possible by using good password protocol and good quality internet security products.

If you're doing that then I really wouldn't worry about some school holiday nonsense. Don't give them the credence they don't deserve.

Oh right IfPigs I understand. So what are they looking to gain?

Ifpigscouldfly Mon 21-Apr-14 10:59:02

Fucked if I know sparkling grin I don't know that much about it to be fair. I'd never understand all the hacking stuff.

Me neither IfPigs I always thought it was just to prove they could IYKWIM.

Hulababy Mon 21-Apr-14 11:03:14

I don't think this is anything new.

I've been using MN since 2003 and it has always had the odd time where we have more odd threads than normal. They are usually around the time of school holidays and/or public holidays. I guess when these people have far more spare time on their hands.

Seriously, just report and then ignore. The worst thing you can do is keep engaging in the threads if you really believe them to be troll threads.

It is a public forum for anyone who wants to use it. You have to treat it as that and remember that every single on of us could not be telling the truth at any time. Unless you have actually met and know the other person it is impossible to really know.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 11:08:39

I'm pretty sure it is 'just to prove they can' tbh.
It's all about being cleverer than everyone else.
Proving you are superior.
'You think you're security is faultless so I'm going to find a fault' type of thing.

It's basically your average pissing contest.

Lots of governments and big security outfits actually 'employ' them. The really good ones are seriously useful, very highly skilled and driven.

CuttedUpPear Mon 21-Apr-14 11:10:15

Is the reason for not mentioning troll threads a bit like ignoring bullies in the playground?
Writing that, it makes me realise how ineffective either method is.

RuthlessBaggage Mon 21-Apr-14 11:14:02

Anonymous isn't as many people as you think - a lot of their work esp DDOS is from hijacked PCs. Which is bloody clever but misleading.

I keep a couple of old NCs if I want to be taken seriously but obscure my posting history. A 3yo nickname is useful!

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 11:18:48

Don't suppose anyone could fill me in on the anonymous thread thing. I think I missed that one (was busy falling over)?

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 11:20:35

You really didn't miss anything.
Common or garden half-term troll trying to convince us he was Oz, the great and powerful.

Falling over?

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 11:35:11

Oh ok, will Google oz. Been in all week and went out for some fresh air to make me feel better. Fell down some steps (didn't work) I'm such a tit.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 11:42:44

Oh no, hope you didn't do any actual damage!

(I was being facetious about The Wizard of Oz. He was basically claiming to be some master hacker because he could post made up stories in the Internet)

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 11:53:48

Hee hee, I just got narcotics anonymous when I Googled grin. I bet he is fun at parties hmm

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 14:02:07

I don't recognise any of you either confused

I mean, wtf is Rebecca? I've never seen her before, but who does she think she is giving an opinion on here that there were trolls last night. There quite obviously weren't any, just a pack of bitch troll-hunters led by some newbie called Sparkling, and the op of this thread who is obviously a stirry namechanger grin

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 14:03:18

Buzzard, are you ok? Have some flowers - you sound as though life is a bit tough atm.

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 14:26:12

Thanks Maryz (glad you are back to usual name and gender). I will be ok I think. smile

hollyisalovelyname Mon 21-Apr-14 14:40:40

How can you spot a troll?

ThePassionOfHoneydragon Mon 21-Apr-14 14:49:53

Sorry Rebecca but ScottishMummy spoke first, it wasn't trolls at all it is just us same old people moaning about the site having gawn to the dogs.

Don't come swanking in here with your big blue box of authority and expect us to listen. grin

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 14:51:45

Read aibu after 10 pm any night. Stick an imaginary pin into the list of threads. You will find a troll.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 15:25:51

Or some auld gimemer moaning of that mn gorn to the dogs
As boring and predictable as trolls
At least trolls are sometimes funny

Who are you calling a 'auld gimemer' sm?

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 15:34:22

The collective moaners who habitually complain how rotten mn is
Nearly daily someone starts a handwringing gum bumping thread complaining
I don't think there has been a deterioration,or mn was better in days yore

Coconutty Mon 21-Apr-14 15:35:50

SM, do you have ishoos with Maryz? I've noticed you calling her an auld gimmer a few times and wondered if this is a long running thing that we're in the middle of. <nosy>

But sm you habitually moan about the moaners as far as I can tell. I don't understand why you get so bothered with it.

It's opinion. You think MN is the same as it ever was and lots of other people think the opposite.

