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CanadianJohn Wed 19-Jun-13 02:54:50

In the last couple of days, the "Talk" pages are loading really slowly. Occasionally the page that lists all the topics locks up, and I get a message - something about a long-running script.

In addition, the back button now takes TWO clicks to work... maybe it is stopping the script? Who knows.

I am using a desktop with Windoze 7 and IE9. I have multiple ad blockers and cookie blockers.

CanadianJohn Wed 19-Jun-13 03:25:42

That error message is " is not responding because of a long-running script"

Also, when the page locks up and I ask IE to recover it, sometimes I get this message:

"We were unable to return you to
Internet Explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears that the website continues to have a problem."

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 19-Jun-13 12:46:44

Oh dear. Is this still happening to you, CanadianJohn?

CanadianJohn Wed 19-Jun-13 14:46:58

Yup, just clicked the back button: didn't work. I bet the second click would take me back to the main topics page.

Today, I didn't notice how long the main topics page took to load. I've become accustomed to clicking, and then getting a coffee refill, because the page is so slow.

I suspect my cookie-blocker is blocking your script, which is holding up the page-load.

I'll keep an eye on it.

PlentyOfFreeTime Wed 19-Jun-13 22:19:07

yes, I'm getting the 'long-running script' message too. Have had it for a couple of weeks.

Also. some of the threads will not open e.g. The Apprentice thread - can't access it via Telly Addicts or via Discussions of the Day. It just opens a blank page.

TheBirdsFellDownToDingADong Mon 24-Jun-13 09:17:22

Me too. It's that ups and downs advert that does it.

I wait patiently screaming fuck off fuck off and then go to FB.

It's driving me mad.

Pudden Mon 24-Jun-13 09:21:31

exactly the same happens to me and has done for some time - very VERY slow to load and the error message almost every time I open a new topic/post

Bloody annoying

CanadianJohn Tue 25-Jun-13 06:59:54

Bump. Any news on this?

I gotta say I spend less time on Mumsnet; it's very frustrating. If that long-running script is intended to bring in customers, it's having the reverse effect.

ShoeWhore Tue 25-Jun-13 21:10:53

It's still happening to me now btw. Getting very irritating!

catsmother Wed 26-Jun-13 19:35:39

This has been driving me mad too for the last week or so - same long running script message. Doesn't matter what I click on - e.g. "threads I'm on", individual thread titles, category headers, threads I'm watching ..... neither does it seem to matter how long or short the thread is. I've clicked onto something, say, with just 10 replies and it still takes an absolute age to load.

I've never had a problem like this with MN before - and haven't done anything strange to my laptop either.

Any ideas or feedback ..... please, it's so frustrating !!

Thecatisatwat Thu 04-Jul-13 11:29:15

I've had this problem for a few months as well. I don't get a long running script message, everything just takes ages to load and it seems to have to 'do' stuff to do with twitter and facebook (obv I'm not a techie!) before it will load anything. Am getting really pissed off actually, mumsnet used to be one of the first places I went to for info but nowadays I can't be arsed because it takes so long. Other websites seem fine so I don't think it's my laptop or internet connection.

Meglet Thu 04-Jul-13 12:22:42

I'm getting the 'slow running script' and a slow loading page on every Mumsnet page now. It only used to happen on the home page, but in the last 2 days it's pinged up an error message regardless of what topic I've clicked on.

No problems on other websites.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 04-Jul-13 12:29:02

Morning. And sorry folks. We'll see if the Tech team have any suggestions about this.

HalfSpamHalfBrisket Thu 04-Jul-13 22:42:55

Yes I'm getting this - everytime I change pages I'm getting a 5-10 second delay and the 'slow running script' warning.

Allalonenow Fri 05-Jul-13 11:23:29

Yes I'm getting the "not responding due to long running script" message all the time now.
I get it on the main topic pages, and active, and at page turning within the threads.
I'm on a laptop ATM, it doesn't seem to be a problem on the iPad.

Meglet Fri 05-Jul-13 12:23:58

Right, I've put my tech head on and solved it on my laptop.

If you go to tools and unclick 'compatibility settings' it seems to help. I still have a yellow triangle 'Error on page' message in the bottom right hand of my screen but it's loading ok.

Any room in that shed for an apprentice tech? wink

AvengingGerbil Fri 05-Jul-13 12:45:12

I get this too. Generally I have to go away and do something else!

