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phoebus Mon 30-Apr-12 14:42:33

As ACHICA is a Mumsnet Partner - (and I have nothing but the highest esteem for you, Mumsnet!) - I foolishly trusted them, as they seemed to have lots of great stuff for sale on their site, so I signed up as a 'member' a few weeks ago. - Wish I hadn't now!! - Of my 2 orders, things have gone badly wrong in both cases:

- First order (small) took forever to arrive, and then, when it did, one item was smashed. Lo and behold, I discovered that they have got NO PHONE LINE on which you can ring them to discuss any problems!! - the only way to 'communicate' with them, is laboriously and indirectly, via an 'online helpdesk' and it takes them at least 2 days to get back to you via email. OK, well I did this, and eventually I got a reply promising to send me a replacement. Which never came. So a subsequent laborious 2nd email from me a couple of weeks later, got another slow, emailed reply to say, oh we haven't got that item after all, so now we'll give you a refund. (But they'd never bothered to let me know that! I'd had to chase them up for that info) . And that refund has still not arrived, after a few weeks.

- Second order (much larger, around £500) I thought better of the next day, so I emailed the so-called 'Helpdesk' to cancel it a few hours later, as I was well within my rights, and their given timescale, to do this. Received a reply to say that was fine, they had 'cancelled it and had refunded my credit card in full'. This was two weeks ago. My credit card statement arrived today, and - guess what - it shows the full amount which they HAVE TAKEN, despite their promise not to. I've rung my card provider who assure me that I have not had this refund. Once again, search as I might, I cannot find any phone number for Achica Customer Care or complaints etc! The lack of this vital channel should have warned me at the outset.

Anyone else been taken for a ride by ACHICA? Are they just extremely incompetent, or actually a load of crooks?

MissPenteuth Mon 30-Apr-12 15:42:12

I ordered a vase from them once, as a present for a relative. Didn't have any problems, it arrived on time and in once piece.

I hope they're not a bunch of crooks; I ordered a changing bag from them a few days ago. My only gripe would be that their 'bargains' can often be found cheaper on sites like Amazon, and once you factor in P+P you don't actually save much unless it's a large item. They've been doing free P+P recently though.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 30-Apr-12 16:54:05


We've been in touch with Achica about your post, phoebus, and they've asked us to post up this statement:

"We're sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your ACHICA orders, phoebus. ACHICA are keen to resolve any outstanding issues so please do contact their help desk quoting 'Mumsnet', and a senior advisor will be in contact with you as soon as possible."

Katisha Mon 30-Apr-12 17:01:08

The only time I tried to order from them didn't work out. For some reason they decided to withdraw the item. I did get the refund but it's all very slow moving.

phoebus Mon 30-Apr-12 17:53:02

Thanks for these comments Helen and Katisha. I am now looking forward very much to ACHICA's senior advisor contacting me soon (as promised in yr post, Helen!...) I have indeed been trying to contact their slow-moving help desk a few times already today, so they should be well aware!

I have actually just been looking back at your last year's posts from the MN guinea-pigs who were testing out the ACHICA site using Mumsnet Vouchers - heigh ho, lot of it looks very familiar!!! - a lot of the same complaints as mine, but seemingly they haven't improved or changed anything over past months, despite the clear and spot-on feedback from the Mumsnetters involved in the trialling. Wish I'd seen all those posts before getting involved with them.

phoebus Wed 02-May-12 14:26:56

Today's update: I did get an email at last back from ACHICA yesterday (1st May) confirming that they had now finally issued both refunds due to me. So a few hours later, I checked with my card provider ... no refund had yet appeared. Same story this morning: no funds have yet reappeared in my account. It may just be 'slow-moving', and maybe it really does take a few days for funds to move over...but seems odd that funds are able to leave one's account instantaneously when the money is being taken! (Why shouldn't it be equally simple for them to credit an amount back if taken in error?)

So I'm still waiting, and still not feeling reassured......

Katisha Wed 02-May-12 18:52:10

Oh dear. .. Probably taking " three days to clear"

BIWIWhoMustBeObeyed Wed 02-May-12 18:54:34

I only tried once to buy something from ACHICA. I had been offered a £10 off voucher for my first purchase. Got to the checkout, and realised that they weren't taking the £10 off.

So I cancelled the order and have been put off from using them ever again.

TheBolter Wed 02-May-12 18:55:58

I would also like to take the liberty of advising all not to touch MADE with a bargepole either - they sent me something which was misdescribed and wouldn't respond to my emails demanding a refund/exchange. Dreadful company - there are forums out there slagging them off so I'm not the only one who's ben stung.

At least you seem to be getting it sorted out now phoebus. smile

TheBolter Wed 02-May-12 18:56:35

Sorry Phoebus,looks like it's not getting sorted after all.. hmm

efffy Wed 02-May-12 21:50:57

I've had ishoos with achica too, they completely ignored any emails I sent. So I 'liked' them on fb and joined the swarms of scathing reviews and only then it got sorted, wouldn't use them again!!

phoebus Wed 02-May-12 23:25:39

Thanks for sharing these experiences,guys, it's interesting to hear that I am not alone as a dissatisfied customer here. I'm certainly not going to let this one go until its sorted - (even if it ultimately means going to Trading Standards or whatever watchdogs one goes to in these kinds of cases......) I'll keep you updated on this thread as to any further developments, as I believe it's in the public interest!

SoupDragon Thu 03-May-12 07:26:22

Apparently they have a Facebook page. people have, from googling, had success complaining and ranting on there.

ToothbrushThief Thu 03-May-12 07:34:53

Poor customer service in this financial climate is surely suicide?

phoebus Thu 03-May-12 11:37:44

Thanks Toothbrush and SoupDragon for your input.....helpful and sympathetic! Thanks also to the Mumsnet Team who have helped me flag up my strong concerns in this situation, and - respect! - I do believe you have helped me get it resolved too now - SEE BELOW!

Yes, I have (at last) GOOD NEWS.....My refund DID - finally - appear in my account today .....Phew!!! But what a battle it's all felt like. Nothing like your normal shopping experience, that's for sure! I think you were right Katisha; they had actually sent it through on 1st May ( from ACHICA) but it seemed to take 3 days to clear (and wasn't even visible to my provider as a 'pending' payment before that).

So now I know: ACHICA is probably an honest business after all, as they have - (just in the past 2 days, mind) - made genuine efforts to get me my (originally messed-up by them) refund; and - since I started kicking up all this fuss! - I have received a direct email from a financial officer there, AND a direct phone call (although from them to me, no number given) today. BUT if I'd been a more compliant, passive customer (or just an even more befuddled, overworked frantic Mum, perhaps less vigilant over checking my credit card balance etc ).....they could have got away with an awful lot on this occasion. So my advice is, if you shop with them, be very watchful, be very proactive, chase everything up yourself and do not necessarily assume that they will be sorting out your problems, if there are any. (EG: I wasn't contacted about a previous missing replacement, or refunded for it either, until I personally drew it to their attention after a very long wait). Their products do indeed look lovely and tempting... but will they survive in today's marketplace if they don't get their customer service act together? I doubt it. I'm not shopping there again. Too painful.

MarshaBrady Thu 03-May-12 11:39:04

O crap I'm waiting for two orders from them.

phoebus Thu 03-May-12 11:51:33

Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Marsha - hopefully they have now had a little bit of a wake-up call recently, because I have been really assertive and bolshie with them and they must realise that they are attracting some not-good publicity here... Statistically (? not that I know anything about statistics really!) SOME orders must go through smoothly and successfully - so here's hoping that yours is one of those.

BTW they did let me know that they have plans in the pipeline to open a customer call centre one day, so that might be the salvation of them.....

MarshaBrady Thu 03-May-12 11:54:55

Thanks Phoebus. I hope so.

It makes me nervous when there isn't a phone contact line, I didn't check. And I do love the stuff they send through by email.

I'm really glad they sorted it out for you.. in the end!

SoupDragon Thu 03-May-12 12:30:15

Your experience doesn't seem uncommon TBH. It sounds like they are struggling with insufficient staff numbers.

naturalbaby Thu 03-May-12 13:34:46

I've ordered a few bits for the kids and never had any problems. I don't have high expectations of delivery/refunds/customer service if I need it because of the type of company it is, but with the value for money I've had I'm more than happy.

phoebus Thu 03-May-12 14:24:54

Hi natural, really glad you have had a good experience in contrast to mine, and I agree that it's important to recognise that as well, in order to show a properly balanced picture. I'm not out to blacken their reputation without a very good reason.... In fact to prove that point I can now thankfully add something more positive: I have just had a (2nd) pleasant and apologetic email from one of ACHICA's customer service advisors, who has recognised what a lot of trouble I have had, and I have now been sent a generous voucher to use with them if I did wish to shop again with them in the future. (Not rushing back quite yet, but we'll see.... (is there an 'OK then, I'm mollified' emoticon?)