Nobody can change the other's opinion, so it just goes round in circles.

All I know is that it was troll central last night and IMO there are more troll threads around. MN need to be looking into ways to make it harder.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Mon 21-Apr-14 15:38:14

I'd like to comment, but as I don't have the faintest idea who any of you are, I won't bother.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 15:43:23

I'm addressing the global moaning,the habitual mn is so bad threads
These threads arrive near daily.same generic content,usual complaints
It's not a view I share,so of courses will comment

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 15:44:59

The trolls are not funny though.

Can someone stick some WD40 on SM, she seems to be stuck.

Mmm. Wouldn't be so much fun to just hide the threads would it?

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 15:47:27

If I consistently hold the opinion that mn isn't given to dogs,or deteriorates I'll consistently express it
In same way those who feel mn deteriorated are consistent in saying so
Yiu see that's how forums go,someone express pov,it is then examined,discussed with bit riposte

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 15:48:50

But there were loads of trolls on MN last night, SM.

That's a fact.

There's no 'discussion' when one party says the same thing on repeat.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 15:52:40

Well if they want to habitually say mn us deteriorating,and others reply that's discussion
I don't expect to disavow the habitual complainers of their pov,it's too ingrained
I will of course challenge that pov,and naturally I'd expect them to rebuke back.that's how it goes

I have had more than enough of rebukes and challenges in the last 24 hours. <sigh>

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 15:58:28

Well given mn is a discussion forum,and your discussing a pov,goes with territory
If don't want rebuked,and seek reinforcement you'll not necessarily find it on mn
No one needs to agree,in fact the frisson of polarised opinion makes mn exciting to read

Fizzybangfanny Mon 21-Apr-14 16:00:34

grin SM

So much hand wringing and hypocrisy on this thread! You people need to get RL!

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:04:57

The rl that involves yiu bumping gums on mn and doing asinine wee facesgrin
Don't do the you're so nonchalant posting,but everyone else they need to. Get a life
You're posting you're as embroiled as anyone else

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 16:23:46

Oh dear, Fizzy.

Not quite the reply you were expecting grin

No one sucks up to SM.

Fizzybangfanny Mon 21-Apr-14 16:28:22

grin - does that now mean sucking up? I posted that because I thought it was worth a laugh- still do! Ha ha it's the land of the fucking crazys!


Seriously...have any of you left this fuckng site this weekend?

Pagwatch Mon 21-Apr-14 16:28:51



ThePassionOfHoneydragon Mon 21-Apr-14 16:30:52

Well you'd know wouldn't you what with being here too.

crazynanna Mon 21-Apr-14 16:31:06

Hi I am crazynanna and I am new smile

Last night was sooooo effed up. I hate kids. I hate school holidays. I hate cotton wool and those fish things on pizza <boak>

Thos nightshift guys were swift, though. All Hail.

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 16:31:33

Have you. Fizzy?

ThePassionOfHoneydragon Mon 21-Apr-14 16:31:52

<<reports Fizzy to MNHQ for telling people to get off Mumsnet>>

SatansFurryJamHats Mon 21-Apr-14 16:32:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 16:33:20

Because you have popped up slagging off he regs all fucking weekend.

Pagwatch Mon 21-Apr-14 16:33:51

Oh no.
You could have gone for breezy indifference. Or you could have pretended it was really funny.
But you can't carry both in the same post.
It's a bit Rik Mayall.

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 16:34:15


I dunno who he reg is.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:36:35

He regs?whats that then
I'll post in any thread,and if that offends the he regs - tough titty
Implicit in participating an forum is anticipate one won't get ones arse kissed

Kevin Turvey Investigates....Mumsnet Pagwatch. grin

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 16:38:02

I wasn't talking to you SM.

I was talking to your bff, Fizzy.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:39:59

Nonetheless less point stands seeing op thinks I'm haranguing her.apparently I'm following her

EatShitDerek Mon 21-Apr-14 16:41:01

Personally I don't believe any thread on here and I believe there is one me and one other person on here and that person has loads of sockpuppets.

The trolls are getting worse. Police were called on one if them! You'd think there would be a stricter way of dealing with them after that but there isn't.

I'm fed up of reporting to be told 'its fine on this end but will keep eye on it' when its an obvious troll either begging or trying to get storied out of people so they can have a wank.