Miamiami Fri 05-Jul-13 17:23:07

I am getting this too and lines of Chinese writing at the top of my pages confused

Miamiami Fri 05-Jul-13 17:27:21

Meglet thank you very much I think you have solved it for me flowers

scampidoodle Fri 05-Jul-13 17:31:13

I'm getting this and my compatibility view (whatever that means) already had mumsnet added. It's too frustrating to bother trying now - I only came on here today to see if anyone else had the same problem!

Tee2072 Fri 05-Jul-13 17:39:05

Use a better browser. Anything but IE9.

Trust me on this...

5Foot5 Fri 05-Jul-13 21:07:08

I started a thread on this 2 or 3 months ago. But in the last few days it seems to have got much worse. It now happens on nearly every page and it used to be only on the main Talk page

Another one experiencing problems with this. Talk sidebar doesn't load at all from the main home page and all Talk pages load excruciatingly slowly.

Basically I pretty much can't MN at all from the PC now. Undaunted I'm using the iPad but there seems to be a major issue here sad

fedupdownhere Sat 06-Jul-13 13:09:41

I am getting this on every page I open pretty much and access MN from the computor now unless I am prepared to wait ages for it to load

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 06-Jul-13 13:26:41

This may or may not be related but I'm finding pages load really slowly on the mobile site too, sometimes unbearably slowly.

I don't get any messages about scripts but the progress bar zips across to nearly complete and then chugs away for between a few seconds to probably a minute or longer.

FruOla Sat 06-Jul-13 17:35:38

It's been slow for me too over the last few days.

iMac, Firefox.

HalfSpamHalfBrisket Sat 06-Jul-13 18:36:52

Thanks Tee - have swopped to Firefox and the problem has gone.

yamsareyammy Sat 06-Jul-13 20:31:19

I will add my name to this list.

PickleFish Sat 06-Jul-13 22:12:03

Yes, really having problems here too. Have been off and on for weeks, but getting worse.

It's the req.wunderloop, the bscore.something, the pinterest widget, the facebook connection, the twitter feed and a few others that come up all the time as 'waiting for...' and just so incredibly slow, spinning cursor, unresponsive scripts etc.

It also slows down other pages, if this site is still open in the background. It's slow to change from window to window, or tab to tab, so clearly something it taking up loads of processing. Soemtimes I can hear it whirring around, like it's doing something with the disk, but no need for it to be.

Firefox, mac.

PickleFish Sat 06-Jul-13 22:12:56

oh, and google-analytics, and edge.qserve, and also are taking forever to load.

Meglet Sun 07-Jul-13 14:26:19

ah, it's starting doing it again. But only on the home page confused.

scampidoodle Sun 07-Jul-13 15:05:55

I've started having problems with other sites as well. Oddly, not all but many. Mumsnet was first and now several others I've looked at over the last couple of days.
Any other suggestions?

splitbrain Sun 07-Jul-13 15:57:54

Long running script nightmare here too!!!!!!!!!
Every time I go onto something on Mumsnet.
More waiting.
It means I don't have time for quick checks anymore, which is the only time I have for Mumsnet. Very annoying.

Viviennemary Sun 07-Jul-13 17:14:27

Today Mumsnet has been virtually unusable. It's taken me totally ages even to get this far. I can't get anything to load at all. Keep getting message slow running script. My computer is quite old but today the website has just been almost impossible to access. So don't know what's wrong.

yamsareyammy Sun 07-Jul-13 17:28:30

Meglet, I was going to ask you where tools is.

MNHQ - can you post an update please, maybe tomorrow?

yamsareyammy Sun 07-Jul-13 17:30:54

Mine gets better after 10pm
Note to self, post at night!
Though I see that doesnt work for CanadianJohn.

Tiggles Sun 07-Jul-13 22:59:47

I get this on my home computer IE9, but not at work IE10. It'a been horrendous this last weekend, crashing IE completely.
Turned off javascript in IE9 and all is fine- it doesn't load the top banner which was causing the problem.
Just have to remember to turn scripting back on when I look at any other site.

FruOla Wed 10-Jul-13 17:05:24

It's still at at. Driving me mad.

CanadianJohn Wed 10-Jul-13 18:33:48

The "back button not working" is because the back button isn't going to the previous Mumsnet page, but instead pointing to some stupid Twitter widget, which my ad blocker promptly knocks out, leaving me apparently having gone nowhere. FWIW, the Daily Mail is worse, they have multiple widgets.