I have also been informed that they have taken note from all customers regarding communication, and that they are looking into a customer service line being set up; they say they are quite a young company originally 'internet-based only', but are now reconsidering that, it appears. At least they are beginning to see the need for customers to be able to speak to a human being when it's imperative, anyway. The advisor signed off with a laudable resolution to 'log all ACHICA complaints so we can better ourselves as a company'.

So all is forgiven, ACHICA, I'll give you another chance - as all the right noises are being made now. Anyone can make mistakes and learn from them and try harder next time...If they get a real grip of all these service issues, their products do look different and good, so they should be able to do well. I hope that all this is of encouragement to those who have ordered, and now started to worry after reading my post. Hope all your orders come through OK and that you get the service you wish for.

MarshaBrady Fri 04-May-12 17:00:52

Oh you should use the generous voucher sounds great, I know it's painful when there isn't a contact you can speak with when things go wrong. But I'm glad they have sent a voucher.

My light just arrived, and I'm really pleased with it. I must admit I find their daily emails quite enticing. I thought it was low quality stuff for ages (the name must have put me off) so I didn't bother to click. But lots is just general stuff that you might get from SCP etc

Anyway I got the Flos light and it looks nice. Easily pleased! smile

phoebus Sat 05-May-12 17:45:51

Glad your delivery arrived OK and you like the light! Hopefully things are now on the up with ACHICA for everyone....

phoebus Sat 05-May-12 17:55:50

I'm just trying to learn how to use a smiley now (never done it before...) so here goes

phoebus Mon 28-May-12 13:00:53

MUCH HAPPIER NOW WITH ACHICA Today my most recent order arrived
- two days early
- in good condition,
- at a very good price (thanks to the goodwill voucher I had received, following the earlier problems mentioned in the above posts).....

So, thanks to ACHICA. My confidence is restored smile. I am finally getting used to the way they operate (online only, etc); look forward to the day when they have a Customer Service telephone line, and I will be shopping with them again now.

captainmummy Mon 28-May-12 13:26:44

You've worriedme now - have ordered a sofa from, looked good in the photo and a good price. Haven't heard from them about delivery, has prob been 3 weeks....I must try to get hold of them.

Jony Sun 01-Jul-12 22:31:51

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

MartynandMiranda Thu 04-Oct-12 12:04:38

We've used Achica since its beginning. They were woeful to begin with - but as soon as you get your head around the fact that they get their discounts by giving slow delivery lead times, they've been superb.

Their customer service was very bad to begin with - now it is better than most internet companies that I can list (I hope you don't have the misfortune of having any discrepancies with Amazon, Play, eBay or such like for instance!)

We've bought a lot of things from them and they've always been very very good. So maybe this post was put up when they were still a bit naff?

MartynandMiranda Thu 04-Oct-12 12:07:04

captainmummy - don't worry about MADE - we've had some chairs delivered from them and its a similar principle - they are slow to deliver but deliver when they say they will.

I think that MADE are superb actually and will be buying more from them! Their workmanship is top notch you won't be dissappointed I promise!!


Lokkstar Fri 05-Oct-12 14:14:37

Used Achica a few times. Reasonably happy with goods intially though value not always the best. Recommended to my partner who ordered a couple of bar stools for his new kitchen. Most recently I ordered a few things. One being a set of miniature women's perfumes. I paid at point of order. A few week's later I received a miniature set of MEN'S perfumes so I contacted them. They apologised, said they would send one courier out to collect the wrong item and another to deliver the correct item. (?) The courier was unable to collect the wrong item as they do not tell you when they're coming so you either risk leaving it out and it gettig nicked or have to sit in all day. The delivery of the "correct" item was made shortly after. Inside a GIANT box I could fit a child in, was a box which would fit through my letterbox. On inspection, it was another box of miniature MENS perfumes! I contacted them again and they said "sorry". They said they would collect the items and now I couldn't have the women's perfumes as there were none left!!!!! I complained and they said "sorry." I asked for some sort of good will gesture, they said sorry. 2 weeks later I have still made a payment to them for the items I never ordered. Their courier keeps texting to say he was unable to collect the items when there's no reason why he couldn't and you can't text the courier back except to give ANOTHER collection date! I am so annoyed with them. They don't give a monkeys. I have a whole load of hassle for THEIR mistake, no goods at the end of it but at least they're "sorry!!! Well that's no use to me. They will not get any of my business again and I shall recommend to all my friends they don't go near Achica! They have a lot to learn about the importance of loyal customers and keeping them happy. At the end of the day they should have accepted my offer to let me keep the items rather than keep sending incompetent couriers. I suggested they send me a prepaid envelope but they won't even do that. They insist on their couriers coming to collect! How ridiculous!
Incidentally, 2 months later, my partner is still awaiting delivery of his 2nd bar stool after receiving the first one 3 weeks ago.
Doubt he'll be doing more business with them in future either!

Whirliwig72 Mon 08-Oct-12 17:30:59

My issue with them is that I don't think the discounts they offer are all that. I've often googled their offers and found prices to be as reasonable if bit better elsewhere amazon usually beats them on price). Their delivery is steep also IMHO.

Merinda Fri 19-Oct-12 11:55:06

I have used Achica many times (and compared prices online, so ordered the items I felt were competitively priced). Never had any issues whatsoever.

NetworkGuy Wed 31-Oct-12 16:05:17

Seems to be very mixed results with orders from them.

I just laugh when I hear that daft TV advert using some marketing-speak and ending with the woman suggesting that she doesn't know where she will use it, but buys it anyway.

Sorry, Achica, you need to put more into customer service, and perhaps online advertising, rather than wasting a fortune on TV ads esp if they make a prospective customer see themself as being considered a bit foolish by their friends (based on the daft advert being more 'style than substance').

bleedingheart Wed 31-Oct-12 16:11:19

Made 5 or 6 orders with Achica, and cancelled one, never had any issues and found it really straight forward. This thread would've put me off though, having to chase up issues like the perfume and refunds is not on.

cassie767 Wed 15-May-13 12:45:57

Hi, having so much trouble with Achica, please could someone provide me with a contact address for them so I can make a formal complaint in writing. The phone number I have for them goes to answer machine and they have ceased to respond to emails. At first someone was getting back to me quickly but now, nothing.

I have received an incomplete order and another product is lost in transit. It's so frustrating. The website is attractive and looks professional with wonderful, enticing offers but sadly logistics and customer service is awful.

PigletJohn Wed 15-May-13 13:39:49

I just had a look at their website, and I couldn't find a phone number, which is a bit off, and the "contact us" page doesn't have an address either.

However it does say
ACHICA Limited
Company Registration Number: 7039129
VAT Number: GB979880436
Registered office: Jessop House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3WG

Which might be their office, but it looks more like an accomodation address or their solicitor, since there are a large number of companies sharing the postcode.

I am always relectant to deal with anyone who has no real-life address or telephone, whether it's a White Van tradesman or a mail-order seller. I reckon that companies who make it difficult to speak to them (e.g. Paypal) do iot because they get too many complaints to deal with, and a difficult process makes the weak give up. I have no idea if that applies to Achica, of course. Sometimes small companies with no full-time staff try to avoid phone calls.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 16-May-13 12:35:03

Hello. We've posted on your other thread, cassie767, but just in case you see this one first...

We've been in touch with Achica and they've asked us to say:

"We apologise for the inconvenience you have been experiencing, cassie767. If you would like to submit a query to our helpdesk, an ACHICA agent will get back to you within 24 hours."

LISALENTIL Mon 20-May-13 19:31:18

it just keeps going..... i ordered some bedcovers from them, then 10mins later realised i needed the money for something else, went to cancel imagining it would be like amazon but i had to send an email, and have had no response at all, over £70 has been taken from my account and i havent heard anything from them at all!

i sent a mail with mums net and got an email saying the inquiry had been dealt with, if they mean the missed call from a blocked number they have to be joking!