They aren't even trying hard enough anymore to fit in or be funny. I'd they are going to troll I would rather they did it right or not at all. grin

Fizzybangfanny Mon 21-Apr-14 16:42:39

Nope not all weekend end suspect - go see if you can see my posting history! if your referring to me making a point of the usual posters bitching on threads - I still stand by that.

I like Rik Mayall !

Thank you satans I feel cleansed flowers

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:43:10

I don't unreservedly trust anything online,trust nae fucker and you'll no. Go wrong

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 16:43:40

Actual rofl at SM mocking a typo!

Fizzybangfanny Mon 21-Apr-14 16:44:33

usual I would love to be your BFF - you seem such a lovely person!

Are you this nice in RL?

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:44:36

Given my typing I've not knocked any typo?i don't pull up on syntax

Fizzybangfanny Mon 21-Apr-14 16:45:24


ThePassionOfHoneydragon Mon 21-Apr-14 16:46:24

<<pushes point over>>

<<via the power of creepy wee brackets>>

<<with the assistance of He-Reg and the power of Grey skull Hair>>

<<throws hmm wee hmm humphy hmm faces hmm around hmm liberally>>

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 16:46:52

Evidence for the prosecution your honour

Add message | Report | Message poster scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:36:35
He regs?whats that then
I'll post in any thread,and if that offends the he regs - tough titty
Implicit in participating an forum is anticipate one won't get ones arse kissed

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:50:36

What's your point?he regs,I don't know what it I repeated term back verbatim

Fizzybangfanny Mon 21-Apr-14 16:53:13


Shit. This just gets weirder.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:54:14

Haha like the picture
The weird shite I why I like mn

ThePassionOfHoneydragon Mon 21-Apr-14 16:54:15

And then I verbatimed the arse out of it.

scottishmummy Mon 21-Apr-14 16:54:50

Good fir you

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 16:55:27

I love that you are completely impervious to irony.
It's as if you wear an irony repelling flack-jacket.
It just bounces off you. pew....pew..pew.

He Regs - it has quite a cool ring to it doesn't it.

Fizzybangfanny Mon 21-Apr-14 16:56:33

Stop kissing my arse SM! FFS!

MillyMollyMully Mon 21-Apr-14 16:57:53

Scottishmummy is MN's coolest user. Everyone knows that.

This is who I picture to be sm

EatShitDerek Mon 21-Apr-14 17:01:39

I don't understand what's happening now. I know what verbatimed means grin

elQuintoConyo Mon 21-Apr-14 17:13:55

I got lost on this thread hours ago, EatShitDerek

I think I may start a fluffy fred where we can all benice for a few pages.

Or go sniff around the good housekeeping topic, they're usually high on lemons and white wine vinegar nice.

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 17:21:04

Are you all talking to someone I can't see?

Oh, the joys of hiding posters, I love it grin

How do we hide posters??? Is this new?!

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 17:23:30

Do start a thread Quinto.

I'd like a fluffy twat-free fred please. Derek, I think it means "quoted poshly"

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 17:24:01

It involves a complicated script, Saga, I'm not sure how it works, I got a small child to set it up for me.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 17:26:43

MaryZed's a poo poo head.
Nah nah na nah nah.
<blows raspberry>

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Mon 21-Apr-14 17:28:00

Yes, how do we hide posters? Guessing it's something you need a script for because I can't see a relevant button.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Mon 21-Apr-14 17:28:34

Sorry, cross posted.

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 17:30:24

I can see you Randall <narrows eyes>

<sticks out tongue>

Oh. sad I want to hide the pervs.

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 17:33:10

I am even lovelier in RL.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 17:33:57

Phew <wipes brow>

Is it just me or are there a lot of seemingly intentionally bunfight-y threads atm too? Not out and out trolls as such but very confrontational and clearly designed to stir people up and be divisive.

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 17:36:23

Goady fuckers Randall?

And creepy fuckers.

And pervy fuckers.

Loads of fuckers grin

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 17:37:52

Don't forget the NChanging to have a pop at the regs fuckers.

EatShitDerek Mon 21-Apr-14 17:40:10

Last 3 posts remind me if the McDonalds advert grin

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 17:45:12

Oh, yes. Have you seen Dawn's confirmation that there were loads of trolls last night?

"We're finally coming up for air after dealing with all the nasty trolls that have come out of the woodwork this weekend"

So if there were obvious trolls (which there obviously were) why do people have a problem with regular posters who see them pointing it out and making sure they are deleted (by mnhq or the night watch or whoever).