I've switched to IE10, and the slow loading has improved. Better than IE9, but still slow.

How about that, Mumsnet, you are better than the Daily Mail. Damned by faint praise?

yamsareyammy Wed 10-Jul-13 18:43:40

Mine is better now. Thanks.

Quackster Wed 10-Jul-13 19:19:06

My advice is not to use Internet Explorer, despite all the swankey adverts. Lot of tosh.

Download Google Chrome, a proper browser. No 'long-running scripts' ( its 2013 IE ) blocks Chrome rendering and you using Mumsnet.

Another excellent alternative would be Firefox

PickleFish Thu 11-Jul-13 07:45:52

I'm still having problems, and I have Firefox

Quackster Thu 11-Jul-13 09:00:24


What OS are you using? Mac or Windows? And what version of Firefox do you have? Is it the latest?

PickleFish Thu 11-Jul-13 12:26:18

I'm on a Mac, and I have firefox v.22, which says it's the latest.

Loads of spinning cursors and the sort of noise that sounds like it's endlessly trying to do something, but taking forever at it - mouse won't do anything while it's happening. Not always just mumsnet, but worst with it. Hard to switch from tab to tab, as well, or application to application.

Quackster Thu 11-Jul-13 13:05:41

That sounds like something internal to your mac.

What mac version do you have ? ( Apple symbol > About this mac )

And how old is it ?

PickleFish Thu 11-Jul-13 14:22:30

It is a Mac mini, and it is quite old - maybe 4 or 5 years, but you would think that it should still cope OK with websites and stuff. It's OSX, v.10.6.8, which should be the latest one as I update whenever it says there is one. The hard disk is about 3/4 full, 2GB RAM which isn't lots I guess, but it's not like I'm using it to do much - usually about 3 applications open (Firefox, Thunderbird email, and sometimes some other thing). And it's been running all of that fine, until about 6 months ago, when it started to get really slow, have problems with long-running scripts, and all these widget/ad sites/social media plug ins, etc.

Quackster Thu 11-Jul-13 15:13:46

With applications these days, you'd need at least 4GB of RAM.

Your hard drive would really only have any interaction with cache and cookies, which should not slow down things much.

I would be more worried about your processor and graphics card, as they would be the culprits that have to render webpages and execute everything. I'm sure if you did a full reinstall, things would be better for a while, but this would eventually crop up again.

Out of interest, have you tried browsing a few of these websites in Google Chrome?

PickleFish Thu 11-Jul-13 15:28:59

4GB even with only Firefox and Thunderbird open? Yikes. I can see if I were trying to run Office or something (which I rarely do), but 90% of the time it really is just those two.

It's particularly mumsnet that is the problem. I can see at the bottom of the page that it is trying to load various things: req.wunderloop, bscorecard.research, pixel.quantserve, widgets.twitter, pinterest connection, pixel.facebook, google-analytics, edge.serve, etc, all those kinds of things (not quite the right names, but approx). The real basics of the page will load, and then it will hang for ages while it tries to connect to all those servers. (it's virgin media broadband, generally OK speed).

I've not tried chrome yet, might give it a go. I've put an adblocker with firefox, but it doesn't stop it connecting to all those sites. Safari (built in to Mac) also slow. I read about some kind of start-up script you can install that will block access to all those kind of sites, but couldn't quite understand the instructions of where to find the right place to put it for a Mac.

I've cleared the cache. Processor is only 2.26 GHz, not sure about graphics card. They were ok 4 or so years ago when I bought the Mac, though it wasn't a top-of-the-range one by any means.

LineRunner Sat 13-Jul-13 08:36:03

I found MN really slow last night, and it still is this morning.

LineRunner Sat 13-Jul-13 10:31:32

It's running OK on Chrome so I guess it is the sheer volume of stuff on the site that's causing the problem.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Jul-13 13:08:36

How is everyone doing today? Still slow - or better? <ever hopeful>

hardboiled Mon 15-Jul-13 15:31:07

Mine is running ok after days of despair. Thank you!

LineRunner Mon 15-Jul-13 17:01:54

Only ok on Chrome.

Better today, thanks for asking. (On IE-something!)

Viviennemary Sat 20-Jul-13 14:56:58

I've just got back from holiday. Before then it was at a complete standstill. Much much better today. Thank you.

ShoeWhore Tue 23-Jul-13 20:49:34

Sorry I am still getting this sad

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