Shoddy Shoddy service and by the looks of things this has been going on for more than a year!

i've sent 4 queries so far and nothing! (angry)

WeekendsAreTooShort Mon 20-May-13 19:34:46

I have ordered many many times from achica with no issues. Fantastic quality and products. Made also have been great. I would use them
Again and again

northcotemum Wed 22-May-13 11:26:45

HI Lisalentil. I am having exactly the same experience right now with no confirmation from Achica regarding a cancellation of an order I placed - and then had to cancel within 12 hours of placing the order! I've sent two queries via their website and also included my mobile number. No reply yet and it's been 3 days. They say on their website that they will respond within 24 hours. Not happy at all!!

northcotemum Wed 22-May-13 11:27:35

I think it should be illegal to have an online business with no phone number for customer service.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 22-May-13 17:19:39

Hello there. Please can we refer you to the helpdesk email address we posted earlier on in the thread? Achica have assured us they respond to these within 24 hours.

sophiesnannylee Wed 29-May-13 13:26:20

Dont start with them . The item took weeks. when it did arrive it was stuffed in a plastic bag , considering the cost I was shocked. the color was cream looked white on the picture. I didnt complain as it was a gift and they liked it. From then on it does not recognise my password so I went the way of forgoten password, It never arrived in my E mail . having spent hours looking I found questions and added it there. it took 2 days for a reply they sent me a temp pass word so I could change my password which worked once, now its the same again , nothing came to my E mail. I give up dont star with them.

kerryanneg9 Tue 04-Jun-13 20:09:40

@lokkstar please tell me the courier is not Yodel? As if it is I feel your pain! Yodel are useless! sad

H2O1 Thu 06-Jun-13 11:37:50

Don't order anything - I have been charged for 2 x 2 pairs stools instead of for 1 pair. Customer service is by slow email - no phone number. They won't accept their error. I want to return them but the original packaging won't take the assembled (faulty) pair I have received. There are no instructions in the packaging saying to how to adjust them. I had some else's reply to a complaint sent to me in error regarding a completely different order. Plus I found them afterwards cheaper in the store than online. No phone number is a killer.

peaches43 Wed 19-Jun-13 18:37:47

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ChloesMum1 Mon 01-Jul-13 21:23:12

I have bought loads of things from Achica, some great, some not so great. I understand the shipping policy, so although annoying that they take your money straight away, it's part of the bargain. However, I recently bought a Pandora watch. I was so excited when it arrived. However, it didn't work. After many messages backwards & forwards, I have got no where, the watch doesn't seem to have the 3 year warranty it should have. This was not explained at the time of purchase. Sorry Mumsnet, the link you have just takes me to the usual contact site and they do not contact within 24 hours. They said that a courier would collect on 28/6 for a full refund, guess what, no courier. I would be very wary of purchasing anything expensive or that could be faulty again. It's a shame when very poor customer service let's them down.

SmellsLikeWeenSpirits Mon 01-Jul-13 21:30:09

I've use them lots of times with no problems. And when I had a problem with one if those items (a fancy lightbulb that kept blowing) they sent me a replacement three times over and then refunded me when it kept happening

Tbh I find it easier to drop a quick email than having to phone. And then you have all communications in writing which is never a bad thing

SmellsLikeWeenSpirits Mon 01-Jul-13 21:35:45

So umm yes, not quite 'no problems' blush

Bethiks Tue 16-Jul-13 13:26:14

I have been using Achica for over a year but never again. Of the 7 orders I have made..,
2 were broken on arrival (faults that either occurred in transit as the items were poorly packed and/or were damaged before they were sent out - one chair in particular had the look of a "second" or shop soiled with chips on the arms
2 were not a described (the cups looked full size on the screen but were tiny. They were meant to be for mulled wine but held no more than a thimble of liquid!)
3 have never turned up. Including the latest order for a pair of sunglasses that was paid for more than 6 weeks. They have cancelled the order but have not told me. Goodness knows when then refund will be applied. It took them over three months to refund my money on an order that they couldn't fulfil before this. I really don't know why I gave them another chance!!! Their communication is non-existent and you have to constantly chase them if you want your money returned.

The site is glossy and lulls you into a false state of trust, however, scratch the service and the product quality is poor and the customer service non-existent!


Snorbs Tue 16-Jul-13 13:44:56

Any website that offers no means of contact other than a web form (or email account hosted on a free email service) is a significant risk. It doesn't definitely mean they're dodgy but it is a big red flag. They only want to deal with you at their convenience, not yours.

A website such as that lists two different addresses for its registered office is a bit of a red flag as well...

LouisSurrey Wed 17-Jul-13 12:27:53

I feel I have to Achica's defence and say I have ordered at least 18 different items and have always been delighted with their service. I received a rug once that had a fault running through it and e-mailed them straight away and they collected it the following day and refunded my money.

If you e-mail them, they have always got back to me within 24hours. I have recommended Achica to lots of friends and all have been delighted. I think they are an extremely professional company and I have never ever had an issue with them.

SoupDragon Wed 17-Jul-13 12:32:10

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gwendraith Wed 17-Jul-13 16:18:56

I've used Achica at least 20 times for a wide range of goods (kid's clothing, jewellery (amazing deals) food items, cashmere scarves etc), saved a fortune and only been mildly annoyed once when an item I bought turned out to be tiny (no sizes were given) but it was still a nice item and worth what I paid.

At first the slow delivery times annoyed me (although I have received things within a couple of days). I'm used to it now and just sit back and wait. I've only had to contact them once by email, when I first started using them, to ask about delivery times and they responded quickly so can't comment more on their customer service.

I always check other sites to see of there's a better bargain but Achica do appear to have genuine bargains. I don't care for some of the companies they use but I guess that's a matter of personal taste. It does seem as they are a bit hit and miss judging by some of the posts here but I can only speak as I find. Sorry to hear others have had a bad time with them. Fingers crossed my dealings with them remain smooth.

ButThereAgain Wed 17-Jul-13 16:36:13

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SoupDragon Wed 17-Jul-13 16:46:09

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lborolass Wed 17-Jul-13 16:59:50

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hollyisalovelyname Wed 17-Jul-13 17:34:43

I keep getting emails from them. Because of this thread i shall never use Achica. Thank you Mumsnetters for the advice

hollyisalovelyname Thu 18-Jul-13 09:27:27

I've unsubscribed from their emails

beekachoo2 Sun 21-Jul-13 10:15:07

Sorry to go against the grain, but I LOVE achica. Yes the orders can take time to come through but the delivery dates are clearly stated on each product. Usually they come through faster. At Christmas all my deliveries came through in 2 days. Whenever I have had an issue they have always come straight back to me and resolved it immediately. Yes refunds can take a few days to credit back to your account but that is the same as any other on line company where you pay up front for your goods. I cant recommend them highly enough.

Snorbs Sun 21-Jul-13 10:23:57

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

X post snorbs, almost word for word, snort!

hothereinnit Sun 21-Jul-13 10:35:54

I've used Achica (yes, go ahead, advanced search me. I've been here since 2003 under various names), and not had any issues.

I haven't used them often - mostly at Christmas for various stocking filler type stuff, or cheap craft kits for the children. It can take a while for items to arrive, but arrive they have.

Worrying that people who have had issues can't contact/don't get decent customer service though, and I hope they do get their issues resolved.

Feenie Sun 21-Jul-13 10:41:02

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WitchOfEndor Sun 21-Jul-13 10:48:25

I've ordered lots and lots a few things from Achica and never had any issues with them. My only quibble is the post and package charges, once you get used to free delivery from Amazon it's a bit of a shock to get charged £4.99 for delivery!

HoneyDragon Sun 21-Jul-13 10:51:08

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beekachoo2 Sun 21-Jul-13 11:57:37


You are all right this is my first post, and yes I did only just authenticate my account, despite registering a while ago, to make my post. To be honest I had just googled achica to see what they had on offer today when I came across your thread. I think its easy to jump on a band wagon when one or two people have had a bad experience and I believe it is only fair to put across wide range of views so that people can make a fair and informed choice. Perhaps this will be my last post (perhaps not) as I hadn't appreciated that mumsnet was a site where people were taken to task over giving a differing opinion. There would be no point in me commenting if you were all saying how wonderful achica were as my point would be lost, as you would all know, surely?
I hadn't appreciated I had jumped in on a witch hunt. Just a mum offering her own experiences, but goodness imagine if I had a different view to you all on weaning or nappy changing you would be at my door with burning torches ha ha.
I find it far more interesting that people with no valid or helpful views on a subject are needing to criticise my comment, or research whether or not this is my first comment. I think that says far more about you!

Thanks though, your humour has brightened my day ;)

VirgoGrr Sun 21-Jul-13 12:06:50

I just cried at Honeydragon's post. Brilliant. :D

Snorbs Sun 21-Jul-13 12:25:48

Beekachoo2, it is far from uncommon for companies to engage marketing companies to keep an eye out for online complaints and then, rather than deal with the actual issues, to post (either directly or via lowly paid shills) comments on the thread about how marvellous said companies are. It's so common it's even got a name - astro-turfing.