I often wonder why people are so anti regular posters pointing out trolling. After all, if a poster has been on the site for, say, a year, he or she must recognise that trolling is at times a major problem. Pretending it isn't means they either don't notice it (as they are a bit thick) or they want it to stay (possibly because they enjoy doing a bit of it themselves).

Or is there another reason? Because I don't get it.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 17:45:51

Fucker, fuckers everywhere.

fidelineish Mon 21-Apr-14 17:53:27

<doesn't want to drink a fucker anyway>

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 18:00:21

Ba dum tish grin

fidelineish Mon 21-Apr-14 18:03:29

Sorry blush

Mintyy Mon 21-Apr-14 18:08:42

Agree that the name-changing has got seriously out of hand.

I also see nothing wrong with newbs having to be registered for a day or so in order to post.

Other forums also keep some parts of the site out of bounds until you have "proved" yourself by making, say, 100 reasonable posts. Reckon hq should do that with the cesspit that is AIBU.

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 18:13:18

That's a good idea in theory Mintyy, to have an area where newbies can start threads for, say, the first week or so (for their own protection, really).

But I honestly believe that most of the trolling isn't done by newbies, or even new-ish posters. It's people who have been around for a long time, know the site well, know what buttons to push and namechange or set up new accounts to do it.

I've got to the stage that the sentence "Name changed for this ..." followed by something bizarre makes me cynical.

Most of last night's trolling was of the P&B/SchoolHoliday variety, but more trouble is caused by the creative writers - and they are all over the shop atm.

fidelineish Mon 21-Apr-14 18:18:08

The 'NCed for this but am regular; pom bears, naice ham, penis beaker' system is certainly shite. For a long time I thought I was missing something, but no, it is the meaningless mantra is reads as and guarantees sod all.

Espesh 'penis beaker.' WTF does that prove?? My Dear Granny knows about penis beaker and she died 6 years ago.

And most of the perv regulars (regular pervs?) admit that penis beaker is what brought them here. angry

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 18:22:44

And now some new pervy fucker is resurrecting a two year old thread about spanking.

I've reported it but for the love of god, can they not fuck off to

fidelineish Mon 21-Apr-14 18:24:41

grin @ 'regular pervs' Saga

usualsuspectt Mon 21-Apr-14 18:25:16

Some prevy fucker resurrected a thread about Anal sex earlier.

Zombie thread in Relationships about Smacking resurrected by same poster Randall.

Both posts deleted now. smile

LuisSuarezTeeth Mon 21-Apr-14 18:32:44

If there weren't any trolls, there'd be nothing to talk about. Site Stuff especially would be like the Marie Celeste.

I like to see the positive in things.

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 18:34:08

I think I hate the pervy fuckers most of all.

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 18:38:34

He's posted on another thread about spanking. Seems he has quite the obsession.

Why oh why come here when there are sites dedicated to spanking/anal etc?! confused

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 18:39:20

I think I hate the bereavement trolls the most.

MNHQ are on top form today. grin

It's the same as a 'flasher'...they get off on the surprised reactions of innocent bystanders, I think.

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 18:43:31

But no one is surprised. I think everyone is bored by it.

YY, Alpaca pervs are annoying, bereavement trolls are evil.

I know. I think they think people will be surprised. Moreso than if they go to, say a foot fetish website and say "I like feet."

RandallFloyd Mon 21-Apr-14 19:06:10

Fair do's, Alpaca, can't argue with that.

HQ were on it like a car bonnet, in fairness.

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 19:09:16

Yes, in the time I posted here the post hand been deleted.

<applauds HQ>

Maryz Mon 21-Apr-14 19:45:24

It's the emotional vampire ones I hate - on bereavement and elsewhere.

The ones who post about abusive childhoods/lack of money/inability to cope/mh issues, with the occasional "if you aren't all here to hang on to my every word support me I might as well kill/cut myself" that piss me off.

They get gullible vulnerable people in and string them along.


This latest shows what a difference it makes having a hq-er on call, doesn't it? They go pft before they can get any attention, which must be disappointing for them.

EatShitDerek Mon 21-Apr-14 19:53:00

The bereavement trolls are the worse. They have people talking about their loss and some how get off on it.

Pervy trolls stand out too much.

BuzzardBird Mon 21-Apr-14 22:48:44

Was it the same poster who tried to resurrect the hex bug as sex toy thread by any chance?

AlpacaYourThings Mon 21-Apr-14 23:48:54

Their name was R-------1 can't remember what their actual name was though.

