Please please please please can we have our PA amnesty?

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Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 18:30:02

Please? I'll be good the whole rest of the year and never call a cunt a cunt, no matter how much they deserve it, if we can just have 24 hours when we can call a cunt a cunt!


*It worked on the Simpsons...

I thought this was going to be something to do with Peter Andre!

cornypedicure Sat 18-May-13 18:35:30

I didn't know you couldn't call a cunt a cunt.
What about a non-cunt?

A poster once called me a cunt and I wasn't even being a cunt. I wouldn't have minded if I was actually being a cunt.

I also clicked on this in the hope of a Peter Andre thread.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:36:46

Can you imagine though?

There would be nothing else but abuse on the site.

Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 18:37:54

Exactly Fanjo. Let us get it out of our systems once and for all.

It's a brilliant plan, really.

Now Tee

::head tilt::

Don't you need to calm down?

<sticks out tongue and runs away>


FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:41:46

Yes it is grin

You can't open the floodgates of Cunt Calling. It would be Biblical in its proportions.

Oh and Tee...







FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:43:50

Maybe we could have a section for it?.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:44:22

You could then ask people to step across to the "slog it out verbally" section

cornypedicure Sat 18-May-13 18:45:35

It's still okay to call Peter Andre a cunt though isn't it?

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:46:16

It is obligatory

Chubfuddler Sat 18-May-13 18:46:51

I really really thought this thread was about Peter Andre.

Can we have him in for a web chat?

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:47:33

During the amnesty

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 18-May-13 18:48:45

I thought of the orange one too.
But what could the amnesty be? How many of us have him locked up in our homes using his otherworldly glow as an alternative light-source ?

Or maybe you all have PA calendars and pencil cases that you want to hand back, anonymously?

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:50:28

No..I am just restraining myself from attacking him.

NB I am not serious in case the police are reading

Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 18:51:21

I know Beer! It would be EPIC!!!

Do you know? I'm not even 100% sure who Peter Andre is...

cornypedicure Sat 18-May-13 18:51:54

Peter Andre is the only cunt visible from space due to his epic glow.

Dear Police,

Fanjo does mean it.


FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:55:18

Wonder who that is at the door....


cornypedicure Sat 18-May-13 18:56:11

is it peter?

Chubfuddler Sat 18-May-13 18:56:17

Oh corny. Not much makes me laugh out loud but that did.

cornypedicure Sat 18-May-13 18:57:18

Peter takes the credit though - his orange cuntishness inspires me

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 18:57:38

LOl I wish <gets baseball bat>

Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 19:18:20

My husband just tried to explain to me who Peter is, by telling me who is is married to, but I have no idea who she is either so... shrug.

Anyway...24 hours, all Personal Attacks allowed.

Who's with me?

usualsuspect Sat 18-May-13 19:20:24


WildThongsHeartString Sat 18-May-13 19:20:38

Yes, like Flouncers Corner, we could have Cuntish Corner!

Anyone in mind in particular op?

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 19:22:53 and me both.
Id be as well changing my name to CuntoForTheMammaries methinks

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 19:24:00

I'd have to abuse you for being lucky enough not to know who PA is, Tee.

Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 19:25:48

Not really, Wild. Just sort of want to say what I actually want to say around here and have it stand.

BeaWheesht Sat 18-May-13 19:28:04

I had a goldfish called Andre after PA in the 90s. It was orange smile I was wise beyond my years.

Dead now.

Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 19:29:21

I don't watch much TV, fanjo or read magazines other than news and business ones. So I have no idea about most pop culture.

It's going to be a problem when my son gets a bit older, but his dad keeps up.

Could be interesting........grin

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 19:32:51

Thats pretty reasonable so I couldn't really abuse you.

Luckily there are many other candidates grin

Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 19:38:23


MrsWembley Sat 18-May-13 19:42:59

I never considered either of these options when I clicked on this. I thought it might be something to do with some admin problem. I'm desperately trying to think if anyone would call me a cunt if this were to go ahead.

And wow, Tee, the idea of not knowing who Peter Andre is!shock

I remember him from his first foray into our pop charts... <shows age, backs out of thread slowly>

usualsuspect Sat 18-May-13 19:44:40

That MrsW is a right cunt.

MrsWembley Sat 18-May-13 19:45:14


usualsuspect Sat 18-May-13 19:45:59


She's a lovely cunt though.

I'd be FreddieMisaRIGHTCUNT


Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 19:49:04

I'm also American. I don't think he's famous over there.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 19:50:30


Well you won't find me on this threafb

Thread! Sigh

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 19:54:33

Aww you could be CuntPursuedByaBear

MrsWembley Sat 18-May-13 20:02:14

Thank-you, usual!grin

Thank-you, Fanjo.hmm


Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 20:19:32

I love being called a cunt. It makes me grin

I can't use the word


FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 20:21:44

I forgot the amnesty was not official though grin

Tee2072 Sat 18-May-13 21:09:01

Eh. You can call me a cunt any time, Fanjo.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 21:15:29


FanjoForTheMammaries Sat 18-May-13 21:15:55

Oops..well..if you insist grin

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 15:16:28

No word from HQ, eh?