So when there is a thread like this where not just one but several first-time posters pop up to say how fantastic a company is and are then never heard from again it does tend to make people somewhat suspicious. Does this come as a surprise to you?

But do tell - other than being a satisfied customer do you have any other relationship with achica, its employees or any marketing company it may employ? Do you get anything in return for posting positive message about it? And given that you are a satisfied customer, could you satisfy my curiosity about just what you were googling for when you came upon this thread?

Yes, snorbs, agree again.

If folk google Hariborange Kills Otters they will see what we are on about. Go.on.

beekachoo2 Sun 21-Jul-13 12:55:09

No I guess it doesn't surprise me. it just saddens me that we live in such a cynical world and one where people are tried as guilty of something dishonest just because they swim against the tide.

I genuinely have no ties what so ever with achica. I wish I got something in return for posting nice things about them I have a shopping list as long as my arm, but unfortunately not pockets that are as deep.

I was googling Achica when I came upon your thread, you came up 3rd on the listings and I chose to investigate. I rarely engage in any discussions on these type of things, but the kids are away and I have a morning free to shop and browse.

I have recommended a lot of people to achica, mostly to get the £10 discount vouchers they send you smile and bar one of my friends they have all been satisfied.

It is rare to get a thread started just because someone has had exceptional service etc, I guess because people would be instantly cynical which is why I think its equally important to create a balance when there are some damning reviews. smile

But did you google Hariborange Kills Otters? grin go ON. Do it.

Melty Mon 22-Jul-13 08:23:33

Well, I've used them a few times.
I always check if whatever I am looking for is available somewhere else cheaper, and sometimes it is.
Ive never had a problem with delivery. It tells you when stuff will be delivered approx. In all but one case the stuff came earlier.
I've had a delay on a pair of Sabatier scissors, but it was hardly an emergency purchase, and they emailed with updates.
My Boss on the other hand, spends a fortune on them. I've never heard him complain.

suzyplum Mon 22-Jul-13 11:59:02

My experience of Achica has been nearly wholly positive. I've ordered loads of lovely things for my holiday rental house at often much lower prices than elsewhere, though I always double-check online to ensure I'm getting the best possible price. They feature some of my favourite brands such as Garden Trading, Nkuku and Rice, and some brands that are normally hard to get in the UK such as Danish homeware from Bloomingville or South African Biggie Best. The way it's set up with new sales every day is rather addictive and I've got to know my local couriers a bit too well! I like that you can return things so easily - they pick them up from my garage free of charge. The only problem I've had in the past was having to chase up refunds but they seem to have improved that now. If you have a problem, you can't phone them direct however if you email customer services, I've found they come back to you very quickly by email or phone, whichever you ask for and are extremely helpful. BTW I have no links with Achica aside from having bought loads of things way too many - - from them over the past 16 months. I always recommend them to anyone interested in interiors. Oh, and sometimes orders take weeks to arrive though they always give you an estimated delivery window before you order. If I sound like an Achica fanatic it's cos I am and luckily my husband won't read this post!

SoupDragon Mon 22-Jul-13 12:08:39

Welcome, Suzyplum!

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

OnTheNingNangNong Mon 22-Jul-13 12:24:07

It's amazing how all these positive posts all find Achica competitively priced, when it's easily beaten by other online retailers.

grin at Hariborange kills otters

Melty Mon 22-Jul-13 16:37:35

I'm a nurse. I work for the NHS. Not Achica. smile
I like them and haven't had any problems. So I havent looked for any contact details.
And to be fair, MN is huuuuuge. There arent that many people who have had problems...

lborolass Mon 22-Jul-13 19:17:29

Yes, Melty, MN is huge but not so big that people who want to sing the praises of Achica can't find this thread it would seem. It's not as if it's even in a high traffic topic but still they manage to stumble across it.

Actual real life MN poster here too. I bought some acrylic plastic glasses that I had previously coveted. They came in two absurdly large cardboard boxes with so much air pillow packaging it would have kept the titanic afloat two weeks apart from each other.

I like the glasses v.much. but the idea of spending mucho money on something like furniture with a place with no customer seervice number is not appealing.

Never eard of em

Verozimk31 Tue 23-Jul-13 01:15:26

I agree I use them to buy my son toys and clothes and everything's been fine. My mum uses them to stock up her kitchen and baking business. They also let you know when the items should be expected so be patient.

SpecialAgentTattooedQueen Tue 23-Jul-13 01:32:03

Thanks to this thread (well, actually it's astro surfers) I know to NEVER use ACHICA.

No one who needs that much good PR is any good...

giraffesCantWearSuncream Tue 23-Jul-13 01:42:12

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

I've never tried Achica - my very similar experiences with Brandalley were enough to put me off this type of company for a long time smile

SoupDragon Tue 23-Jul-13 07:23:51

Welcome Verozimk31 !

Haliborange kills otters grin

Wossname Tue 23-Jul-13 09:32:09

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Shaded Tue 23-Jul-13 12:19:47

Now am worried after reading this thread. Waiting for patio furniture and not heard a peep and although just outside of their 15 day delivery promise am now concerned that won't receive furniture till xmas. The whole point of ordering was to use it THIS SUMMER. Hope my story is positive......

lborolass Tue 23-Jul-13 14:51:07

Tip for new posters who feel compelled to post praise - don't choose a user name with numbers in, we'll be even more suspicious as this isn't generally done on MN grin

giraffesCantWearSuncream Tue 23-Jul-13 19:31:30

Nooo don't help them it it funny - "mummy2abaybee1985" wink

katyp31 Wed 24-Jul-13 22:58:21

Oh wow! I love achica too and have never had any issues with my orders. Does that mean I secretly work for them? Or have to justify my very existence? Some of the people who post on here are unreal!!

Hi katyp31, so glad you felt compelled to go through all the dreary olde rigmarole of registering to be a member of this online community, Mumsnet, so that you could reassure us that you love achica. Amazing.

Welcome. Please, don't limit self to praising a random online retailer, join in the banter in _chat, share parenting tips, tell us where you get your handbags from etc. Well, not that last one, eh, you'll prolly say achica. Arf.

ceeveebee Wed 24-Jul-13 23:12:02

I also love Achica. Only issue I find is long lead times for delivery. In fact they were really good with customer service when I bought an expensive bag and the strap broke after about 6 months of me using it every day and carryibg far too much crap. They collected it by courier and gave a full refund so tbh was pretty impressed. Still waiting for a beanbag that I ordered 3 weeks ago though...

Best x post evah!

ceeveebee Wed 24-Jul-13 23:21:53

But I definitely am not an imposter

lborolass Wed 24-Jul-13 23:22:28

Oh Katyp31, are you teasing us now or have you namechanged to make me smile? smile

HoneyDragon Wed 24-Jul-13 23:26:56


Your lack of numbers and advanced striking out skills identify you as one of us grin

<<fist bumps>>

HoneyDragon Wed 24-Jul-13 23:28:27

some of the people who post on here are unreal

Very well said katyp31 I could agree more.

Boosiehs Wed 24-Jul-13 23:29:49

I ordered baby stuff from there and it was great. Cheaper than M&P. however I have no idea how long it took to be delivered as I forgot I ordered it. smile

My mum loves them. She's ordered loads of crap stuff from there and raves about it.

ceeveebee Wed 24-Jul-13 23:32:20

Actually Achica paid me to set my profile up two years ago and have been practicing so that I can fool you all, mwahahaha!! grin

sapfu Wed 24-Jul-13 23:33:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Ceevee grin love it

Sapfu, v good. Hurhur.

katyp31 Thu 25-Jul-13 06:58:19

Precisely why I registered on here years ago but never posted.reading through posts there is so much nastiness..if you have a differing view from the 'regulars' you get shot down in flames. I used to use net mums and so many people on there had tried mumsnet but couldnt cope with the insults and backbiting. God forbid anyone gets the (wrong) impression that this is a place to go for any kind of support!

SoupDragon Thu 25-Jul-13 07:51:51

Which proves that you've not actually looked at Mumsnet at all really.

LegoCaltrops Thu 25-Jul-13 07:59:12

Definitely never buying from Achica. They sound horrendous.

Llareggub Thu 25-Jul-13 08:13:15

I ordered a book case from them in May. It STILL hasn't arrived.

There, a review from a real mumsnetter.

lborolass Thu 25-Jul-13 09:41:36

As it happens Katyp31 I agree with you about the bitchiness but if you've read enough to know that you must also know why your first ever post is being viewed sceptically.

The bitchiness is why I loves it here <snuggles into bitchfluff>

Snorbs Thu 25-Jul-13 14:01:00

"Shot down in flames"? Hardly. This is just questioning and piss-taking of some posts of dubious provenance.