DrankSangriaInThePark Tue 22-Apr-14 08:30:58

I don't actually care about the "professional" hackers. Bless. Sad middle aged arsewits bishboshing away in dark rooms that smell of sweat just because they can.

I care about the time and mental energy invested by common or garden MNers to try and help people, talk to people, offer them advice and just a shoulder to cry on, who then feel somehow violated because it was all just a pisstake.

I don't agree with having to wait a while before posting after registration, but sadly, I do think the day has come when n/c should have to be approved by HQ first.

And the utter bollocks which is the "we don't usually delete threads on the request of the OP but she's been outed as a fake/troll/the argument isn't going her way she has asked us to as she has posted stuff that may make her identifiable as a troll/goady/general arsewit in real life" really needs looking at. HQ just issue an open invitation to fuckwittage with that one.

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 10:28:46

I agree with that Drank.

Because of course once the thread is deleted the evidence of trolling/general fuckwittage has gone, so it's harder to prove who they are the next time they pop up with an identical story/identical way of writing/identical spelling mistakes/identical style of jumping on anyone who asks a question hmm

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 10:30:09

And a whole fresh bunch of posters stay up all night to be supportive/offer their personal experiences/bring up memories that can be distressing etc.

Beastofburden Tue 22-Apr-14 10:40:06

I almost never spot a troll. This may be because I go to bed so early; or it may be that I am very gullible.

LuisSuarezTeeth Tue 22-Apr-14 10:51:59

Was there much activity last night MaryZ?

There's currently a poster who really rubs me the wrong way but it doesn't seem that anyone else is bothered by them so it must just be me.

wannaBe Tue 22-Apr-14 12:46:58

haven't read the entire thread but IMO there are some things which would make trolling less attractive before mn hq even get involved:

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who keep blatantly obviously troll threads bumped by continually responding to them. If less people actually posted on the threads in question there would be less incentive to post them in the first place. I've seen posters go on to threads just to tell the op to fuck off back under her bridge, hardly constructive and leaves the thread in active convos for longer and with more chance of people seeing it.

People need to get past this idea that it's better to post constructively on a thread even if it's a troll because someone in real need might see it. It isn't. Let's be honest - most situations aren't unique in that if you come on to mn for advice re a problem, there is an extensive search function where posters or lurkers can search for previous threads on pretty much any topic that exists. Affairs/tragedy/domestic violence/bereavement/illness. you name it, someone here has posted genuinely about it and received valid support. One thread isn't going to be that vital lifeline someone has been looking for - if you don't believe a thread is genuine, don't post on it just to feed the mythical desperate people who might (but probably won't) stumble upon it in the two hours it takes before it's deleted.

And IMO this is no longer a support forum - not really. And one of the biggest contributors to that is the ibu board. Ibu gets the biggest hit rate on mn, which essentially sells mn to the outside world as a fight club where people can go for a free for all and say what they like to who they like, and if people don't like it that was there fault for posting in ibu. Ibu has IMO been the downfall of mn and does not show the site in a good light at all. If ibu were got rid of, then IMO the number of trolls would go down significantly. But of course mn won't do that because ibu is their biggest income generator.

Personally I would remove the ability to namechange, or only permit say, three namechanges, nobody has that many issues they need unlimited namechanges, if they do it's professional help they need not mn.

OhChristHasRisenFENTON Tue 22-Apr-14 12:51:22

I agree with you wannaBe.

I simple warning to others to think twice about engaging and sharing painful personal stories should suffice, and report.

the fuck offs are just as encouraging to trolls as the sharing.

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 20:39:17

There's currently a poster who really rubs me the wrong way but it doesn't seem that anyone else is bothered by them so it must just be me.

There are quite a few I can think of... <ponders if its the same as SagaNorens>

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 20:48:03

Yes Alpaca, I bet a million quid that the poster who is pissing off Saga is pissing off a fair few people.

Unfortunately we can't post a thread entitled "Hey, you know PosterX, who thinks she's a pain in the arse?"

Imagine the car crash that would be.

wannabe, you are absolutely right, and I've got a lot better over the years at sitting on my hands. I think it might be helped if deleted threads appeared on peoples' "threads I'm watching" as well as "threads I'm on" because I think some people mark place to see whether it's deleted or not, which obviously bumps it, but for some reason mnhq won't do that confused

scottishmummy Tue 22-Apr-14 21:17:45

In the moment posters can exasperate,or entertain me.but I don't recall the names
Posts annoy me,posters dont.theres a difference
I've never understood the whits yer fave mn oscars or the boo hiss pantomime villain she's behind you

fidelineish Tue 22-Apr-14 21:21:16

What about when a poster is very very repetitive Scottish?