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:17:56

Maybe we have their tacit approval wink

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 15:18:51

Not based on the deletions I had yesterday, Fanjo. grin

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 15:19:13

Other than hmm?


No word from HQ, eh?

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 15:20:14

Julie are you still on duty?!?! Are you a robot? hmm

That's not a no, BTW...


FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:21:08

<tries to look innocent>

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 15:22:07

I like you all so much I said I'd work today as well.


Julie are you still on duty?!?! Are you a robot? hmm

That's not a no, BTW...


Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 15:23:11

Just can't stay away...

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:30:11

perhaps we should just substitute the word 'orange' with 'cunt' for a day.
Would that work? Probably not.

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 15:31:02

corny you're an orange.

Nah, doesn't have the same ring! Good idea though. smile

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:31:55

As in "don't be an orange"?

Or I'm drinking some cunt juice now?

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 15:32:12

You could try calling everyone 'possum', like Dame Edna.


perhaps we should just substitute the word 'orange' with 'cunt' for a day.
Would that work? Probably not.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:32:46

That might be more genteel

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 15:36:07

No one has ever accused me of being genteel... grin

Cunt juice? hmm

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:36:34

so we actually know that on MN possum means cunt?

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:37:01

Michael Gove, for example, is a possum.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:37:09

I was substituting the word orange as corny suggested.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:37:39

AIBU is overrun with possums today. We need pest control

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:37:58

Peter Andre is an orange possum

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 15:38:23

I think you substituted in the wrong direction Fanjo.

There's an idea, corny. Maybe we could have it added to the guidelines?

"We will not delete you if you call someone a possum, meaning they are a cunt."

What do you think Julie?

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:38:53

Juliemumsnet suggested it so it's the law now.

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 15:43:22

Just report anything untoward, we'll happily sort things out for you.

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:44:00

You mean you will call the person one?

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:45:46

lol fanjo grin

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:46:15

How cool would that be?

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 15:47:09

No comment.

kotinka Sun 19-May-13 15:48:57

correct me if I'm wrong but while calling someone a cunt breaks guidelines, saying an action or opinion is cuntish is not personal or name calling. so perhaps you can get round it that way?

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:49:42

Much better than "peace and love everyone, may we remind you of our Talk guidelines"..

"Oi, you, stop being a...err possum"

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:50:28

good point kotinka

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 15:50:30

How's about you read the talk guidelines and follow them rather then try to find a way to get around them?? wink

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:51:42

I thought you were going to say

"Rather than being a possum" there

kotinka Sun 19-May-13 15:53:33

I've read them, that's how I worked out how to get round them wink grin

cornypedicure Sun 19-May-13 15:55:15

so we can say, 'Listen possum, you're being rather cuntish don't you think.' smile

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:55:51

<in awe of kotinka being cheeky to MNHQ>

kotinka Sun 19-May-13 15:56:41


FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 15:56:57

I drew someone's attention to the Guidelines today. Can I have a job grin

"...How's about you read the talk guidelines and follow them rather then try to find a way to get around them??..."

Well that would be no fun, Julie!!

Would Cuntish corner be named the Wild Cuntry?

FanjoForTheMammaries Sun 19-May-13 16:04:10

No..its called AIBU

kotinka Sun 19-May-13 16:06:41

like the idea of wild cuntry but people get upset by some responses and it's very easy to get ganged up on which isn't pleasant ( recalls my Thatcher thread blush )

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 17:17:26

I'm just asking for 24 hours, not a total removal of all rules!

Just 24 hours when I can call a possum a possum!!


I know it's hopeless...

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Sun 19-May-13 17:31:41

You're not just a possum, Tee. You're an atrocious possum.

<spreads the love>>

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 17:35:33

WHOOT! Thanks Empress!

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Sun 19-May-13 18:00:02


Fiderer Sun 19-May-13 18:17:32

This is kind of what I imagine it'd be like if we could cunt and possum our way across the boards.

<trims eyebrows and beard>

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 19:06:37


I'm just asking for 24 hours, not a total removal of all rules!

Just 24 hours when I can call a possum a possum!!


I know it's hopeless...

We have set a date for this - the 12th of never, are you free that day? grin


This week, next week, sometime, never Rebecca

You cunt possum grin wink

Tee2072 Sun 19-May-13 19:20:25


I'll mark my calendar Rebecca.


RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 19-May-13 19:37:22



This week, next week, sometime, never Rebecca

You cunt possum grin wink

<spits out wine coffee>
<Marks card>

<quivers in fear> not


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