HoneyDragon Thu 25-Jul-13 14:53:32

It is only mumsnet .... Everywhere else on the Internet is a sugglebucket of nicety.

I posted specifically to agree with you Katy, so I think you were rude <<flounces>>

giraffesCantWearSuncream Fri 26-Jul-13 00:20:49

each honey dragon you bit my back

giraffesCantWearSuncream Fri 26-Jul-13 00:21:06

Each not each

giraffesCantWearSuncream Fri 26-Jul-13 00:21:30

Ouch ouch not bloody each ffs

Was that each or ouch giraffes? <innocent face>


suzyplum Sat 27-Jul-13 09:49:45

Just wanted to say that my post singing Achica's praises was genuine (yeah, call me a sad person as its one of the few things I've posted on lol). As for the competitiveness of their pricing, I ALWAYS compare their prices before buying and they're 99.9% of the time cheaper, often substantially so. That's partly why it's so addictive and probably why you get slightly evangelical posts praising them! I could send you a list of all my purchases (anyone want to see it?) though I feel a bit embarrassed. Is there such thing as Achicaholics Anonymous? Didn't buy anything this morning though smile

Llareggub Sat 27-Jul-13 12:08:09

They have given me a £15 voucher to apologise for the delay in my order. Still no bookcase though, but nice all the same.

Tobebesidethesea Sat 27-Jul-13 19:57:14

Hello. This is my first ever post! I thought I might be able to shed some light on the very conflicting opinions on Achica. My husband is an artist that has done 2 sales on Achica, so I know how the order fulfilment process works. Achica the company don't hold any stock itself. When the sale ends the individual retailer is sent a sales list, and they package the items and send them to a distribution warehouse. Before the sale takes place you sign a very strict and precise agreement about delivery times and quality of packaging. However if the retailer doesn't stick to this, Achica and the customer are very much at their mercy. If they have packaged something badly it could be broken or faulty inside the packaging, without Achica noticing. Likewise, if they are very slow to send the order, that will knock on to the customer. Having read their extensive small print I can say that they really do have very exacting standards for customer service and quality control, but as they don't actually have the stock themselves, when problem arise they may be complicated and lengthy to resolve. Bottom line, much like Amazon, the behaviour of individual merchants will mean people have very different experiences of the company.

I was a bit scared to post as from two years of lurking i know sometimes people get accused of being 'suspicious', but I really am just a mum trying to be helpful!

Tobebeiside Thankyou, that is ever so interesting [thumbs up]

InMyShreddies Sat 27-Jul-13 20:19:31

This thread is hilaire. I will also never be ordering from Achica. I like it when actual companies post on here when they see they're being discussed - I swooned when the actual Alex Monroe posted on S and B! But I hate hate hate it when companies do this. Boots No7 keep doing it too. Red Direct are also crap - loads of MNers including me ordered stuff and it never arrived. Similar business model to Achica I think.

RedToothBrush Sat 27-Jul-13 21:17:56

Tobebeiside is very right it what she says.

To be fair to Achica, and indeed their suppliers, furniture - even good quality stuff - has an uncanny habit of getting damaged in transit. There are a number of couriers who are either quite frankly, shit or plain extortionate. The problem is not about being badly packaged; to a certain extent there is a limit to how you can package furniture in a way that it doesn't get damaged when its thrown about a van rather than properly handled...

Thats the main problem with ordering furniture online full stop. A lot of these companies do not hold stock and only order individual items themselves when they get an order in. If you order goods in bulk to your store rather than single items direct to home they tend to fair better on their couriers as they leave the wholesaler in a state where it simply can't be thrown around.

FWIW, if you are looking for the customer service, order from somewhere that has stock on the floor, and has their own local home delivery service rather uses a courier. The goods are far more likely to get to you quicker (as the shop will probably hold a level of stock themselves) and they'll have a driver who isn't under ridiculous amounts of pressure to do so many drops in the course of a day and actually gives a toss about the level of service they are giving.

Naturally this is probably going to cost you a few quid.

Cathouse Mon 29-Jul-13 08:18:18

I was given a £5.00 voucher last week because each site I tried to view went down. The voucher is valid until 31st July, and guess what, i tried to use the voucher today, 29th July and it's INVALID! I cut and paste the number so I didn't get it wrong.

I cannot deal with a company that misleads and then I cannot telephone them.

PerilsAsinger Mon 29-Jul-13 09:48:39

Achica sounds like it doesn't understand customer service; I'll be avoiding at all cost.

Aliceboubou Wed 31-Jul-13 11:34:46

Don't touch them with a bargepole -Read this and be warned

I have a had a very bad experience from Achica.

I have ordered a bookcase, a TV "dream" stand and a side table.

Overall, the furnitures arrived late as Achica said they wanted to check that everything was in order. The furnitures arrived without instructions. I have asked Achica for the instructions but no-one at seem to be able to provide me with them and no-one seems to bother (they only reply with pre-filled email).
Therefore, I have hired a professional company to assemble the furniture (Zeenish Construction) as I did not feel able to do it myself (although I am a IKEA regular) and they were able to assemble neither the bookcase not the TV stand.

Side Table
- Arrived broken in 2 pieces, they told they could not replace it but they will pick it up and reimburse me. They did pick it up but still waiting to be reimbursed!

- no instructions
- panels are not mirror image of each others
- backing shelves don't fit into the slot
- screw are missing (40 at least)
- there is a slot where there should not be as it is supposed to be where the doors go
- no marking for door hinges
- 3 extra shelves that do not belong to the bookcase

TV Dream Stand
- more than 30 pieces with no instructions, we did not even try to assemble it given the disaster of the bookcase

I do hope they will pack and pick up the furnitures and reimburse me fully including the professional company. I will keep you posted. As you can imagine all of this has taken a lot of my time and money!


Blackers99 Wed 31-Jul-13 19:27:10

I ordered a duvet cover from achica in may. I heard nothing from them and emailed them. I to a reply saying they were unable to fill the order and I wold be refunded in full within 4-6 working days that was about three weeks ago and I have still or been refunded. I emailed them again and have had nothing back from them. DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM ACHICA THEY ARE COMPLETELY UNTRUSTWORTHY AND HAVE NOT REFUNDED ME MY PAYMENT. Does anyone know of a contact telephone number for this company? It was my first and definitely my last order with achica!

Llareggub Wed 31-Jul-13 19:33:23

Well my book cases have finally arrived but I am now worried that they won't have instructions after reading the PP. the boxes are too heavy to lift alone so I will have to wait for a man to assist...

Anoushka123 Sun 04-Aug-13 09:13:07

I ordered from Achica, yes order took a while but they were such great deals I was prepared to wait. Items were lovely. So overall felt it was excellent company.

Alidoll Sun 04-Aug-13 10:11:08

Also ordered a few things from Achica (mainly when I was off on maternity leave). Only had one issue - item not delivered as part of larger order and no note saying it was being delivered later. Contacted them and arrived 3 days later...then another one arrived 2 days after that! Contacted them again so apologised, courier uplifted second one and I received a voucher for £5 for my "honesty". That Christmas received some chocolates even though I hadn't ordered for several months.

Not affiliated whatsoever with the company btw

Now..Secretsales...that's a whole different ball game!!!

Ballantine1 Fri 09-Aug-13 08:58:57

I am currently still waiting for an item which was stated as delivery between 17-23 July and like previous comments have mentioned am finding it hard to communicate with them, surely by now these well established sites can be more accurate and informative to customers. I would have to want something from Achica desperately before I ordered again and these usually can be found on other less glamorous sights cheaper and delivered quicker. Achica prays on those who think they are getting a superior item and service as their web site is conducive to this. So my advice is don't be fooled by this posh site and look on the sites used by us commoners for better service.

Ceeda Fri 09-Aug-13 14:33:38

Oh dear I am getting a VERY bad feeling about a large order I placed with Achica for an outdoor dining set - very large sum of money and a seasonal thing that I won't need in a few weeks time. Failed to deliver on time due to a faulty part so courier returned to manufacturer, still waiting for replacement to be made and getting no joy from courier or ACHICA. I would NEVER purchase form these people again, and completely agree, the professional looking site is SO misleading and is in no way backed up by their customer service. If anyone does have any luck tracking down a phone number please let me know!

LeilaSP Fri 09-Aug-13 16:54:23

I'm not a new poster and I've used Achica several times with no problem at all. I like that they often have children's clothes and toys that are a bit different, but I do agree that sometimes the delivery times and costs are a bit excessive, you need to shop around to make sure you're actually getting a bargain.