All Mumsnetters are my favourite.

scottishmummy Tue 22-Apr-14 21:25:17

What about them?mn by its nature has it's perennial discussions eg bf/ff
If someone holds a consistent pov,they're obviously going to express it consistently
In the bad ole days folk used to rock up and say we done that already/search the archives .rude

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:28:37

But some of the "I can't have a shower and my h locks me in the coal scuttle" every night are quite engaging to be on aren't they?

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 21:29:21

In the moment posters can exasperate,or entertain me.but I don't recall the names

I have a good memory for names, so I tend to remember posters. I'm not going to dislike a poster if the disagree with me, but some posters are consistently vile. They are the ones I don't like.

fidelineish Tue 22-Apr-14 21:32:07

So you don't notice the names even in that scenario Scottish?

Never think "Oh here's Gertie banging trenchantly on about the sexual peccadillos of cod fishermen again". It just doesn't register with you?

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 21:32:16

Some posters love those sort of threads and would bite your head off if you dare to suggest they might not be real.

Soap opera threads.

It's wise to have a good memory for NNs so you can avoid as necessary.

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:34:47

The deal is a) either you are helping coal scuttle woman
OR B) you are being entertained.

If you're worried about wasting time then you need to have a look at your internet habit !! grin

scottishmummy Tue 22-Apr-14 21:35:44

No,I read a post.i pile in
I recall loads of stuff from mn,I recall the jist,the daft/uplifting/funny/iffy
I don't notice it was soandso that said it,and don't commit poster names to memory

Ooh i do sm mental sh*tlist. It's the only way.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 21:40:21

Definitely agree, WannaBe.

It's hard not to sometimes but I freely admit I'm in the wrong when I do respond to them.

It's so easy to get sucked in and not think about what you're doing.

I'm getting better though, I sit on my hands a lot!

BluebellTuesday Tue 22-Apr-14 21:40:37

Sorry, have skipped from p1 to p11 without reading it all. I am an incessant name-changer as I have a stalky (separated) husband who I don't trust. I posted a lot on relationships and it got my through a tough time. There is wisdom on MN that is not available in RL sometimes, but for some people even asking questions or giving details is not safe. Hence, the ability to NC is valuable. I am probably trackable to anyone who really wished so have moved on from r/s now, but I still do worry I am recognisable to someone who knows me. The only real solution to that is to leave though.

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:41:24

I remember I adore Sparkers. ��

scottishmummy Tue 22-Apr-14 21:41:26

Haha do you update it,add boohiss points if they piss you off
Is it like football league do folk go up and doon

Legologgo Tue 22-Apr-14 21:42:34

sniff. I loved paggy too. sad

Only mentally sm. Some have been relegated and some have risen to the heights of Premier League Arseholes. grin

scottishmummy Tue 22-Apr-14 21:45:37

Splendid,it'd be deliciously obnoxious to reveal it
I imagine folk would like it
Like the mn narnia list or which Mollie would nominate you

I am not sure MN is ready for an AIBU thread of 'Sparkling's Mental Sh*tlist' just yet. I'm keeping it under my hat.

DrFunkesFamilyBandSolution Tue 22-Apr-14 21:50:51

^ I like what wannaBe said.

I can't remember why it was mentioned but a few months back a thread was started a thread about potentially having an 'immediate, big, red, flag' report button (think it might have been on a bereavement troll thread?) for when a troll is being a massively upsetting dick, is there anyway to implement if a poster gets more than x reports the thread can be hidden/suspended until MN HQ get to judge it/speak to OP?

fidelineish Tue 22-Apr-14 21:51:57

Narnia? Mollie? confused

I do think that the 'Report' page could be better. Just have tick boxes maybe.
There is only spam and other at the moment.
I really think there should be at least a tick box that says-

'I believe this thread to be a load of cobblers'

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 21:54:52

Paggy is still here.

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 21:55:46

I just write 'WTF?' mostly in the report box.

scottishmummy Tue 22-Apr-14 21:57:34

Mollie should have been moldie
Narnia was a set of dormant threads discussing posters that got revealed

YY maybe a tick box with 'WTF?' next to it. That would work too.

fidelineish Tue 22-Apr-14 22:03:43

I see.