I've never ordered big items of furniture though, the biggest I ordered was a rug that wasn't the colour I expected, but I had no problem sending it back via DPD and my refund was processed pretty quickly.

It's not John Lewis,but I don't think it's as bad as some of the posts above would have you believe.

IanTheDad Fri 16-Aug-13 16:10:49

We have been well and truly 'done' by Achica. We waited for some 7 weeks or more for the product to arrive, and finally when it did arrive it was incomplete. DO NOT TOUCH THEM!! The offers may look enticing, but they can't back it up with service and always fob it off onto their 'traders'. We are still waiting for them to resolve the issue, needless to say they've gone quiet on us. We will be taking them to small claims should they not sort out the mess by next week. More stress then it's worth, but I'm damned if they're taking us for a ride.

LouisSurrey Wed 21-Aug-13 16:00:17

I am not that organised to keep a tally of how many orders I have made but did a search of my account as I just couldn't understand why people had experienced so much trouble. Agreed there is not a voice at the end of the phone but if you e-mail them, they do respond pretty quickly and have always been extremely helpful. I certainly don't work for Achica but work in a lovely shop that sells a lot of the makes that Achica feature on their web-site for a fraction of the price. I only order items that I am familiar with, but have really never ever had a problem. I also search on line to check their prices are competitive and on the whole they seem to be but you do have to add in the cost of the postage. All the staff in the shop use them and are really pleased with their services.

LouisSurrey Wed 21-Aug-13 16:08:49

We have used Made too and again found them great. I think we have been lucky

Julec Fri 23-Aug-13 20:41:08

I have a phone number for them if anybody is interested

Bashaleah Tue 27-Aug-13 18:30:39

I had to make the effort, sign up to Mumsnet, and post this comment, as I just had such fantastic service from Achica I'm actually quite speechless. Yes, I know it sounds like I work for them, but I really don"t! I'm an actress, I don't have children - sorry mums - but I AM currently filming an ep of Call the Midwife where my fictional daughter is pregnant. I could tell you the plot, but I'd have to kill you!
I ordered a rug, it arrived this avo, within the delivery time, but it's the wrong colours. No delivery note. I looked on their website and thought I'd have to schlepp it to the PO and pay for a return, whereupon I was in high dudgeon. I whacked off quite a bolshie email to them, went onto your website via Google (while looking for a phone number for them) and was reading in horror, whereupon got a phone call from them within 5 minutes of posting my email to them, even before i could finish reading all the tales of woe (sorry about those), and they are picking the item up first thing tomorrow, with a helpful text to say what time. Now if I have to wait a while for a refund I shall not mind. I must say 'Bravo Achica!'.
I shall now enjoy a ramble around your site, which of course I have heard of. I should do a smiley face, but I think that's pushing it a bit for a first post!

Bashaleah Tue 27-Aug-13 18:34:33

PS I've ordered from them before and it's worked out well - bought a PURE radio which was faulty. They replaced it immediately, and that was around Xmas time. Unfortunately I also bought a kooky chandelier which I hated when it went up and by then it was too late to return so I had to flog it on ebay and made a loss. Perils of the internet.

Bashaleah Tue 27-Aug-13 18:36:14

PS last message I promise. When I said the rug was the wrong colours, I only meant it didn't work for me when I saw it in the flesh, not that they'd sent the wrong item.

lborolass Tue 27-Aug-13 18:42:08

So pleased for you Bashaleah but would you mind explaining just how you ended up joining MN to make this gushing report.

I asked earlier in the thread but didn't get a reply from those posters, what was the thought process that linked having a positive experience and posting on a forum you've never posted on before?

TIA smile

janetlc44 Mon 09-Sep-13 17:46:31


DamarisC Fri 13-Sep-13 22:03:03

I echo the sentiments. They have some good stuff but are so slow with delivery. I even forgot that I had ordered one thing by the time it came.

I have to post about an absolutely brilliant experience with Vertigo interiors. What fantastic service, quick, easy to contact, brilliant when there was a fault. I can't recommend them highly enough

Ruari888 Sun 15-Sep-13 13:19:22

Please be assured Achica are genuine and actually have a great customer service team. I order from them every week and yes with any company we may experience the odd issue and I have found them to deal with this effectively and quickly. Their products and sales are amazing and I have made purchases that I could not have found on the high street. I also got an order broken but realised this is not normal practice because it was packaged incorrectly - they use a fulfilment company ( probably an intern!). I have found they have got better and better and I would never stop shopping with them. They have always collected ( they pay) packages from me directly when it has been their fault and always kept me informed. Infact just placed my second order this week. The only thing I would criticise is that items are delivered with the order split - as items become available. I would rather I got my complete order when its all there, it saves on packaging and helps me to keep a closer eye on my deliveries. Don't be put off and as with any customer service department if we approach with anger we often don't get the help we could potentially get. From experience I love Achica even with the odd issue which is normal for any large company like Achica.

ChasedByBees Sun 15-Sep-13 20:26:27

I think the glowing reports are more off-putting than the tales of hideous customer service. confused

JacqueslePeacock Tue 17-Sep-13 00:00:44

What ChasedByBees said. These are hilarious but utterly off-putting testimonials!

leonardofquirm Tue 17-Sep-13 00:25:47

all there issues are normal people, even for a big company. That's ok then.

This thread has made megrin butangry on behalf of you disgruntled customers.

leonardofquirm Tue 17-Sep-13 00:26:12

All these issues.FFS.

Devora Tue 17-Sep-13 00:52:50

This thread should go in MN Classics [wipes tears from eyes].

Ruari888 Wed 18-Sep-13 16:00:09

Genuine feedback actually - feeling a bit insulted and even bullied that this forum likes to take the mick out of genuine reviews and peoples thoughts - should be ashamed of yourselves!

LouisSurrey Sat 21-Sep-13 19:38:28

I agree, how strange that people feel they have to be so nasty (we are after all talking about a mail order company. I think the best thing to do if you have had a bad experience, is never order again and leave all the lovely bargains for us!!!!

<finds self dragged back into thread>

I have noticed that none of the positive reviewers have mentioned the large bulky pieces of furniture they ordered - it appears to be only rugs that aren't 'quite as expected'.

I recognise the names of the posters who have had negative furniture problems and not those who have sprinkled fairy dust. I am not ashamed of being wary in that situation, and there has definitely been no bullying.

If Achica is so super terrific why don't they have a customer service number? One little tiny change could allay all this negativity, but no.

That is why it is weird and unsatisfying. It has put me off shopping there - a bargain is only a bargain as long as it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I am very much a regular on here and feel I should post a favourable comment as we have had good service from them. I ordered a chest of drawers and a mirror. Both arrived. Chest of drawers was damaged to I contacted them to arrange collection and refund. All sorted.

I didn't get around to opening the mirror for a week or so and when opened realised it was far too big for the space. Meant to contact them but forgot for a few weeks. When I did contact them (past the deadline for returns) they phoned me and arranged collection and refund immediately at no cost to me.

So I suspect they are like most companies where thre will be good and bad experiences! Having said that I ordered a Xmas tree a few weeks ago. Must check up on that as it hasn't arrived yet!

Love this thread.

Achica, we aren't stupid.

Jammybean Mon 23-Sep-13 15:48:24

Just thought I'd add, I've used achica several times and always had ok service. Mind you, I've always purchased smaller items, Dd's clothes or toys etc. It looks like I might have been pretty lucky!

There's nothing worse than bad customer service IMO. I certainly will not be purchasing any large bits of furniture from them. Sounds dreadful!

roseyposey01 Mon 23-Sep-13 17:36:33

I have been an Achica buyer since they first began. I had only one problem with all the items I have ordered (plenty of things!). I received a room divider screen and it had a tiny hole in it. They offered to have the courier co. collect it and refund my money. As they did not have any left,
I wanted to keep it so we came to an agreement where they discounted it to pay for it to be repaired. I have returned 1 other item and I had absolutely no problem. I agree that it is a nuisance to contact them and a phone number would be much more appreciated, but then things are often said during a phone call and not remembered exactly as said - an email is better proof of what was said. I have noticed that their products have become so much more limited as their customers have increased. I would like them to have more than a couple of each item. It is not always easy to be up and on the computer at 6:30am.

HoneyDragon Wed 25-Sep-13 10:37:44

Hello Roseyposey01 and welcome to Mumsnet. Would you like directions to the rest of the forum?

Molecule Wed 25-Sep-13 14:48:21

I must say sometimes I am tempted by Achica; first time the item took so long to arrive I'd forgotten I'd ordered it, so was quite a nice surprise; second item arrived quickly and has been much appreciated by my aunt; and the third time has rather irritated me.

I ordered two matching pairs or duvet sets (from the same supplier), one pattern each for the twin bedrooms in our holiday cottage caravan. First pair arrived quickly (for Achica), were nice quality and were duly put upon the beds. The second pair took another 3-4 weeks, and when unpacked at the caravan turned out to be only one set (but of a much heavier material, hence not noticing the missing set at home). I know it's very Mrs Bucket to have matching everything but my caravan has brought out the Mrs Bucket in me and I want it to match. When I got home I complained th Achica, and did get a reply saying that I'd been informed that not all orders could be fulfilled and they had credited me. I hadn't been informed at all, but will say that they had credited me for the price of 2 pairs, so in effect I have got a set free.

Can't decide if this is good or bad customer service. I may order again, but nothing that really matters; a Christmas present well in advance so something else can be purchased if it doesn't arrive etc.

Rocky01 Fri 04-Oct-13 23:10:17

Omg, I wish I'd read this thread before I'd spent over £2000 last week. Since my order of some bedroom furniture, due to personal circumstances I have had to ask for a refund. It is well within 7 days of their refund policy. Sent a letter by special delivery but haven't heard anything from them yet. Been trying to send a message through the help desk but it's taking for ever to be submitted. This might be my last time sad((

kath209 Thu 10-Oct-13 14:33:05

Hi,Just registered, was going to place quite an expensive order (for me) today but after reading this thread, changed my mind. However, the stuff I want has no brand name, there is just a description e.g. cabinet black/brown. How do you check other sites to see if you can buy the same else where? All suggestions gratefully received as have been looking for ages and Achica cabinets are exactly what I want!

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 05-Nov-13 10:54:05

We just wanted to let you know that we've had to remove a number of posts from this thread, having been contacted by lawyers acting for ACHICA.

ButThereAgain Tue 05-Nov-13 11:06:19

I think that might be my first deletion! I feel shabby now.

Rosi1 Sat 09-Nov-13 09:04:29

I have to add my voice to this thread as my frustration with Achica has reached boiling point. There is whole litany of problems, with half deliveries of matching sets failing to materialise, reward codes not being honoured (then when forced to do so, not working at checkout - like the OCT50 voucher), failure to respond to queries etc, that I could bore you with but, the 'icing' on this miserable cake has to be the 'missing' TV cabinet my husband ordered as part of a shipment, which they are refusing to refund.... I do hope their lawyers are monitoring this site still as I have one message for you. I WILL be taking you to the small claims court and it will be my absolute pleasure.

Yuk. What a cynical and horrible experience this relationship with Achica has been. Do be warned.

dopw489fnimvl Tue 03-Dec-13 10:10:32


wrenno Sun 08-Dec-13 19:34:35

After reading all these posts I nearly cancelled my recent (and first) Achica order. But i didn't... and it was all ok! I ordered a rug on a Saturday and it was delivered on the following Wednesday and it was really nice! No need to contact customer services so I can't comment on what they were like, but I had a very good experience overall.

HowardTJMoon Sat 04-Jan-14 23:08:42

It sounds like achica is more willing to spend money on lawyers to block criticism than a phone number its customers can call when there is a problem.

Says volumes about their business priorities.

asfish Wed 19-Feb-14 16:50:23

The delivery takes a good while most of the time as I think they offer the goods first then when the sale is over they order them from the suppliers, then deliver them to you. Guess this keeps prices down.

Its not exactly Amazon Prime, but I have never had an issue with quality of goods, I've placed 15 orders with them since 2011, max value was £100 though.

lizward123 Fri 21-Feb-14 18:35:20

Achica sell nice things and the concept is alluring but the reality is poor - why do business with a luxury goods shop that places such low value on customer care that it doesn't consider a customer support line important.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 22-Feb-14 18:26:19

I no longer am on Achica's maiing list because I heard they have s**t customer service from Mumsnetters.
I am not prepared to risk ordering from them

Procrastinating Sat 22-Feb-14 18:43:05

I took myself off Achica's mailing list too. I have had half orders and orders just not turning up at all. It all takes forever. I give up.

LynniieC Tue 13-May-14 09:42:24

Can anyone help with a way of contacting ACHICA. I have a problem ..,£100s worth and absolutely NO WAY of getting in touch! How ludicrous is THIS.

Domino51 Sat 24-May-14 10:25:15

I've been using Achica since June '12. I've placed 24 orders in that time totaling over £1400, the cheapest was less than £10, most expensive was over £300. Allow at least two weeks for delivery if not longer, but they usually tell you when you place the order roughly when it will arrive and you can also track it. It does pay sometimes to check the prices elsewhere, but I have NEVER had a problem with Achica or the condition that my orders have arrived in. I check their emails daily and would whole heartedly recommend them.

Topmarks67 Tue 27-May-14 17:48:41

Right so I've signed up to Mumsnet especially to comment on this thread. I was given two £10 Achica vouchers for Christmas. Signed up and found some things I wanted to buy. They came to over £50 so wanted to use the introductory discount I had been emailed and my Gift Cards. When I got to the checkout the system wouldn't recognise my GC codes. My sister had also had this problem with hers. It was also saying that you could only use one code per order which would mean splitting the order so I couldn't use the introductory discount and I would have to pay the £4.99 P&P charge twice. This would basically use up £10 of my £20 gift on delivery. Stressed and distressed I Googled Achica and came across this topic. Other people's terrible experiences made me even more angry with Achica. I contacted their Customer Services through the website (yes the lack of a telephone number is hugely frustrating) and waited 3 days for a reply. I am pleased to say that although the process took ages and I missed out on a number of offers in the meantime, the outcome was excellent. I placed the order and got my newcomer discount. Then Customer Services refunded the value of my Gift Cards from my payment. I have to say that although their systems leave an awful lot to be desired I was ultimately happy with their Customer Service. My sister unfortunately split her order and had to pay two lots of postage. Robbery I would suggest. However even she was ultimately happy with the Customer Service and with her products.

laansa Mon 02-Jun-14 15:26:50

I too cannot say anything positive about ACHICA. My credit card has been debited with over five hundred pounds but I have not received the furniture, no one responds to my emails (via their contact site) & I cannot find a valid phone number to use. It is a sham. My advice: do not go anywhere near Achica.

RenaeFW Tue 15-Jul-14 17:40:06

Have now had to go the Trading Standards route because an �89 item (plus P&P! - my Mother's Day gift from my children) not delivered and usual "customer support" was polite but ineffectual in resolving the mystery of my missing item. Tried contacting Hermes (delivery agent), but because they are contractually obligated to ACHICA (not me), referred me back there. Never had anything go missing from them before, but very slow deliveries and I don't know how many technical issues with the site (which I have tolerated up until now). They tried to tell me that I had a 20-day limit from date of despatch from their warehouse. I've waited much longer than that for items from them! And exactly how closely is a busy working Mum meant to track delivery of items to ensure they don't go over this limit? Extremely disappointing complaint resolution. Now 12 days from last corro with them and no satisfactory response, even after warning them I would follow this route if issue not dealt with promptly. Now sharing this experience with all on social media because they didn't take the issue seriously. Was a frequent user of their site. What a shame- won't be shopping with them again.

PThomas Mon 01-Sep-14 15:06:17

DO NOT USE ACHICA unless you wish to lose money and the goods you order.
I ordered 2 bar stools in April due for delivery in mid-June. The date came and went and the company never contacted me regarding delivery. When I contacted them (and you can only do so by email) they eventually said they could deliver the items I wanted and promised a full refund. Two and a half months later, they are still promising a full refund and have failed to do so each and every time. I have now contacted my credit card company

PigletJohn Mon 01-Sep-14 15:41:39

I found it difficult to believe that there is seriously a trading company which will not divulge its telephone number and mailing address.

I checked their website and it is true.

That's awful.