Moldies was before my time.

scottishmummy Tue 22-Apr-14 22:09:41

Moldie was were regulars who felt mn gone to dogs,they set up an invite only forum
The fallout of a rival site and folk not bring invited was nuclear

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:12:01

It could go

Seriously bad

I also think it would be good to have a separate box to report a whole thread rather than an individual post.

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 22:12:31

I remember on a Bereavement thread recently there was an absolutely disgusting post about the OP's DD. It was deleted within about two minutes. I wondered at the time if MNHQ were watching that thread or if there were just so many reports that they looked at it straight away.

Only1scoop Tue 22-Apr-14 22:13:28

I think perhaps two categories

Trolls and Droles....

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:18:42

I have a variety of (increasingly cynical) comments, so I could have my own version of tick boxes:

You might like to keep an eye
This is utter bollocks
This is the same poster as posted X, Y and Z threads
Oh ffs, are you kidding me, this is fucking ridiculous

And my personal favourite:

Yeah, right hmm

It makes me feel better to express my utter contempt when reporting. I'm not stupid, I don't actually expect anyone to take any notice of it, but I view it like those letters psychologists tell you to write to people and then burn, to get it out of your system grin

I would like to see Sparkling's Mental ShitList™ - though I expect I could probably write it [sigh]

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:19:26

Good that HQ were so quick but bloody awful that it happened at all, Alpaca.

Some people really are pond scum.

MNHQ have admitted they quite like a witty comment in the report box. smile

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:25:00

I suppose some clarification is useful - they must get zillions of reports.

Randall, I think being able to specify if you are reporting the thread or post would be very useful - you could make that suggestion in a separate thread maybe? They might not have thought of it.

Usually reporting individual posts is for PA's, and many of them aren't that important (though obviously awful stuff like the post Alpaca mentioned are urgent), but if dozens of people report an entire thread that flags up a major problem.

I would be interested to see a league table of posters who are not banned but have had the most individual reports.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:27:27

I reported that spanky weirdo with a simple 'Dear Lord'.

I mainly go with 'bolleaux' or 'trollololol' or 'seems legit hmm'

Although I did once do a 'holy crap', but that was about a PA rather than a troll.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:28:53

Suppose it can't hurt to ask can it.
<wibbles slightly at the thought of questioning HQ>

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 22:31:03

Noooo, what if you were top of the list?

Some sort of prize surely usual? grin

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 22:34:04

Your username could be red, as a punishment.

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:35:30

I can't ask, if I started a thread someone who didn't recognise me would become apoplectic with rage at me demanding changes grin

Sparkling, if you had to see that league, it should be done on percentages not on actual posts - so if you had 10,000 posts and 100 reports, that would be 1%, whereas if HairyHandedDave had 100 posts and 99 reports he would have 99%. Also it could be done on length of name useage - so if you (as Sparkling) have 100 reports over five years, that would be taken into account over some twat who name-changes every three weeks.

Otherwise you would be "more reported" than Dave (or the twat) which would be a tad unfair hmm

<remembers AF fiasco [bitter]>

antiabz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:35:48

Oh someone has resurrected an anal thread.


AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 22:36:16

Yes, Randall it was sick. Thankfully, I don't think the OP seen the message as MNHQ deleted it so quickly.

I suppose if there was an 'urgent' button everyone would click it. Especially the woe is me OP's who start goady threads and can't take the backlash

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 22:37:16

I know, people are over-sharing on it again <sighs>

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:37:33

They are going to have to either have a no-holds-barred sex topic (called the perv zone or summat) or delete all sex related threads for a while until the penisbeaker effect wears off hmm

It's getting stupid.

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:37:41

I reckon that would be interesting for more than one reason, Sparkling.

I've started a thread asking about the report whole thread button idea.
They might think it's a stupid idea but hey no.

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 22:39:52

I always thought there should be a report thread box.

I often wonder if a view count on threads would prevent over-sharing. I think it's mistakenly viewed as a safe lil bubble here but a view count of 23, 275 would help gain
some perspective?

I have probably got loads of reports for my lovely 80s pictures, but none of them have been deleted. grin

Have I already said that although I am in favour of the Night Watch I would rather report to them privately than stick it on a thread for all the trolls to see.

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 22:43:10

Maybe MNHQ could have an automatic thread referral section:

1. Bum sex
2. Anal
3. Spanking
4. No strings attached
5. Ladies

Etc and if your post hits 3 or more of the 'key words' it gets moved automatically to the "Troll thread investigation area" for MNHQ to check.

Maryz Tue 22-Apr-14 22:45:17

Good list Alpaca.

Add pombears to that list (usually follows "namechanged for this" and precedes a load of bollocks)

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 22:48:48

Ooh yes, when they have Penis Beaker in their list I'm always confused that proves NOTHING!

I think unless they have mention 'cube of poo' or 'river of sweetcorn' to err on the side of caution these days.

Fairenuff Tue 22-Apr-14 22:53:06

Someone suggested that the zombie alert should be at the top of the thread, near the OP, that might help people to stop feeding old sex pests, sorry I mean, posts.

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 22:54:56

It's right next to where they type though, Fairenuff. I don't see how it could be missed!

RandallFloyd Tue 22-Apr-14 22:55:22

Excellent idea, Alpaca.
Any thread addressing us as 'ladies' should go directly to the holding pen.

Fairenuff Tue 22-Apr-14 22:56:04

True Alpaca but posters are responding to the OP. How do they miss it? confused

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 22:58:50

YY - maybe they only need to use two words off the list.

I know, I'm confused

To be fair I think the zombie alert disappears as soon as someone a perv reanimates it. I think I noticed that yesterday on spanksters' threads.

AlpacaYourThings Tue 22-Apr-14 23:00:11

I've seen it stay for a few posts. Maybe 3? Saga

usualsuspectt Tue 22-Apr-14 23:00:39

Yes the zombie alert disappears when someone posts on a zombie thread.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 23-Apr-14 12:58:48

I'd add any posts about pooing/peeing your pants in a public place. As soon as I see one of those I do think obvious poo troll.

ZingHasAHotCrossBunInTheOven Wed 23-Apr-14 13:35:49


you should read the "I pooed on my skirt" thread, in Classics though.
It's hilarious.

I'll see if I can link it later.
and PuddleDuck's "AIBU to lick my boss?"
she actually was a troll, but a funny one and those I don't mind.

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 23-Apr-14 15:42:02

I saw the 'I want to lick my boss' thread, it was funny smile I don't mind those kind of trolls either. They're more like stand up comedy than actual harmful perverts or griefers.

fidelineish Wed 23-Apr-14 19:15:56

Was that the fake autocorrect poster? She was funny <childish>

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Apr-14 10:29:17


We did think about having a 'report as urgent' option. It ran into the ground a bit because there are so many scenarios that individual posters will regard as urgent (there are many, MANY different definitions of 'horribly offensive' for eg) and we thought it might not really help us see the wood for the trees.

Tbh really astoundingly beyond-the-pale stuff tends to get reported multiple times in a short space of time, so we can usually see by looking through our inbox that something has raised a lot of people's hackles.

'Report this thread' (as opposed to 'report this post') wouldn't really add anything useful we think - we read whatever it is you've put in the comments box, and loads of people just say 'this whole thread needs looking at'.

Top tip: lots of reports of the OP, though, would make it easier for us to see that a particular thread is a problem; when reports come through, the subject line contains the first few words of the post being reported. So lots of subject lines containing the same few words is how we see that something's kicking off in a particularly grand fashion.

Good to know, thanks Rowan.

DrFunkesFamilyBandSolution Thu 24-Apr-14 10:38:24

Thanks Rowan

Why not add a "Report OP" radio button to the spam/notspam options that are currently there, and then default in the OP details so it shows up on your list of reports with the same descriptor?

mistlethrush Thu 24-Apr-14 14:52:05

Rowan - whilst I understand that, if you look through your inbox you might pick up on a situation where there have been quite a number of 'reports' on a thread, is there any way of making this appear like a sticky at the top of your inbox - or a notification or something - so that the first thing that whoever is checking the inbox is faced with is 'there have been 149 reports on this thread' - rather than, perhaps, there being a scattered 20 reports on the OP, and a further 129 scattered throughout the thread on various other posts, potentially by the OP too - which would be much more timeconsuming to pick up perhaps? Some sort of database input somewhere? (Not in IT so might be silly idea)

SunshineBossaNova Thu 24-Apr-14 14:56:27

Thanks Rowan, I'll try and remember that.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Apr-14 16:33:24

Good thoughts MrsCakes and mistlethrush, we'll see if there's a way of doing either of those

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