Jeanettejeanette Thu 25-Sep-14 21:17:44

I have been chasing a refund from Achica since I placed the order and cancelled it on 12 th September and I believe if it wasn't for PayPal I would still be chasing my payment of £907.99 I don't have it to hand yet but it is in my PayPal account after many replies all telling me different things. I have bought some things in the past but I have had problems getting refunds from them before. Why no telephone number? I am sure they used to have a number. I feel that the way my money has been held on to that this company are actinging very shady and they don't recognise the Distance Selling regulations. Just my opinion. Or is it just mine?
The person who gave me varying accounts of where my money was called himself Craig.

joeyG1 Fri 03-Oct-14 08:21:02

I recently placed an order on Achica for over £100 and I received only part of my order, after 5weeks of waiting for the deadline delivery date I contacted Achica to find out where my order was. I was told that it would be a further two weeks before my order would be dispatched after two weeks and still no order I contacted Achica again only to be told that I would have to wait a further four weeks for my order to be dispatched. It was at this point that I told them I wanted to cancel my order and get a full refund, but that I also wanted to be compensated, they offered me a £10 Achica voucher and refused this as I felt that this was insufficient, they then offered me a £15 Achica voucher which I accepted, however, I would still have to pay for the postage and packing for any order that I placed which I felt was a complete con. I also asked them for £15 compensation in cash as I did not want to deal with Achica again and I was told that this was not part of their policy and it could not be done. What really got to me was that once I used my £15 Achica voucher I still had to pay £4.99 postage and packing so I argued the point about the P&P being an unfair cost to me as I was the one who had been put out to that I was told that Achica felt that this was suffice compensation for not receiving my goods that I had paid for immediately after purchase. Achica should not take money from anyone's account until they are about to dispatch the order. I am not saying they are con people but I would suggest that they are posh con people..............

slrc Tue 07-Oct-14 11:41:41

I had ordered a coffee table on March 12 and it still had not arrived by July. I cancelled the order but stupidly gave them another chance. I ordered several items on July 9, all with estimated deliveries no later than August 10. It is now October with most of the items not delivered. Every time I contacted them, they could not tell me 1) where my order was or 2) when it would be delivered. I was out over �1,400 for nearly 3 months when I lost all patience and cancelled that order too. I have separately searched for items on the site and found them cheaper or at the same price direct from the suppliers (who deliver within days, not months). Don't waste your time and money. Go somewhere else.

Astazee Wed 15-Oct-14 09:37:52

I have had the worst experience with Achica. They simply ignore all emails to "" and will not reply in relation to a faulty product. They originally said they will collect them and then I will get a refund "eventually" when they decide after they take back the items but now that I said yes please collect the items they have been ignoring me for weeks!

Mashandpeas Thu 16-Oct-14 08:11:18

Have just read this thread - and checked reviews on Trustpilot - and will now NOT be placing my order with Achica. Phew.

Member966103 Fri 17-Oct-14 09:44:49

Also an Achica victim. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM AS I THINK THEY HAVE MONEY ISSUES. I have requested a refund and they replied within their 48 hour SLA (Service Level Agreement) that the refund would take 3 working days. This was last Saturday 10 October 2014. Yesterday on the fourth working day refund not received so I chased. Reply today again within their 48 hour SLA that the payment had not yet settled and that the IT department have been informed and that I would be notified once the refund had been done. No estimate of time to resolve this given. However this is utter flim flam, footle and flummery. I think they are deliverately holding onto my cash as they don't have enougth and I have told them that I dont believe their cock and bull story. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA. DO NOT USE ACHICA.

HoneyDragonMumshnet Fri 17-Oct-14 09:48:05

We're not allowed to voice negative opinions about Mnet on here. They threaten to sue.

Member966103 Fri 17-Oct-14 10:05:57

I am not voicing a negative opinion about Mumsnet I am voicing a negative opinion about Achica. Is that a problem?

HoneyDragonMumshnet Fri 17-Oct-14 10:08:02

No I'm thick, we're not able to voice negative opinion about Achica on Mnet grin Achica threaten to sue Mnet

Sorry blush

laffan1 Wed 29-Oct-14 21:03:12

I ordered £31 pounds worth of tea towels and other kitchen items and four months later they have still not arrived. Has anyone else struggled to receive goods from Achica?

babycat45 Mon 10-Nov-14 13:56:57

On the 31st Oct I spent £97 on 6 rolls of wallpaper with Achica - on the 5th November a package arrived - Ah HA! I opened the suspiously small packet only to find 1 roll of said wallpaper and no delivery note. I emailed their 'help desk' only to be told 48 hours later to check my shed as Hermes has delivered. I had to point out the obvious that I had already been to my shed to collect my 1 lonely roll off wallpaper and that i was not disputing the fact that nothing had been delivered, I was complaining as I was missing 5 of the said rolls of wallpaper. I still have not had a response from them, so have left them a message on Facebook and am just about to pick up the telephone to trading standards, to inform them that this is pretty much theft.

katimini Sat 15-Nov-14 19:05:51

Same issues here.. ordered 2 chests of drawers on 10 October, one for dd who had none left for her clothes, and one for guests coming to stay.. when I realised they weren't coming as promised, emailed and got the standard "sometimes things take longer to get to them from their suppliers.." to cut a long story short, I got a few more pushes forward with delivery dates, and when I realised they had had my money for almost 6 weeks and still no sign of the chest of drawers, I demanded a refund and cancellation. In the meantime in my frustration of still having no chests of drawers, I googled the name of the products ordered and.. found them in one search on another website, considerably cheaper and with a one day delivery policy!! Ordered them on Thursday lunchtime, they arrived, well wrapped and promptly, on Friday afternoon! unbelievable.. so basically Achica holds and invests people's money for weeks (in sleek website and tv ads, should have been a clue really..) whilst being overwhelmed with orders and too many suppliers most probably, to do a good job. conclusion: neither the 70% discount nore the "luxury goods" advertised (at least not for all their products, by far), just sleek marketing which pushes people into impulse buying!! So I might use them as they used me by browsing their interior designed displays and buying the products elsewhere...

spike3128 Thu 20-Nov-14 18:49:55

I was a customer of Achica from years back, when they had just started out and the website was basic, no mobile version and little in the way of email. Back then, you used to pay for your item and it arrived, beautifully packed, within a few days. Now, they do not give a toss about customer service.

I haven't ordered from them for over a year, and against my better judgement, when some glass lampshades that I'd been after for ages came up on a sale I ordered them and some funky lightbulbs to go with the shades.

Some six weeks after paying for the lampshades, I today came home from work to find a large cardboard box in a puddle outside my house. This was my Achica parcel (thanks Yodel - you make a well-matched business partner to Achica and probably advise each other on customer service).

I opened the soggy box to find one strip of bubble wrap around the two boxes of glass lampshades (the boxes are about 30cm cubed, and weigh about 1kg each). By some miracle only one lampshade was smashed to pieces (I have the cuts and blood on my carpet to prove that the lampshade arrived broken), and I just know what response I will get to my complaint to Achica's "customer disservice" department. They'll say they only order sufficient items from the manufacturer to fulfil the orders they've received. This time, it just isn't good enough for me.

To add to my distress, I opened the funky lightbulb boxes (casuallly thrown in the bottom of the box with the lampshades with no protection except for a tightly fitting cardboard box around the bulb - they were outside the carelessly thrown bubble wrap), only to find that both lightbulbs are covered in greasy fingerprints. They do not look new, they look like some hooky piece of tat from a disreputable market stall, and certainly NOT worth £9 each.

I've been messed around so much by this company. About 18 months ago I ordered a terrarium (sort of tiny, indoor greenhouse) from them. This arrived in just the manufacturer's box with an address label stuck on it. There was just no point even opening the box, I could hear the clinking of smashed glass without doing that. I asked for a replacement, but was told I couldn't have one and eventually I got a refund.

Some 3 months later the same offer was on, so I ordered another terrarium thinking, "surely, they'll have learned how to package up something fragile?" But no, same thing again - no packaging, smashed item, painfully slow refund.

I honestly believe that the combined IQ of everyone working at Achica is less than my shoe size (6, by the way). Surely they want to make money, not take customers' money, order and pay for goods from suppliers, and then have to give a refund to the customer? Where is the business sense in that? Are they relying on making a profit from having the use of my money for 6 weeks before having to refund me? REALLY? Is that their business model??

My advice to anyone suckered into a "good deal" from Achica is STEER WELL CLEAR, THEY ARE A BUNCH OF MORONS WHO CAN'T EVEN SEE HOW THEIR BUSINESS MODEL IS A FAILURE.

Should Achica threaten Mnet with action because users are putting up honest reviews of the shoddy service they are receiving from this company, then they should be ashamed of themselves, and actually put the money they would spend on court action into employing people who give a sh*t about their customers.

jacquih01 Tue 09-Dec-14 14:37:06

I have ordered some items from ACHICA this October 2014 but when I didn't receive them, I started emailing. They said that Yodel can not deliver to my house as there is no access. However I live on a quiet suburban road with loads of parking and no gates etc, so this is a mystery to me. In fact I have since taken in a package for my next door neighbour from Yodel?! I have explained this time and time again with Achica who have said that I can have a full refund - However, I have explained countless times that I do not want a refund but just my order (xmas presents). This has been ignored each time - their emails always end with 'if there's anything else I can help you with......'. They have also thrown in a voucher off, which makes no sense if I place another order and use this voucher if they simply can't deliver to me!

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